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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Nurse Specialist:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Maura Fitzgerald MNClinical Nurse Specialist1619942588
Elena C. Casanova-ghosh PAClinical Nurse Specialist1023084837
Jacque P Pasternacki NMClinical Nurse Specialist1548236334
Patricia Lynn Creach FLClinical Nurse Specialist1467427294
Marie Mccarthy MDClinical Nurse Specialist1265407068
Daina Buivys MDClinical Nurse Specialist1881669687
Judith T. Veon PAClinical Nurse Specialist1538135306
Cynthia Susan Fodness INClinical Nurse Specialist1184690786
Jennie S. Dubosky MEClinical Nurse Specialist1265408777
Lynne F Mcwilliams NMClinical Nurse Specialist1992771513
Kathy Johanna Liberatore COClinical Nurse Specialist1881660280
Nancy L Yarnell SCClinical Nurse Specialist1619943172
Earle Irwin VAClinical Nurse Specialist1306812862
Nancy S. Leake CTClinical Nurse Specialist1902872328
Hilda A Villarreal CAClinical Nurse Specialist1508832965
Veronica A Philbin INClinical Nurse Specialist1679549034
Susan Warwick Hensley INClinical Nurse Specialist1982670295
Randi L Cohen NJClinical Nurse Specialist1063488146
Viann G Ellsworth INClinical Nurse Specialist1952378895
Patricia C Skorupka PAClinical Nurse Specialist1992771026
Debra S Lalley MNClinical Nurse Specialist1245206291
Mary E Bartlett CTClinical Nurse Specialist1316914203
Mary K Lemley CTClinical Nurse Specialist1104893098
Stephanie L Wilborne CTClinical Nurse Specialist1366419251
Jeanne Diane Thacker TXClinical Nurse Specialist1962479774
Shelly Jo Reiten ILClinical Nurse Specialist1114994928
Gaylene A Long TXClinical Nurse Specialist1811964661
Joan Theresa Magill UTClinical Nurse Specialist1477520252
Kathy A Baule ILClinical Nurse Specialist1801863584
Psychiatric Care Systems, Pc PAClinical Nurse Specialist1215904800
Janice Marion Penn NMClinical Nurse Specialist1144297771
Kathleen Marie Roeder FLClinical Nurse Specialist1447227996
Carol A Barttrum FLClinical Nurse Specialist1811964372
Gail Forgrieve Canavan NJClinical Nurse Specialist1023085396
Marlene Brengard ARClinical Nurse Specialist1720055031
Melinda C Werny WAClinical Nurse Specialist1225005432
Katherine Hevly WAClinical Nurse Specialist1205803368
Barbara Roy INClinical Nurse Specialist1114994118
Mary Anne Dignan ILClinical Nurse Specialist1801864806
Linda Lee Gadoury RIClinical Nurse Specialist1205804218
Valarie V. Mills TXClinical Nurse Specialist1144297185
Sharon Edwards KYClinical Nurse Specialist1972571867
Julie Marcum IDClinical Nurse Specialist1366410136
Suzanne Maria Mahon MOClinical Nurse Specialist1184692931
Karen M Gregory MOClinical Nurse Specialist1053389759
Judith A Goodwin INClinical Nurse Specialist1912975699
Paula L. Mccollough TXClinical Nurse Specialist1467420117
Joan Logan COClinical Nurse Specialist1295703924
Mary Katherine Conklen ILClinical Nurse Specialist1831167592
Willetta Audrey Cooks CAClinical Nurse Specialist1922076439
Marsha D Ward KSClinical Nurse Specialist1477521805
Barbara Ann Pascal-gladstone CTClinical Nurse Specialist1164490587
Victoria Thurston Woodbury IAClinical Nurse Specialist1417925579
Linda S. Brandewie CAClinical Nurse Specialist1942279856
Cathy A Gibson KYClinical Nurse Specialist1588632707
January J Kim IAClinical Nurse Specialist1609845759
Elizabeth A Bruce NCClinical Nurse Specialist1720057888
Janette Elizabeth Elliott CAClinical Nurse Specialist1154390284
Corinna Rizzi MAClinical Nurse Specialist1356310452
Paula Brock Mcmanus IAClinical Nurse Specialist1205805223
Linda Webber Miller PAClinical Nurse Specialist1902875933
Barbara Ann Cunningham CAClinical Nurse Specialist1750350229
Vincent Thomas Elliott CAClinical Nurse Specialist1649249178
H Kay Franks TXClinical Nurse Specialist1689643983
Debbie Lynell Carstens MNClinical Nurse Specialist1376512673
Etta Hobson Felton ALClinical Nurse Specialist1326017583
Peggy A Allen WAClinical Nurse Specialist1447229653
Janet R Haskell AZClinical Nurse Specialist1750350062
Lea Palmer Hoak VAClinical Nurse Specialist1285693341
Norma Jean Pope TXClinical Nurse Specialist1821057969
Margaret M Crocker MAClinical Nurse Specialist1407815418
M Stoglin Ed D Aprn Pmh Services, Inc LAClinical Nurse Specialist1528027513
Frances Rice MAClinical Nurse Specialist1588623698
Patricia Isaacson COClinical Nurse Specialist1396704243
Doris L Chitwood SCClinical Nurse Specialist1821057803
Carol Hall VAClinical Nurse Specialist1619936713
Jinny Rae Woodcock KYClinical Nurse Specialist1922067677
Waleska Milagros Nazario PRClinical Nurse Specialist1528027109
Dianne Emily Harrison NJClinical Nurse Specialist1578522348
Heather Lee Spear CTClinical Nurse Specialist1770542524
Amy Marie Allspaw INClinical Nurse Specialist1154380921
Maureen P Carr MAClinical Nurse Specialist1962461434
Joshua Salome Inez Luftig CAClinical Nurse Specialist1134188501
Joy L Tyson MDClinical Nurse Specialist1912966383
Sheli Robin Kipp TXClinical Nurse Specialist1396704748
Joanne Moncello FLClinical Nurse Specialist1346209657
Joanne Linda Rios CAClinical Nurse Specialist1174583918
Sarah Lynne Semones VAClinical Nurse Specialist1255391298
The Milton S Hershey Medical Center Physicians Group Clinical Nurse Specialist1437119658
Josephine Hernandez Zamora TXClinical Nurse Specialist1194790030
Lydia Ruth Torrese ILClinical Nurse Specialist1245209998
Chandra L Pester OHClinical Nurse Specialist1841265972
Latoya Elaine Smith CAClinical Nurse Specialist1356700975
Gloria F Cantor MNClinical Nurse Specialist1114990066
Lisa Lavonne Kearns OHClinical Nurse Specialist1720054844
Janet M Shanahan MIClinical Nurse Specialist1699742148
Debra M Torres ORClinical Nurse Specialist1144297615
Barbara Wren NJClinical Nurse Specialist1275506107
Evelyne Y Lo MAClinical Nurse Specialist1851366918
Patti Greening Sperling VAClinical Nurse Specialist1639147812
Laura Bracale CTClinical Nurse Specialist1194790725
Angela R Acfalle CAClinical Nurse Specialist1013983857
Susan M. Franklin NJClinical Nurse Specialist1083685671
Alfred J. Moyer NJClinical Nurse Specialist1679545214
Patricia R Poindexter INClinical Nurse Specialist1801861349
Mary Sweeney NYClinical Nurse Specialist1174989537
Sheena M Carswell COClinical Nurse Specialist1649246976
Judith Ann Levin AZClinical Nurse Specialist1275503559
Aaron Brooks FLClinical Nurse Specialist1760459861
Melissa Lea Cottrell OKClinical Nurse Specialist1497726954
Kathleen C Strunk OKClinical Nurse Specialist1700851938
Donna M Ross OHClinical Nurse Specialist1790755114
Everly, Hildreth & Platman Behavioral Services, Llc MDClinical Nurse Specialist1225005580
Phyllis A Satink VTClinical Nurse Specialist1902877954
Stacy J. Senk NJClinical Nurse Specialist1356313894
Anette Mcgowan CAClinical Nurse Specialist1962478479
Sidney Charles Guthrie MNClinical Nurse Specialist1902873557
Vicki R Rigsby INClinical Nurse Specialist1730153685
Donna Mower-wade DEClinical Nurse Specialist1922079631
Marian K. Worthy ILClinical Nurse Specialist1609835156
Debra Lynne Minor-schork NCClinical Nurse Specialist1003888306
Verna Jean Schad SDClinical Nurse Specialist1457325276
Sandra E Benter FLClinical Nurse Specialist1750358917
Eg Family Practice And Psychiatry Services Inc MDClinical Nurse Specialist1548708266
Kimberly Marie Stack VAClinical Nurse Specialist1366413536
Carolyn Sue Britt INClinical Nurse Specialist1053389197
Marilyn R Riley MNClinical Nurse Specialist1467424879
Catherine E Shea MNClinical Nurse Specialist1285606681
Wendy Levin Peterson CTClinical Nurse Specialist1992771315
Teri Ann Ferguson CAClinical Nurse Specialist1144299363
Elaine C Nelson MNClinical Nurse Specialist1932171477
Susan Kell INClinical Nurse Specialist1477521045
Denise S. Duplessis MAClinical Nurse Specialist1487625083
Margie Trujillo NMClinical Nurse Specialist1003875782
Victoria Carlos Valena MNClinical Nurse Specialist1851360671
Julia Mcdougal Ronconi VTClinical Nurse Specialist1003886599
Cindy Powers NVClinical Nurse Specialist1700859071
Debra A Kirmer KSClinical Nurse Specialist1649230582
Estela Torres TXClinical Nurse Specialist1487614434
Kathleen Koenig CTClinical Nurse Specialist1295795243
Suzanne Opperman MOClinical Nurse Specialist1770543597
Rita J Tomasewski KSClinical Nurse Specialist1407816002
Patricia Webb Smith KYClinical Nurse Specialist1760442263
Robyn Lee Shepherd GAClinical Nurse Specialist1285694828
Jean M Nelson KSClinical Nurse Specialist1285695627
Romona Dorothy Scholder NMClinical Nurse Specialist1073574372
Sherry A Russell MIClinical Nurse Specialist1104887140
Gay M Bartholic MNClinical Nurse Specialist1992766869
James Byran Wesson OKClinical Nurse Specialist1154382828
Wendy Nuss Zubenko PAClinical Nurse Specialist1104887702
Florencetta H Gibson LAClinical Nurse Specialist1972564755
Mary Laudon Thomas CAClinical Nurse Specialist1922060441
Fred Powell Baker TXClinical Nurse Specialist1720040157
Cheryl Ann Laskowski MAClinical Nurse Specialist1184686552
Carol Orr TNClinical Nurse Specialist1629030085
Christine A Pfeifer MDClinical Nurse Specialist1356303796
Patricia J Dulle UTClinical Nurse Specialist1245292648
Jean P. Brown SCClinical Nurse Specialist1780646067
Carolyn Louise Anich UTClinical Nurse Specialist1154383206
Jennifer W Warren OKClinical Nurse Specialist1265494066
Mary Jo Dovale TXClinical Nurse Specialist1629030556
Cheryl Jean Perron-kaufer MNClinical Nurse Specialist1528020450
Christine Ibarguen VAClinical Nurse Specialist1710949714
Wisal Fare CAClinical Nurse Specialist1578525598
Tina Michelle Gabbard ARClinical Nurse Specialist1346202215
Ann E. Sienkiel TXClinical Nurse Specialist1013979947
Cynthia N. Travis TXClinical Nurse Specialist1912969841
Cheryl M Jensen UTClinical Nurse Specialist1285696187
Janice S. Tyroch TXClinical Nurse Specialist1205898160
Purchase Gastroenterology Associates Psc KYClinical Nurse Specialist1639131246
Margaret Blasse OHClinical Nurse Specialist1932161544
Christine Kunz MOClinical Nurse Specialist1912960360
Barbara Bebe Booth MNClinical Nurse Specialist1285697631
Suzanne Claire Lareau CAClinical Nurse Specialist1093778581
Marilyn Joyce Miller MDClinical Nurse Specialist1245293638
Lisa Marie Lamping OHClinical Nurse Specialist1205899515
Elizabeth B Sedlak OHClinical Nurse Specialist1033172325
Karen M Summy TXClinical Nurse Specialist1619930823
Maria Alena Docena NJClinical Nurse Specialist1578526711
Bellin Psychiatric Center Inc WIClinical Nurse Specialist1144283318
Joann T Schultz OHClinical Nurse Specialist1679536601
Mary C Mclaughlin Davis OHClinical Nurse Specialist1588627517
Julia M Allaman VAClinical Nurse Specialist1518920644
Martha Kay Bushmiaer ARClinical Nurse Specialist1487617429
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson San Xavier Clinic Clinical Nurse Specialist1649233685
Valerie U Wiggins ALClinical Nurse Specialist1609839679
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson Clinical Nurse Specialist1922061761
Stephanie Drewry Baynton VAClinical Nurse Specialist1285697052
Charlotte Tunnell TNClinical Nurse Specialist1003879891
Patsy Adams Lehr PAClinical Nurse Specialist1184687907
Sharon L Ginal OHClinical Nurse Specialist1114980950
Young-hee Song COClinical Nurse Specialist1922061621
Mary E Hujer OHClinical Nurse Specialist1427011154
Jenny A Zipprich MOClinical Nurse Specialist1841254596
Colleen M Kritz NCClinical Nurse Specialist1275597890
Felicia Fay Mcgrinson-joseph TXClinical Nurse Specialist1619931292
Mary Beth Kreller PAClinical Nurse Specialist1770547127
Margaret Lesiak Eichler NYClinical Nurse Specialist1386608693
Carolyn Donovan WVClinical Nurse Specialist1508820093
Heather Uson Zahiri CAClinical Nurse Specialist1659335925


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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