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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Nurse Specialist:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Claudia Crenshaw GAClinical Nurse Specialist1366424566
Karen Greenhood GAClinical Nurse Specialist1063494268
Dana Lynne Kelly CAClinical Nurse Specialist1326020397
Susan Marie Brown CTClinical Nurse Specialist1013999028
Susan Jane Akins MOClinical Nurse Specialist1790767721
Christine M Day MNClinical Nurse Specialist1053393967
Namita Patel GAClinical Nurse Specialist1205818044
Joy B Saunders CTClinical Nurse Specialist1205818945
Veronica R Sumodi OHClinical Nurse Specialist1174506521
Jane Elizabeth Barbiasz MAClinical Nurse Specialist1982687232
Diane R Spaniol MNClinical Nurse Specialist1356324610
Lee A Werner WIClinical Nurse Specialist1437132701
Kathleen M Graham WIClinical Nurse Specialist1760465199
Grace S Trivers MAClinical Nurse Specialist1306828512
Lynn Marie Thompson NMClinical Nurse Specialist1942291216
Magdalena Amaya TXClinical Nurse Specialist1215928809
Daniel Jonathan Speece MDClinical Nurse Specialist1942282165
Tomas Linas Viskanta CAClinical Nurse Specialist1881685188
Vernell Rene' Flood GAClinical Nurse Specialist1871584888
Maryann Abney RIClinical Nurse Specialist1770564106
Loretta Givens MAClinical Nurse Specialist1790767994
Jennifer Pauline Summersill ALClinical Nurse Specialist1922540954
Julian Good WYClinical Nurse Specialist1023099637
Coryn B Clark CTClinical Nurse Specialist1447248760
Marilyn K Parker KSClinical Nurse Specialist1154865566
Christine F Nelson OHClinical Nurse Specialist1316920754
Joel Robert Savitch FLClinical Nurse Specialist1043208598
Lillie Burnett GAClinical Nurse Specialist1821070020
Compass Health Systems, Pa FLClinical Nurse Specialist1619965795
Linda Marie Plush CAClinical Nurse Specialist1619959376
Lynda N. Newman OHClinical Nurse Specialist1316936057
Twila D Pike OHClinical Nurse Specialist1982695821
Tabitha S Stith MOClinical Nurse Specialist1265422000
Tamara L Tobian OHClinical Nurse Specialist1043201718
Eric S. Bellfort CAClinical Nurse Specialist1073504403
Linda Z Motts MDClinical Nurse Specialist1861475014
Elizabeth F Christian ILClinical Nurse Specialist1114900289
Maureen Dumas-lipka MAClinical Nurse Specialist1194708032
Nicole Dawn Pfie NEClinical Nurse Specialist1982687927
Carlota R Torres MAClinical Nurse Specialist1801879523
Jacquelyn A Meyer CTClinical Nurse Specialist1811970551
Gina M Nickels-nelson VTClinical Nurse Specialist1376526921
Amy B Toenjes FLClinical Nurse Specialist1457334906
Joann H Ahern CTClinical Nurse Specialist1770566317
Cheryl Rose Parks MDClinical Nurse Specialist1902880222
Doris Pauline Zimmerman PAClinical Nurse Specialist1811971385
Sabra Leigh Tieperman KSClinical Nurse Specialist1053395228
Matthew Aaron Williamson CAClinical Nurse Specialist1831173111
Angela Miller Bastian MNClinical Nurse Specialist1962486126
Ursula Sue Mccormick INClinical Nurse Specialist1689658874
Kathryn Camizzi CTClinical Nurse Specialist1760466957
Karen A Lentz FLClinical Nurse Specialist1568446466
Janice E Mazur FLClinical Nurse Specialist1427032184
Cheryl L Bacheller MAClinical Nurse Specialist1700860525
Debra Buback MOClinical Nurse Specialist1154305076
Dale Karen Defort MAClinical Nurse Specialist1164406997
Martha Anderson VAClinical Nurse Specialist1053395608
Jill Bass VAClinical Nurse Specialist1104800754
Susanne Fine ORClinical Nurse Specialist1720062490
Michael Eugene Sweeney MAClinical Nurse Specialist1649255183
Helen M Lethlean WIClinical Nurse Specialist1437134921
Shirley Yardley NVClinical Nurse Specialist1487639837
Linda D Gouthro FLClinical Nurse Specialist1962487348
Dr. Susanne Fine, Llc ORClinical Nurse Specialist1366427759
Janet E Pitcher CAClinical Nurse Specialist1205811536
Ann Marie Becker ORClinical Nurse Specialist1063497253
Beth A Sjogren-miller MAClinical Nurse Specialist1255316477
Stacy A Geil KSClinical Nurse Specialist1235114323
Rochelle P Steinkohl NJClinical Nurse Specialist1548245673
Marianne Jeanette Davies CTClinical Nurse Specialist1285619353
Sherry B Robinson ILClinical Nurse Specialist1407831399
Pamela Jeanne Nicodemus PAClinical Nurse Specialist1023093911
Jennifer Cassiel Holmes GAClinical Nurse Specialist1639154636
Anne M Mcshane PAClinical Nurse Specialist1619952504
Bridget Ann Sterk MIClinical Nurse Specialist1124003058
Rosalyn R Reischman FLClinical Nurse Specialist1164407961
Carol Mitchell TXClinical Nurse Specialist1154307841
Bonnie L. Rademacher-flis MEClinical Nurse Specialist1619953312
Pamela M Sisson CTClinical Nurse Specialist1770569485
Dean L Benson NEClinical Nurse Specialist1316923964
Alison M Seiz ILClinical Nurse Specialist1558347195
Penny S. Fricke ILClinical Nurse Specialist1376529917
Mary Kathryn Woltjen PAClinical Nurse Specialist1932185576
Amy Catherine Kuzmich CAClinical Nurse Specialist1255317806
Kathryn E Macary CTClinical Nurse Specialist1184600603
Marsha Louise Gilmore MAClinical Nurse Specialist1396721866
Bonnie M Piascyk CTClinical Nurse Specialist1669458139
Lynne K Jansky ILClinical Nurse Specialist1497731897
Jennifer Gondelman MAClinical Nurse Specialist1619953098
Louise Chandler MAClinical Nurse Specialist1790761179
Dennis J. Capuano MEClinical Nurse Specialist1962488213
Marti Fledderman CAClinical Nurse Specialist1598741969
Eugene Noland Robb INClinical Nurse Specialist1568448652
Marlyn Storch-escott NYClinical Nurse Specialist1184600249
Sylvia Irene Ingerson MEClinical Nurse Specialist1558347385
Anita M Juriga MIClinical Nurse Specialist1841277597
Connie Hall Strong UTClinical Nurse Specialist1053398610
Stephen Harvie Walker PAClinical Nurse Specialist1194702688
Susan J Ottemiller ORClinical Nurse Specialist1710964200
Christine Piper HIClinical Nurse Specialist1033196621
Shelly L Bartsch MNClinical Nurse Specialist1730166299
Renea A Bradley MNClinical Nurse Specialist1851378053
Deborah Lynne Orman MNClinical Nurse Specialist1174500508
Louise C Waszak FLClinical Nurse Specialist1710964093
Jane S Robinson INClinical Nurse Specialist1952388167
Janet S. Murdick MOClinical Nurse Specialist1265419477
Virginia R Nash MNClinical Nurse Specialist1780661801
Rebecca Lucille UTClinical Nurse Specialist1417934324
Charlton Richard Covill AZClinical Nurse Specialist1831177781
Elinor L Bethke COClinical Nurse Specialist1649258591
Joanne R Ericksen MNClinical Nurse Specialist1164400800
Linda Davis Vonkreisler TXClinical Nurse Specialist1457339061
Pamela B Williams MAClinical Nurse Specialist1285612804
Ileana Miranda MAClinical Nurse Specialist1902884687
Karen Anne Coccoluto MAClinical Nurse Specialist1275511958
Donna Jean Springer MNClinical Nurse Specialist1497733869
Astrid A Hoberg MNClinical Nurse Specialist1841278215
Kristel Marlena Hart MNClinical Nurse Specialist1326026733
Judith R Nishimura MNClinical Nurse Specialist1497733836
Jean Litzen Jerardi MDClinical Nurse Specialist1477531812
Beth E. Mcburney-white OHClinical Nurse Specialist1487632931
Debra Anne Walker Fredericks NVClinical Nurse Specialist1609854967
Kristin K Mancuso CAClinical Nurse Specialist1306824669
Debra Tastad MNClinical Nurse Specialist1740268994
Mary T Montague OHClinical Nurse Specialist1649258922
Lillian Fern Peters KSClinical Nurse Specialist1497733711
Emilie A Hagan KSClinical Nurse Specialist1801874839
Marilyn K Graff OHClinical Nurse Specialist1073591186
Debora K Boyle Borkowski GAClinical Nurse Specialist1154309128
Mary M Luder KSClinical Nurse Specialist1043299969
Kathleen A. Ondus OHClinical Nurse Specialist1225017114
Aurelie C Cormier MAClinical Nurse Specialist1952380891
Sandra Elizabeth Perez CAClinical Nurse Specialist1598744310
Christopher M Kalinyak OHClinical Nurse Specialist1730168287
Lana Louise Andersen AZClinical Nurse Specialist1588643084
Christine C Hasselle TNClinical Nurse Specialist1457330763
Amy Wells MAClinical Nurse Specialist1558340778
Brenda J Arley NYClinical Nurse Specialist1598744641
Linda M Hardiman MAClinical Nurse Specialist1184604241
Kathleen Lademann ILClinical Nurse Specialist1518947555
Jeanette Marie Edie ILClinical Nurse Specialist1245210285
Linda J Shipp CAClinical Nurse Specialist1457331373
Denise Katherine Allen NJClinical Nurse Specialist1437139441
Shane Andrew Tipton CAClinical Nurse Specialist1962482877
Ann Marie Homburger MOClinical Nurse Specialist1578543542
Evelyn I. Dean MOClinical Nurse Specialist1306826383
Katarzyna M Podoska-locurto MAClinical Nurse Specialist1003896002
Kuljinder Dosanjh CAClinical Nurse Specialist1225018237
Geraldine A. Kasulinous MAClinical Nurse Specialist1245210798
Janet Brown DEClinical Nurse Specialist1043290638
Sara Jennifer Weelborg WAClinical Nurse Specialist1124008743
Roxanne J Huston OHClinical Nurse Specialist1033199823
Catherine Roscoe-herbert OHClinical Nurse Specialist1548240252
Vicki L Dwyer KSClinical Nurse Specialist1043290729
Patricia A Mccarty OHClinical Nurse Specialist1841270188
Christine Ann Colver MIClinical Nurse Specialist1467432708
Kimberly J Miner COClinical Nurse Specialist1386614584
Maryanne - Crowther NJClinical Nurse Specialist1922078054
Glenda Grino NVClinical Nurse Specialist1770553893
Elaine E Nichols OHClinical Nurse Specialist1962482182
Ann M Terhorst IAClinical Nurse Specialist1700856523
Debora Kay Arrera COClinical Nurse Specialist1407836679
Barbara M. Slater KYClinical Nurse Specialist1952380867
Robert J Russell MAClinical Nurse Specialist1003890518
Rachael Ann Tromley OKClinical Nurse Specialist1790765733
Grace Glenda Balderas TXClinical Nurse Specialist1134109366
Joan Van Der Bijl OHClinical Nurse Specialist1598741829
Eleftheria Tsavoussis MAClinical Nurse Specialist1821073586
Mary Catherine Elizabeth Blackwell-garner TXClinical Nurse Specialist1497735716
Dawn M Williamson MAClinical Nurse Specialist1912987074
Suzan Yvette Neal GAClinical Nurse Specialist1386622009
Lynn D Mitchell NYClinical Nurse Specialist1457337404
Sharna L. Striar NYClinical Nurse Specialist1790761468
Jennifer S Betts TNClinical Nurse Specialist1255310561
Anne Kennealey-mcmanus MAClinical Nurse Specialist1811976749
Sandra Alicia Barcelo-adair AZClinical Nurse Specialist1972588614
Gregg Ernest Friesen KSClinical Nurse Specialist1184608291
Deborah Lee MEClinical Nurse Specialist1437135837
Carol Ruth Staugaard CTClinical Nurse Specialist1962485425
Javier Rodriguez TXClinical Nurse Specialist1326021874
Colleen Patricia Andreoni ILClinical Nurse Specialist1427036110
Rebecca Lynn Edwards CTClinical Nurse Specialist1164405619
Bonnie A Wilensky COClinical Nurse Specialist1467435347
Elizabeth Ann Wall WAClinical Nurse Specialist1639158264
Kristiane Wiley WIClinical Nurse Specialist1437134293
Erin Medoff CTClinical Nurse Specialist1083697536
Bethany Ann Murray INClinical Nurse Specialist1023094174
Robert S Hamel RIClinical Nurse Specialist1467430512
Vanessa Maria Kalis CAClinical Nurse Specialist1629057237
Perry Kent Bohanon KYClinical Nurse Specialist1467437178
Salome N Agbim COClinical Nurse Specialist1528038353
Jeannette Bingham CAClinical Nurse Specialist1437129269
Kandice Bandy CAClinical Nurse Specialist1346210614
Lilli Ann Ciesielski NJClinical Nurse Specialist1295705523
Womens Total Care Of East Texas TXClinical Nurse Specialist1326018656
Christine J Felix WAClinical Nurse Specialist1902877228
Candace M Carr OKClinical Nurse Specialist1083685135
Katherine M Walker OKClinical Nurse Specialist1932170099
Veronica Lynn Wells OKClinical Nurse Specialist1811968977
Frederick Paul Bogel FLClinical Nurse Specialist1326019449


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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