Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Andrew Donald Hopkins 29803, SCChiropractic1255397980
Gregory P Lonscak 29935, SCChiropractic1386613172
Alan Coston 48854, SCChiropractic1699194035
Nathan Evan Wiedrich 60046, SCChiropractic1467572628
Fig Consulting Llc 29485, SCChiropractic1811502354
Ian Patrick Orr 29708, SCChiropractic1033707625
Matthew A Mihajlovits 42101, SCChiropractic1992721534
Spine And Joint, Llc 29681, SCChiropractic1962799692
Christie Mae Bryant-benson 29201, SCChiropractic1497856538
Danielle Motley-jennings 29803, SCChiropractic1689110215
Andrew Sean West 29212, SCChiropractic1366095028
Christy Dillon Rody 29302, SCChiropractic1275987174
Converse Chiropractic 29302, SCChiropractic1629429220
Andrew Dean Herman 29640, SCChiropractic1598198194
Firstchoice Healthcare Pc 29642, SCChiropractic1912001264
Pain Treatment Centers Llc 29501, SCChiropractic1952804593
Addison Blake Nelson 29440, SCChiropractic1912255498
Hanner Physical Rehabilitation And Wellness Center 29621, SCChiropractic1518058312
Matthew Wink 29615, SCChiropractic1851800635
Byron Demond Kilgore 29607, SCChiropractic1639634348
Laura K Taylor 29307, SCChiropractic1730633553
Devin Wayne Foust 29680, SCChiropractic1720601560
Wesley Alan Robbins 29650, SCChiropractic1033723812
Atkinson Family Spine Care, Llc 29325, SCChiropractic1831788421
Upstate Spine & Joint, Llc. 29650, SCChiropractic1366953762
Katie E. Brown 29601, SCChiropractic1992309397
Bradley Craig Morris 29926, SCChiropractic1821032624
Curtis Ryan Harper 62881, SCChiropractic1346686276
Tyler R. Mason 81401, SCChiropractic1043202724
Sydnee Tolpa 29414, SCChiropractic1720636079
Jeffery Edward Awender 95037, SCChiropractic1184600306
Rachel Alexandra Wetzel 29212, SCChiropractic1265072243
Dynamic Chiropractic And Functional Medicine Llc 29201, SCChiropractic1508443060
Kevin Michael Bein 29492, SCChiropractic1134782246
Susan Elizabeth Doyle 29464, SCChiropractic1033353818
Sarah Kalani Wharton 29401, SCChiropractic1669034609
James Raymond Strunk 27502, SCChiropractic1366500605
Maria Viviana Nunez Aguilar 30907, SCChiropractic1992939664
Sean Mclean 28411, SCChiropractic1992140180
Thomas Hewitt 29464, SCChiropractic1295857308
Dorian Caroline Moss 29341, SCChiropractic1689239352
Spine And Joint, Llc 29325, SCChiropractic1851613996
Ryan V Williams 29325, SCChiropractic1861714909
Benjamin Robert Franz 29615, SCChiropractic1457506289
Franz Family Spinal Care, Llc 29615, SCChiropractic1669627204
Monika Franz 29615, SCChiropractic1629223458
Ricardo Luis Florez 27615, SCChiropractic1821160060
Sparkle City Chiropractic Llc 29333, SCChiropractic1366912917
Chase Daniel Vanderpol 32259, SCChiropractic1255978441
James Gilbert Kane 29483, SCChiropractic1811996101
Hubert Austin Murray 29445, SCChiropractic1548219173
Allison Grondski Baker 29464, SCChiropractic1932556941
Kerri Domingo 29407, SCChiropractic1831676931
Joseph Bernard Miller 29407, SCChiropractic1104953850
Performance Chiropractic, Inc 29407, SCChiropractic1033327077
Nancy S St John 29640, SCChiropractic1396915716
Brianne Krista Gallagher 55331, SCChiropractic1952324683
Colleton Chiropractic, Llc 29488, SCChiropractic1992965503
Karl Andrew Davis 29650, SCChiropractic1538197116
Andrew Joseph Kasic 29732, SCChiropractic1194728386
Dennis J Shay 29115, SCChiropractic1033113378
Dejan Djolic 29801, SCChiropractic1336141597
Rochelle Jones 29206, SCChiropractic1114921780
Charles A White 29115, SCChiropractic1649274267
Kimberly Lewis 29801, SCChiropractic1366446932
Michael P Gambacorta 27534, SCChiropractic1851393920
Michael Farnham 29115, SCChiropractic1952305450
Mitchell E Falk 29574, SCChiropractic1982609210
Brad Eric Fraum 29926, SCChiropractic1447255732
Jeff Eulau 29445, SCChiropractic1316942279
John Oliver Cochran 29526, SCChiropractic1487650826
Ronald James Grisanti 29615, SCChiropractic1700882321
Virginia A Schofer 29201, SCChiropractic1942207626
Scott Walter Brodnax 29710, SCChiropractic1922006634
Willard Dean Banks 29501, SCChiropractic1144229485
Timothy Puckett 29745, SCChiropractic1144220013
Brian Workman 29401, SCChiropractic1356341952
Mark A Huminski 29301, SCChiropractic1659371912
Caroline Tennille Infinger-cooper 29115, SCChiropractic1467452409
Robert W Simon 29582, SCChiropractic1578563508
David A Eads 29532, SCChiropractic1578564779
Danielle E. Ream 29016, SCChiropractic1457353328
Nebuer, Inc. 29732, SCChiropractic1831191642
Jason T. Harkey 29150, SCChiropractic1750383642
Christopher Vincent Bocchino 29640, SCChiropractic1750383444
Michael Scott Mckelvey 29902, SCChiropractic1689676355
Andrew S. Jeter 28144, SCChiropractic1881686947
Andrew S. Jeter, Dc Pa 28144, SCChiropractic1831181023
Randolph Chiropractic Health Center Pa 28207, SCChiropractic1790777993
Narry H. Beaver 29520, SCChiropractic1730171869
Reuben J. Orr 29732, SCChiropractic1245222314
Scott W. Firczak 28207, SCChiropractic1003808833
David J. Greenberg 28207, SCChiropractic1588656318
Christopher Scott Most 29926, SCChiropractic1023000403
Michael F Alden 29483, SCChiropractic1376535633
Gary R Jones 29170, SCChiropractic1457344038
David Michael Washack 29926, SCChiropractic1578555926
Joseph Scott Haven 29926, SCChiropractic1932191384
Richard D Heavner 29505, SCChiropractic1366443582
Channing Presley Cunningham 29150, SCChiropractic1689668097
John Christopher Toler 29445, SCChiropractic1215921556
Augusta Street Clinic Llc 29605, SCChiropractic1336133313
Steven Joseph Kamego 29732, SCChiropractic1548255094
Craig M. Leis 29715, SCChiropractic1013903988
Charleston Non Surgical Center 29414, SCChiropractic1013903970
Ky Allen Borgstadt 29229, SCChiropractic1356337216
Three Fountains Chiropractic, Inc. 29073, SCChiropractic1679560742
David R Gooldy 29073, SCChiropractic1972590040
Bill Emmanuel Hannouche 29303, SCChiropractic1306830831
Nancy Matz Thiel 29672, SCChiropractic1235123878
Matthew Pappicco 29229, SCChiropractic1346778164
Christopher Michael Black 29732, SCChiropractic1598753626
Kenneth A Gosnell 29631, SCChiropractic1104815653
Kendall David Hartzog 29841, SCChiropractic1134110869
Jeffrey W Brown 29607, SCChiropractic1780675991
Sherra Lee Werkmeister 29651, SCChiropractic1558342394
Ralph Jim Minico 29036, SCChiropractic1356322671
Richard Dean Mccaughan 29205, SCChiropractic1376525402
Suzanne Renee Wahler 29730, SCChiropractic1295717395
Julie A Jordan 29803, SCChiropractic1982686895
William A Jones 29205, SCChiropractic1558343228
Brent D. Stewart 29803, SCChiropractic1104808815
Michael Curtis Shride 29615, SCChiropractic1700868403
Mark W Nebiker 29464, SCChiropractic1609859081
George Peters 29334, SCChiropractic1417930801
William Gray 29649, SCChiropractic1568445716
Stephanie Susan Johnson 29440, SCChiropractic1366425514
Primecare Of The Lower Pee Dee Llc 29560, SCChiropractic1972044758
Zellweger Family Chiropractic 31322, SCChiropractic1447718036
Steven Lee Reizer 29316, SCChiropractic1811970924
Carl D Whetsel 29010, SCChiropractic1093798969
Michael Lynn Benton 29054, SCChiropractic1447234828
Robert M. Durham 29697, SCChiropractic1609850924
John Jeffrey Goeldi 29406, SCChiropractic1639153604
Palmetto Family Medical Group 29697, SCChiropractic1053396291
Henrietta M Mcelwee 29607, SCChiropractic1740265966
Alexander S. Hemingway 29510, SCChiropractic1124003074
Philip Jon Wagner 29902, SCChiropractic1043296171
David Campbell 29488, SCChiropractic1366428138
William Neely Harkey Iii Pa 28601, SCChiropractic1710963590
Daniel A Mccollum 29642, SCChiropractic1053398503
James Matthew Durham 29620, SCChiropractic1447237706
Abhay B. Patel 29615, SCChiropractic1164409595
Marlon Keith Fox 29418, SCChiropractic1467439620
Total Life Care Charleston, Llc 29407, SCChiropractic1104804061
Pc Martin Chiropractic Inc 29575, SCChiropractic1295713519
Eads Chiropractic Wellness Centers 29532, SCChiropractic1770561797
Larry Edward Simon 29576, SCChiropractic1265411193
Bonnie Jean Sempier 29464, SCChiropractic1861471013
William Kelley Graham 29926, SCChiropractic1366422156
Henry Walter Latter 29407, SCChiropractic1285604447
Christopher C Amato 29412, SCChiropractic1558331629
Brian Michael Mcginnis 29926, SCChiropractic1902886195
Eric A. Harrell 29605, SCChiropractic1336126879
Stephanie M Zgraggen 29407, SCChiropractic1467430314
John V Dawidowicz 29307, SCChiropractic1295711190
David G Redding 29710, SCChiropractic1477538551
Robin Glenn Ivey 29306, SCChiropractic1124099171
Sarah H Stephens 29306, SCChiropractic1205807252
Rhonda Werner 29732, SCChiropractic1376515056
Werner Inc 29732, SCChiropractic1518930569
Raleigh Phillips 29928, SCChiropractic1538132618
Kenneth Charles Stratton 29681, SCChiropractic1861465783
Jon Keith Bergrin 29501, SCChiropractic1285608208
Ira V Edwards Ch 29571, SCChiropractic1043284102
Raymond H Stroup 29512, SCChiropractic1528032554
Pamela J Owens 28469, SCChiropractic1538133376
Kristie Porter Carter 29615, SCChiropractic1831164938
Carter Chiropractic Center Llc 29615, SCChiropractic1255306361
Shane D Stewart 29803, SCChiropractic1154396299
Leonard Clay Carter 29615, SCChiropractic1407821234
Robert Anderson Carter 29605, SCChiropractic1376519108
Dwight T Reed 29707, SCChiropractic1336115914
Nichole D Sears-quinn 29406, SCChiropractic1548236516
Brian P Lima 29406, SCChiropractic1780650747
Luke Francis Mackinnon 29708, SCChiropractic1336116649
Judson Lane Heldreth 29072, SCChiropractic1255309068
Benton C Atkins 29407, SCChiropractic1962470526
Winslow Schock 29730, SCChiropractic1891763397
Robert L Stubblefield 29407, SCChiropractic1275501751
Jason Allen Yoder 29072, SCChiropractic1023086543
Warren Lee Popwell 29615, SCChiropractic1336118272
Michael J. Jokerst 29063, SCChiropractic1295704146
Justin Edward Cataldo 29576, SCChiropractic1831168780
Blaine M Crevar 29405, SCChiropractic1821067810
Zachary Frank Biondi 29928, SCChiropractic1356310213
Ronn Charles Radcliff 29341, SCChiropractic1891764767
Jacqueline Ann Mckool 29407, SCChiropractic1104895077
Waccamaw Chiroipractic & Wellness Center 29576, SCChiropractic1437128311
Robert Slusarski 29615, SCChiropractic1629047519
Herbert A Blassengale 29601, SCChiropractic1851360747
Kenneth Horup 29926, SCChiropractic1972572634
Steven Dalton Mckay 29501, SCChiropractic1871562538
Tina Thomas Dunlap 29115, SCChiropractic1043289754
Joseph Adam Allen 29650, SCChiropractic1023087871
Advanced Medical Associates Of Beaufort, Pc 29906, SCChiropractic1770552408
Heidi Hutto 29650, SCChiropractic1265401731
Jane P Solomon 29803, SCChiropractic1306815816
Joseph Paul Scota 29615, SCChiropractic1780653204
Dustin Craig Knutson 29406, SCChiropractic1720057276


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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