Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Chess Lynnette Miles 77505, TXChiropractic1427051465
Harold Boyd Tondera 77063, TXChiropractic1184627283
Rex Dickerson 78624, TXChiropractic1568465631
Brian Jay Anderson 76904, TXChiropractic1023011988
Donald Thomas Neblett 78730, TXChiropractic1356344212
Michael Carl Walther 77095, TXChiropractic1881697357
Carole Anne Moring-reuter 78155, TXChiropractic1790788263
Shelby Douglas 75248, TXChiropractic1063415628
Eric Karl Tondera 77079, TXChiropractic1407859101
Denise Lynn Smith 77450, TXChiropractic1114920808
Mary Adkins 78217, TXChiropractic1528061066
Jane Ann Noojin 77034, TXChiropractic1346243789
Wesley R Duval 76092, TXChiropractic1245233659
Raymond T. Durham 78628, TXChiropractic1386647774
Gregory Dale Garlett 76248, TXChiropractic1740283134
Mohsen Samadian 77057, TXChiropractic1396748679
Richard Tillmann 77089, TXChiropractic1255334520
Michael A Booth 77469, TXChiropractic1518960863
Timothy D Runnels 77373, TXChiropractic1053314336
Shannon Warren 77057, TXChiropractic1730182015
Mark D Schulz 77584, TXChiropractic1922001288
Richard G. Chatfield 76021, TXChiropractic1083616379
Omid Soltani 77036, TXChiropractic1538161815
Johanna Rae Stephenson 78757, TXChiropractic1265434518
Bruen C Goolsby 78121, TXChiropractic1053313205
Bradley Raymond Koby 77505, TXChiropractic1942202072
Matthew Alton Mishio 76180, TXChiropractic1730181041
Stacy Jay Meeks 79707, TXChiropractic1740284025
Chester Y. Smith 76567, TXChiropractic1578567467
Eulalia Darlene Johnson 75160, TXChiropractic1821092719
Kerry Ann Rodocker-wiarda 77505, TXChiropractic1972507937
Mark Joseph Davis 77058, TXChiropractic1588668388
Kathryn Hoster 78660, TXChiropractic1508860453
Jon Jeffrey Reynolds 75460, TXChiropractic1720082589
Juliana Frances Mckechnie 77058, TXChiropractic1528062122
Ervin Jackson Hudgins 75048, TXChiropractic1932103538
Braden Alan Mckechnie 77058, TXChiropractic1376547976
Marvin W Shippey 77058, TXChiropractic1598769143
Robert Thomas Tieperman 77864, TXChiropractic1619971348
Kelly Paul Czajkoski 76661, TXChiropractic1538163027
John L Marsh 78250, TXChiropractic1609870146
Michael Anthony Robertson 75062, TXChiropractic1306840798
Angel Santiago 75067, TXChiropractic1568467926
Glenn Bryan Huff 78232, TXChiropractic1437154762
Michael Combs 76018, TXChiropractic1245235589
Teddie R Stephenson 77802, TXChiropractic1285639583
Dia Gaybrielle Dodson-hardeman 75686, TXChiropractic1811992118
Norma J Haar 75092, TXChiropractic1871598086
Larry A Marklin 75092, TXChiropractic1033114251
Donald Angus Mcpearson 77536, TXChiropractic1285639146
Terry Keith Wheeler 75951, TXChiropractic1902801046
William P Williamson 75951, TXChiropractic1265437933
Marco Antonio Castro 79925, TXChiropractic1437154119
Kevin Michael Hunetr 75234, TXChiropractic1902801640
Troy Scott Wroe 75009, TXChiropractic1740285535
David M Kast 76710, TXChiropractic1386649192
Chris K Price 76504, TXChiropractic1891790457
Robert Wright 76065, TXChiropractic1326043951
Texas Chiropractic College Foundation Inc 77505, TXChiropractic1720084288
Bryan Gregory Carter 76133, TXChiropractic1932105418
Timothy Melton 79606, TXChiropractic1407852924
Ricky Lee Hanks 75218, TXChiropractic1528064979
Monica Lynn Holladay 75831, TXChiropractic1609872936
Andrew G Glaze 75644, TXChiropractic1770589798
Kevin Wayne Smith 75205, TXChiropractic1609872613
Lei Zhang 75075, TXChiropractic1821094848
Ron W Westbrook 76234, TXChiropractic1841296704
Kevin Brian Snodgrass 77093, TXChiropractic1225034283
Jon L Mills 76034, TXChiropractic1467458430
Trace Lawrence Alexander 75024, TXChiropractic1952307845
Jerrod M. Edwards 76015, TXChiropractic1497751218
Melvin C Aldridge 77505, TXChiropractic1790781581
Jeffrey W Fluitt 78745, TXChiropractic1194721829
Richard Frank Barrett 77459, TXChiropractic1609873207
Roberto Omar Cantu 77573, TXChiropractic1649276213
Trev A Dixon 76086, TXChiropractic1639176274
Peggy J Bolks 77379, TXChiropractic1417954033
Frederick Nyhan 75081, TXChiropractic1083079891
Larry Dowling Dees 77469, TXChiropractic1306843834
William C. Davis 75119, TXChiropractic1326045782
Glaze Chiropractic Clinic 75644, TXChiropractic1215934682
Randal L Mcdaniel 75644, TXChiropractic1437156643
Rick Lynn Enlow 76180, TXChiropractic1548267651
Suhyun An 77055, TXChiropractic1922005990
James Bryce Cunningham 78681, TXChiropractic1902803992
Diana Woolverton 75160, TXChiropractic1720085780
George Christopher Penrod 77036, TXChiropractic1477550333
Rick L Anthony 76504, TXChiropractic1720086432
Patricia Petrosky Miller 79915, TXChiropractic1508863309
Mark Dale Russell 79414, TXChiropractic1689671315
Joseph Priester Viernow 76013, TXChiropractic1962409730
Barbara Joan Hunter 75605, TXChiropractic1003814583
Donald Ray Bennett 79512, TXChiropractic1457359002
Eugenia Jo Fields 75254, TXChiropractic1679571244
Thomas D Amon 76262, TXChiropractic1407854011
Harry Joe Myers 75231, TXChiropractic1164420618
Laurie L Pearce 75604, TXChiropractic1568460855
Aaron Ramiro Guerra 78504, TXChiropractic1699773986
Rock Alan Riley 78596, TXChiropractic1982602215
Gilbert Chad Blackwell 76021, TXChiropractic1750389003
Soi N Sy 75156, TXChiropractic1487652731
Amy K Crawford-fiallos 77081, TXChiropractic1558369801
Ramin M Nia 75234, TXChiropractic1497753743
Summer Van Engen 78745, TXChiropractic1982602090
Kelsey seybold Medical Group, Pllc 77025, TXChiropractic1013915255
Valley Spine Medical Center, Pa 78539, TXChiropractic1780682997
Pain Net Physicians Group, P.a. 75243, TXChiropractic1164420345
Richard A. Pizzini 77707, TXChiropractic1689672842
Aaron Solon Williams 78758, TXChiropractic1447258579
Dale Patrick Leonard 75028, TXChiropractic1184622219
Shangyan Zhou 77077, TXChiropractic1619975620
Carl H Bechtel 77565, TXChiropractic1891793816
Sammy Lee Smith 75766, TXChiropractic1518965508
Marc E Hagebusch 75503, TXChiropractic1922006964
Gregory D Peter 77320, TXChiropractic1134127186
Kevin L Trippe 78660, TXChiropractic1114925096
Paul Andrew Willmon 77433, TXChiropractic1467450460
Phillip Keith Leblanc 77701, TXChiropractic1851390538
Keith Alan Evans 77706, TXChiropractic1992704688
Fawn Cox Florez 76114, TXChiropractic1336148089
Kathryn Ruth Larson 77079, TXChiropractic1811996424
Kristen Katherine Ude 78731, TXChiropractic1720087331
Mick Mahan 77095, TXChiropractic1235138892
Milton Paul Huff 75935, TXChiropractic1053310532
George Glenn Junkin 77092, TXChiropractic1689673170
Michael P. Guiltinan 78209, TXChiropractic1487653887
Darcy E. Brunk 75043, TXChiropractic1154320737
Andrew Reid Flick 77098, TXChiropractic1629077920
Robert Thurston Aldridge 76013, TXChiropractic1255330577
Darin James Mitchell 77098, TXChiropractic1023017241
Sherman Lee Yeager 77005, TXChiropractic1447259668
Timothy Richard Klesmit 75137, TXChiropractic1760481964
Adam Alexander 77027, TXChiropractic1104825298
Brian Anthony Bullitt 75034, TXChiropractic1649279738
Larry Rewel Montgomery 76513, TXChiropractic1376542365
Michael J. Leath 75165, TXChiropractic1487653499
Rosanne Butera 78703, TXChiropractic1205836178
Paul Earl Mcmullen 76710, TXChiropractic1740289610
David W Adams 75601, TXChiropractic1447259312
A. Marse Management, Pllc 76109, TXChiropractic1780030171
Wesley Alan Bradshaw 79761, TXChiropractic1679573406
Anthony Del Genovese 78596, TXChiropractic1649270455
John Paul Hodges 77573, TXChiropractic1285634014
Lss Medical Pllc 78130, TXChiropractic1619484888
James A Hatfield 78102, TXChiropractic1407856909
Simon John Forster 78758, TXChiropractic1811997364
Richard L Gillespie 78666, TXChiropractic1013917582
James R Schiffer 78681, TXChiropractic1891795373
Alan Ray Bonebrake 75074, TXChiropractic1417957846
Gerald Max Ketner 76705, TXChiropractic1932109360
Cynthia Jean Holland 77024, TXChiropractic1205836467
Stephen M Taylor 75251, TXChiropractic1346240645
Mark Leonard Hanson 75229, TXChiropractic1730189903
James Earl Welch 77706, TXChiropractic1437159605
Ginger L. Marshall 77019, TXChiropractic1720088115
Danny Ray Doyle 76111, TXChiropractic1376543710
Lynn Russell Lidell 78628, TXChiropractic1922008127
Roger Brian Woywood 78233, TXChiropractic1376543561
Kathleen Sinagra Summers 79714, TXChiropractic1871593921
William Wayne Summers 79714, TXChiropractic1588664734
Jason Cade Helton 79424, TXChiropractic1194725176
Dewayne Mark Mirtsching 78626, TXChiropractic1578563656
Bonnie H Mitchell 78209, TXChiropractic1225038292
Steven M Thomas 76401, TXChiropractic1073513073
Andrew P Azab 79424, TXChiropractic1255331286
Jay Bob Haney 79772, TXChiropractic1831190842
Michael Paul Mcgarrah 76021, TXChiropractic1528069333
Justin Clive Perish 75150, TXChiropractic1861493694
Jimmy Todd Wesley 79109, TXChiropractic1306847132
Alireza Jameossanaie 77024, TXChiropractic1578564308
William Matthew Ursprung 78218, TXChiropractic1215938055
John J Meyer 78102, TXChiropractic1639170483
Shane Brian Thompson 75235, TXChiropractic1740281542
Alexander Leybovich 75080, TXChiropractic1992706790
Gilbert Lynn Danforth 79424, TXChiropractic1669473385
John H Riggs 79705, TXChiropractic1548261233
Todd Alexander Molski 75071, TXChiropractic1952302549
Physicians Rehab Assoc Pa 77901, TXChiropractic1376544908
Kent Albert Miller 77301, TXChiropractic1730180340
Troy Allam 75070, TXChiropractic1689675209
Jonathan E Woodward 75240, TXChiropractic1740281914
Jesus Marcial 75119, TXChiropractic1407857915
Chad Lee Barber 75904, TXChiropractic1700887965
Marshall Glenn Parker 77087, TXChiropractic1174524649
Terry L Daley 79605, TXChiropractic1639170012
Justin M Smith 75701, TXChiropractic1932100500
North Lamar Chiropractic Clinic 78753, TXChiropractic1932100336
Michael A Kapsner 78704, TXChiropractic1487655890
Michael J Snow 78757, TXChiropractic1295736601
Christopher Ivan Henn 78550, TXChiropractic1609877034
Monya Matthiesen Tracy 78620, TXChiropractic1841291119
Shawn Andrew Blad 75028, TXChiropractic1881695187
Charles Wayne Browne 77539, TXChiropractic1548261852
Bang H Nguyen 77429, TXChiropractic1578564027
Dr David A Cox Pa 75068, TXChiropractic1770584005
Mark Alan Beaty 77627, TXChiropractic1023019213
Estes Chiropractic Clinic Pc 78759, TXChiropractic1538160759
James A Robin 78734, TXChiropractic1811998941
James A Smith 75701, TXChiropractic1598767592
Joseph John Thomas 76058, TXChiropractic1508868449


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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