Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jody Lynn Hagen 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1962405563
Cara R. Hartfield 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1922004787
Charles Livingston 72830, ARClinical Psychologist1144226119
Jeffery Allen Kauffman 71801, ARClinical Psychologist1356347231
Michael J Mcallister 71854, ARClinical Psychologist1124024187
Robin Janelle Barnes 71854, ARClinical Psychologist1033115001
Sandra Marchese Johnson 72916, ARClinical Psychologist1447256102
Brad Russell Johnson 72916, ARClinical Psychologist1538165295
Deborah A. Smithyman 72756, ARClinical Psychologist1952307548
Suzanne Mckenna 72756, ARClinical Psychologist1316943095
Susan L Bryant 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1073510582
Florence Maurine Richardson 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1396742706
Ron Mccafferty 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1730186149
Robert Kevin Rowell 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1215934716
Julie P Howard 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1942207345
Linda B Clement 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1295732162
Michael Gerard Hazlewood 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1043218472
Becky L. Porter 72212, ARClinical Psychologist1255339461
Albert Samuel Koenig 72901, ARClinical Psychologist1801894738
Arkansas Medical Imaging Jv Llc 72758, ARClinical Psychologist1497127021
Kathleen Marie Kralik 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1639177025
James W. Rosen 71901, ARClinical Psychologist1871593038
Sandra German 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1932100625
Janeen M Boettger 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1487655072
Lisa R Blackman 72099, ARClinical Psychologist1255323838
Fort Smith Hma, Llc 72901, ARClinical Psychologist1578555736
Scott L Beau 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1861485302
James Long 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1275526733
Deborah Ann Baker 65212, ARClinical Psychologist1710970751
Ann C Schweitzer 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1598759797
Martin Lewis Johnson 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1225023773
Kevin Thomas Navin 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1225023591
Sama Reference Lab 71730, ARClinical Psychologist1083609051
Karla Ann Dotson 72476, ARClinical Psychologist1245225259
Leigh Anne Hudson 72212, ARClinical Psychologist1093700601
Reed Drug Store Inc 71601, ARClinical Psychologist1083600910
Patricia A. Scott, Lcsw, Pa 72120, ARClinical Psychologist1568459972
Patricia A Scott 72120, ARClinical Psychologist1932196425
Valerie Swearingen 71901, ARClinical Psychologist1972590990
John D Matlock 72015, ARClinical Psychologist1124015078
Joyce Schimenti 72015, ARClinical Psychologist1598752453
Mary M Strickland 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1114914926
Counseling Clinic, Inc 72015, ARClinical Psychologist1649267659
Betty Ferguson 72015, ARClinical Psychologist1760479638
Barbara Rayfield Bess 72758, ARClinical Psychologist1063408243
Daryl Boyd Mitchell 71832, ARClinical Psychologist1871581124
Vicki Lynn Mabry 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1912995911
Donna M Hunter 72927, ARClinical Psychologist1558350306
Avram Zolten 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1770572935
Julie G Allen 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1356330419
Teri E. Haskins 72227, ARClinical Psychologist1447240387
Sparks Medical Foundation 72901, ARClinical Psychologist1386634285
Stephen Robert Harris 72601, ARClinical Psychologist1497736458
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1114909355
Mary Ann Ginette 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1639151467
Michael Scott Hodnett 72023, ARClinical Psychologist1043201254
James R Moneypenny 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1154304665
Peggy Pack 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1740264639
Prabhat K Hebbar 72117, ARClinical Psychologist1245215243
Edward Carl Kleitsch 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1205812559
Kay C Hook 71901, ARClinical Psychologist1043297302
Stephanie Harrington 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1164409512
Laboratory Corporation Of America 72212, ARClinical Psychologist1134107337
Nancy Ann Bunting 72653, ARClinical Psychologist1811976731
Carol A. Robbins 71901, ARClinical Psychologist1003895814
Patrick M Hatfield 72503, ARClinical Psychologist1346229796
Joyce Fowler 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1114906401
Jon Lundquist 72801, ARClinical Psychologist1962481010
Martin Thomas Faitak 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1659351781
Janice Gail Goldman 72513, ARClinical Psychologist1306826078
Barbara Jo Franzen 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1427038728
Michael Kent Stracener 72143, ARClinical Psychologist1124008545
Robert Galen Lambert 72513, ARClinical Psychologist1922078138
Caren R Moore 72116, ARClinical Psychologist1649632407
Sharon A Odom 72712, ARClinical Psychologist1033196324
Whitney Ghassani 72143, ARClinical Psychologist1609319565
Catherine Stallard 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1619947447
Pietro Paolo De Togni 72034, ARClinical Psychologist1538131909
Jeffrey H Neuhauser 72117, ARClinical Psychologist1053382473
William Martien Carroll 71901, ARClinical Psychologist1528030723
Rodney P Goodwin 71730, ARClinical Psychologist1356313670
Robbie Thomas-knight 72202, ARClinical Psychologist1366416224
Janet Hedges 72015, ARClinical Psychologist1538133418
Marcheta Goodin 72501, ARClinical Psychologist1245205467
Kathleen Siegenthaler 72712, ARClinical Psychologist1619942539
Linda Lee Mcnellis 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1366417164
Marlene Brengard 72401, ARClinical Psychologist1720055031
Rollie W Flaherty 71753, ARClinical Psychologist1376511121
Lab Of Path, Pa 72143, ARClinical Psychologist1831167196
Carol A Garrett 71730, ARClinical Psychologist1124096599
Gary T. Souheaver 72223, ARClinical Psychologist1073581468
Philip C Packard 71730, ARClinical Psychologist1205805116
Larry Clarke 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1023087129
Adolfo D. Garnica 72202, ARClinical Psychologist1457320913
Leslie E Shepherd 71801, ARClinical Psychologist1659330637
Gay Strakshus 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1639139843
Judy White Johnson 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1043270200
Sandra Worlow Brown 72450, ARClinical Psychologist1265404859
White River Health System, Inc. 72501, ARClinical Psychologist1710952650
Arkansas Neuropsychology Associates 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1790754406
Lynn H. Terry 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1649241043
Toneisha Sherrell Baker 72076, ARClinical Psychologist1508240003
Diane Frances O'rourke 72202, ARClinical Psychologist1801856778
Winston Traylon Wilson 72207, ARClinical Psychologist1760442354
Vaughn A Decoster 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1689634255
Eric D Taft 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1962462465
Cheryl Lynn Simon 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1407817695
Catherine Crews 72801, ARClinical Psychologist1184685026
Johnson Dermatology Clinic Pllc 72916, ARClinical Psychologist1437110962
Susan H Reasoner 72223, ARClinical Psychologist1063474831
Tina Michelle Gabbard 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1346202215
Jane S Jord 72223, ARClinical Psychologist1639131576
Amy Gilbert Pollard 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1124080981
Britt S. Boswell 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1134182520
Martha Kay Bushmiaer 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1487617429
Elizabeth Betti Hamilton 72206, ARClinical Psychologist1659334712
Ruth Elizabeth Fissel 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1053375683
James Christopher Rule 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1194789495
James Claude Cooper 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1639133424
Boris V Bogomilov 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1790749638
Beverly M Webb 72207, ARClinical Psychologist1821053737
Jean Speegle 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1770549495
Carmen K Steigman 72202, ARClinical Psychologist1588620181
Elizabeth Kay Crone 72207, ARClinical Psychologist1942266309
Frances B Woods 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1972569077
Todd M Reiff 72756, ARClinical Psychologist1750348652
Joseph Boatwright 72212, ARClinical Psychologist1033176847
William Charles Nichols 72601, ARClinical Psychologist1215994876
Renee Carlene Magiera-planey 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1164489290
Georgann R Freasier 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1245298561
Lisa A Rice 71603, ARClinical Psychologist1467410787
Bessie Lancelin 71603, ARClinical Psychologist1194783456
Thomas T. Lawson 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1083672299
Mary Katherine Williams 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1376501593
Catherine Totten 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1699723437
Sparks Medical Foundation 72901, ARClinical Psychologist1275581282
Mildred Murphy Clifton 72712, ARClinical Psychologist1679521405
Vickie Lawrence 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1942258686
Robert B Doyle 72120, ARClinical Psychologist1043268527
Mary Moore Ekdahl 72116, ARClinical Psychologist1710935218
Marcela Velarde Johnston 72120, ARClinical Psychologist1871541359
Janice Ellen Dean 72120, ARClinical Psychologist1376591891
William P Wilcox 71603, ARClinical Psychologist1598713018
Janis W Hillman 72160, ARClinical Psychologist1083663041
Sharon Cagle 72160, ARClinical Psychologist1467401307
Associated Pathologists Laboratory Pa 71730, ARClinical Psychologist1033168489
Evelyn Webb 72160, ARClinical Psychologist1972553329
Elaine M Kemp 72401, ARClinical Psychologist1104876341
Laurie Swain 72143, ARClinical Psychologist1568412674
Laurie Swain, Inc 72143, ARClinical Psychologist1538119656
Barbara A Hall 71730, ARClinical Psychologist1194776393
Daniel J Johnson 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1447202809
Clayton Mitchell 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1134171432
Andrew B. Sieff 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1568414191
Patricia Ann Gray 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1598718231
Elizabeth Rorie Petray 72901, ARClinical Psychologist1699728279
Adla Elaine Cross 71854, ARClinical Psychologist1902859713
Scott S. Meit 72114, ARClinical Psychologist1336105568
Amy Higgins 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1790166403
Amber Calendar 72501, ARClinical Psychologist1235509043
Kristin Bosc 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1740246784
Nancy Anne Milbourn 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1356307953
Kimberly R. Bodemann 71913, ARClinical Psychologist1720044142
Stephen Bonsib 72211, ARClinical Psychologist1447217211
Dana Bevill Watson 72472, ARClinical Psychologist1851341010
Victor Biton 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1124084124
Bradford Owen Holloway 72015, ARClinical Psychologist1831157148
Gerald Bradley Schaefer 72762, ARClinical Psychologist1225089204
Anitra S Fay 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1649224080
Deborah B. Deacon 72114, ARClinical Psychologist1003860362
Dana Lynne Burchfield 72712, ARClinical Psychologist1821042300
Hakan Paydak 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1871547828
Henry Glen Strawn 72401, ARClinical Psychologist1114972809
Joyce E Bond 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1467407171
Henry James Matinchek 72501, ARClinical Psychologist1346295318
Rebecca Ann Mansfield 72076, ARClinical Psychologist1699721555
Barbara A Weaver 72401, ARClinical Psychologist1124074802
Gerald Stephen Greer 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1811943400
Chicot Memorial Hospital 71653, ARClinical Psychologist1497701973
Kay Harmon Spence 72404, ARClinical Psychologist1760438071
Marie Wiseman Wood 72756, ARClinical Psychologist1942257563
Medical Laboratories Of Arkansas, Inc. 72205, ARClinical Psychologist1255388997
Richard F Murphy 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1275570442
Phillip W Barling 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1184661357
Cameron Amanda Magness 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1629015771
Carole Marie Schuster 72762, ARClinical Psychologist1396782942
Donna Clark Pasmore 72560, ARClinical Psychologist1376580910
Christie Lynn Keppler 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1992743926
Martha Lee Hamm 72762, ARClinical Psychologist1770521742
Jane Estes 72830, ARClinical Psychologist1659319572
Anna Gatlin 72404, ARClinical Psychologist1023056413
Sharon Strawn 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1477591816
Thomas Neal Ritter 72762, ARClinical Psychologist1245278654
Amy Beth Partak 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1730127119
Bruce R Allen 72701, ARClinical Psychologist1568401602
Clinical Psychology Of Fort Smith 72903, ARClinical Psychologist1366481780
Kendell Camp 72401, ARClinical Psychologist1861431082
Nancy Lou Webb 72703, ARClinical Psychologist1013958628
Thomas Craig Burns 72653, ARClinical Psychologist1669413142
Katherine Milligan 72099, ARClinical Psychologist1033150453


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