Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Benigno F Decena 85712, AZClinical Psychologist1023011269
Thomas A Mattioni 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1750384665
Patricia Gail Romo 85281, AZClinical Psychologist1801899448
Marwan M Bahu 85018, AZClinical Psychologist1114920618
Renzo M Cataldo 86001, AZClinical Psychologist1174526677
Vijendra Swarup 85016, AZClinical Psychologist1427051929
David W Riggio 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1467455063
Heart Care Of Southern Arizona, Pc 85741, AZClinical Psychologist1235132838
Kary L O'connor 85222, AZClinical Psychologist1215930730
Stacy E Masten 86301, AZClinical Psychologist1104829589
Andrea Shunette Waddell-pratt 85003, AZClinical Psychologist1598767790
Jennifer Corrigan-hamblin 85016, AZClinical Psychologist1598126393
Sharyl Katherine Cates 85716, AZClinical Psychologist1821093808
Julie Konigsberg 85712, AZClinical Psychologist1093710006
Luis Quintana 85206, AZClinical Psychologist1952308264
Paul E Rosete 85122, AZClinical Psychologist1992702153
Debra Lee Logan 86326, AZClinical Psychologist1134126816
Margaret T Forgey 85711, AZClinical Psychologist1003814724
Norma Magdaleno 85719, AZClinical Psychologist1386641124
James Jones 85203, AZClinical Psychologist1073978870
Rapidvet Holdings, Inc. 85282, AZClinical Psychologist1366440760
Laura A Masters 85012, AZClinical Psychologist1033118591
Karin Ruth Ahlstrand 85704, AZClinical Psychologist1154321925
Ashok Garg 85032, AZClinical Psychologist1891795993
Karen Dee Lombardi 85623, AZClinical Psychologist1174523252
Alliance Medical Laboratory, Llc 86004, AZClinical Psychologist1841290806
Mark J Seifert 85020, AZClinical Psychologist1942201694
Amarnauth Singh 85032, AZClinical Psychologist1639170764
Rene J Mcgovern 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1093717084
Margaret S Pennington 85716, AZClinical Psychologist1063414068
David Daniell 85711, AZClinical Psychologist1619979499
Gloria M Cochran 85258, AZClinical Psychologist1376545921
Betty Cobb-dalton 85381, AZClinical Psychologist1609878016
M. Kathleen Mcbride 85295, AZClinical Psychologist1407848369
Thomas Fredrick Ross 85004, AZClinical Psychologist1376535237
Buffy T. Wooten 85003, AZClinical Psychologist1295727964
Robert A Briggs 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1558353128
Geri R Hall 85003, AZClinical Psychologist1609868272
Patricia A Falcon 85741, AZClinical Psychologist1710970959
Edna Jean Dubose 85711, AZClinical Psychologist1982697603
Michael Jay Traub 85255, AZClinical Psychologist1508859190
Steven Joseph Drydyk 85296, AZClinical Psychologist1831182492
Annette Zaccari 85257, AZClinical Psychologist1275527590
Tri valley Clinical Laboratory Inc 85222, AZClinical Psychologist1639163900
Anita B Hicks 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1235123548
Elizabeth E Ventura-cook 85258, AZClinical Psychologist1316931629
William Lowell Bradley 85282, AZClinical Psychologist1982698098
George J Joumas 85028, AZClinical Psychologist1386638492
Lighthouse Center Inc. 85260, AZClinical Psychologist1144214354
Bethanne Keen 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1265426399
Thomas Carroll Hall 85210, AZClinical Psychologist1457345472
Russell Vernon Pearson 85220, AZClinical Psychologist1225022148
Robyn Renee Tennyson 85308, AZClinical Psychologist1639163496
Patricia Anne Abbott 85283, AZClinical Psychologist1881688539
Lynn Leroy Juracek 85374, AZClinical Psychologist1083608699
Gary Lee Waddington 85374, AZClinical Psychologist1033103643
Jeffrey Morton Grant 85374, AZClinical Psychologist1578557187
James Frederick Pehoushek 85308, AZClinical Psychologist1104810720
Mark Stewart Simpson 86504, AZClinical Psychologist1518952662
Gloria S. Bernat 85719, AZClinical Psychologist1639164510
Jerry Edward Wesch 86336, AZClinical Psychologist1285629261
Julie K Ohlinger 85260, AZClinical Psychologist1629063516
Vijay K. Jain 85254, AZClinical Psychologist1285629840
Nada Cox 85364, AZClinical Psychologist1043206659
Miki Paul 85741, AZClinical Psychologist1962498584
Bradshaw Mountain Diagnostic Laboratory Inc. 86301, AZClinical Psychologist1003802075
Joseph Dillard 85253, AZClinical Psychologist1265428262
Matt A Baptista 85741, AZClinical Psychologist1083600019
Joseph Carr Stevens 86401, AZClinical Psychologist1447247101
Glenn R Marks 85718, AZClinical Psychologist1447247960
Wendy W Pipentacos 85707, AZClinical Psychologist1891782314
Robert Rhode 85718, AZClinical Psychologist1669469904
Barbara A Forester 85050, AZClinical Psychologist1689661688
Neuropsychology Consulting Services Pllc 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1730680497
Scott Bartlett 85260, AZClinical Psychologist1912995663
Elissa Eileen Thompson 85381, AZClinical Psychologist1578551289
Thunderbird Oasis Counseling Inc 85381, AZClinical Psychologist1457349037
Kamal R. Rastogi 85704, AZClinical Psychologist1033107628
David Glenn Davidson-methot 85234, AZClinical Psychologist1982692497
Kenneth L Gaspar 86409, AZClinical Psychologist1174511430
Gary A Martin 85021, AZClinical Psychologist1982692257
Pamela Willson 85258, AZClinical Psychologist1972591246
Linda B Turley 85032, AZClinical Psychologist1205824471
Vera Susanne Gaspar 86409, AZClinical Psychologist1588652846
Jason L. Byler 85306, AZClinical Psychologist1790773687
Laboratory Corporation Of America 85364, AZClinical Psychologist1205210036
John Michael Simonis 85258, AZClinical Psychologist1205825072
Integrated Geriatric Behavioral Health Associates, P.a. 85258, AZClinical Psychologist1225027147
Thomas William Callahan 85051, AZClinical Psychologist1407845233
Susan I Peskind 85306, AZClinical Psychologist1801885496
Alfred Charles Dodini 85204, AZClinical Psychologist1225027881
Joan B Rosenblatt 85712, AZClinical Psychologist1437148921
Jane Elizabeth Angell 85901, AZClinical Psychologist1063401230
Andre Rousseau 85901, AZClinical Psychologist1316936362
Michael Gurney 86004, AZClinical Psychologist1962492942
Timothy A Musty 85716, AZClinical Psychologist1962493056
Trudi Sprunck Till 86001, AZClinical Psychologist1376534263
Kris E. Kratz 85351, AZClinical Psychologist1952392755
Karo Inc Dba 85004, AZClinical Psychologist1588655336
Mri Of Arizona Inc 85021, AZClinical Psychologist1063403616
Heidi H Howard 85051, AZClinical Psychologist1558352310
Mark Allan Morton 85308, AZClinical Psychologist1023009578
Anne Linda Conser 85308, AZClinical Psychologist1437140613
Michael Forbes Warden 85051, AZClinical Psychologist1477534634
Robert Whitney 85206, AZClinical Psychologist1013998293
Stuart B Fensterheim 85204, AZClinical Psychologist1750362604
Irene G. Nathanson 85373, AZClinical Psychologist1659352573
Carol J Blankenship 85718, AZClinical Psychologist1598746323
Laboratory Corportion Of America 85711, AZClinical Psychologist1922089523
Laurie King 85122, AZClinical Psychologist1275514655
Lisa Marie Edin Browning 85206, AZClinical Psychologist1063494318
Laboratory Corporation Of America 85704, AZClinical Psychologist1720060965
Laboratory Corportion Of America 85364, AZClinical Psychologist1932181179
Laboratory Corporation Of America 85040, AZClinical Psychologist1740262880
Laboratory Corporation Of America 85712, AZClinical Psychologist1376525410
Duane F Hurst 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1730161605
David Osborne 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1033191788
Sharon L Thwing 85614, AZClinical Psychologist1598747305
Jane Caroline Loiselle 85704, AZClinical Psychologist1508848003
Robin Addell Rudic 85719, AZClinical Psychologist1235111675
Peter Loiselle 85704, AZClinical Psychologist1386626877
Alexandra L Cassidy 86313, AZClinical Psychologist1164404695
Carol Wechsler Blatter 85711, AZClinical Psychologist1295718690
Barbara Fleming-claussen 85251, AZClinical Psychologist1548243934
Patrick J Schonbachler 46580, AZClinical Psychologist1255314613
Dona Eva Locke 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1326021551
Jonathan Neil Weller 85209, AZClinical Psychologist1750364824
Komandoor Srivathsan 85054, AZClinical Psychologist1316920242
Luis R Scott 85054, AZClinical Psychologist1457334104
Kevin Scott Olin 85220, AZClinical Psychologist1043293632
Shafeeq S Ladha 85013, AZClinical Psychologist1417931767
Daniel J Bernal 85286, AZClinical Psychologist1497739684
Nisha Tung Takher 86301, AZClinical Psychologist1982688750
Darlene T Demmer 85283, AZClinical Psychologist1851375497
Roberto Hernandez Torres 86409, AZClinical Psychologist1013992221
Kathleen A Crimmins 36112, AZClinical Psychologist1134104367
John Albert Seck 85710, AZClinical Psychologist1932184041
Daniel Fallon 86301, AZClinical Psychologist1952386708
Judith Ann Ficeli 85014, AZClinical Psychologist1447235221
Sandra Alicia Barcelo-adair 32578, AZClinical Psychologist1972588614
Neil Seabern Stafford 85395, AZClinical Psychologist1649255357
Merrill R. Heslop 85242, AZClinical Psychologist1467438929
Diane R Stricker 85296, AZClinical Psychologist1659357994
James S Hernandez 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1922084904
Metanoia Counseling Pllc 85741, AZClinical Psychologist1801339353
Lake Havasu Medical Laboratory,ltd. 86403, AZClinical Psychologist1558348151
Jennifer J Bortz 85258, AZClinical Psychologist1306823810
Melanie Friedman 85205, AZClinical Psychologist1700329729
Katherine Susan Rearden 85707, AZClinical Psychologist1700863008
Evelyn Sikora 85032, AZClinical Psychologist1861958043
Win-kuang Shen 85054, AZClinical Psychologist1629055629
Nancy E. Williams 85712, AZClinical Psychologist1134106099
Michelle Mcloughlin 85707, AZClinical Psychologist1043297906
Marianne L Hutchison 85255, AZClinical Psychologist1982682829
Charlton Richard Covill 85249, AZClinical Psychologist1831177781
H2change Llc 85635, AZClinical Psychologist1104804988
Gregory Daniel Novak 86326, AZClinical Psychologist1275511156
Jennifer M Mcclure 85707, AZClinical Psychologist1447238290
Pamela G. Crookston 85247, AZClinical Psychologist1649258146
Kenneth R Geans 85247, AZClinical Psychologist1124006630
Darren F Peress 85712, AZClinical Psychologist1548248057
Frederick Thornton Boulware 85021, AZClinical Psychologist1497733174
Theresa Christine Brown 85034, AZClinical Psychologist1154309565
Melissa Dione Frodge 85707, AZClinical Psychologist1881672277
Jerrold A Winter 85718, AZClinical Psychologist1962480137
John Robert Mcgill 85034, AZClinical Psychologist1396723573
Laurie Katon 86301, AZClinical Psychologist1861470056
Marlene Belmont Sukiennik 85260, AZClinical Psychologist1588642649
Mary Jane Novi 85375, AZClinical Psychologist1013996040
Thomas Michael Brunner 85710, AZClinical Psychologist1487633244
Lana Louise Andersen 85021, AZClinical Psychologist1588643084
Suaye Anna Maria Valenti 85018, AZClinical Psychologist1356320519
Christina Lee Katen 85383, AZClinical Psychologist1508845652
Priscilla Williamson Reynolds 85741, AZClinical Psychologist1043290901
Deborah Kirk Elder 85718, AZClinical Psychologist1902886633
David A. Mcgowan 85281, AZClinical Psychologist1023098779
Judy Enos 85247, AZClinical Psychologist1053391474
Philip M James 85006, AZClinical Psychologist1982674123
Kimberly C. Obitz 85014, AZClinical Psychologist1255311486
Michelle M Ablin 85254, AZClinical Psychologist1730159344
Dhhs phs, Ihs Tucson Area, Ihs Tucson 85634, AZClinical Psychologist1457321234
Noralane M Lindor 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1205806601
Judith Ann Levin 85017, AZClinical Psychologist1275503559
Atul Syal 85351, AZClinical Psychologist1831160183
Steven Savlov 85351, AZClinical Psychologist1740251974
Dane Higgins 85395, AZClinical Psychologist1023089034
Mayo Clinic Arizona 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1528039484
Heart Center Of Northeastern Arizona, Llc 85901, AZClinical Psychologist1619948130
Edith A Yoder 85014, AZClinical Psychologist1033180575
Owen Golden 85020, AZClinical Psychologist1184696304
Heidi Joyce Blank 85707, AZClinical Psychologist1164494258
Ameripath Tucson Inc 85020, AZClinical Psychologist1073585733
Arizona Heart Institute Ltd 85006, AZClinical Psychologist1114999604
Dan Sorajja 85259, AZClinical Psychologist1770555278
Kyrieckos A Aleck 85016, AZClinical Psychologist1891767307
John L Barton 85016, AZClinical Psychologist1124091681
Lisa A Lahaie 86313, AZClinical Psychologist1568435840
Stephen Gill 86336, AZClinical Psychologist1922071307
Corey James Christopherson 85309, AZClinical Psychologist1730152596
Pamela S Klonoff Phd Pllc 85013, AZClinical Psychologist1336112093


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