Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Washington

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Washington:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Timothy B Price 99203, WAChiropractic1639172646
Joseph Dispenza 98597, WAChiropractic1932102274
Craig A Benson 98370, WAChiropractic1033114236
Michael B Back 98662, WAChiropractic1962407080
Mick L. Tiegs 98126, WAChiropractic1497750350
William R Mackenzie 98662, WAChiropractic1457356404
Gerard Edward Sullivan 98466, WAChiropractic1942205828
Douglas L Forgey 98661, WAChiropractic1720083843
Douglas Edmund Jacobsmeyer 98273, WAChiropractic1538165725
John A Dawson 98208, WAChiropractic1194721316
Nicole Allison Morin 98258, WAChiropractic1629074497
Daniel Robert Morin 98258, WAChiropractic1336145101
Lori Delight Johnson 98273, WAChiropractic1841296803
Paul Dewane Alder 99205, WAChiropractic1245237478
Michael David Kaufman 98011, WAChiropractic1083611099
Ashley Brook Rusnak 98148, WAChiropractic1649277609
Ben Lee Jennings 98221, WAChiropractic1134126022
Jerry F Dallas 98225, WAChiropractic1528065463
Mark S Jones 99206, WAChiropractic1295733871
Marshall Aaron Dallas 98225, WAChiropractic1811995400
Dusty D Dubois 98011, WAChiropractic1235137639
Kari Lynn Gibson 98290, WAChiropractic1407854805
Ted Robert Steffen 98109, WAChiropractic1881691822
Rupa Dara 98310, WAChiropractic1629077417
Loren Cary Ernst 98223, WAChiropractic1104825686
Gary Lee Rutledge 98019, WAChiropractic1154320653
Derrol Marvin Sillito 98372, WAChiropractic1992704910
Kelly Noelle Maciver 98031, WAChiropractic1184624710
James L Gould 98501, WAChiropractic1851391106
Stephen George Clausen 98117, WAChiropractic1629078894
David Allen Butters 98118, WAChiropractic1356341747
Samuel Tong 98109, WAChiropractic1851392674
David Lee Lemmon 98942, WAChiropractic1215935069
Michael Dornbusch 98671, WAChiropractic1205837929
Michael Williams 99218, WAChiropractic1255332847
John Everett Foreman 98312, WAChiropractic1265433817
Lauren Lee Chinn 98166, WAChiropractic1700887007
James G Caviezel 98274, WAChiropractic1164423372
Daniel Wyatt Bigger 98382, WAChiropractic1922000900
David Gibbs Ramaley 98125, WAChiropractic1225030158
Brett D Bolton 98004, WAChiropractic1649272543
Sheri A Sherwood 98004, WAChiropractic1710989611
Bruce M Laird 98801, WAChiropractic1992707715
Jennifer Helene Sansen 98366, WAChiropractic1265424220
Ronald W Burden 98274, WAChiropractic1366434193
Kevin Duane Henderson 98403, WAChiropractic1720070477
David Folweiler 98125, WAChiropractic1194717561
Cynthia M Suriano 98902, WAChiropractic1770575110
Robert Francis Sleight 98260, WAChiropractic1437141777
Benjamin Thomas Charlton 98034, WAChiropractic1649263997
Mark Lockwood 98005, WAChiropractic1225021595
Laurin Jay Mcelheran 98007, WAChiropractic1720071020
Karen E Shepard 98005, WAChiropractic1346233491
Scott P Maystrovich 99205, WAChiropractic1114910270
Harley Orville Youngblood 98686, WAChiropractic1346233103
Vivian M Ledesma 98103, WAChiropractic1992798664
Jamie L Southard 98274, WAChiropractic1487655635
Kim D Christensen 98684, WAChiropractic1013900372
Lew C Estabrook 98034, WAChiropractic1801889951
Tim A Clanton 98034, WAChiropractic1174516231
Joey L Laske 98499, WAChiropractic1427040138
Scott James Carmack 98953, WAChiropractic1972597391
Leslie Boyd White 98148, WAChiropractic1982698205
Kurt Howard O'neill 98004, WAChiropractic1639163132
Wayne Marvin Fichter 99202, WAChiropractic1558356634
David Dean Parry 98208, WAChiropractic1215922240
Stephen Alan Liston 98665, WAChiropractic1992790893
Michael L. Clark, 98204, WAChiropractic1992790752
Myron H Linder 98926, WAChiropractic1841285624
Sandra L Linder 98926, WAChiropractic1912992793
Jerry M Payne 98362, WAChiropractic1114913613
Randall Lane Bond 99206, WAChiropractic1316934508
Barry E Thomason 99109, WAChiropractic1659368785
Kenneth Eldon Parker 98290, WAChiropractic1043208564
Paul Mark Miller 99205, WAChiropractic1144218678
Kevin L Polzin 98005, WAChiropractic1750376984
William Duane Harrington 98944, WAChiropractic1437143120
Kevin Kenneth Moreland 98105, WAChiropractic1023002482
Patricia Dawn Fichter 99216, WAChiropractic1295720373
Kenneth L Jones 98902, WAChiropractic1891783973
Roaul Dietrick Smith 98102, WAChiropractic1588654354
John Michael Lewis 98102, WAChiropractic1134119340
Amanpaul S Diwana 98802, WAChiropractic1841281516
Thomas R Hurst 98802, WAChiropractic1063403749
Chad R Hurst 98802, WAChiropractic1114918703
Paul Featherstone 98684, WAChiropractic1386635928
Rick D Still 98632, WAChiropractic1083695076
Daniel James Mcnabb 98321, WAChiropractic1972585222
Allen E Golden 98908, WAChiropractic1649252750
Robert Carl Rinke 98204, WAChiropractic1588646699
Shawn K Hankins 98362, WAChiropractic1124000880
Seth Raymond Hutton 98660, WAChiropractic1487636049
Michael Lewis Mullen 98802, WAChiropractic1942282694
Wayne Walter Moore 98335, WAChiropractic1649252180
Gregory Alan Decamp 98801, WAChiropractic1790768067
Kimberly Rae Toftness 98801, WAChiropractic1083697189
Joseph Taylor Aaron 98056, WAChiropractic1053395590
Eric Ryan Loberg 98126, WAChiropractic1225012768
Peter Keith Carr 98101, WAChiropractic1033193164
Michael Don Stallcop 99163, WAChiropractic1679557698
Bradley K Button 98383, WAChiropractic1568446490
Trent F Wise 99218, WAChiropractic1750366282
George Duro Miskovic 98198, WAChiropractic1942285499
Kevin L. Henning 99218, WAChiropractic1982689287
Troy M Dreiling 98661, WAChiropractic1538144811
Mark William Houk 99218, WAChiropractic1144205204
Steven R Polenz 98103, WAChiropractic1437134251
Mark P. Ainslie 99205, WAChiropractic1528044203
Keith Blaine Martin 98002, WAChiropractic1770569923
Matthew Jay Miller 98664, WAChiropractic1588640601
Robert Eric Merry 98404, WAChiropractic1326024167
Kenneth H Cyr 99163, WAChiropractic1417933318
Jerry Alan Porter 99203, WAChiropractic1568440832
Ricky J Johnston 99362, WAChiropractic1083694566
Melody Ann Volk 99163, WAChiropractic1306826649
Wayne E Lindell 99206, WAChiropractic1235115924
Shawn D Hagen 98036, WAChiropractic1144204140
Jalana Lee White 99205, WAChiropractic1891293841
Richard D Swetman 98292, WAChiropractic1720059512
Cory Blaine Hultman 98125, WAChiropractic1609848043
Darin Nelson Schultz 98466, WAChiropractic1750353199
Karen A Koep 98503, WAChiropractic1306817762
Scott Wayne Harris 98292, WAChiropractic1659343655
Charles C Dwyer 99403, WAChiropractic1265404156
John D Huynh 98391, WAChiropractic1588637151
Spring Nicole Stickney 98312, WAChiropractic1558335018
Michael Joe Bodle 98198, WAChiropractic1356315881
James G Patten 98902, WAChiropractic1700850161
Kenneth S Albrechtson 98607, WAChiropractic1881668242
Tracey Alayne Ryder 98208, WAChiropractic1275507303
Kevin Robert Bates 98272, WAChiropractic1689649378
J Marvin Gaddis 98258, WAChiropractic1235104712
Gary Lee Gallaway 98277, WAChiropractic1780659854
Austin David Mcmillin 98466, WAChiropractic1285600056
Larry A Bain 98665, WAChiropractic1528034931
William C Harrell 98501, WAChiropractic1811963010
John Robert Bailey 98801, WAChiropractic1447227574
Elverine Elzbeth Puariea 98661, WAChiropractic1356319263
Brian W Mittelstaedt 98362, WAChiropractic1942278767
Brian Thomas O'hea 98036, WAChiropractic1215905013
Bruce F Hurst 98816, WAChiropractic1144298449
Peter Thomas Zografos 99212, WAChiropractic1003884131
Lary Gene Spiller 98052, WAChiropractic1265401970
Douglas L Mook 98031, WAChiropractic1164481388
Robert Lloyd Rettig 99336, WAChiropractic1851350912
Chang-jui Lee 98057, WAChiropractic1669431458
Garry W Baldwin 98031, WAChiropractic1033178710
Mark S Fredrich 98036, WAChiropractic1043279656
Dennis B Royal 98501, WAChiropractic1265492466
Steven A Weatherman 99109, WAChiropractic1144280199
Jeffrey Paul Clark 98258, WAChiropractic1366417487
Mark J Den Hartog 98501, WAChiropractic1023081155
Tiffany Morris 98375, WAChiropractic1356816706
Willis S Muncey 99208, WAChiropractic1174583991
Carl Edward Ehresman 98528, WAChiropractic1205896057
Jack G Tsong 98036, WAChiropractic1558321059
Glen Andrew Thomson 98105, WAChiropractic1912968850
Timothy Dean Holmes 98332, WAChiropractic1376504837
Sandra Kay Schable 98229, WAChiropractic1780646885
Robert Roy Failor 98520, WAChiropractic1639132293
Frank Joseph Rossi 98003, WAChiropractic1972566529
Andy Van Chiem 98118, WAChiropractic1407818255
Nels Walter Rasmussen 98241, WAChiropractic1477516029
Kelly S Johnson 98103, WAChiropractic1972567071
Mark A Haley 98406, WAChiropractic1952366783
Steven John Zwiener 99336, WAChiropractic1831154517
Paul Lloyd John Randall 98501, WAChiropractic1083679328
Brian C Willyard 98366, WAChiropractic1841255791
Edward L West 98466, WAChiropractic1801851852
Grant Paul Gilbert 99344, WAChiropractic1699730507
Kenneth Wayne Trapp 98503, WAChiropractic1528024296
Andrew Michael Winger 98003, WAChiropractic1629035571
Kevin S Jex 98003, WAChiropractic1295792653
Ronald Aitchison 98660, WAChiropractic1700843828
Lindsey Howell Sinner 98660, WAChiropractic1245298348
Blake Edward Crofts 98682, WAChiropractic1710945084
Ty Charles Westenhaver 98036, WAChiropractic1073571501
Jay B Sweet 98506, WAChiropractic1023066099
Donna Maria Archer 98662, WAChiropractic1619925591
Jeffrey Frank Rindal 98273, WAChiropractic1811945181
Meed A. West 98665, WAChiropractic1013966167
Eric Lee Banker 98801, WAChiropractic1497704308
Douglas Rendel Bergman 98030, WAChiropractic1952350514
Eric Alan Deroche 98052, WAChiropractic1588613145
Aaron Thomas Gillespie 98674, WAChiropractic1942259536
Kevin Douglas Shearer 98683, WAChiropractic1669421376
Lauren Marie Aklinski 98121, WAChiropractic1023068285
Bruce M Boyman 98604, WAChiropractic1639129737
Christine Ann Grams 98110, WAChiropractic1578513685
Bonnie Jean Verhunce 98198, WAChiropractic1700836814
Lorri A. Nichols 98003, WAChiropractic1568412757
Marcus William Woodall 98223, WAChiropractic1053361774
Shanna E Frederick 98107, WAChiropractic1982654810
Kamala R Griffith 98661, WAChiropractic1538110036
Dennis Lee Banker 98801, WAChiropractic1245281385
Christopher Darrell Mallory 98682, WAChiropractic1669423729
Benson K Lee 99336, WAChiropractic1588615249
Rebecca I Ortman 98245, WAChiropractic1932150745
Sean Jackson Fryer 98027, WAChiropractic1215989454
William D Paxson 98104, WAChiropractic1649221201


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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