Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eric Samuel Osterberg 17356, PAChiropractic1659374817
Tara Lynne Buchakjian 19040, PAChiropractic1639172380
Basil Benjamin Snyman 19103, PAChiropractic1609879568
Richard M Seldow 17070, PAChiropractic1801898036
Solley Health First Chiropractic 17701, PAChiropractic1104820141
Edward J Krzykwa 17883, PAChiropractic1902800956
Stephen Kelly 15697, PAChiropractic1689678518
David J Valerio 15644, PAChiropractic1235133174
Anthony Louis Bompiani 15697, PAChiropractic1356345276
Jeffrey Glenn Freeman 15478, PAChiropractic1730183328
Edward M Erris 18403, PAChiropractic1255335790
William Wayne Kulik 18103, PAChiropractic1912902354
Alan F. Meden 15236, PAChiropractic1619972858
Brandi Lynn Zambelli 16105, PAChiropractic1679578868
Brodheadsville Chiropractic 18322, PAChiropractic1124023114
Sean J Hayes 15236, PAChiropractic1497750475
Jeffrey Frank Cappuccio 15108, PAChiropractic1275538183
Thomas J. Clayton 16346, PAChiropractic1851396543
Thomas John Kondner 17331, PAChiropractic1306841184
Dennis Ray Harris 16735, PAChiropractic1780689372
Michael Aaron Mills 16201, PAChiropractic1750386348
Mark H Wiegand 19380, PAChiropractic1184629685
Michael A Martini 15236, PAChiropractic1679579130
Shanley J Seybert 16354, PAChiropractic1417953993
Shawn T Finn 16046, PAChiropractic1568468098
Timothy A Mulhollem 17068, PAChiropractic1144226564
Larry K Rhine 18104, PAChiropractic1497751820
John Oliver Cochran 29526, PAChiropractic1487650826
William Raymond Tomalinas 18707, PAChiropractic1821094145
James Adam Kliamovich 18656, PAChiropractic1225034523
James Lee Carl 17847, PAChiropractic1174529465
Andrew Thomas Bonneau 15102, PAChiropractic1841296142
John Joseph Honacki 16066, PAChiropractic1073519112
Stephanie A. Coursen 16508, PAChiropractic1144226044
Leland T Deblon 18428, PAChiropractic1669478442
Jane L. Mcbride 19083, PAChiropractic1114923091
David R Wright 16652, PAChiropractic1013913920
Ernest M Laubach 17756, PAChiropractic1871599654
Steve Robert Pagano 15722, PAChiropractic1184620833
Randall L Kurtz 15857, PAChiropractic1619973286
David J Grossi 15701, PAChiropractic1124024781
Daniel Ray Geary 15683, PAChiropractic1497751069
Marcia B. Kass 15232, PAChiropractic1407853096
Charles W. Pickup 15239, PAChiropractic1790781755
Eric N Christie 16506, PAChiropractic1841296787
Curtis Clark Bannister 16508, PAChiropractic1134126790
Donald Wagner 17543, PAChiropractic1376540989
Elton B Laffoon 15642, PAChiropractic1235136847
Darcy Anne Andersen 17404, PAChiropractic1740287150
Charles Thomas Kennedy Iii 18017, PAChiropractic1710984216
Christine S Treacy 19464, PAChiropractic1457358830
Clorinda Forte-katz 19551, PAChiropractic1588661896
George Paul Loubet 18510, PAChiropractic1073510137
Darwin Neale Smith 15224, PAChiropractic1306843479
Glenn Czulada 18510, PAChiropractic1134126287
Todd J Glidewell 18519, PAChiropractic1972500049
J. Thomas Soliday 17201, PAChiropractic1639176670
Stephen Christopher Torregrossa 17313, PAChiropractic1689671489
Leo S Oakchunas 18644, PAChiropractic1124026828
Anthony W Marrara 16823, PAChiropractic1245237981
Richard Andrew Laurino 17313, PAChiropractic1780681460
Jody Lynn Rumbaugh 15425, PAChiropractic1396742276
Kevin Michael Lotman 15442, PAChiropractic1235136110
Kurt Edward Brzezinski 18017, PAChiropractic1013914969
Amanda Elizabeth Duncan 16117, PAChiropractic1457358210
Niraj D Patel 19464, PAChiropractic1841297579
Michael Kenny 19136, PAChiropractic1538167093
John R Dimond 16236, PAChiropractic1932107406
David Ardin Shields 19301, PAChiropractic1972501468
Donald Edwin Deibler 17601, PAChiropractic1578561296
Paul F. Duffy 18017, PAChiropractic1003814658
Joellen K. Hoobin 19465, PAChiropractic1528066982
Louis Duane Damico 15010, PAChiropractic1205834595
James Michael Liott 18017, PAChiropractic1528066974
Karen Hahn 19525, PAChiropractic1467450817
Ronald E Knorr 17777, PAChiropractic1033117395
Julie Smitley Bulboff 15338, PAChiropractic1346248655
Dean Nicholson 15227, PAChiropractic1841298940
Fred Sylvester 19525, PAChiropractic1437157708
David V Gigliotti 15767, PAChiropractic1295733442
Ronald M Ploucha 15203, PAChiropractic1033117122
Paul Mychaluk 19041, PAChiropractic1699773846
Harlan Matthew Goldman 16066, PAChiropractic1154329118
Lee A Newman 15203, PAChiropractic1801894753
Michael John Bartell 17055, PAChiropractic1194723072
Jonathan David Wassermann 19446, PAChiropractic1891792701
Mary Lee Brady 19136, PAChiropractic1518965227
Stephen Klump 15203, PAChiropractic1710985809
Michelle R Wright 17847, PAChiropractic1467450940
Melissa E Kisla 19464, PAChiropractic1912904368
Eric James Winder 16057, PAChiropractic1972500734
Jeannie Allshouse Santoro 15701, PAChiropractic1366440398
Mark J. Doody 17022, PAChiropractic1851390652
Richard Randall Jones 16148, PAChiropractic1720087497
Richard L Robbins 16125, PAChiropractic1205835907
Nicholas E. Wisniewski 15237, PAChiropractic1861491482
Victor Lee Pierson 17201, PAChiropractic1407855042
Mark Edward Fleming 16063, PAChiropractic1497754980
Daniel Edward Filipkowski 18301, PAChiropractic1598764169
Carol R Zeart 18603, PAChiropractic1952300360
Cory H. Altabet 16335, PAChiropractic1912906587
Jennifer L Burgess 17851, PAChiropractic1649279977
David Eric Hosaflook 16102, PAChiropractic1649279985
Jason L Burgess 17851, PAChiropractic1588663850
Shanon Holcomb 17013, PAChiropractic1235138454
Ronald Charles Rumbaugh 15425, PAChiropractic1316946510
Joseph Altier 15644, PAChiropractic1659370740
Stuart Druckman 17055, PAChiropractic1477552560
Martin James Rodgers 17602, PAChiropractic1972502094
Dean Ralph Burkholder 17257, PAChiropractic1396744462
Brian Allen Miller 16412, PAChiropractic1194724005
Timothy Ryan Purcell 16412, PAChiropractic1285634147
Linda Leigh Woodworth 16917, PAChiropractic1619976594
Jonathan Alan Madnick 19020, PAChiropractic1376543181
Maria Cotugno 19020, PAChiropractic1689674475
Richard S Capacio 19148, PAChiropractic1245230929
John F Azzatori 18951, PAChiropractic1639179260
Gerald Duane Rhodes 17754, PAChiropractic1417957986
Kevin E Ayers 18657, PAChiropractic1801896352
Michael J Hurley 15227, PAChiropractic1427058973
Keith Ranne Sheehan 17602, PAChiropractic1427058890
Claude Lessard 19067, PAChiropractic1992705263
Michele Renee Lausch 17522, PAChiropractic1073513339
Holly Cole Zusmer 15012, PAChiropractic1205836400
Timothy Patrick Sheahan 17325, PAChiropractic1316947435
Heath Condon 18042, PAChiropractic1700886876
Ellen S Jackson 16415, PAChiropractic1740280700
Andrew Paul Latanishen 17522, PAChiropractic1376543348
Ward Sterling Stillwagon 15063, PAChiropractic1124028105
Lawrence Bouma 15701, PAChiropractic1255331393
Ercol Oscar Acri 17055, PAChiropractic1982604963
Tina A Sigafoose 17364, PAChiropractic1235139254
Shawn Gregory Cernicky 15090, PAChiropractic1306847330
Scott David Frankel 18104, PAChiropractic1881695773
Michael Douglas Morrison 17837, PAChiropractic1629079561
Robin William Beissell 15436, PAChiropractic1821099649
Arthur Nemchenko 19087, PAChiropractic1043210610
Craig Brian Shapiro 19147, PAChiropractic1861491003
John Eric Lefevre 17815, PAChiropractic1477554376
William F Newhart 18705, PAChiropractic1134128598
James Gerard Blaum 18709, PAChiropractic1336148253
Kenneth Schenk 15227, PAChiropractic1306847355
James Joseph Baranowski 16412, PAChiropractic1992705172
Daniel Jack Moschillo 16148, PAChiropractic1912907999
Robin Lynn Kaplan 18031, PAChiropractic1063413664
Chs Professional Practice, Inc 18017, PAChiropractic1710987417
Donald J Costa 15237, PAChiropractic1780685487
Scott Bruce Rothman 19087, PAChiropractic1558362160
Melinda A Mckee 17756, PAChiropractic1083615538
Gilbert E. Leadbitter 15063, PAChiropractic1124029657
Leslie Brook Burns 15205, PAChiropractic1427059633
Daniel K Watters 18036, PAChiropractic1417958687
Scott W Saeger 18964, PAChiropractic1518968650
Joseph Gillespie 19053, PAChiropractic1740281823
Todd Allen Ulery 15683, PAChiropractic1366443426
Christine M Gonos-boyd 16506, PAChiropractic1144222126
Tammy L. Portolese 19454, PAChiropractic1306848395
Matthew G. Suter 18017, PAChiropractic1467454454
Albert R Ponto 19365, PAChiropractic1659372779
Timothy Jude Sciullo 15234, PAChiropractic1184626202
Randal Burkholder 17522, PAChiropractic1295737039
Roger V Scanlan 15931, PAChiropractic1578565495
Thomas M Boyd 16506, PAChiropractic1215939020
Chiroplus Of Locust Lane, Inc 17109, PAChiropractic1588666374
Jeffrey S. Zwerling 19090, PAChiropractic1821090671
Kirk William Chadwick 16214, PAChiropractic1912909656
Stephen Joseph Wohar 15063, PAChiropractic1154323889
Frank Bergman 19055, PAChiropractic1245232925
James T Cole 15089, PAChiropractic1316949092
Michael A Palermo 18017, PAChiropractic1295727451
Denise Lynne Defries 19014, PAChiropractic1497757983
Mark Chase Schneier 17111, PAChiropractic1194727610
Dale A Scott 15601, PAChiropractic1235131772
John Richard Mishock 19525, PAChiropractic1144212242
Paul F Kohler 15017, PAChiropractic1164414009
Olga Itkin 19116, PAChiropractic1033101910
Dale Neiderhiser 17814, PAChiropractic1609868512
Gregg F Rhodes 17754, PAChiropractic1023000825
Debra L Stango 15146, PAChiropractic1467444109
Richard G Hufnagel 15241, PAChiropractic1528050200
Gregory E Masci 16201, PAChiropractic1215929088
Domenic Febbraro 15101, PAChiropractic1326030057
Craig T French 15146, PAChiropractic1730171463
Danise G Herbert 17363, PAChiropractic1548252208
Cherie Lee Thomas 17745, PAChiropractic1003808577
Eric Joseph Berger 15317, PAChiropractic1093707622
Jennifer Lynn Button-weller 18801, PAChiropractic1255323713
Gregory E Wohar 15241, PAChiropractic1114919750
Tracey L Mullinary 15237, PAChiropractic1073505434
Margaret Ellen Breznay 18641, PAChiropractic1043202401
John G Kaufman 19083, PAChiropractic1194717587
George Robert Coder 17602, PAChiropractic1932191228
Shawn E Richey 15143, PAChiropractic1346232725
Frederic J, Miscoe Ii 15904, PAChiropractic1720070105
Roy H Schmitt 16046, PAChiropractic1902898281
George Robert Coder 17602, PAChiropractic1902898216
Kathleen Ann Ledet 18352, PAChiropractic1588657803
Robert A Biddle 15146, PAChiropractic1972596153
Bryan James Rodgers 17602, PAChiropractic1740273051
T David Mistretta 16148, PAChiropractic1750374047


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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