Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alan Lee Jolin 54555, WIChiropractic1063415495
Grant L Williams 53805, WIChiropractic1710981568
Chiropractic Clinic Sc 54806, WIChiropractic1346244001
David L Brouillette 53021, WIChiropractic1245234772
Anne K Maedke 53212, WIChiropractic1487659819
Kyle Timothy Kollbaum 54011, WIChiropractic1992701056
Angela Marie Engel 54405, WIChiropractic1821094921
Brian Scott Kelley 54724, WIChiropractic1811994205
Randall M Adams 54729, WIChiropractic1134126519
Christopher Jon Hammer 53563, WIChiropractic1619974698
Clinton Chiropractic Clinic Sc 53525, WIChiropractic1003813817
Michael David Gallagher 53560, WIChiropractic1316944036
Michael Lawrence Bosquez 54963, WIChiropractic1285632901
Mark Joseph Pensis 54929, WIChiropractic1720085632
James P Koshick 53151, WIChiropractic1518964394
Sara R Zach 53151, WIChiropractic1225035017
Christian Zebrasky 53066, WIChiropractic1225036726
Timothy Wallace Anderson 54935, WIChiropractic1861490393
Mark Dean Peterson 54476, WIChiropractic1477551836
Catherine Charlton 53012, WIChiropractic1154329480
Walter Rudolph Wiesztort 53142, WIChiropractic1003814336
Chris Lee Wass 54476, WIChiropractic1518965763
Karl Thomas Noel Naujock 53130, WIChiropractic1093713158
Ben A Vogt 53808, WIChiropractic1790783546
Victoria Ann Zueger 54494, WIChiropractic1710985643
Wade David Skogman 54165, WIChiropractic1053319004
Alecia Arn 61073, WIChiropractic1285632620
Bradley Richard Bosma 54180, WIChiropractic1366449696
Jessica Leigh Heller 53226, WIChiropractic1427057249
Curtis John Welnetz 54519, WIChiropractic1063411866
Sharon S. Hill 53405, WIChiropractic1831198456
Timothy Lawrence Smykal 53051, WIChiropractic1619976263
Dan P Killian 53186, WIChiropractic1700885118
Anthony Q. Hall 54001, WIChiropractic1104825777
Joseph Samuel Burgarino 53005, WIChiropractic1942209465
Christopher James Kroll 53551, WIChiropractic1710986096
Joe Alan Dirker 53081, WIChiropractic1356340418
James Michael Fox 53534, WIChiropractic1386643302
Rex James Knauf 53014, WIChiropractic1518966555
Scott M Ulrey 53094, WIChiropractic1366441453
Peter W Vrieze 54017, WIChiropractic1124028071
Jason Graetz 54112, WIChiropractic1700886629
Travis Lee Stanford 54872, WIChiropractic1942209812
Brandon Ray Crandall 53548, WIChiropractic1154321727
Monica Sue Christensen 53589, WIChiropractic1811997307
Denise Lynn Jones 54669, WIChiropractic1952301467
Tanya J Vanasse 54703, WIChiropractic1710987490
Angela M Prissel 54701, WIChiropractic1891795571
Galen J Baker 53711, WIChiropractic1417957994
Matthew S Herber 54301, WIChiropractic1467452789
Glenn John Hoffman 54304, WIChiropractic1063412476
Beverly Ann Kraly 54456, WIChiropractic1598765869
Cindy L Puent 54656, WIChiropractic1558361832
Chanelle R Holliday 54615, WIChiropractic1629078902
Brian J Brost 54616, WIChiropractic1427058700
Emily J Smith 54701, WIChiropractic1093715278
Steven J Querio 54303, WIChiropractic1245230564
Detert Chiropractic Office Sc 54950, WIChiropractic1235139353
Bernard Joseph Erenberger 53202, WIChiropractic1568461085
Lisa Patricia Reid 53132, WIChiropractic1568461283
Great Lakes Chiropractic, Ltd. 53223, WIChiropractic1346249166
Mary J Gonstead 54701, WIChiropractic1508866161
Charles Lee Nieuwenhuis 54944, WIChiropractic1811998693
Mary B Schultz 54945, WIChiropractic1992706592
Teresa Marie Paulsrud 54703, WIChiropractic1255332045
Joseph Jerome Teff 53562, WIChiropractic1629079256
Bradley Norman Paulsrud 54703, WIChiropractic1538160189
Ruth V Jean 54615, WIChiropractic1255332706
Gregory D Anderson 53551, WIChiropractic1699777680
Eric L Strande 53092, WIChiropractic1194727099
Mequon Chiropractic Office Sc 53092, WIChiropractic1356343156
Daniel T Murray 53018, WIChiropractic1558363010
Steven Scott Bont 54024, WIChiropractic1447242615
James P Brugger 53095, WIChiropractic1225020233
Scott J Wagenknecht 53228, WIChiropractic1952393910
Gerald Richard Kennedy 53070, WIChiropractic1154313344
Brett D Hoeft 53593, WIChiropractic1831181635
Jeffrey C Mackey 53704, WIChiropractic1316939119
Jason C Kindschi 53527, WIChiropractic1528050325
Sara M Kirkman 53590, WIChiropractic1073505871
Luedtke storm mackey Chiropractic Clinic, Sc 53711, WIChiropractic1457343246
Laura J Boyle 53711, WIChiropractic1043202831
Nathan L Considine 53562, WIChiropractic1679565469
Jeffrey E Horkan 53590, WIChiropractic1629060421
Harvey T Storm 53711, WIChiropractic1952393712
Todd M Tesch 53538, WIChiropractic1295727055
Kelly J Towne 53574, WIChiropractic1447242193
Sharon Beth Balstad 54166, WIChiropractic1548252257
Jeffrey R Lyne 53590, WIChiropractic1023000791
Mark A Mccann 53575, WIChiropractic1841282514
Stephen R Dewitt 53711, WIChiropractic1699767368
Kenneth Wayne Schenk 53121, WIChiropractic1154313492
Christine M Krsko 53132, WIChiropractic1669465902
Sherri A C Augustine 53092, WIChiropractic1508859604
Steven P Reinen 53593, WIChiropractic1811980923
Randall J Hammett 53142, WIChiropractic1861485690
Michelle Ann Zitzke 53207, WIChiropractic1508859174
Gerald Harvey Retzlaff 54703, WIChiropractic1528069317
David Bentz 54601, WIChiropractic1831190974
Eugene R Yellen-shiring 53711, WIChiropractic1649262403
Amy Marie Schreiner 54022, WIChiropractic1225030992
Point Chiropractic Llc 53204, WIChiropractic1134603921
Matthew Wayne Hajzl 54664, WIChiropractic1548262231
Steven Michael Longo 53228, WIChiropractic1447244850
Thomas P. Donohue 54848, WIChiropractic1639162043
Back To Health Plus, Pllc 53532, WIChiropractic1063406379
Mark Willard Krebsbach 54304, WIChiropractic1750375523
William Ernest Sylvanus Apps 53225, WIChiropractic1194719948
Kimberly Ann Johnson 54904, WIChiropractic1881688570
Kristina S Nyhus 54729, WIChiropractic1114911849
Mark G Oas 54703, WIChiropractic1487648093
Stephen E Dreier 54451, WIChiropractic1467447995
Donald G. Brown 54017, WIChiropractic1235124751
Kevin A. Blau 53901, WIChiropractic1932194172
Robert Allen Butler 53040, WIChiropractic1356336416
Thomas Paul Wargo 54416, WIChiropractic1174518385
John D Jenkins 54952, WIChiropractic1669467700
Thomas John Leuthner 54302, WIChiropractic1871588871
Joseph J Millan 54302, WIChiropractic1093700023
William R Stockman 54729, WIChiropractic1851386627
Douglas S Burson 53092, WIChiropractic1215922141
Corinne Ann Kennedy 53225, WIChiropractic1922093780
Bruce Allen Davis 54656, WIChiropractic1952396640
Donald Michael Bergman 53189, WIChiropractic1770579377
Spencer L Woodward 54115, WIChiropractic1093701567
Jody Ray Chaussee 53014, WIChiropractic1215923610
Tammy Onette Amoth 54703, WIChiropractic1427044429
Scott A Laux 54107, WIChiropractic1851387757
Timothy John Wagner 54911, WIChiropractic1215923156
Douglas R Schildt 53538, WIChiropractic1689660516
Timothy H Iehl 54022, WIChiropractic1306832134
Peter H Baehr 54935, WIChiropractic1518954056
Luke Eric Staudenmaier 54235, WIChiropractic1093702920
Bradley H Wehking 53094, WIChiropractic1306834130
Jane E Brotski 53094, WIChiropractic1902894744
Alan L Johnson 53012, WIChiropractic1962490490
Judy F Ellefson Peil 54914, WIChiropractic1770578106
Andrew Treutelaar 53188, WIChiropractic1821085754
Robert Ray Anderson 53959, WIChiropractic1831185669
Todd A Flom 54001, WIChiropractic1801881537
De Pere Chiropractic Center, Llc 54115, WIChiropractic1083600654
Leo Raymond Gonsowski 54017, WIChiropractic1851389167
Cynthia Nackers Munson 53073, WIChiropractic1851389845
Scott David Newcomer 53220, WIChiropractic1558359455
Mark Robert Bohl 53572, WIChiropractic1982693727
Steven James Pallett 53562, WIChiropractic1578552683
William Patrick Lentscher 53916, WIChiropractic1033100193
Paul M Pacetti 53149, WIChiropractic1073504080
Pamela J Stucky-laguardia 54701, WIChiropractic1700877594
Jay Laguardia 54701, WIChiropractic1881685592
Jeffrey J Schemenauer 54751, WIChiropractic1235120940
Jean L Rice 54981, WIChiropractic1770574329
Ronald Clutter 54729, WIChiropractic1245221746
Mathew Chase 54467, WIChiropractic1942281050
Dennis Alan Bulgrin 54457, WIChiropractic1841272911
Steven Wilke 53703, WIChiropractic1134101173
Brian K Becker 54701, WIChiropractic1760464416
Robert Desutter 54521, WIChiropractic1063494441
Erick Russell Anderson 54864, WIChiropractic1710960984
Lentscher Brothers Llc 53916, WIChiropractic1932190311
Warren Adam Witkowski 54961, WIChiropractic1437149101
Lisa Ann Turek-shay 54001, WIChiropractic1679556443
Maria Fenske 53092, WIChiropractic1356324032
Brian Lee Jensen 54481, WIChiropractic1487638482
John Henry Eidem 53032, WIChiropractic1013992627
Dawn Marie Rottier 54481, WIChiropractic1922083112
Garland Lee Hunter 54541, WIChiropractic1992780027
James M Rasmusson 53581, WIChiropractic1831174721
Patrick J Lorenz 53821, WIChiropractic1700861515
Matthew John Dumond 53581, WIChiropractic1083690770
Mark Steven Drewicz 53214, WIChiropractic1881670065
Derek T. Baron 54501, WIChiropractic1497731616
Kari J Lund 53821, WIChiropractic1225014145
David Anthony Krebs 53010, WIChiropractic1205812088
Kenneth Robert Koch 53110, WIChiropractic1386621050
Joseph L Marek 54837, WIChiropractic1457338139
Matthew B Clover 54956, WIChiropractic1043297641
Wendy L Wait 53703, WIChiropractic1710964002
Daniel Scott Loftus 53089, WIChiropractic1215914387
John E Church 53545, WIChiropractic1023095064
Bay Area Chiropractic Sc 54311, WIChiropractic1104804012
David A Radke 53207, WIChiropractic1316925159
Jeffrey L Walters 54935, WIChiropractic1699753517
David P Stoiber 54494, WIChiropractic1083692065
Patrick G Stoiber 54494, WIChiropractic1154300010
Alan W Resch 54311, WIChiropractic1962481564
Larry E Smithers 54494, WIChiropractic1467432898
Rebecca J Super 54494, WIChiropractic1477533818
Laura J Fenander 54494, WIChiropractic1710957881
Mary F Ladick 54494, WIChiropractic1992775076
James Hoeffling 54880, WIChiropractic1376528018
Mark Charles Bergquist 54880, WIChiropractic1942284633
Mozelle L Stoiber 54494, WIChiropractic1992783989
Michael A Fenander 54494, WIChiropractic1104896869
Linda M Capra 54751, WIChiropractic1053381350
Mark S Edinger 54971, WIChiropractic1063483048
Steven G Yeomans 54971, WIChiropractic1467423434
David J Volk 53549, WIChiropractic1780655357
Jeffrey M. Wilder 53704, WIChiropractic1417929621
Marcus Arnold Steele 54216, WIChiropractic1639141955


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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