Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anthony James Pfister 34984, TXChiropractic1760797633
Corey L Peirsol 75093, TXChiropractic1841625381
Trace Lawrence Alexander 75024, TXChiropractic1952307845
Bone & Spine Specialists 75024, TXChiropractic1407096340
Tla Health Services 75024, TXChiropractic1275924680
Renaissance Radiology Billing Solutions, Llc 75074, TXChiropractic1467944132
Charne Smuts 77511, TXChiropractic1235736711
Lovett Chiro Llc 79109, TXChiropractic1932675477
Elevate Life Medical Pllc 76011, TXChiropractic1639643240
John R Hines 75227, TXChiropractic1437611142
Shaun James Marek 75232, TXChiropractic1316383037
Kaleb Valdez 75028, TXChiropractic1437633864
Modus Vivendi Chiropractic Pllc 76005, TXChiropractic1801106299
South Arlington Injury Center 76017, TXChiropractic1518332477
La'keisha Chanathan Taylor 76018, TXChiropractic1417562075
Vaughn Anthony Brozek 76053, TXChiropractic1801889894
Joshua Rillo 75013, TXChiropractic1295355717
Russell E Baker, Dc Pc 78660, TXChiropractic1396226288
Robert Baker Hoffman 95379, TXChiropractic1437145380
Matthew Kristopher Delgado 78704, TXChiropractic1538679741
Verity Stow 78703, TXChiropractic1396377719
Brandon Roark Harshe 85139, TXChiropractic1962756379
Russell D. Jepson 84770, TXChiropractic1932430782
Bryan Patrick Just 78730, TXChiropractic1306089115
Kimberly Mullen Dc Pllc 78758, TXChiropractic1518383207
Sean C Kilgore 75180, TXChiropractic1871559138
Sean Michael Roden 77703, TXChiropractic1124344387
Hagen Patrick Schroder 78704, TXChiropractic1053863571
East Rehabilitation Pa 75001, TXChiropractic1558322859
Justin Travis Henson 77469, TXChiropractic1780057091
Latisha Renea Amos 77469, TXChiropractic1184772931
Arturo Grimaldo 78596, TXChiropractic1700115565
Pharmaceutical Processing Management Llc 78596, TXChiropractic1144862988
Texas Federal Wellness Health & Rehab Pllc 78539, TXChiropractic1619500030
Network Of Physicians Management, Inc 78504, TXChiropractic1497219471
Stacie Lynn Flanery 75204, TXChiropractic1699898502
Reinaldo Luis Rodriguez Gonzalez 75247, TXChiropractic1013530583
Michael Vernon Adair 75088, TXChiropractic1760569370
Robert Knorr 78613, TXChiropractic1477070357
Duvelsa Dunn 39110, TXChiropractic1659771830
Nicholas S Baucum 78410, TXChiropractic1811324841
Erica Ann Tovar-beavers 78413, TXChiropractic1891196143
Diem Le 78154, TXChiropractic1700417524
Michael W Hall 75067, TXChiropractic1477578409
Joseph Richard Hartman 37027, TXChiropractic1255444758
Shea Kramer 98103, TXChiropractic1881982767
Nicole Marie Hornak 75247, TXChiropractic1285108274
Christian Quiroz 75081, TXChiropractic1962915348
James Edward Salvo 75252, TXChiropractic1730318122
Heather Naomi Davidson 70555, TXChiropractic1417338757
Peter Tuyen Duong 76017, TXChiropractic1083099824
Jeremy J Taylor 76108, TXChiropractic1467752329
Brent Daniel Money 75075, TXChiropractic1093237158
Jerry Stokes 75230, TXChiropractic1053813840
Logan J Mills 75024, TXChiropractic1356740740
Accuspine Llc 75115, TXChiropractic1548824519
Adam Bohnenblust 75246, TXChiropractic1528505096
Ap Injury & Wellness, Pllc 75051, TXChiropractic1831653138
Jeff Alan King 76006, TXChiropractic1871620187
Medchiro Injury Rehab Llc 75215, TXChiropractic1760830566
Bezawit Letcher 75081, TXChiropractic1538606108
Provider Compliance Solutions, Inc 85260, TXChiropractic1821514233
Angel Rivas 75057, TXChiropractic1851937510
Chelsey Dodd Clark 75212, TXChiropractic1730650987
Nichole Porteus 76092, TXChiropractic1326554056
Nancy E Bayer 60010, TXChiropractic1871581918
Ebcmd Pllc 75246, TXChiropractic1568914943
Naifeh Chiropractic Pa 76016, TXChiropractic1952503054
Eric Naifeh 76016, TXChiropractic1386677094
Lonestar Integrated Healthcare, Pllc 75006, TXChiropractic1336745868
Trend Physicians Group, Inc 76054, TXChiropractic1750934089
Dot Medical And Drug Testing Services, Inc. 75050, TXChiropractic1518549195
Musa S Hasan 76104, TXChiropractic1093332157
Andre Joseph Taylor 75090, TXChiropractic1598256083
Tammia Guest 75244, TXChiropractic1346625852
Janair Osarollor 75115, TXChiropractic1508352162
Tanya Nicole Mcclendon 75116, TXChiropractic1437698537
Arubah Wellness Group 75116, TXChiropractic1396390977
Newleaf Chiropractic Corp 76844, TXChiropractic1003389677
Alejandro Tomas Martinez 78504, TXChiropractic1346375383
Marissa Casas 78504, TXChiropractic1558736280
Dr. Pablo Tagle Iii Chiropractic Wellness & Spa Center 78501, TXChiropractic1801084017
Alpha Omega Wellness Center, Inc. 79903, TXChiropractic1841383999
William David Morrissey 88008, TXChiropractic1679926117
Silvia Elena Marrufo 79903, TXChiropractic1164777918
Austin Wade Aylor 79902, TXChiropractic1114507399
Nxt Lvl: Sports Rehab & Performance Llc 75039, TXChiropractic1508458712
Justin Holmes 75220, TXChiropractic1649743238
Corey Nicholas Strunk 75034, TXChiropractic1780168716
Courtney Elizabeth Hayden 75010, TXChiropractic1326625492
Vedock Chiropractic Pllc 75169, TXChiropractic1316500010
Artelia Wadley 76107, TXChiropractic1407251101
Hartman Samuel Ian Watson 76248, TXChiropractic1194223404
White Integrated Health Clinics, Pllc 76114, TXChiropractic1700387917
Jamie Kae Storey 75062, TXChiropractic1316119225
Danika Rasmussengeter 76015, TXChiropractic1659739365
Ryan Wasilewski 75051, TXChiropractic1598187270
Jenny Bernier Fugere 76210, TXChiropractic1679697627
Celeste A Clarke 75001, TXChiropractic1568972966
Amy K Wood 75013, TXChiropractic1316988439
Keiland C Smith 75230, TXChiropractic1134632789
Matthew Thomas Mcbride 75230, TXChiropractic1750947362
David W. Loper 78628, TXChiropractic1033150560
Michael Jerome Loftus 33463, TXChiropractic1376682526
Dallas Orthopedic Associates Pllc 75234, TXChiropractic1881103489
Bird Concierge Chiropractic, Pllc 76039, TXChiropractic1558909820
Lisa I Ly 75051, TXChiropractic1124629662
Gerald Cordell Barnes 75006, TXChiropractic1396902532
Patience Alabi 77477, TXChiropractic1053306720
Chun Y Tham 78216, TXChiropractic1740264142
Cindy Annette Tovar 77598, TXChiropractic1730112970
Don R Crandall 77521, TXChiropractic1851482103
Sunrise Chiropractic Group Pa 77380, TXChiropractic1871666511
Bose Ibovbohi Ojo 33143, TXChiropractic1770634271
Ynes Rodriguez Samuels 77028, TXChiropractic1003939901
Elizabeth Smith Cook 79936, TXChiropractic1972821049
Robert Bui 77060, TXChiropractic1477957330
Thanh Quoc Le 36830, TXChiropractic1700265253
Ronald Edward Lavoie 77070, TXChiropractic1275604084
Clarewood Chiropractic Center 77072, TXChiropractic1548484504
Spine & Joint Pro Medical Centers Pllc 77064, TXChiropractic1700370806
Wesley Ply 78130, TXChiropractic1528568961
Healthsource Of Copperfield, Llc 77095, TXChiropractic1639529811
Integrative Spine And Sports Chiropractic Rehab Pllc 77386, TXChiropractic1669941324
Nataly Perez 77008, TXChiropractic1508120403
Yvonne Celeste Hernandez 77469, TXChiropractic1043567449
Anthony Julio Branker 77057, TXChiropractic1699149302
Nathan Thuan Nguyen 77081, TXChiropractic1316436991
Shabnam Ashtiani 78232, TXChiropractic1760929350
Southeast Spine And Rehab 77017, TXChiropractic1679104939
Abraham Angel Gutierrez 77008, TXChiropractic1568097020
Raven Arielle Atkins 77025, TXChiropractic1467019703
Miguel Millan 77079, TXChiropractic1255669578
Tho Duc Le 77014, TXChiropractic1851525992
Amy Lynn Turner 77025, TXChiropractic1689864043
Mark Wayne Crawford 78504, TXChiropractic1649515271
Kesia Al Broome 77379, TXChiropractic1790145159
David Niekamp 77027, TXChiropractic1114117132
Stephanie Johnston Cohen 77459, TXChiropractic1992095962
Vinh Phu Nguyen 77065, TXChiropractic1174031074
Tu Nhu Huynh Vien 60641, TXChiropractic1811347883
Paul Michael Raymond 77031, TXChiropractic1457348997
Pinpoint Rehab Limited Liability Company 77032, TXChiropractic1992332936
Coretech Fitness Lab 77469, TXChiropractic1649874116
Monique Lacole Lyons 77511, TXChiropractic1588043053
Imran Baig Md Pa 77015, TXChiropractic1265453443
D'ondra L Lawrence 77074, TXChiropractic1225556392
Allied Management Partners, Pllc 77003, TXChiropractic1003407446
Alexander Hector Escamilla 77056, TXChiropractic1134746704
Jennifer Leigh Jones 77007, TXChiropractic1477131498
Family Chiropractic Health Center 77521, TXChiropractic1720264328
Eryn Mccall Braddock 76180, TXChiropractic1700350709
Mary L Collings 75205, TXChiropractic1174619571
Mary L Collings, Pa 75205, TXChiropractic1851567580
Irving Injury Center Llc 75061, TXChiropractic1962930388
Joe Angel Silva 73130, TXChiropractic1982935185
Kindry Kirbo 76177, TXChiropractic1932709193
Jessica Ray 39110, TXChiropractic1033517107
Nicole Ashley Whitby 76013, TXChiropractic1124536982
Iperlitta Vance Lolis 76541, TXChiropractic1780059295
Ellen Marie Belk 77346, TXChiropractic1720544257
Jeremy Don Evans 75078, TXChiropractic1033420542
Kulow Chiropractic & Wellness Center Pllc 77833, TXChiropractic1720385636
Haley Black 78130, TXChiropractic1871190629
Scott Moulton 76014, TXChiropractic1710040761
Steven P Descant 78735, TXChiropractic1700897055
Seth Ozasa 77573, TXChiropractic1992141071
Alfred Sundqvist 78728, TXChiropractic1568996890
Gavin Wolff 75165, TXChiropractic1538548045
Joshua Byron Elliott 75034, TXChiropractic1447594601
Shadi Nejat 79407, TXChiropractic1275853624
Colin Chala 75904, TXChiropractic1528301595
Julie Ann Gonzalez 77095, TXChiropractic1356700769
Charlsie Mitchell 77065, TXChiropractic1356815666
Courtney Reynolds 77356, TXChiropractic1689267411
Sarah J Duke 78704, TXChiropractic1801245980
Falls Community Hospital And Clinic 76660, TXChiropractic1093743783
Mark R Riggs 85296, TXChiropractic1093045106
Matthew Alan Scott 75072, TXChiropractic1487975264
William Chang 75035, TXChiropractic1174929574
Barry J Burleigh 77089, TXChiropractic1174565030
Janis Kay Abens 76712, TXChiropractic1871585737
Joseph Allen Arevalo 78582, TXChiropractic1134173057
Dr. Joseph Arevalo Dc, Pllc 78504, TXChiropractic1578593935
Horizon Safety Llc 77566, TXChiropractic1740749217
Joshua Lon Partain 79423, TXChiropractic1750336947
Calvin Wayne Plumb 78130, TXChiropractic1669438164
Jason Scott Phillips 75154, TXChiropractic1407376569
Sulphur Springs Chiropractic Associates Inc 75482, TXChiropractic1336650175
Peter Eric Johnson 75482, TXChiropractic1427666205
Downtown Performance Medical Center, Inc 77004, TXChiropractic1205394301
Victor H. Quiroz 77040, TXChiropractic1861866865
Todd Evert Riddle 77573, TXChiropractic1841420411
Travis William Prothro 77573, TXChiropractic1255850848
James Zuniga 77505, TXChiropractic1790185940
Lan A Nguyen 77502, TXChiropractic1235418237
Adebola Ayeni 77584, TXChiropractic1083244479
Brandon Leon Adams 75093, TXChiropractic1134363047
Safina Yasmin Hussain-rahimi 75013, TXChiropractic1194954479
Jason Kim 75229, TXChiropractic1023474921


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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