Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Michael Scott Niblo 23517, VAChiropractic1902809395
Paul Richard Temple 23517, VAChiropractic1346243540
Meghan Ann Custer 22903, VAChiropractic1972506004
Ross Weinberg 22192, VAChiropractic1154324085
Shahrokh Shahverdi 22207, VAChiropractic1174526859
Earl Briggs Allen 24201, VAChiropractic1982607834
Stewart Melville Rawnsley 24124, VAChiropractic1134123482
Heath Jeffrey Bills 22151, VAChiropractic1871597807
Ginger Davis Foddrell 23235, VAChiropractic1548264104
Jeffrey Kenneth Foddrell 23235, VAChiropractic1679577332
Richard Donald Dorsett 24083, VAChiropractic1508861519
Sally Ann Dorsett 24083, VAChiropractic1376548339
Chak Hyon Chong 20109, VAChiropractic1538164371
Imanuel Morenings 24201, VAChiropractic1154326643
Gregory L Walter 24019, VAChiropractic1902802457
Layton William Merithew 23061, VAChiropractic1548266729
Michael T Mccarney 23112, VAChiropractic1932105533
Dana C Williamson 23116, VAChiropractic1962409557
Joseph S Kennedy 23831, VAChiropractic1164429734
Michael P Placide 23112, VAChiropractic1811994494
Charlene M Truhlik 24354, VAChiropractic1144227661
Sally Jo Mock 24521, VAChiropractic1093712382
Steven C Riggleman 22801, VAChiropractic1306843065
James D Mclelland 23233, VAChiropractic1114924099
John Paul Talmadge 24502, VAChiropractic1720086309
Aaron Bradby Winston 23233, VAChiropractic1083612337
John Stephen Eggleston 24540, VAChiropractic1154329217
Ronda Nichole Lykens 22601, VAChiropractic1588662563
Kyung Yoo 22044, VAChiropractic1437158276
Larry L. Stine 22408, VAChiropractic1255330056
Michael Anthony Spagnolo 23059, VAChiropractic1942209556
Nicholas Rulli 23227, VAChiropractic1942209358
William Roger Thesier 23452, VAChiropractic1568461630
Gary Robert Detweiler 23452, VAChiropractic1831199520
Thomas Raymond Skelton 23462, VAChiropractic1134129810
Gary Allen Dennis 22030, VAChiropractic1952301558
Bibhu R Misra 20147, VAChiropractic1871593327
Suzanne Alice Coffey 22901, VAChiropractic1992705461
Joanne Kay Schmit 23181, VAChiropractic1558361931
Joseph A Konopka 22192, VAChiropractic1558361022
Timothy Paul Robinson 24202, VAChiropractic1770583940
Daniel A Shaye 23185, VAChiropractic1114927217
Louis Andrew Fernandez 23452, VAChiropractic1700886843
Christopher James Degraw 24592, VAChiropractic1881694800
Dorine Vinetta Forand 23958, VAChiropractic1902807944
Christopher T Oliver 20170, VAChiropractic1083615074
Michael Joseph Vanella 23455, VAChiropractic1477553162
Richard John Thomas Labarbera 24151, VAChiropractic1124029483
Michelle Susanne Rose 23452, VAChiropractic1740281039
Don Tyler Handly 24078, VAChiropractic1376544692
David C Donofrio 23114, VAChiropractic1528060506
Michael Douglas Johnson 23235, VAChiropractic1699777698
Stephen David Ambrose 23238, VAChiropractic1932101623
George N Bakalis 22191, VAChiropractic1508868225
Janice Juanita Frye 23235, VAChiropractic1225030851
Terence Kelly Kearney 20889, VAChiropractic1174515191
Charles Kurowski 23693, VAChiropractic1659363638
Bradford Thomas Herlehy 24121, VAChiropractic1609868173
Renata Anna Kowal 23608, VAChiropractic1770576738
Jamie L . Higley 23139, VAChiropractic1356334908
Richard Wertheimer 23320, VAChiropractic1770584344
Michael Dean Hess 24502, VAChiropractic1396739728
Lonnie A Slone 23510, VAChiropractic1609860675
Jason Atkins Kennedy 23225, VAChiropractic1760476642
Andy Trent Harris 23430, VAChiropractic1770577215
Laurence Edward Lesser 22553, VAChiropractic1629062120
Gina M Simonetti 22030, VAChiropractic1154316511
Wade Quinn 23185, VAChiropractic1063407435
Mark Hundley 24073, VAChiropractic1780679175
Steven Bernabeu 22030, VAChiropractic1407841869
Carl D Nelson 23451, VAChiropractic1881689156
Michael S Pankow 23454, VAChiropractic1750376927
Robert L Hedgepath 24523, VAChiropractic1619962669
Kathryn Marie Bennett 23847, VAChiropractic1831184761
David Wimmer 24551, VAChiropractic1679569263
Dennis John Gesualdi 23188, VAChiropractic1295722940
Wendy Holden Willis 24382, VAChiropractic1932196623
Daniel P. Hockstra 22101, VAChiropractic1912996554
Brett Eugene Fuller 22003, VAChiropractic1538158621
Lawrence John Granlund 20120, VAChiropractic1982693933
Susan P Striebeck 24179, VAChiropractic1477543791
Marc Harold Feldman 22182, VAChiropractic1497746465
Mark Gerard Guarino 23060, VAChiropractic1396726188
Kristin Marie Schmidt 22314, VAChiropractic1790767184
Rachel Abbott 23430, VAChiropractic1083093876
Robert W Walentin 23238, VAChiropractic1285624965
Jefferson Kirkland Teass 24179, VAChiropractic1396728317
Fermin Alberto De La Jara 22192, VAChiropractic1386627032
Eric R. Carlsen 23103, VAChiropractic1366426256
Gary L Scholl 22079, VAChiropractic1336123033
Gurutrang Singh Khalsa 20170, VAChiropractic1093790263
Katherine Rose 24171, VAChiropractic1073599536
Ronald R Toht 23703, VAChiropractic1033195425
David Lindon Brooks 22701, VAChiropractic1538146360
Celeste Marie Krawchuk 22611, VAChiropractic1558348995
Michelle Heidi Kotkin 22601, VAChiropractic1376520718
Glenn M Stark 24112, VAChiropractic1992783583
Dorothy A. Fensterer 24592, VAChiropractic1881672467
Mark Andrew Corbelli 23113, VAChiropractic1669450730
W Gregory Capps 24012, VAChiropractic1770562753
Louis I. Koff 20110, VAChiropractic1780663153
Paul Eric Tschetschot 23805, VAChiropractic1639159163
Robert Eric Mcbride 23708, VAChiropractic1649250952
Jack G Ricci 22601, VAChiropractic1124003868
Karen A Cerwinski 23123, VAChiropractic1003896317
Todd Patrick Sullivan 22015, VAChiropractic1235119959
Susan Elaine Richards 23454, VAChiropractic1679543144
Adam Lewis Wilding 23185, VAChiropractic1386614816
Jonathan David Brooks 22701, VAChiropractic1285605154
Hongki Kim 20120, VAChiropractic1518938489
James W White 24501, VAChiropractic1124090253
Mark Z Soccio 23455, VAChiropractic1780656827
Walter V Bogdan 23226, VAChiropractic1194797977
David M Debarros 23111, VAChiropractic1316919186
Eric C Santjer 23320, VAChiropractic1417929266
Edward Joseph Lauterbach 22963, VAChiropractic1053383802
Corey Bryant 23111, VAChiropractic1891767679
Spencer Daniel Johansen 23454, VAChiropractic1164495784
Jeyoung Yun 22191, VAChiropractic1902870520
Bradley Dean Vandyke 24656, VAChiropractic1013981356
Garry Madison Collins 24091, VAChiropractic1891769626
Scott Warren Hall 24076, VAChiropractic1134194848
Stephen M Wolford 23005, VAChiropractic1952376386
Anna Bender 23116, VAChiropractic1588639793
William Barry Ward 22406, VAChiropractic1295701407
John J Welch 23452, VAChiropractic1750357901
Catherine R Good-bertram 23454, VAChiropractic1285600270
Julia Anne Stickell 23451, VAChiropractic1285601955
Lincoln Douglas Loucks 22802, VAChiropractic1174590525
Mary T Mcaleese 22554, VAChiropractic1053389791
Michael Scott Haas 24153, VAChiropractic1588633440
Robert A Burger 22963, VAChiropractic1427027564
Brent Olson Warner 24641, VAChiropractic1730158429
Danny J. Minor 24273, VAChiropractic1912976341
Camille T D'amato 22044, VAChiropractic1508835836
John Curtis Willis 24641, VAChiropractic1356310577
Steven Alan Vegodsky 22901, VAChiropractic1396704235
Alan Scott Cason 22801, VAChiropractic1780644625
Robert J Mcaleese 22554, VAChiropractic1497723274
Anne P. Sorrentino 22182, VAChiropractic1407825888
Howard Kendall Wilson 24018, VAChiropractic1316911753
Garland Dwain Glenn 20190, VAChiropractic1932178142
Suzanne M Santjer 23320, VAChiropractic1104898964
Eric Teh-chuan Chu 22031, VAChiropractic1336116839
Mark L Bawcom 23455, VAChiropractic1598725376
James Binning 20109, VAChiropractic1760442404
Cory Alan Mckinley 24540, VAChiropractic1376504431
Robert D Green 23235, VAChiropractic1295796142
Dina Rosa 22031, VAChiropractic1659332237
Mitchell Scott White 22193, VAChiropractic1346202678
Andrew James Melchert 23294, VAChiropractic1588626956
Kim Noel Skillen 24151, VAChiropractic1073575478
Leslie Holcombe 22302, VAChiropractic1073575262
Dale Francisco Williams 24592, VAChiropractic1003879602
David John Prymak 22192, VAChiropractic1609839000
Carmen C Johanning 23221, VAChiropractic1194788968
Adam John Keefe 23464, VAChiropractic1609839489
Perry John Vanderhurst 20132, VAChiropractic1396709002
George Stephen Norris 20151, VAChiropractic1124082664
Angela Isabel Salcedo 20006, VAChiropractic1316902166
Rhoderick Jose Manadero 23601, VAChiropractic1700841889
Nylsa A Correa-padilla 22554, VAChiropractic1811952989
Lisa Anne Holland 23060, VAChiropractic1922063890
Brian John Bodnar 22306, VAChiropractic1184680514
Kenneth Todd Hicks 24060, VAChiropractic1245298439
Cornelius Tucker Carwile 23701, VAChiropractic1144288358
Wiley A Greene 24201, VAChiropractic1396793147
John K. Bowman 22180, VAChiropractic1790733723
Michael Mutter 20176, VAChiropractic1750339800
Eric Meyer 20036, VAChiropractic1265480396
Thomas B Read 23233, VAChiropractic1063460962
Patrick John Mcnally 20170, VAChiropractic1679521314
Charles R. Clegg 20175, VAChiropractic1457309700
David T. Robinson 24477, VAChiropractic1043268303
Abel C Borromeo 22602, VAChiropractic1174572283
Lawrence F Griffith 23060, VAChiropractic1407805187
Willem Albert Johan Roelofsen 24016, VAChiropractic1811946452
Theresa Ann Dunton 24219, VAChiropractic1477505675
Ellen Fitzenrider 23517, VAChiropractic1457303612
Chad Edward Jenkins 23320, VAChiropractic1861444705
Clarence Linden Brooks 22408, VAChiropractic1417900648
Ngozi Eleonu 22304, VAChiropractic1912950759
Michelle Lea Pietrantone 20148, VAChiropractic1386698017
Duane H Connell 23692, VAChiropractic1972557478
Marlene M Schmidt-skillen 24151, VAChiropractic1649232042
Andrew Lewis Reno 22407, VAChiropractic1790738623
Elaine Kay Sargent 23111, VAChiropractic1417908120
Salil Malhotra 22203, VAChiropractic1255382990
John E Clayton 23510, VAChiropractic1417917188
Valerie L Gray 23320, VAChiropractic1346201019
Rosa Susana Lovaglio 20151, VAChiropractic1104889161
Stephen Lewis Childress 24266, VAChiropractic1285684332
Andrew Alexander Mcbain 22134, VAChiropractic1548219249
Siobhan Alison Conklyn Abbott 23666, VAChiropractic1588618607
David Despirito 22664, VAChiropractic1992759989
Arturo Busante Gonzalez 23453, VAChiropractic1487609004
Stacy Suzanne Clark 22980, VAChiropractic1801841606
Christina Marie Vanderhurst 20132, VAChiropractic1578518460
Philip James Mollica 24014, VAChiropractic1073568432
Judi Morris 22485, VAChiropractic1205882255


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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