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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Aneska Rosario Diaz PRClinical Psychologist1326288200
Lillybeth Diaz Valedon PRClinical Psychologist1003454273
Carla M. Freytes PRClinical Psychologist1821305608
Pedro Ivan Garcia Delgado PRClinical Psychologist1295858462
Ingrid Hernandez PRClinical Psychologist1952817025
Damaris Ledesma PRClinical Psychologist1700826773
Maricarmen Maldonado PRClinical Psychologist1972765923
Rebeca Maldonado Bidot PRClinical Psychologist1891064630
Providencio Martes PRClinical Psychologist1417082983
Brenda Liz Melendez PRClinical Psychologist1114209939
Awa Mercado PRClinical Psychologist1518907575
Erika Janice Molina PRClinical Psychologist1720211006
Julissa Morales Melendez PRClinical Psychologist1861626681
Carmayra Padilla PRClinical Psychologist1205211653
Maria Soledad Pinto PRClinical Psychologist1083617567
Amilmar Rivera PRClinical Psychologist1154890770
Daniel Rivera Adorno PRClinical Psychologist1417127655
Sylvette Marie Rodriguez PRClinical Psychologist1942784434
Isabel Roman PRClinical Psychologist1811936313
Glaneymi Romero PRClinical Psychologist1124565205
Ramon A Sanchez PRClinical Psychologist1528366374
Alexa Tirado Martinez PRClinical Psychologist1649816059
Hilda Doris Nieves PRClinical Psychologist1689716961
Daniel Emilio Montanez PRClinical Psychologist1811566110
Alejandra Ramirez De Arellano Otero PRClinical Psychologist1932675220
Carmen Lidia Maldonado Trinidad PRClinical Psychologist1568614857
Ena L Garcia-perez PRClinical Psychologist1659694446
Irsa Maria Rodriguez PRClinical Psychologist1164628111
Yanitza Rodriguez Fernandez PRClinical Psychologist1386609352
Laboratorio Clinico Dr. Lopez Pinto Inc PRClinical Psychologist1437180445
Laboratorio Clinico Ocean Front Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1538518212
Laboratorio Clinico Del Mar Ii Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1912039744
Laboratorio Ocean Front Inc PRClinical Psychologist1144517988
Laboratorio Clinico Del Mar Llc PRClinical Psychologist1861524787
Clinical Laboratory Services Of Quebradillas, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1063842995
Clinical Laboratory Services Of Quebradillas, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1891228680
Bruno Rodriguez, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1124013123
Emma Morales PRClinical Psychologist1134325723
Mrpv,llc PRClinical Psychologist1285020602
Denice Rivera PRClinical Psychologist1083345029
Annette Yanira Jimenez-collet PRClinical Psychologist1528576808
Clinical Laboratory Services Of Manati, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1619115755
Edgardo Gonzalez Bianchi PRClinical Psychologist1457609265
Virna L. Rosado PRClinical Psychologist1700220373
Atlantic Pathology PRClinical Psychologist1336461128
Servicios De Patologia De Manati, Psc PRClinical Psychologist1174837488
Laboratorio Clinico Nazaret PRClinical Psychologist1841256906
Nestor E. Garcia PRClinical Psychologist1942435383
Laboratorio Clinico Avanzado Emmanuel, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1578705034
Lunimar Curbelo-gonzalez PRClinical Psychologist1790206571
Teresa Rolon Rodriguez PRClinical Psychologist1649598814
Heysha M. Rodriguez Ortiz PRClinical Psychologist1790324242
Elba Iris Velez Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1497353015
Julia Rosa Melendez PRClinical Psychologist1760438022
Laboratorio Clinico Familiar Clinical Psychologist1851370803
Leslie I. Soto Velazquez PRClinical Psychologist1659319978
Jorge L Mendez Colon PRClinical Psychologist1063550861
Zenaida Gonzalez Caban PRClinical Psychologist1720262728
Laboratorio Clinico Capa Inc Clinical Psychologist1033396221
Laboratorio Clinico Divino Nino, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1457763997
Imeca , Inc PRClinical Psychologist1306103809
Laboratorio Clinico Caribe Clinical Psychologist1992276968
Laboratorio Clinico Mendez PRClinical Psychologist1851365902
Nayda Ivelisse Cordero PRClinical Psychologist1942800669
Ariel Cortes Badillo PRClinical Psychologist1245585231
Miriam Cruz PRClinical Psychologist1215146071
Natasha Elli Cruz PRClinical Psychologist1831847029
Angie R Evans PRClinical Psychologist1386877108
Zenaida Gonzalez PRClinical Psychologist1922219575
Roxana Gonzalez PRClinical Psychologist1447869706
Kabhir Josue Gonzalez Maisonave PRClinical Psychologist1730848540
Zuleyka Lopez PRClinical Psychologist1205390531
Carlos Francisco Luna PRClinical Psychologist1023456688
Abdiel Muniz Vera PRClinical Psychologist1376115295
Jessica Marie Perez Caban PRClinical Psychologist1366028094
Maribel Perez Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1942973599
Ivette A. Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1104097245
Nancy Rivera PRClinical Psychologist1336369305
Sarah Soto Perez PRClinical Psychologist1871922930
Vicmarie Vargas Acevedo PRClinical Psychologist1336882547
Thay An Marie Vazquez-mendez PRClinical Psychologist1790033819
Cindy Kristina Gonzalez Agront PRClinical Psychologist1871251165
Lab Clinico Hernandez Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1336580638
Illiad E Hernandez Lopez PRClinical Psychologist1891842159
Lab. Lorimar Llc Clinical Psychologist1194319939
Roxana Roman PRClinical Psychologist1447526207
Carlos Ariel Vale PRClinical Psychologist1083837678
Luis Rodolfo Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1174667505
Coralis Naomi Gonzalez PRClinical Psychologist1174149843
Innovations Psychotherapeutic Group, Psc PRClinical Psychologist1992143283
Quest Diagnostics Of Puerto Rico, Inc Clinical Psychologist1376136069
Juan M Caballero PRClinical Psychologist1265499248
Sylvia M. Roman PRClinical Psychologist1447217435
Melissa Soto Badillo PRClinical Psychologist1134781701
Eileen Hernandez Lopez PRClinical Psychologist1831407048
Glorimar Soto PRClinical Psychologist1821390980
Laboratorio Clinico Rincon Psc PRClinical Psychologist1639164841
Rincon Medical Center Inc PRClinical Psychologist1477580678
Laboratorio Clinico Cdt De Rincon Clinical Psychologist1679967301
Jeamarie Marrero Vazquez PRClinical Psychologist1942826862
Luis G. Ramon-villaronga PRClinical Psychologist1801863865
Gertrudis Vega Sanabria PRClinical Psychologist1598994931
Jose M Mendez-villarrubia PRClinical Psychologist1215153663
Mary Ferrer PRClinical Psychologist1821217233
Costa Salud Community Health Centers, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1700813938
Hj Asociados PRClinical Psychologist1356302673
Gloria Duran PRClinical Psychologist1245444793
Laboratorio Clinico Shalom Corporation PRClinical Psychologist1487709721
Gloria M Mercado Jimenez PRClinical Psychologist1790996791
Centro De Salud De Lares, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1639326937
Laboratorio San Rafael Quebradillas, Inc. Clinical Psychologist1609397900
Lcsa Llc PRClinical Psychologist1467963900
Laboratorio Clinico Zarza Inc Clinical Psychologist1982221818
Fransa Health Services Csp Clinical Psychologist1245348176
Sofia I Gonzalez Velez PRClinical Psychologist1366415945
Gloria M Mercado Jimenez PRClinical Psychologist1760634984
Ingrid Janice Perez PRClinical Psychologist1972126647
Margarita Prieto Prieto PRClinical Psychologist1639310220
Pedro Soto Velez PRClinical Psychologist1225414626
Laboratorio Clinico San Antonio PRClinical Psychologist1063665743
Omayra Velez Perez PRClinical Psychologist1942451935
Laboratorio Clinico Monroig PRClinical Psychologist1326106535
Yarette Elizabeth Perez-babin PRClinical Psychologist1477852226
Laboratorio San Rafael PRClinical Psychologist1861564700
Laboratorio San Rafael Quebradillas, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1093051393
Noelia Nieves PRClinical Psychologist1639341878
Sofia I Gonzalez Velez PRClinical Psychologist1326166760
Francisco Sanchez PRClinical Psychologist1568033256
Missliner Muniz Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1144681248
Evelyn Medina PRClinical Psychologist1861797672
Laboratorio Clinico Las Mercedes Inc PRClinical Psychologist1710283411
Sara E. Arroyo Padro PRClinical Psychologist1861424111
Natalie Ramos Tosado PRClinical Psychologist1962939611
Suheily Mendez PRClinical Psychologist1578126553
Rosebelle Segarra Olivera PRClinical Psychologist1619385341
Audelis Alvarez Rosario PRClinical Psychologist1205154481
Yarelis Hernandez PRClinical Psychologist1215112818
Carmen Pino Lopez Castro PRClinical Psychologist1295739696
Nancy E. Garcia Vazquez PRClinical Psychologist1538171772
Laboratorio Vascular No Invasivo PRClinical Psychologist1427166230
Post Center Clinical Laboratory, Inc. Clinical Psychologist1205932688
Migrant Health Center Western Region,inc PRClinical Psychologist1205978616
Recinto Universitario De Mayaguez PRClinical Psychologist1134244577
Laboratorios Clinicos Baco Statlab Ii PRClinical Psychologist1013036375
Laboratorio Frontera PRClinical Psychologist1376739110
Clinica Yaguez Inc Clinical Psychologist1619428067
Clinica Yaguez, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1689851040
Clinica Cirugia Ambulatoria Dr. Luis A. Vazquez, Inc PRClinical Psychologist1801967815
Laboratorio Clinico Y Bacteriologico De Diego PRClinical Psychologist1093797946
Puerto Rico Nuclear Center Inc. Clinical Psychologist1245206770
Western Pathology And Citology Lab PRClinical Psychologist1851464044
Bella Vista Hospital, Inc Clinical Psychologist1881998334
La Clinica De La Albizu Mayaguez Clinical Psychologist1801205158
Laboratorio Clinico Baco Stat Labi PRClinical Psychologist1477675288
Ruiz Psychology Group, Llc Clinical Psychologist1548913353
Youssef Ahmad-pereira PRClinical Psychologist1558645507
Ana Teresa Alemany PRClinical Psychologist1356784219
Cristine Diez Correa Clinical Psychologist1700515871
Frances P. Crespo Bonilla PRClinical Psychologist1174870620
Janice M Cruz Mercader PRClinical Psychologist1245688316
Miguel Angel Jimenez Mendez Clinical Psychologist1669103073
Ana Mirsa Lozada PRClinical Psychologist1952465411
Mariluz Ortiz PRClinical Psychologist1760876536
Dalyzbeth Ortiz Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1174262208
Jose Luis Pagan PRClinical Psychologist1417260043
Karina Quiles Barnecet PRClinical Psychologist1124571120
Wilfredo Ramirez Ramirez PRClinical Psychologist1497775878
Stephanie Danielle Ramirez Cruz PRClinical Psychologist1861052359
Ana Carolina Ramirez Morell PRClinical Psychologist1689811994
Leila Ramirez-suner PRClinical Psychologist1386741726
Virgilio Rodriguez PRClinical Psychologist1730254087
Lillian Rodriguez Clinical Psychologist1407079445
Jennifer Rodriguez Velez PRClinical Psychologist1659822666
Kassandra G. Rodriguez- Acevedo PRClinical Psychologist1336564426
Millicent Roldan PRClinical Psychologist1801099668
Luis M Roman-badenas PRClinical Psychologist1417190067
Juana I. Ruiz PRClinical Psychologist1326317736
Coral Vale PRClinical Psychologist1750612511
Edwin Velez-barreto PRClinical Psychologist1730426636
Clinica Espanola, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1205052131
Jeanette Torres Perez PRClinical Psychologist1881908499
Laboratorio Angel Jelly Goyco PRClinical Psychologist1811956345
Clinica Homeostasis Llc Clinical Psychologist1104493790
Centro De Servicios Neurologicos De Mayaguez, Csp PRClinical Psychologist1780975607
Aurea M Vega PRClinical Psychologist1306392006
Iris N. Ocasio PRClinical Psychologist1639659881
Laboratorio Clinico Sepulveda PRClinical Psychologist1235295874
Gladyvette Estevez PRClinical Psychologist1043769920
Clinica Yaguez, Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1326069220
Rovica Development PRClinical Psychologist1578897401
Clinica Yaguez, Inc. Clinical Psychologist1902366651
Hostos Medical Services Inc Clinical Psychologist1831390004
O & M Enterprises Inc PRClinical Psychologist1477645349
Laboratorio Clinico Ramos PRClinical Psychologist1487873139
Laboratorio Clinico Gaudier Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1033180328
Greistar Mental & Physical Health, Llc Clinical Psychologist1902336167
Rocio Cristina Martinez PRClinical Psychologist1164651014
Mayra Del Carmen Rosado PRClinical Psychologist1215060660
Laboratorios Clinicos Baco Inc. PRClinical Psychologist1114920956
Laboratorios Baco Inc PRClinical Psychologist1932378585


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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