Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Betty H Struzick 37129, ALClinical Psychologist1225087232
Brian W Davis 72034, ALClinical Psychologist1750338067
Natoya Barnett-grindley 39452, ALClinical Psychologist1134350465
Jane O Orton 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1417965005
Barry L Adams 35223, ALClinical Psychologist1356424238
Georgiana Coffman 37129, ALClinical Psychologist1881087138
Barry Adams, P.c. 35223, ALClinical Psychologist1265635460
Kelli Wright 35603, ALClinical Psychologist1952599961
Amanda Carolyn Hemmerich 27710, ALClinical Psychologist1154647949
Renee Michelle Bellew 35954, ALClinical Psychologist1215218904
Debra Nofziger 78234, ALClinical Psychologist1396735916
Kristin Renee Tubre 36112, ALClinical Psychologist1275788754
William Jeffrey Bryson 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1083958813
Katie C Lewallen 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1578909982
Heather Lea Johnson 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1811396948
Brandi Renfro 35040, ALClinical Psychologist1972025047
Robbie Motes Dodson 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1659785251
Sharon Payne Tucker 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1316317969
Jennifer Jones 36603, ALClinical Psychologist1265852164
Patricia Ford 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1265782221
Tara H Bradley 35124, ALClinical Psychologist1144758384
Haley Suzanne Elkins 36532, ALClinical Psychologist1265930044
Donna Newell Llc 35217, ALClinical Psychologist1851815203
Latonia Sims 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1457891103
Quachetta Lashae Jones 35222, ALClinical Psychologist1972089712
Jennifer P Packer 35020, ALClinical Psychologist1902207533
Refresh Canopy Cove Inc. 34236, ALClinical Psychologist1730661752
Rajesh Venkataraman 77385, ALClinical Psychologist1518135821
Tameka Lavender-hyche 35042, ALClinical Psychologist1144755380
Adrienne Mccollum 35115, ALClinical Psychologist1679088066
Heather Leigh Mcdermottjohnson 36605, ALClinical Psychologist1619446663
Shawnneice Beth Brock 35294, ALClinical Psychologist1851864821
Jimmie Guyton 36305, ALClinical Psychologist1932664653
Alabama Psychological Services Center 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1922279983
Stvbhm Cardiology Clinic Llc 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1477912996
Florence Pathology Services Llc 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1558337212
Heme Diagnostic Specialists Llc 39110, ALClinical Psychologist1629528989
Mildred A Blandamer 35160, ALClinical Psychologist1932420239
Nancy D Mcdonald 35611, ALClinical Psychologist1417103391
Monique Lolita Peterson 35802, ALClinical Psychologist1649650060
Erin Hodges 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1417494816
A Better Way Counseling And Consulting Llc 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1205498334
Kimberly Ann Devilbiss 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1083165146
Darissa Williams 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1184025413
Chance M Witt 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1689960478
Amber Thomas 35954, ALClinical Psychologist1346702438
Miranda Goodwin 36693, ALClinical Psychologist1902354178
Jane L Wesley 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1093724627
Heather Austin 35216, ALClinical Psychologist1063525517
Heather E Smith 35570, ALClinical Psychologist1760031702
Andrea Hirschbuehler 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1417318403
Terasa Lynn Davis 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1659333987
Heather A Stone 23803, ALClinical Psychologist1801110663
Kevin C Settles 37615, ALClinical Psychologist1508007436
Sherry C Royster 35010, ALClinical Psychologist1811967896
Rebecca Sheree Bodiford 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1831551621
Dawn Renee Sarenana 36535, ALClinical Psychologist1316445547
Stephen Douglas Bailey 85350, ALClinical Psychologist1255578324
Joe Lynn Purvis 36617, ALClinical Psychologist1275179608
Michael Raymond Manogue 28803, ALClinical Psychologist1417183054
Wellstone, Inc. 35802, ALClinical Psychologist1407809213
Laura Elizabeth Glenn 35806, ALClinical Psychologist1750928859
Jill Ann Gernert 35603, ALClinical Psychologist1548539505
Amber Stricklin 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1184233314
Caliegh Alevy 35043, ALClinical Psychologist1235748484
Takumi Yamada 55454, ALClinical Psychologist1205135381
Kari Owens 35958, ALClinical Psychologist1487090155
Sonja Jones 36420, ALClinical Psychologist1235747270
Mikal Jamal Sabree 36106, ALClinical Psychologist1497094882
Alexis Saville 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1902461031
Leigh Abbie Hammond 38450, ALClinical Psychologist1740421692
Caroline Love Crawford 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1811504707
Megan C Larrabee 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1578863940
Pediatric Rheumatology Associates Llc 32507, ALClinical Psychologist1467085902
Lawrence Albert Williams 85259, ALClinical Psychologist1639373418
The Samaritan Counseling Center, Inc. 36106, ALClinical Psychologist1326080003
Tiffany Taite 36619, ALClinical Psychologist1174902423
Impact Behavioral Counseling Llc 75231, ALClinical Psychologist1386169050
Lindsey Gurley 36609, ALClinical Psychologist1841834223
Christine Reno 36609, ALClinical Psychologist1013100502
Christopher Patrick Rowley 29169, ALClinical Psychologist1073780813
Kimberly Whitchard 36535, ALClinical Psychologist1104192954
Roberta A. Fontaine 36201, ALClinical Psychologist1861701815
Kathy H Tanner 35055, ALClinical Psychologist1639271844
Paige Wilson 35150, ALClinical Psychologist1306433222
Dominique Spranger 36420, ALClinical Psychologist1174113591
Savannah Sims 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1619491164
William Edward Lievens 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1013110006
St. Vincent's Birmingham 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1356934905
Keri Jane Sebesta 35603, ALClinical Psychologist1023596830
Edward J Lose 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1497786958
Heather Lynn Surber 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1467580688
Providence Hospital 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1043804628
Valencia M Pruitt 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1730773938
Missionaries Of Good Education And Healthcare, Inc. 22630, ALClinical Psychologist1114459310
Joy Simonson Grafton 36609, ALClinical Psychologist1568040459
Ashley Latrice Cochran 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1578009221
Brittani B Hamrick 04011, ALClinical Psychologist1073097911
Christen Shea Craig 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1912581745
Mark Harrison 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1881026755
Lauren M Diaz 35080, ALClinical Psychologist1699253559
Rachel Mae Fondren 35055, ALClinical Psychologist1841623352
Emily Bell 36305, ALClinical Psychologist1376874016
Lauren Wells Strickland 39401, ALClinical Psychologist1558760728
Edriss Ali Charaf 55102, ALClinical Psychologist1629267588
Daniel Alan Townsend 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1902477664
Carl Herbert Hickey 36532, ALClinical Psychologist1801089149
Amanda Myers Campos 35226, ALClinical Psychologist1104170240
Dechandriss Fenea Page-nsougan 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1881098309
Sara Southern 64130, ALClinical Psychologist1689124562
Eagle Consulting 35601, ALClinical Psychologist1881963221
James Lyle Hickman 35055, ALClinical Psychologist1033287198
Brook S Okasia 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1811456528
Grayson And Associates Pc 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1194772442
Daniel Mccrary 99205, ALClinical Psychologist1366043069
Advanced Biomedical, Inc. 92704, ALClinical Psychologist1518039486
Jodi Lynn Yannucci 45069, ALClinical Psychologist1255679742
Corelife Alabama Llc 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1043892672
Bridgett Wright 35249, ALClinical Psychologist1548925563
Ashley Kathleen Norwood-strickland 52240, ALClinical Psychologist1841718954
Eric Langdon King 36049, ALClinical Psychologist1659750321
Sydney Thomas Scoggins 36526, ALClinical Psychologist1447918453
Ginni W Morris 32504, ALClinical Psychologist1922254804
Brent Mortensen 35058, ALClinical Psychologist1316308307
Gary A. Mellick 47303, ALClinical Psychologist1780641506
Leslie T Herhold Lcsw Llc 36542, ALClinical Psychologist1932687589
Amy Jo Allon 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1144368788
Treasured Moments Llc 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1902469935
Christina Sue Kirkland 35501, ALClinical Psychologist1770188401
Marian Flores Manankil 35901, ALClinical Psychologist1124276951
Litton & Yarbrough Therapeutic Services Llc 35243, ALClinical Psychologist1427405406
Jariya Upadia 70112, ALClinical Psychologist1326420662
The Anchor Clinic, Llc 32502, ALClinical Psychologist1629161435
Deirdre Gilligan 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1982352373
Andin H Mullis 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1871907022
Marie Estis Danner 35243, ALClinical Psychologist1548939432
Terri L Jackson 30180, ALClinical Psychologist1629546965
Chelsea Renee Colombo 29605, ALClinical Psychologist1629323654
Madison Core Laboratories, Llc 35805, ALClinical Psychologist1174912695
Sarah Tarnakow 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1295498822
Ebony Hawkins 35212, ALClinical Psychologist1235600289
Sara E Kenny 98104, ALClinical Psychologist1295236008
Tunisia London 36527, ALClinical Psychologist1902398274
Chelsea Irena Roberts 87106, ALClinical Psychologist1619518883
Ryan Green 09180, ALClinical Psychologist1174886667
Eric A Seemann 35805, ALClinical Psychologist1194734897
Ariel R Shelby 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1962140954
Thabet Alsheikh 32501, ALClinical Psychologist1811997422
Devansh Lab Werks,inc 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1841798667
Nikeli Sharell Reeves 36301, ALClinical Psychologist1366181679
Tarica Hillman 35758, ALClinical Psychologist1639808595
Welcome Home Wellness 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1972250678
Adriane M Howard Llc 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1659923589
Adriane Michelle Howard 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1427503382
Cunningham Pathology, Llc 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1730185455
Cunningham Pathology, Llc 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1831195437
Colbert Laboratory Inc 35653, ALClinical Psychologist1063406320
Summerford Nursing Home, Inc. 35622, ALClinical Psychologist1427045673
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1295726032
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1902897747
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36904, ALClinical Psychologist1083695225
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1700867942
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35470, ALClinical Psychologist1154302743
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1326029919
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1235110834
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1770565913
Pathology Associates, P.c. 35805, ALClinical Psychologist1386626083
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1154307304
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36303, ALClinical Psychologist1285612473
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35058, ALClinical Psychologist1811975014
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36104, ALClinical Psychologist1386622504
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36207, ALClinical Psychologist1134107220
Heart Center Pc 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1386615078
Bodenheimer Psychological & Counseling Center Llc 36207, ALClinical Psychologist1972575272
Shoals Pathology Associates Inc 35661, ALClinical Psychologist1346212016
Dermatopathology Services Inc 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1104898873
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1639682578
Decatur Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. 35603, ALClinical Psychologist1598729089
Ms Pathology Associates, Pa 39202, ALClinical Psychologist1649238882
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35501, ALClinical Psychologist1124077458
Foley Sleep Professionals Llc 36535, ALClinical Psychologist1861442808
Solstas Lab Partners Group Llc 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1407806144
Cardiology Associates Of Mobile Inc 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1689623076
David C Ghostley Psyd Inc 36303, ALClinical Psychologist1225079114
Daryl K. Hamblin, Ph.d., Pc 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1700815545
Triad Of Alabama Llc 36305, ALClinical Psychologist1710921416
Lee Pathology Laboratory 36801, ALClinical Psychologist1154353639
Gadsden Regional Medical Center Llc 35903, ALClinical Psychologist1801800784
Valley Pathology, L.l.c. 35601, ALClinical Psychologist1437168879
Child & Adolescent Psychological Services Of Inverness, Pc 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1639287857
Formwalt And Williams Inc 36695, ALClinical Psychologist1043304835
Acculab Inc. 35055, ALClinical Psychologist1457431736
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36310, ALClinical Psychologist1164505830
Neurology Child And Adult Pc 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1902980345
Usa Health Services Foundation 36617, ALClinical Psychologist1366526865
Business Lab Solutions, Inc 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1902271208
Houston County Healthcare Authority 36301, ALClinical Psychologist1649637273
Lenora J. Enix, Psy.d., Pc 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1952495095
Thompson Counseling 36207, ALClinical Psychologist1184136616
University Of South Alabama Health Services Foundation 36688, ALClinical Psychologist1548357916


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