Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mona Helene Loeser 36609, ALClinical Psychologist1164425674
Alicia Perry 36526, ALClinical Psychologist1306848361
Gaye B Vance 35124, ALClinical Psychologist1760487524
Tamara Jenkins 36106, ALClinical Psychologist1720083371
Cunningham Pathology, Llc 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1730185455
Cunningham Pathology, Llc 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1831195437
Pathology Laboratory Associates P.a. 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1821095167
Regional Biomedical Laboratory, Inc 35901, ALClinical Psychologist1679571731
Lynley Sheryl Ebeling 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1558360719
Marguerite Deborah Malone 35453, ALClinical Psychologist1912906801
Jesse Cornelius Haggerty 36027, ALClinical Psychologist1447258215
Katherine F Frey 36693, ALClinical Psychologist1003818980
Priscilla Gold-darby 36609, ALClinical Psychologist1952303844
Norris F Laurence 36617, ALClinical Psychologist1285636183
Holly Jo Mccleskey 36693, ALClinical Psychologist1518969120
Robert L Ferguson 36617, ALClinical Psychologist1841292596
Sarah A.e. Currie 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1457353187
Anne W Shaw 35212, ALClinical Psychologist1558354381
Colbert Laboratory Inc 35653, ALClinical Psychologist1063406320
Lee Ann Alexander 36112, ALClinical Psychologist1073507539
Martha Bernatz Weinberger 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1558356972
Michael Anthony Passler 36301, ALClinical Psychologist1538154984
Carol Rene Fowler 32326, ALClinical Psychologist1023004884
Beverly S Lesyea 36112, ALClinical Psychologist1922093640
Summerford Nursing Home, Inc. 35622, ALClinical Psychologist1427045673
Crystal Dawn Bell 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1023007705
Paul J Troup 35243, ALClinical Psychologist1972592574
Adelaide M. Brown 35010, ALClinical Psychologist1467442715
Randall G. Jordan 36305, ALClinical Psychologist1801887799
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1295726032
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1902897747
J Michael O'dowd 36604, ALClinical Psychologist1821089038
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36904, ALClinical Psychologist1083695225
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1700867942
Margaret Louise Bibb 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1720069800
Patrick Joseph Quirk 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1861473951
Floyd T Boudreau 36607, ALClinical Psychologist1487635017
Regan Cardamone 36607, ALClinical Psychologist1194706721
Robert Donnell 36607, ALClinical Psychologist1639150279
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35470, ALClinical Psychologist1154302743
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1326029919
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1235110834
Lloyd Gardner 36607, ALClinical Psychologist1013998350
Joan Z Kerr 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1487635769
Lee Fucich 36607, ALClinical Psychologist1033191150
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1770565913
Pathology Associates, P.c. 35805, ALClinical Psychologist1386626083
Kelly Powers Roveda 36617, ALClinical Psychologist1235110883
Patricia Ann Schiller 36027, ALClinical Psychologist1518958487
Jennifer Pauline Summersill 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1922540954
Casey Azuero 35249, ALClinical Psychologist1598206500
Cullman Primary Care, Pc 35058, ALClinical Psychologist1982685178
Karin Heinz Confer 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1013990993
Lori A Casterlin 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1477538692
Angelyne W Cook 36518, ALClinical Psychologist1427033182
Fairlie B Schreiber 36693, ALClinical Psychologist1164407912
Melanie Hope Jackson 36606, ALClinical Psychologist1619953726
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1154307304
Ludmilla V. Stevens 35055, ALClinical Psychologist1669459202
Teresa Baptiste 36362, ALClinical Psychologist1891772851
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35071, ALClinical Psychologist1598742454
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36106, ALClinical Psychologist1407833361
John Michael Conrad 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1679551113
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36303, ALClinical Psychologist1285612473
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35901, ALClinical Psychologist1063490258
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35058, ALClinical Psychologist1811975014
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36104, ALClinical Psychologist1386622504
Terri Evelyn Brewer 36106, ALClinical Psychologist1467430520
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36207, ALClinical Psychologist1134107220
Linda Cashion Newbill 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1770562449
Daniel Michael Doleys 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1346229036
Leanne Cianfrini 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1306825096
Nadine Yvonne Griffin 36830, ALClinical Psychologist1588649966
Kathleen A Crimmins 36112, ALClinical Psychologist1134104367
Jay Lawrence Dinerman 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1740250018
Reagon Percy Carr 35809, ALClinical Psychologist1346210861
Heart Center Pc 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1386615078
Bodenheimer Psychological & Counseling Center Llc 36207, ALClinical Psychologist1972575272
Shoals Pathology Associates Inc 35661, ALClinical Psychologist1346212016
Michael S. Rosenbaum 36609, ALClinical Psychologist1508830910
Jeanetta Sheppard 36362, ALClinical Psychologist1689649857
Donna Louise Miller-brown 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1487623039
Etta Hobson Felton 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1326017583
David William Macvicar 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1003885252
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc. 36603, ALClinical Psychologist1679532303
Stella A Clough 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1194784488
Dermatopathology Services Inc 35213, ALClinical Psychologist1104898873
Betty Ann Cousins 35294, ALClinical Psychologist1396127924
Amit K Shah 35401, ALClinical Psychologist1275503948
Juan Gonzalo Ochoa 36604, ALClinical Psychologist1013986041
Hubert Tony Nzeribe 35022, ALClinical Psychologist1124546890
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1639682578
Kathryn Anne Allen 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1841708831
Jennifer G Thompson 36111, ALClinical Psychologist1578027587
Barbara Pitts 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1891254314
Richard M. Humphrey 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1124088976
Terina Cummings Wood 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1578523262
Latoya Teneka Owens 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1801856596
Jason M Newell 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1952362220
L Charles Ward 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1750342671
Muriel C. Thompson 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1003877903
Henry J Kim 36049, ALClinical Psychologist1871555326
Julie Ann Feely 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1629031216
Johnna Kovalchick Matthews 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1912960295
Karen H Taylor 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1427011659
Kristen Babb Hill 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1780647818
Valerie U Wiggins 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1609839679
Cassaundra A Long 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1265495253
Decatur Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. 35603, ALClinical Psychologist1598729089
Terri Lynn Whalen 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1235194085
Marnie Smith Dillon 36106, ALClinical Psychologist1801851464
Daniel Curtis Clark 36116, ALClinical Psychologist1225093891
Dothan Pediatric Clinic, P. A. 36303, ALClinical Psychologist1376508788
Patricia Balentine 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1437115144
Beverly Dianne Guthrie 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1528024023
Carolyn White Hunter 31905, ALClinical Psychologist1982660353
Nancy Goforth 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1588620660
Gary A. Mellick 35968, ALClinical Psychologist1780641506
Kim E. Dixon 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1609833144
Vincent Doyle Toney 35768, ALClinical Psychologist1144288218
Ms Pathology Associates, Pa 39202, ALClinical Psychologist1649238882
Michael John Labanowski 36301, ALClinical Psychologist1225086366
Melanie L. Spruiell 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1598713307
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35501, ALClinical Psychologist1124077458
Paul Austin Brown 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1598713265
Janet Adoue Miller 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1366490906
Holly N Deemer 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1154370260
Christine E Agee 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1285683243
Steven L Kaczor 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1831148964
Charles Gayle Pelham 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1346299468
Julie E Kline 35235, ALClinical Psychologist1124077193
James M Flournoy 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1235188335
Geraldine P Aston 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1740239722
Keith R Abrams 36209, ALClinical Psychologist1336198340
Nancy S Berland 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1912956343
Renee Myers 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1225087653
Karen R Johnson 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1871543223
Maura P Carter 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1396795753
Robert Eric Mashburn 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1205886660
Karen B Bluestein 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1477503837
Patricia Taylor White 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1386694743
Dana Ross 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1427008895
Edward D Haigler 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1750331120
Mollie K Thomas 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1467402834
Gordon M. Forward 36701, ALClinical Psychologist1285684456
Carol E. Curb 36701, ALClinical Psychologist1811947013
Foley Sleep Professionals Llc 36535, ALClinical Psychologist1861442808
Evelyn Dorsett 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1063462786
Jacqueline Michelle Hill-gordon 35404, ALClinical Psychologist1497705057
Homechoice Of Alabama, Inc. 36607, ALClinical Psychologist1689625865
Kathryn Allen 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1114979788
William Lee Gaston 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1174576318
Cathleen Creed 36083, ALClinical Psychologist1598715617
Michelle E Mastin 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1003869116
Terasa Lynn Davis 35473, ALClinical Psychologist1659333987
David P Bick 35806, ALClinical Psychologist1700837150
James David Miller 35150, ALClinical Psychologist1700323151
Florence Doughty 35806, ALClinical Psychologist1043275746
Solstas Lab Partners Group Llc 35233, ALClinical Psychologist1407806144
Imc diagnostic And Medical Clinic Pc 36604, ALClinical Psychologist1447201066
Elizabeth A Kemp 35235, ALClinical Psychologist1396794376
Cardiology Associates Of Mobile Inc 36608, ALClinical Psychologist1689623076
Wellstone, Inc. 35802, ALClinical Psychologist1407809213
Cullman Primary Care, Pc 35058, ALClinical Psychologist1598717381
William Ryan Freeman 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1407306541
Brian M Casey 35294, ALClinical Psychologist1851358329
Parker L Storey 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1922052307
Lula Tynes Skowronek 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1972557429
Lynne S. Goldsmith 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1851345730
Linda Alverson-eiland 35244, ALClinical Psychologist1033164751
Gloria N Pankey 35976, ALClinical Psychologist1962457242
Mary Robertson 36117, ALClinical Psychologist1396790473
Myron C Gargis 35976, ALClinical Psychologist1861448839
April Michelle Patellis 35759, ALClinical Psychologist1376599035
Wladimir Wertelecki 36688, ALClinical Psychologist1386690766
Stephanie Diane Grosz 36695, ALClinical Psychologist1891742821
Laura A Stoppelbein 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1467409938
Grayson And Associates Pc 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1194772442
David Carl Ghostley 36303, ALClinical Psychologist1265489538
Anna Tingle Gaston 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1932146016
Matthew Dale Thompson 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1548207285
Rosalyn Patricia Milton 39531, ALClinical Psychologist1366489239
Kathy H Hedrick 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1487691374
William Noble Confer 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1609813450
Michon Trent 36604, ALClinical Psychologist1083652739
Nan Leslie Nadler 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1780622381
Margaret Howard Barrow 35125, ALClinical Psychologist1578502837
Pam P Sori 35209, ALClinical Psychologist1811936172
Debbie Kay Duquette 35802, ALClinical Psychologist1073552089
John Calvin Mcmillan 35801, ALClinical Psychologist1710926365
Nelda Jean Carlson 36330, ALClinical Psychologist1326088303
Consultation Laboratory Inc 35234, ALClinical Psychologist1871533174
Fernelle Lekoyne Warren 36079, ALClinical Psychologist1023058161
David C Ghostley Psyd Inc 36303, ALClinical Psychologist1225079114
David Goldberg 35223, ALClinical Psychologist1164463337
Connie E Oden 35205, ALClinical Psychologist1568403962
Theresa A Rozum 36604, ALClinical Psychologist1841232451
Lister Healthcare Corporation 35630, ALClinical Psychologist1790727923
Craig Joseph Alexander 35242, ALClinical Psychologist1174566855
Louis R Dixon 35802, ALClinical Psychologist1013950005


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