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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Nurse Specialist:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Camille A Weis CTClinical Nurse Specialist1750345393
Margaret Ann Yoest MOClinical Nurse Specialist1598713208
Janeth J Brown-todd MOClinical Nurse Specialist1134173727
Phyllis C Poyner SCClinical Nurse Specialist1114970712
Renee Althof OHClinical Nurse Specialist1720040140
Karen E. Hughes INClinical Nurse Specialist1902864036
Janet Leigh Cross NCClinical Nurse Specialist1649223892
Kay Delphia Taylor KYClinical Nurse Specialist1245293711
Deborah Gay Butte IDClinical Nurse Specialist1316996309
Elizabeth Jeannette Morgan FLClinical Nurse Specialist1407807290
Galen Francis Richmond AZClinical Nurse Specialist1023072519
Ingeri Lynne Palamara TXClinical Nurse Specialist1740243112
Alice S Jonas MDClinical Nurse Specialist1548226749
Holly Covington COClinical Nurse Specialist1487610317
Linda Sue Milano FLClinical Nurse Specialist1225088156
Mary Chung-ning Duong CAClinical Nurse Specialist1386607638
Maria A Ferrell MOClinical Nurse Specialist1104878529
Ayman F Hamad KSClinical Nurse Specialist1447218326
Elizabeth Mullanphy Judd MOClinical Nurse Specialist1629021597
Martha Jo Biddle KYClinical Nurse Specialist1922300631
Maria Alena Kurtzer NJClinical Nurse Specialist1578526711
Agnes Harmon ILClinical Nurse Specialist1740244748
Gina Reiners CTClinical Nurse Specialist1962451625
Nancy J Ledbetter ORClinical Nurse Specialist1285691774
Megan R Baker OHClinical Nurse Specialist1417912718
Geisinger Clinic Clinical Nurse Specialist1881646438
Susan M Franer OHClinical Nurse Specialist1457305724
Dana Lynne Burchfield ARClinical Nurse Specialist1821042300
Donald R Butts MOClinical Nurse Specialist1124072426
Diane Ruth Kuehnlenz ILClinical Nurse Specialist1649224585
Hedgehog Psychiatric INClinical Nurse Specialist1093760951
Anne L Bateman MAClinical Nurse Specialist1952356891
Cathy C Cartwright MOClinical Nurse Specialist1467407098
Geraldine Holt ILClinical Nurse Specialist1235184128
Texas Em 1 Medical Services, Pa Clinical Nurse Specialist1295780757
Carolyn L Berry-pettit OHClinical Nurse Specialist1083669733
Texas Em 1 Medical Services, Pa Clinical Nurse Specialist1942255492
Maryanne Godbout PAClinical Nurse Specialist1528013505
Halie Goffrier ORClinical Nurse Specialist1629023866
Phyllis A Dalby MAClinical Nurse Specialist1891740031
Diane Kernan-schroeder ILClinical Nurse Specialist1639124704
Joan M Campbell NYClinical Nurse Specialist1164477279
Sandra Tate ILClinical Nurse Specialist1326093493
Margaret E Connaghan CTClinical Nurse Specialist1841245891
The Guidance Program PAClinical Nurse Specialist1730134156
South Suburban Mental Health Group Clinical Nurse Specialist1013963065
Riverside Psychiatric & Counseling P C ILClinical Nurse Specialist1689620668
Sally A. Mcgee KSClinical Nurse Specialist1326094319
Elvira S Dejesus TXClinical Nurse Specialist1093761009
Housecall Doctors Of North Texas Pa Clinical Nurse Specialist1629024443
Carolyn Imura HIClinical Nurse Specialist1568418366
Gail Tsimprea MAClinical Nurse Specialist1972559573
Marsha D Stonehill CAClinical Nurse Specialist1932155017
Muhlenberg Hospital Center PAClinical Nurse Specialist1518913813
Deborah Lee Dieterle NYClinical Nurse Specialist1639125784
Uhs Of Westwood Pembroke Clinical Nurse Specialist1073569372
Anne Elizabeth Brantman CAClinical Nurse Specialist1689621633
Neurobehavioral Associates Inc Clinical Nurse Specialist1831146869
Betty Anne Wexler CAClinical Nurse Specialist1164479937
Maureen S Briand MAClinical Nurse Specialist1902853849
Viki Sue Longfield MOClinical Nurse Specialist1861449332
Patricia Lowell AZClinical Nurse Specialist1518914167
Rose M. Clute HIClinical Nurse Specialist1407803059
Jacqueline K Nolz Leingang NDClinical Nurse Specialist1346297827
Texarkana Nursing & Healthcare TXClinical Nurse Specialist1063469674
Ann Moret ILClinical Nurse Specialist1154378578
Patricia Ann Brogan NJClinical Nurse Specialist1912944950
Catherine P Showfety NCClinical Nurse Specialist1265479182
Wanda Lynn Lancaster NCClinical Nurse Specialist1750328910
Kelli J Simmons MNClinical Nurse Specialist1336186048
Center For Family Guidance, Pc Clinical Nurse Specialist1508803388
University Psychiatrists Of Cleveland, Inc. Clinical Nurse Specialist1568409449
Rosalyn Patricia Milton GAClinical Nurse Specialist1366489239
Stacy Lynn Boothe OKClinical Nurse Specialist1114964913
Rebecca Kardon MAClinical Nurse Specialist1871530600
Diane Stewart ILClinical Nurse Specialist1992742514
Kimberly O'riley MIClinical Nurse Specialist1164469649
Jeanette Marie Maddix MAClinical Nurse Specialist1316984065
Jennifer G Sims INClinical Nurse Specialist1558308841
Elizabeth Carter Greene SCClinical Nurse Specialist1477591626
Timothy C Homan OHClinical Nurse Specialist1679511851
Saint Francis Behavioral Health Group, P.c. Clinical Nurse Specialist1801834890
Sharon L Baley TXClinical Nurse Specialist1437197365
Gloria Solano CAClinical Nurse Specialist1124066014
Heidi Giselle Ritchey OKClinical Nurse Specialist1205874245
Margaret D Ashenberg OHClinical Nurse Specialist1851339444
Stephen Paul Patten ORClinical Nurse Specialist1407894389
University Neurologists Association,inc Clinical Nurse Specialist1871531210
Linda Jo Volness NDClinical Nurse Specialist1376581710
Regina Yvonne Strickland KSClinical Nurse Specialist1114966546
Marcia Marlene Monghate TXClinical Nurse Specialist1518905157
Karen Nordstrom MAClinical Nurse Specialist1710926068
Mercy Health Network Inc Clinical Nurse Specialist1427097435
Kathryn Ann Perry OKClinical Nurse Specialist1972542132
Katherine M. Nichols CTClinical Nurse Specialist1013956366
Kristina Larae Foster MOClinical Nurse Specialist1225077597
Patricia F. Burke MDClinical Nurse Specialist1750320982
Susan M Creager MIClinical Nurse Specialist1407895303
Virginia Syombathy CTClinical Nurse Specialist1649219551
Desiree Joanne Gagner-tjellesen NDClinical Nurse Specialist1518906437
Dawn Tiedemann CTClinical Nurse Specialist1477592301
Janet Ailene Barley MIClinical Nurse Specialist1548209406
Rd Senior Care Services Pc Clinical Nurse Specialist1336188101
Mark A Curtis OHClinical Nurse Specialist1932148657
Kathleen Mary Connors MNClinical Nurse Specialist1104865682
Barbara Michiko Harrison KSClinical Nurse Specialist1659310134
Gael Lynn Ulisse CTClinical Nurse Specialist1225078702
Diane M Bray CTClinical Nurse Specialist1073552865
Carol Blake AZClinical Nurse Specialist1710926530
Northwest Community Physicians Association Llc Clinical Nurse Specialist1861432932
Paul Meier Clinic, P. A. TXClinical Nurse Specialist1144260142
Deborah A Van Etten MAClinical Nurse Specialist1942240197
Pablo Reyes TXClinical Nurse Specialist1669412748
Mary Anne Wylie MDClinical Nurse Specialist1417997727
Donna D Ambrose SCClinical Nurse Specialist1710927637
Rochelle Cooper MAClinical Nurse Specialist1891735726
Granville G Howerton TXClinical Nurse Specialist1326088188
Sylvia Ann Reed NJClinical Nurse Specialist1922048669
Neremiah Joakim Sanchez Castano CAClinical Nurse Specialist1437190071
Annette M Lynch OHClinical Nurse Specialist1770523516
Linda S Jennings AZClinical Nurse Specialist1649211160
Sigrid Anderson MOClinical Nurse Specialist1841231370
Nancy Lynn Schuller ILClinical Nurse Specialist1932140167
James S Greenleaf VTClinical Nurse Specialist1568403798
Sylvia Anderson Whiting SCClinical Nurse Specialist1770524779
Patricia Kay Freitag MNClinical Nurse Specialist1265473482
Nancy Mclaughlin Richmond CAClinical Nurse Specialist1770524761
Greater Cincinnati Perinatal Associates, Llc Clinical Nurse Specialist1679514855
Leslie R Blatt CTClinical Nurse Specialist1538100490
Rodanthee Banja Goodell OKClinical Nurse Specialist1639110372
Vicky M Chang CTClinical Nurse Specialist1699717397
Geropsych Nursing Associates Llc Clinical Nurse Specialist1992747356
Hetty J Hirshman NJClinical Nurse Specialist1245272889
Annette Sinski NJClinical Nurse Specialist1427090901
Joanne E. Sprunger WAClinical Nurse Specialist1952343436
Linda Graham Crosser MOClinical Nurse Specialist1013959022
Trina Horvath TXClinical Nurse Specialist1023051547
Alc Resources Llc KYClinical Nurse Specialist1386687192
Guadalupe D. Ramos TXClinical Nurse Specialist1295778751
Paulette T. Gosselin MEClinical Nurse Specialist1437192382
Mary Theresa Ellen Lau ILClinical Nurse Specialist1801839774
Diane Mancuso TXClinical Nurse Specialist1497798300
Melinda Jo Hulett ARClinical Nurse Specialist1235172156
Margaret R Simons IAClinical Nurse Specialist1831132760
Karen Lynn Gibble DEClinical Nurse Specialist1619910775
Melinda Ruth Murphy AZClinical Nurse Specialist1609819812
Marina E Bahmer MNClinical Nurse Specialist1700829991
Lorraine Belle Fields OHClinical Nurse Specialist1235172453
Joyce Elaine Moore TXClinical Nurse Specialist1194769042
Cynthia Jeanette Baugh OKClinical Nurse Specialist1730123605
Karlene Harris FLClinical Nurse Specialist1679517551
Pamela S Pepper INClinical Nurse Specialist1447294095
Mary Linda Dillard KYClinical Nurse Specialist1306880034
Kathleen M Schwetz OHClinical Nurse Specialist1275577918
Mary T Dyess FLClinical Nurse Specialist1558305227
Freeman oak Hill Health System Clinical Nurse Specialist1841234275
Ginger M Howerton TXClinical Nurse Specialist1073557062
Araceli Lubrin Mendoza ILClinical Nurse Specialist1609810837
Jeanne O'connor-egan TNClinical Nurse Specialist1356385652
Paula Jane West INClinical Nurse Specialist1114961307
Warden Lamar Palmer TXClinical Nurse Specialist1356385504
Jeffrey Thomas Mcphail OKClinical Nurse Specialist1245274307
Joyce A Scott INClinical Nurse Specialist1497790463
Thomas Jones MIClinical Nurse Specialist1598700593
Audie J Taff GAClinical Nurse Specialist1437194362
Angela Masciale MAClinical Nurse Specialist1609811108
Mary Fiorello CTClinical Nurse Specialist1417992892
Jennifer L Othmer MOClinical Nurse Specialist1770528283
Patricia Maher-mediuch NJClinical Nurse Specialist1083659536
St Vincent Mercy Medical Center Clinical Nurse Specialist1639114325
First Assistants Associates, Ltd Clinical Nurse Specialist1528003217
Jennifer Kay Chace RIClinical Nurse Specialist1841235470
Christina B Sokoloff RIClinical Nurse Specialist1831134469
Carrie Galhouse Galhouse MAClinical Nurse Specialist1427093830
Vickie K Weathers NDClinical Nurse Specialist1649215070
Heartcare Midwest , Ltd Clinical Nurse Specialist1720023179
Robin E. Porges MAClinical Nurse Specialist1477599421
Donna June Stevens TXClinical Nurse Specialist1942246004
Southwest Counseling Center, Inc. NMClinical Nurse Specialist1790721611
Linzey Faison Mental Health Associates Inc FLClinical Nurse Specialist1285679340
Cheryl Fostel TXClinical Nurse Specialist1598701641
Jan Lynn Shriner CAClinical Nurse Specialist1871538934
Kathleen Renea Campbell AZClinical Nurse Specialist1932145638
Diana L Hunter OHClinical Nurse Specialist1518903376
Eternity Health Care Clinic, Llc LAClinical Nurse Specialist1548206436
Melanie Koehler RIClinical Nurse Specialist1366488264
Mary C. Francis NJClinical Nurse Specialist1740226539
Elizabeth Manley NCClinical Nurse Specialist1760428411
Barbara Lynn Mcfadden WAClinical Nurse Specialist1801832027
Joey Lynne Bryant TXClinical Nurse Specialist1194761304
Rebecca Ann Howard COClinical Nurse Specialist1265478630
Karen A Gardner MAClinical Nurse Specialist1376589713
Doreen May Good OHClinical Nurse Specialist1447286687
Nancy C Smith OHClinical Nurse Specialist1285660415
Alice W Sasser TNClinical Nurse Specialist1548296668
Zane N Zuleger NDClinical Nurse Specialist1598791618
Debbie Jean Frost Heyck OKClinical Nurse Specialist1225064041
Judi Bean IDClinical Nurse Specialist1477589216
Michelle Cherie Cash OHClinical Nurse Specialist1548296692
Saundra Austin-benn NJClinical Nurse Specialist1861428872


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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