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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Teresa Carol Mcarthur FLClinical Psychologist1235131327
Spectra Laboratories Inc CAClinical Psychologist1003810375
Elizabeth Pollack MDClinical Psychologist1265434336
Alicia Perry MDClinical Psychologist1306848361
Chesapeake Church Clinical Psychologist1396747358
Pamela Anne Russell TXClinical Psychologist1831193812
L. Bing Liem NMClinical Psychologist1932103827
Laura D Bykofsky NYClinical Psychologist1356345375
Ruth Elaine Ross NJClinical Psychologist1174527196
Efrain Segarra VAClinical Psychologist1497759419
Lynne Reed NCClinical Psychologist1811991870
Shawn Rae Sorensen FLClinical Psychologist1093719064
Patricia Coccoma FLClinical Psychologist1225032295
Downstate Clinical Laboratories Inc NYClinical Psychologist1124022199
James D Kienitz SDClinical Psychologist1821092818
Stan Heck KYClinical Psychologist1326042318
Julie Ann Luzarraga NEClinical Psychologist1912901984
Patricia Shepard MAClinical Psychologist1306840202
Thomas Galski NJClinical Psychologist1962406868
Barry W Ramo NMClinical Psychologist1598769499
Barbara A. Crosby WAClinical Psychologist1851395768
Rosalyn S Eig CAClinical Psychologist1588668495
Victoria Marie Schreiber MIClinical Psychologist1003810912
Cynthia Crocker Benz LAClinical Psychologist1154325066
Gary J Krupp MNClinical Psychologist1386648327
James Neal Domingue LAClinical Psychologist1699779645
Gloria Lee Lochridge CAClinical Psychologist1477557429
Rahul Navin Doshi CAClinical Psychologist1710981766
Philip Estabrooks Mcdowell NYClinical Psychologist1083618037
Annette Elizabeth Gregoire MNClinical Psychologist1396749222
Roxanne Halczak CAClinical Psychologist1396749230
Robert Scott Miller WAClinical Psychologist1477557338
Douglas R Moore VAClinical Psychologist1194729053
Georgina Maria Nunez CAClinical Psychologist1104820075
Justin T Mao ILClinical Psychologist1427052273
Melinda A Toth NMClinical Psychologist1932103728
James W Swinehart OHClinical Psychologist1275537086
Kimberly Chin Bialik MIClinical Psychologist1053315960
Nasser H Smiley OHClinical Psychologist1851395776
Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc. NCClinical Psychologist1992709810
Linda D. Alkove Clinical Psychologist1558365486
Judith Marie Hochberger NJClinical Psychologist1902800725
Elizabeth Ann Ashman MDClinical Psychologist1205830031
Kevin M Boland WIClinical Psychologist1104820935
David Hudak MDClinical Psychologist1477557205
Richard R. Zeiber NCClinical Psychologist1043214885
Russell Warren Eyre UTClinical Psychologist1851395529
Edna L Megron Weber Estate PRClinical Psychologist1144224825
Kevin R Byrd OHClinical Psychologist1457355141
Robert W Herndon TXClinical Psychologist1851395552
Raman L. Mitra INClinical Psychologist1528062221
Joyce Wendell NYClinical Psychologist1790789402
Gloria S Billings IAClinical Psychologist1578567285
Cincinnati Med Lab OHClinical Psychologist1487658191
Pamela Caviness IAClinical Psychologist1477557189
Anne Mccrea IAClinical Psychologist1558365262
Christopher Robert Charles Wyndham NMClinical Psychologist1871597674
Sue A Shaffer MDClinical Psychologist1518961341
Maura Peglar IAClinical Psychologist1265436976
William Derbyshire MDClinical Psychologist1720082480
Patrick John Dattore TXClinical Psychologist1710981477
Jacqueline H Goodin OHClinical Psychologist1003810664
Joseph Albert Abijay TXClinical Psychologist1225032899
Brian L Mcknight WIClinical Psychologist1275537813
Stephanie Moore CAClinical Psychologist1225032865
Cass County Commmunity Mental Health Services Clinical Psychologist1659375293
Meriter Health Enterprises Inc. WIClinical Psychologist1346244993
Marjorie Louise Audette MNClinical Psychologist1164426714
Nikolaos J Tsiouris NVClinical Psychologist1790789428
Hugh J. Van Auken INClinical Psychologist1275537854
Western Pathology Consultants, Ltd NVClinical Psychologist1770587511
Susan Ann Dimarco MIClinical Psychologist1770968588
Laura M Miller MIClinical Psychologist1568466415
Lares Medical Center Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1710981501
Sally Rae Arbuckle MIClinical Psychologist1114929338
Sheri L Thompson MEClinical Psychologist1598905697
Daniel F Schraith WIClinical Psychologist1316941388
Richard J Wittchow WIClinical Psychologist1477557122
Laurence C Berg WIClinical Psychologist1437153392
Rhonda J Madsen WIClinical Psychologist1790789311
Tessa Stratton Lundquist MAClinical Psychologist1487003745
Carlos Alberto Palomo UTClinical Psychologist1457701203
Charles S. Lin KYClinical Psychologist1326042185
Roberta A Bronecki WIClinical Psychologist1205830965
Value Pathology Associates Pllc TXClinical Psychologist1629524046
Metropolitan Medical Laboratory, Plc DCClinical Psychologist1356345946
Pathology Associates Of Washington Pa Clinical Psychologist1902808140
Jane Hounsell WIClinical Psychologist1588113120
Aurelio Duran FLClinical Psychologist1912901968
Roland Agcaoili Filart FLClinical Psychologist1730183781
Pavel Atanassov Guguchev FLClinical Psychologist1649274697
William Jeremy Mahlow TNClinical Psychologist1205830171
Cheryl F Thomas INClinical Psychologist1851393094
Herbert L. Spencer OKClinical Psychologist1053441469
Lori Quinn-tate LAClinical Psychologist1588666762
Erol M Kosar CAClinical Psychologist1104820927
Marie Weber ORClinical Psychologist1295190254
Samuel Fleishman NCClinical Psychologist1316941065
Ksa Youth Foundation Inc. MDClinical Psychologist1598267700
Laura Bourn NCClinical Psychologist1710411244
Tishina Maxine Carroll NCClinical Psychologist1154703833
Melody Jeannie Acosta Clinical Psychologist1336664580
Walter L. Atiga VAClinical Psychologist1427050699
Anthony C. Chang VAClinical Psychologist1417951062
Jean Maria Muller CAClinical Psychologist1952305823
Kelly L Hayes NYClinical Psychologist1235133281
Jean B Moubarak OHClinical Psychologist1750385720
Sharon Novie-greenberg MAClinical Psychologist1124522743
Janice Marie Wiley GAClinical Psychologist1871597757
John P Engler NEClinical Psychologist1164426037
Total Renal Laboratories Inc FLClinical Psychologist1255335535
Jennifer Corrigan-hamblin AZClinical Psychologist1598126393
Colleen Recker Lcsw Lscsw Llc Clinical Psychologist1902390347
Sameh N Khouzam OHClinical Psychologist1881696060
Rick Knights, Licsw, Llc VTClinical Psychologist1528547403
Zoltan Karoly Toth TXClinical Psychologist1093719882
Victoria Kay Sokolowski RIClinical Psychologist1083182026
Courtney Jacobsen MNClinical Psychologist1447796909
Britney Kummerer ILClinical Psychologist1578036422
Laihin J Cheung CAClinical Psychologist1427052018
Douglas J Mason FLClinical Psychologist1750383006
Koroush Khalighi PAClinical Psychologist1356345193
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. WVClinical Psychologist1144224775
Charles Edward Confer PAClinical Psychologist1871597401
Jan E Warner INClinical Psychologist1043214679
Luis Eduardo Carrillo FLClinical Psychologist1821092370
Moira A Hubbard MIClinical Psychologist1093719544
Diane A Gaunt KSClinical Psychologist1356345805
Sharon Freeman Clevenger INClinical Psychologist1174527899
Jonathan Steinberg NYClinical Psychologist1194729822
Susan M Wester WIClinical Psychologist1376547018
Alicia M Landsverk KSClinical Psychologist1972507457
David W Simmonds KSClinical Psychologist1194729681
Luis Gerardo Alvarez FLClinical Psychologist1417951922
Laura J Thiem MOClinical Psychologist1316941826
Roslyn E. Feierstein KYClinical Psychologist1750385266
Josefina Hernandez-ramos PRClinical Psychologist1841294360
Mary Tate Lotspeich PAClinical Psychologist1467456905
Linda F Mascetti PAClinical Psychologist1801890348
Pedro Palomino MOClinical Psychologist1932103371
Scantibodies Clinical Laboratory Inc CAClinical Psychologist1366446718
Michael Lavin IAClinical Psychologist1831193291
Laboratorio Clinico Jayuya, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1639173099
Deborah C Murphy KSClinical Psychologist1205830783
Sharon K Montalbano WIClinical Psychologist1447254925
Rebecca L Harrel KSClinical Psychologist1700880283
Elena Cuenca FLClinical Psychologist1336143700
Teresa Jenkins Bowers WVClinical Psychologist1225032634
Jeffrey S Rose WAClinical Psychologist1396749701
Physicians Clinical Laboratory KYClinical Psychologist1477557882
Lou-anne Beauregard NJClinical Psychologist1376547786
Danielle Sunday Dimieri VAClinical Psychologist1285638601
Stephen Dale Blakeman NCClinical Psychologist1972507309
Vance B Becker CAClinical Psychologist1013912443
Michael Henry Foust CAClinical Psychologist1992700322
Allen Novak HIClinical Psychologist1174528509
Ritter Clinical Laboratories NYClinical Psychologist1619972049
Gregory D Prichett WIClinical Psychologist1588668958
Carmen Pino Lopez Castro PRClinical Psychologist1295739696
Harris Histology Services CAClinical Psychologist1003810409
Public Hospital District No 1 a WAClinical Psychologist1366446767
Denise Mary Rivet FLClinical Psychologist1164426557
Associated Cardiologists, P.c. PAClinical Psychologist1265436679
Daniel Joseph O'neal FLClinical Psychologist1962407395
John P Lundin PAClinical Psychologist1033114467
Tracy Haskell MEClinical Psychologist1659376093
Anne Roessler MDClinical Psychologist1912902370
Anne Riccicuti MDClinical Psychologist1366447724
Gregory J Lamberty MNClinical Psychologist1396740619
Judys Drug Store Inc WVClinical Psychologist1407851769
Rhonda D Johnson TNClinical Psychologist1043215304
Ralph S Augostini OHClinical Psychologist1104821552
John D Hummel OHClinical Psychologist1356346704
April Dawn Morrissey MDClinical Psychologist1851396220
Margaret Ann Adams MDClinical Psychologist1275538654
Roderick Seites Hall CAClinical Psychologist1104821479
Jeffrey R Court WIClinical Psychologist1356346621
Jody None Bernon-wainer OHClinical Psychologist1558366831
James M Tarlano WIClinical Psychologist1306841788
Sharon L. Kuebbing MDClinical Psychologist1215932694
Leona J Sedlacek WIClinical Psychologist1699770032
Deborah Squires Goeble OHClinical Psychologist1427053792
Alice J. Berlin MDClinical Psychologist1154326551
Neal J Weinreb FLClinical Psychologist1760487177
The Northwest Pinnacle Group, Inc. WAClinical Psychologist1538164983
Gur C Adhar PAClinical Psychologist1609871052
Steven J Kalbfleisch OHClinical Psychologist1326043779
Raul Weiss OHClinical Psychologist1063417426
Nancy C Todd WIClinical Psychologist1659376044
Caryll Jefferies Semmler VAClinical Psychologist1093710485
Robert J. Shuman MDClinical Psychologist1992700397
Sue M Wolf WIClinical Psychologist1275538506
Christopher Leveque TXClinical Psychologist1912902248
Marc A Quillen KSClinical Psychologist1427053784
Gary Michael Schultheis INClinical Psychologist1386649622
Wade B Welch KSClinical Psychologist1518962851
Donald P Brewer KYClinical Psychologist1306841689
Paul M. Saxton CAClinical Psychologist1669477949
Debra Brandt FLClinical Psychologist1982609277
Cynthia L Crowley-hardi CAClinical Psychologist1164427472


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