Providers with Taxonomy: Chiropractic in the state of West Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Chiropractic
in the state of West Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Donald I Novak 15344, WVChiropractic1770768632
Terri Jean Keyes 40351, WVChiropractic1346562089
Emma Janeen Miller 15445, WVChiropractic1912993270
William Paul Mcdonald 25302, WVChiropractic1063502045
Daniel W Gambino 92124, WVChiropractic1265599765
Joanna L Cook 26362, WVChiropractic1619949203
William Eugene Nichols 41101, WVChiropractic1245358258
Jared Kyle Surbaugh 27502, WVChiropractic1215166574
Jacob Lane Metheny 26801, WVChiropractic1366680191
Larry Donald Perry 25701, WVChiropractic1598740680
Elizabeth Hay Martin 25704, WVChiropractic1750384533
Carol Ann Korzi 26062, WVChiropractic1942203831
George C Dauwel 24740, WVChiropractic1801899513
Scott W Harris 26241, WVChiropractic1033111307
Clifford E. Bickerton 26354, WVChiropractic1316941651
Rodney Carmel Thompson 25570, WVChiropractic1912901935
Jan A Harbour 25526, WVChiropractic1417951807
Anthony D Erwin 25526, WVChiropractic1396749784
Sandra K Cunningham 26554, WVChiropractic1912902065
Scott K. Romesburg 26330, WVChiropractic1396740007
Paul Lattimer 26452, WVChiropractic1851396527
Julian Alexander Chipley 25801, WVChiropractic1689670838
Ermel Fleming Harris 26105, WVChiropractic1841297306
William Z Johnson 26101, WVChiropractic1568469492
Melissa Dawn Mcmillen 24870, WVChiropractic1134127509
Adam Wayne Green 26101, WVChiropractic1881692127
Jeffrey W. Garvey 26101, WVChiropractic1184622094
Earl Neil Williams 26836, WVChiropractic1366442840
Jason Edward Labenne 26330, WVChiropractic1417941659
Jeffrey Bryan Given 25526, WVChiropractic1073507950
Timothy W Pence 24901, WVChiropractic1366437121
Brian R Menzies 26554, WVChiropractic1417942145
Matthew Allen Nardone 26062, WVChiropractic1164417754
Duane Dale Miller 26041, WVChiropractic1053307439
Douglas Macpherson 26062, WVChiropractic1467449496
James S Morris 25064, WVChiropractic1073596284
Russell L Jones 25064, WVChiropractic1023091238
Bobby G. Green 25186, WVChiropractic1114900347
Teresa Gellner Huls 26003, WVChiropractic1912980442
Emil Richard Nardone 26031, WVChiropractic1548247844
Jeffrey C Overstreet 25504, WVChiropractic1518946698
Roger Allan Kritzer 26554, WVChiropractic1285611343
John Felix Genovese 25401, WVChiropractic1336110915
Sara Elizabeth Furioli 26037, WVChiropractic1043283161
David R Hall 28167, WVChiropractic1669446142
Donald Keith Hamrick 26554, WVChiropractic1346210952
Wv Chiropractic And Wellness, Pllc 25313, WVChiropractic1093287112
Joseph James Yurigan 26062, WVChiropractic1124081666
Heather Ann Mccarter 26104, WVChiropractic1760445035
Mary E Mangus 25304, WVChiropractic1134183601
Jimmy Herbert Blanton 25701, WVChiropractic1588628531
Michael R. Condaras 25301, WVChiropractic1669437174
Peggy Kiser-crouch 25387, WVChiropractic1902864424
Sherri Rene Collett 26241, WVChiropractic1609828045
Jones Chiropractic Clinic 26241, WVChiropractic1306898333
Edward Morgan Jones 26241, WVChiropractic1053363713
Amy Janel Watterson 26505, WVChiropractic1588618227
Stephen Boles Wells 26101, WVChiropractic1861444622
Lucas Chadd Watterson 26505, WVChiropractic1437103603
Joseph Jerome Mccarter 26104, WVChiropractic1538113675
Kenneth P. Robinson 26201, WVChiropractic1326093030
Mccarter Chiropractic And Rehabilitation Center Inc 26104, WVChiropractic1548215387
Emily Samantha Mallon 26537, WVChiropractic1154376291
Gary Neal Baker 26416, WVChiropractic1023064854
John S Lively 26101, WVChiropractic1699721795
Mike Mason Chiropractic Pllc 26330, WVChiropractic1255388971
Craig C. Bromley 24901, WVChiropractic1215984463
Michael W Mason 26330, WVChiropractic1891732962
Wesley S Pepper 26330, WVChiropractic1154368223
Roger Jack Harris 25504, WVChiropractic1003855669
Brian S. Erickson 25443, WVChiropractic1174563928
Rocky Joseph Sexton 25801, WVChiropractic1346280989
Cory Lane Gardner 26241, WVChiropractic1124060082
John Samuel Fry 25535, WVChiropractic1841233806
Jefferson Chiropractic Center, Inc. 25443, WVChiropractic1437195864
Patricia Ann Carnes 25304, WVChiropractic1710915665
Kelly Kay Jones 26164, WVChiropractic1952330383
Robert Alan Ballard 25504, WVChiropractic1396775953
Eddy Chiropractic Clinic Inc 26187, WVChiropractic1760413454
Theresa R Harris 25504, WVChiropractic1881634921
Craig A Weimer 15401, WVChiropractic1336186527
Ryan J Carlton 25504, WVChiropractic1508813676
Steven Michael Ebert 45414, WVChiropractic1619909769
Matthew Owen Isner 26150, WVChiropractic1477585537
Cliff Daniel Hill 25130, WVChiropractic1811929987
Franklin Howerton 25271, WVChiropractic1184657504
Anna Elizabeth Hughes 26101, WVChiropractic1871527747
The Health Center Pllc 26062, WVChiropractic1073538039
Holly Deborah Bell 43793, WVChiropractic1356360697
Michael Doyle Hale 26101, WVChiropractic1346269321
Barry Alan Stowers 25901, WVChiropractic1508885351
Jonathan Matthew Ellis 25635, WVChiropractic1083634026
Deborah A Ross 25701, WVChiropractic1720009251
Brett A Morgan 25303, WVChiropractic1124040944
Robert P Chambers 26416, WVChiropractic1295758902
Randall Lewis Fox 26134, WVChiropractic1205840675
Alisha Danyiel Anderson 25813, WVChiropractic1790792992
Appalachian Chiropractic Center 25504, WVChiropractic1770592156
Marie S Mason 26330, WVChiropractic1578572160
Randy Bernard Maxwell 24740, WVChiropractic1346252046
Hill Chiropractic Center, Inc 25601, WVChiropractic1871506097
Jeffrey Lee Summers 25304, WVChiropractic1407961634
Steven Kim Sidebottom 26104, WVChiropractic1689789117
Lemaster Chiropractic Physicians, Inc. 25705, WVChiropractic1477669406
Beth Margaret Lemaster 25560, WVChiropractic1588770515
William Charles Filcheck 26505, WVChiropractic1124030911
Michael James Fredrick 25507, WVChiropractic1821109299
Peggy Kiser Crouch Dc Pllc 25387, WVChiropractic1225130453
Phillip Mansfield Spaur 26452, WVChiropractic1972605608
Paul Frank Rundle 26554, WVChiropractic1700989787
Ganim Howard 25304, WVChiropractic1386748564
Jody Ryan Eastwood 25309, WVChiropractic1295839389
James Dennis Midkiff 25304, WVChiropractic1770688301
Riverview Health Clinic, Pllc 26105, WVChiropractic1417053042
Carl S Mccale 26105, WVChiropractic1760588313
Anthony Scott Collias 25302, WVChiropractic1659477248
Robert M Evans 25801, WVChiropractic1033216825
First Priority Medical Choice 25403, WVChiropractic1760589964
Kerry V Bertschinger 25403, WVChiropractic1952409658
Jeffery Keys 25541, WVChiropractic1164520912
Jeffery L Keys P L L C 25541, WVChiropractic1487752242
Kelsey Matthew Henry 25260, WVChiropractic1447358205
Thomas Goodwin 26651, WVChiropractic1821196692
Goodwin Chiropractic Center 26651, WVChiropractic1790883577
Vanscoy Chiropractic Corporation Holistic Health Center 25526, WVChiropractic1689773327
Shawn Allen Cottrell 25313, WVChiropractic1023117587
Anderson Chiropractic Center 25813, WVChiropractic1700985728
Misty L Hutchinson 25504, WVChiropractic1871693465
Kevin D Trembush 26505, WVChiropractic1366542599
Robert J Helfer 26003, WVChiropractic1568562015
Michael P Via 25703, WVChiropractic1366542615
Byron R Folwell 26104, WVChiropractic1780785733
Greenbrier Chiropractic Center, Inc. 24901, WVChiropractic1235230897
Russell L Jones D C Chiropractic Corporation 25064, WVChiropractic1598866857
James G Bombino 25401, WVChiropractic1083705958
Tammy W. Burns 25313, WVChiropractic1023100187
Donald Lee Creek 25404, WVChiropractic1205920790
Mark S. Calfee, Dc 25313, WVChiropractic1770676413
Edward Garland Mccormick 25901, WVChiropractic1245323146
James Daniel White 26362, WVChiropractic1962597476
Karl Clayton Boone 26201, WVChiropractic1407940679
Lattimer Chiropractic Clinic 26201, WVChiropractic1851486773
David Vernon Miljour 25443, WVChiropractic1497841340
William H Downer 26201, WVChiropractic1659468965
Mark Calfee 25313, WVChiropractic1750478434
Hill Chiropractic Center, Inc 25130, WVChiropractic1598852980
Geoffrey Rowland Mohn 25705, WVChiropractic1225126931
Valley Health Associates Llc 24901, WVChiropractic1437247517
Mark C Cline 24801, WVChiropractic1235227455
Cline Chiropractic Pllc 24801, WVChiropractic1851489009
Franklin P Short 25801, WVChiropractic1316035488
George B Higgs 26582, WVChiropractic1386733178
North Marion Family Chiropractic 26582, WVChiropractic1932298734
Jordan Chiropractic Center 25309, WVChiropractic1891885729
Bridgeport Family Chiropractic 26330, WVChiropractic1548350747
Nicholas R Marchesani 26501, WVChiropractic1003996943
Amanda Lynn Collier 25401, WVChiropractic1740360023
William Daniel Grubbs 26003, WVChiropractic1316028111
Jody Wayne Fisher 25177, WVChiropractic1275614679
Charles Donald Robertson 26601, WVChiropractic1467534479
Putnam Chiropractic Center 25526, WVChiropractic1578646022
Stephen Lee Pinti 26301, WVChiropractic1225112774
Cara Jo Pinti 26301, WVChiropractic1215011234
William Edward Mullins 25313, WVChiropractic1053495747
Carlton & Harris Chiropractic Inc 25504, WVChiropractic1821173493
Alan Dunbar Wild 25701, WVChiropractic1508941071
Edward James Priem 26155, WVChiropractic1730264615
Integrity Chiropractic Inc 25801, WVChiropractic1770668618
Short Chiropractic Inc 25504, WVChiropractic1952487563
Steven Michael Bollinger 26726, WVChiropractic1366528192
Sara Furioli 26037, WVChiropractic1891872990
Mark Edward Hughes 25314, WVChiropractic1912084245
Robert Kent Davis 25921, WVChiropractic1598842114
Dr C E Bickerton Dccc 26354, WVChiropractic1760560684
William Dwight Lohr 26624, WVChiropractic1336226133
Bruce Alan Dye 25276, WVChiropractic1134207103
Nardone Chiropractic,north,pllc 26062, WVChiropractic1659458545
Roland W Meffert 25143, WVChiropractic1174602775
Steven Wade Rozier 25414, WVChiropractic1255410536
Timothy W Bogren 25541, WVChiropractic1245309004
Hamrick Specific Chiropractic 26505, WVChiropractic1336219674
Terry W Chambers 25401, WVChiropractic1134299340
Robin William Smith 26554, WVChiropractic1346311784
Robert Scott Nease 25504, WVChiropractic1003992165
Harris Chiropractic Inc 25504, WVChiropractic1619064383
William V. Jordan 25303, WVChiropractic1477643302
Vincent Edward Wardlow 24970, WVChiropractic1144309444
Lavalette Chiropractic Inc 25535, WVChiropractic1548349442
Michael Anthony Ielapi 26330, WVChiropractic1457422826
Marian Teresa Geary 26037, WVChiropractic1346311594
Stephen G Toth 26505, WVChiropractic1912079146
Nunzio P. Pagano Cc 26651, WVChiropractic1891868493
Michael Joseph Kominsky 25801, WVChiropractic1831262161
Robert Thomas Habeb 26101, WVChiropractic1518030410
Michael David Habeb 26101, WVChiropractic1861565764
Holly Leigh Harvey 24983, WVChiropractic1306919279
Roy Kevin Harvey 24983, WVChiropractic1922171891
Habeb Family Chiropractic Inc 26101, WVChiropractic1205909108
Callie Howison Rader 26104, WVChiropractic1982770830
John Richard Jezioro 26554, WVChiropractic1871669614


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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