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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul G. Schulte MOClinical Psychologist1518963180
Edmund J Brennan MTClinical Psychologist1003812660
Brian Burton NCClinical Psychologist1326537499
Eileen Bartow-rives MOClinical Psychologist1669478608
Carrie L Lapham WIClinical Psychologist1821094905
Latrina Smith & Associates ILClinical Psychologist1356706162
Paul Sahwell IDClinical Psychologist1639664006
Chesapeake Hospital Corporation VAClinical Psychologist1922004530
Rose-ann Wanczyk-karp CTClinical Psychologist1407852569
Sarah E Bussard MDClinical Psychologist1558843565
James Jefferson Macris COClinical Psychologist1679057285
A Friendly Ear & Insightful Therapy Clinical Psychologist1316421464
Red Granite Neuromonitoring Llc Clinical Psychologist1740755305
Deborah Elizabeth Shope VTClinical Psychologist1881690840
Joanna Barrett Peters NCClinical Psychologist1386154409
Hazel C. Karbel MIClinical Psychologist1891791141
Douglas Michael Buyer PAClinical Psychologist1891790358
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc FLClinical Psychologist1225034234
Mcgraw And Associates, Llc LAClinical Psychologist1003812850
Centre Pathology Associates, Pc Clinical Psychologist1922003540
Kursteen Salter Price ORClinical Psychologist1437154226
Deborah Sterling CAClinical Psychologist1609330554
Alexa Marie Claire DCClinical Psychologist1942764436
Harvey Roy Oaklander VAClinical Psychologist1659377448
Theratest Laboratories, Inc. ILClinical Psychologist1902803554
Carol Jean Orr MOClinical Psychologist1093712606
Emberhope, Inc KSClinical Psychologist1265439871
Eunice Medical Center Lab LAClinical Psychologist1033116645
Med Science Center Inc. CAClinical Psychologist1013914639
Cynthia Jo Fry TNClinical Psychologist1568469187
Mary J Stokley TNClinical Psychologist1558368175
Charles W. Watson MOClinical Psychologist1144227562
Allen Sergio Mccormick FLClinical Psychologist1225035744
Family Services Of Western Pennsylvania Clinical Psychologist1609873173
Kathleen Rae Bergeson PAClinical Psychologist1427055995
Frances R. Goff INClinical Psychologist1780681254
Paul M Piccione CTClinical Psychologist1942207410
Diana Osborne INClinical Psychologist1346247830
Keith Edward Lisenbee VAClinical Psychologist1568469054
Susan L Bryant ARClinical Psychologist1073510582
Richard W Ehnis MIClinical Psychologist1952308306
Richard Alan Lytle PAClinical Psychologist1821095274
Dennis Buchholz KYClinical Psychologist1174520530
Eugene Y Fu OHClinical Psychologist1376540807
Deborah M. Benson NYClinical Psychologist1376540815
Florence Maurine Richardson ARClinical Psychologist1396742706
Ron Mccafferty ARClinical Psychologist1730186149
Michele Knapik-smith SCClinical Psychologist1205833621
Sally Rosengren CTClinical Psychologist1912904335
Ron L. Cohorn TXClinical Psychologist1295732626
Mark L Haugen MNClinical Psychologist1528065000
John P. Stefanowicz MOClinical Psychologist1992702484
Geri C Wilimek MNClinical Psychologist1154328649
Linda F. Graue MOClinical Psychologist1891792396
Robert Kevin Rowell ARClinical Psychologist1215934716
Erica D Engelstein ILClinical Psychologist1093712481
Luis Quintana AZClinical Psychologist1952308264
Mary Jane Yoder VAClinical Psychologist1134126444
Julie P Howard ARClinical Psychologist1942207345
John D. Young VAClinical Psychologist1023015427
Laboratorio Clinico Rosa E Ortiz,p.s.c. PRClinical Psychologist1629075098
James Rives MOClinical Psychologist1063419430
Louis E Young TXClinical Psychologist1548267933
Allan J Nichols OHClinical Psychologist1184621575
Mark Chatkin NYClinical Psychologist1568469807
Emily Ruth Jernberg MIClinical Psychologist1871590117
Rosa Maria Fernandez DEClinical Psychologist1073510319
James K Childerston MDClinical Psychologist1205833449
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Clinical Psychologist1376540518
Melissa Michele Schott COClinical Psychologist1053318204
Azita Mavandadi CAClinical Psychologist1215934468
Pathology Laboratory Associates P.a. ALClinical Psychologist1821095167
Petros Tsipouras CTClinical Psychologist1699772962
Heart Rhythm Specialists, S.c. ILClinical Psychologist1760489041
Kenneth Chris Rachal LAClinical Psychologist1871590067
Ann L. Jones KYClinical Psychologist1073510392
James H Gottlich TXClinical Psychologist1093712333
Keitha K Mountcstle CAClinical Psychologist1972500189
Milford Medical Laboratory, Inc. CTClinical Psychologist1508863713
Herbert G. Steger KYClinical Psychologist1164429312
Dona Joy Airey KYClinical Psychologist1295732485
Karen R. Maynard NCClinical Psychologist1740287937
Stefanie Meril Adams MAClinical Psychologist1275530487
Lisa Barlow-elliott KYClinical Psychologist1649277864
Totems, Inc. Clinical Psychologist1821095076
Mary Pogue NJClinical Psychologist1376540526
Mary Erin Koprevich NYClinical Psychologist1417954678
Laurie D. Gilkes NYClinical Psychologist1871590034
Mareda Lynn Reynolds WVClinical Psychologist1942207105
Syd L Wiesel ORClinical Psychologist1669479820
Roberta Sue Barry ILClinical Psychologist1578560736
Mary Lou Hollis MIClinical Psychologist1013914274
Keitha Maureen Austin VAClinical Psychologist1417954686
Marilyn B Kirkwood CAClinical Psychologist1932106101
Ann Bennett Karbach TXClinical Psychologist1386641553
Kathleen E Hannan NYClinical Psychologist1659378834
Laboratory For Kidney Pathology Inc TNClinical Psychologist1225035355
Judith Donovan VAClinical Psychologist1306843438
Itzhak C Haimovic NYClinical Psychologist1629075767
David John Kruzich TXClinical Psychologist1073510111
Charles A Haskovec TXClinical Psychologist1134126279
Richard M Luceri FLClinical Psychologist1902803067
Acadia, Inc. PAClinical Psychologist1629075791
Damaris A Olsen TNClinical Psychologist1609873884
Timothy Edward Mcguire Clinical Psychologist1306843586
Dejohn Medical Laboratories, Inc PAClinical Psychologist1003813189
Dean W Marth MOClinical Psychologist1578560678
Steven Earle Sayre VAClinical Psychologist1598762569
Sandra Lee Talley CTClinical Psychologist1528065513
Charles A. Mcaleer GAClinical Psychologist1790782787
Dorothy Darby TXClinical Psychologist1689671794
Mary Ann Mullin MAClinical Psychologist1588661557
Douglas Theodore Gray WAClinical Psychologist1285631317
Beth Louise Fineberg INClinical Psychologist1396742441
Richard L Debeau MNClinical Psychologist1740287713
Luisa D Weinstein PAClinical Psychologist1568469567
Jayne A. Grandison IAClinical Psychologist1952308033
Maudie Watkins Ritchie NYClinical Psychologist1811994932
Robert Muro CTClinical Psychologist1164429296
Evelyn Lasaga CTClinical Psychologist1497752547
Jonathan Woodcock COClinical Psychologist1851398903
Philip Zilo FLClinical Psychologist1316944473
Usarrhythmia Of Florida Inc FLClinical Psychologist1740287804
Jodi Klein KYClinical Psychologist1790782803
Roula Aldahhak OHClinical Psychologist1033116165
Jimmmy Earl Hobbs MNClinical Psychologist1427055573
David I Binder NYClinical Psychologist1760489835
Foundation For Blood Research MEClinical Psychologist1588661565
Elena H Hatfield INClinical Psychologist1467459446
Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc. CAClinical Psychologist1891792875
Family Life Mental Health Center MNClinical Psychologist1760489751
Sherry Marcella Alvarado TXClinical Psychologist1992702989
Ryan K May OHClinical Psychologist1134126139
Eugene D. Swenson GAClinical Psychologist1518964519
Glenn Leonoff, Ph.d. CAClinical Psychologist1255338281
Alice G. Noel GAClinical Psychologist1952308983
Jerry William Maccauley VAClinical Psychologist1083611032
Cameron Russell Adams CAClinical Psychologist1346247392
Theresa Joan Anderson-varney MIClinical Psychologist1760489793
Marvin A. Yudkovitz MDClinical Psychologist1972500916
Katherine Ann Lemaster FLClinical Psychologist1023015062
Carolyn Marak Carpenter CAClinical Psychologist1588661441
Linda B Clement ARClinical Psychologist1295732162
Nhcc Medical Associates, Inc. Clinical Psychologist1598762304
Inland Northwest Blood Center Clinical Psychologist1679570485
Mary Liz Freund INClinical Psychologist1619975323
Joan G Jaeckle TXClinical Psychologist1326046046
Gary Weisman HIClinical Psychologist1134126972
Good Samaritan Hospital INClinical Psychologist1639176373
Kenneth W Farrar VAClinical Psychologist1063419703
Harry J Coffey WVClinical Psychologist1588661227
Mohamed Abdel Aziz OHClinical Psychologist1760489421
Accustat Medical Lab, Inc. INClinical Psychologist1902803745
Janine Turner VAClinical Psychologist1881691533
Liberty Medical Surgical Clinic Pa TXClinical Psychologist1063419729
Joy Irene Shivas PAClinical Psychologist1205833977
Helen Elizabeth Noll CAClinical Psychologist1487651154
Ellen H Weiland ORClinical Psychologist1922005693
Michael Louis Weed ARClinical Psychologist1447257118
John Martin Reynolds COClinical Psychologist1144227844
Jennifer Linn Hill FLClinical Psychologist1275530982
Gregory David Garber PAClinical Psychologist1184621898
Phyllis Kuehnl Phd & Assoc. Inc. OHClinical Psychologist1528065232
Igor C Espittia CTClinical Psychologist1437156148
Gwendolyn C Dehorn INClinical Psychologist1245237114
Linda Jean Cooke MEClinical Psychologist1770581407
Ronald Thomas Grace NYClinical Psychologist1740288422
Richard Schaengold, Md, Pc DCClinical Psychologist1386642064
Gasconade County Counseling Services, Inc. MOClinical Psychologist1649278326
Dianne C. Bell PAClinical Psychologist1154329852
Carol Suzanne Evans NYClinical Psychologist1164420873
Janet Paisley VAClinical Psychologist1386642098
Margaret T Forgey AZClinical Psychologist1003814724
Allan Roe UTClinical Psychologist1992703615
Ronald N. Williams INClinical Psychologist1457358392
Dragos Sabau INClinical Psychologist1104823004
George Stricker MDClinical Psychologist1699772517
Annette Dinapoli NJClinical Psychologist1528065372
Janet Newquist Hunt FLClinical Psychologist1427055276
Teresa J Nichols MOClinical Psychologist1003813957
Heidi Mae Presslein MNClinical Psychologist1184621039
June Marie Ganley PAClinical Psychologist1417954363
Robert E Becker PAClinical Psychologist1588661433
Maureen Gibney PAClinical Psychologist1386641132
Judith Ann Romaine ILClinical Psychologist1326045170
Donna Marie Williams OHClinical Psychologist1487651196
Daniel Nathan Weiss FLClinical Psychologist1619974342
Rhoda S Eligator PAClinical Psychologist1467450197
Nan Lynn Kurlancheek PAClinical Psychologist1447258173
Affiliated Laboratory, Inc. MEClinical Psychologist1225035132
Connis Norwood GAClinical Psychologist1962400606
Technow, Inc PAClinical Psychologist1316945074
Optimae Lifeservices, Inc, Clinical Psychologist1174520084
Beth Savage-higgenbottom INClinical Psychologist1942207873
Judith Anne Powell VAClinical Psychologist1114924974
Rosemarie Stauffer FLClinical Psychologist1881692564
John Mark Jennings KYClinical Psychologist1518965201
Sharon L Murray RIClinical Psychologist1790782571
Gynecologic Associates Parkersburg Inc WVClinical Psychologist1770581233
Dolores Marie Sarno Kristofits PAClinical Psychologist1588662043


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