Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Michael Lepkowsky 93463, CAClinical Psychologist1083617252
Abacus Business Corporation Group Inc. 90031, CAClinical Psychologist1821091067
Lee Ann Hart 90505, CAClinical Psychologist1194728204
Daniel D. Shirbroun, Phd, Inc, Psychologist 92284, CAClinical Psychologist1982607784
Orval Myron Eshelman 95032, CAClinical Psychologist1366445116
A. Joseph Salais 94598, CAClinical Psychologist1700889466
Pacific Rim Electrophysiology Medical Grp, Inc. 90033, CAClinical Psychologist1407859234
P. Gregory Guss 95616, CAClinical Psychologist1457354912
Kenneth L. Rider 94040, CAClinical Psychologist1518960061
Accupath Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1235132846
Valley Heart Physicians Medical Group, Inc 92284, CAClinical Psychologist1427051903
Veronica Donna Abney 90403, CAClinical Psychologist1437152972
Janet Jaffe 92108, CAClinical Psychologist1609879113
Robert O Butler 94952, CAClinical Psychologist1093718454
Lisa Alison Miller 93291, CAClinical Psychologist1508869959
Kathleen O'brien 95465, CAClinical Psychologist1093718413
Linda G. Waters 91403, CAClinical Psychologist1720081045
Albert A. Fam 94520, CAClinical Psychologist1891798195
Gcc Imaging, Llc 90301, CAClinical Psychologist1578566808
Judith Glickman Zevin 92660, CAClinical Psychologist1538162904
Maharlika Medical Laboratory, Inc. 93721, CAClinical Psychologist1326041690
John S Miller 95616, CAClinical Psychologist1003819566
Jerry L Plummer 95616, CAClinical Psychologist1467455923
Jacqueline Steinberg 90034, CAClinical Psychologist1811365059
Spectra Laboratories Inc 95035, CAClinical Psychologist1003810375
L. Bing Liem 94040, CAClinical Psychologist1932103827
Lynne Reed 95446, CAClinical Psychologist1811991870
Rosalyn S Eig 90024, CAClinical Psychologist1588668495
Gloria Lee Lochridge 95379, CAClinical Psychologist1477557429
Rahul Navin Doshi 90033, CAClinical Psychologist1710981766
Roxanne Halczak 95501, CAClinical Psychologist1396749230
Georgina Maria Nunez 94110, CAClinical Psychologist1104820075
Stephanie Moore 92705, CAClinical Psychologist1225032865
Erol M Kosar 90505, CAClinical Psychologist1104820927
Jean Maria Muller 90222, CAClinical Psychologist1952305823
Laihin J Cheung 94087, CAClinical Psychologist1427052018
Scantibodies Clinical Laboratory Inc 92071, CAClinical Psychologist1366446718
Vance B Becker 92660, CAClinical Psychologist1013912443
Michael Henry Foust 92705, CAClinical Psychologist1992700322
Harris Histology Services 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1003810409
Roderick Seites Hall 92118, CAClinical Psychologist1104821479
Paul M. Saxton 94611, CAClinical Psychologist1669477949
Cynthia L Crowley-hardi 95503, CAClinical Psychologist1164427472
Michael A Brodsky 92705, CAClinical Psychologist1275538423
Robert Lee Calmes 93701, CAClinical Psychologist1730184987
Walter Cruce Saunders 95135, CAClinical Psychologist1104821230
Janet B Pierucci 93117, CAClinical Psychologist1366447229
Jo Anne Golden 92708, CAClinical Psychologist1255336111
Barbara Rosen 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1740285600
George Harold Daskalos 95616, CAClinical Psychologist1780689703
Lynda Rae Ariella 91942, CAClinical Psychologist1073518965
Douglas Stephen Hyman 92014, CAClinical Psychologist1124023908
Stephanie E Williams 95631, CAClinical Psychologist1275538936
Luc Sinh Nguyen 92708, CAClinical Psychologist1720083181
Therapeutic Play Foundation 90034, CAClinical Psychologist1528435419
Christine Wong, Psyd, A Professional Corp 91711, CAClinical Psychologist1679091938
Judith Annette Milburn 92627, CAClinical Psychologist1225033186
Marina Mankikian 91105, CAClinical Psychologist1841586161
Tarzana Endocrine & Medical Group 91356, CAClinical Psychologist1205831583
Ingrid Franco 93301, CAClinical Psychologist1023598901
Roberto D Decandia 91802, CAClinical Psychologist1881699452
Duz Mor Diagnostic Lab Inc 90305, CAClinical Psychologist1881699346
James Anthony Scaramozzino 93933, CAClinical Psychologist1225033707
Vinod Chandrashekhar Patwardhan 91786, CAClinical Psychologist1114922606
Linda Elaine Menesez 93101, CAClinical Psychologist1710982202
Express Diagnostics, Inc 91403, CAClinical Psychologist1013912518
Rory G Osborne 95616, CAClinical Psychologist1568467066
Donald L. Alpert 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1437155975
Judith Alexandre 93003, CAClinical Psychologist1831195387
Adrian Harry Shandling 90720, CAClinical Psychologist1386640522
Nancy A Blum 91316, CAClinical Psychologist1265438451
Rick Wilson 90710, CAClinical Psychologist1881690972
Donna Mae Jensen 95969, CAClinical Psychologist1720084890
Joan C. Dasteel 90049, CAClinical Psychologist1043216047
Jeffery C Rose 95926, CAClinical Psychologist1609872423
Primex Clinical Laboratories Inc. 91406, CAClinical Psychologist1043216682
Redding Pathologists 96001, CAClinical Psychologist1093712689
Lawrence Arnold Sherwin 92705, CAClinical Psychologist1508863150
West Coast Pathology Laboratory Inc 94547, CAClinical Psychologist1790781110
Histopathology Reference Laboratory Inc 01 01 94 94547, CAClinical Psychologist1659377091
Santo Tomas Medical Clinic Inc. 90241, CAClinical Psychologist1700323169
Path Labs, Llc 95834, CAClinical Psychologist1710983671
Mary Jayne Sims 94612, CAClinical Psychologist1063610012
James Alvin Bartley 92501, CAClinical Psychologist1184620411
Michael J Gilewski 92354, CAClinical Psychologist1811993389
Deborah Sterling 91730, CAClinical Psychologist1609330554
Med Science Center Inc. 91203, CAClinical Psychologist1013914639
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc 95403, CAClinical Psychologist1376540518
Azita Mavandadi 92646, CAClinical Psychologist1215934468
Keitha K Mountcstle 93611, CAClinical Psychologist1972500189
Marilyn B Kirkwood 93711, CAClinical Psychologist1932106101
Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc. 95403, CAClinical Psychologist1891792875
Cameron Russell Adams 90028, CAClinical Psychologist1346247392
Helen Elizabeth Noll 92123, CAClinical Psychologist1487651154
Joseph Reese Nicolini 78332, CAClinical Psychologist1013915628
Central Coast Cardiology A Medical Corporation 93901, CAClinical Psychologist1134127541
Richard Duane Recor 92618, CAClinical Psychologist1457359812
H Dale Baumbach 95207, CAClinical Psychologist1093713349
Jung Yun Kim 90010, CAClinical Psychologist1063410397
Arkansas Medical Imaging Jv Llc 72758, CAClinical Psychologist1497127021
O. M. Custer 95640, CAClinical Psychologist1134598295
Ann-marie Stephenson 90036, CAClinical Psychologist1073511069
Avellino Lab Usa, Inc. 94025, CAClinical Psychologist1265897078
Coastal Pathology Medical Associates, Inc 95501, CAClinical Psychologist1528065679
Juan F Madrazo Torres 92121, CAClinical Psychologist1831353366
Katrice Jewelean Jackson 90002, CAClinical Psychologist1184102501
Jennifer D. Keen-kim 94070, CAClinical Psychologist1063992386
Shephal K Doshi 90404, CAClinical Psychologist1639176167
Harlan Robert Grogin 93901, CAClinical Psychologist1144228180
Carey E Laine 95959, CAClinical Psychologist1205834058
Soma Health Associates 94954, CAClinical Psychologist1962400721
Central Coast Cardiology A Medical Corporation 93940, CAClinical Psychologist1407855265
Qualium Corp. 94025, CAClinical Psychologist1265431803
Mary E. Nalick 90028, CAClinical Psychologist1427057835
Alan F. Slasor 90028, CAClinical Psychologist1952300378
Michael Hammer 92110, CAClinical Psychologist1861491292
Barbara Joanne Francis 92691, CAClinical Psychologist1487653812
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc 94954, CAClinical Psychologist1003815606
Marvin N. Kaphan 91607, CAClinical Psychologist1144229329
Raymond A Villaverde 95010, CAClinical Psychologist1033118237
West Coast Clinical Laboratories, Inc. 90503, CAClinical Psychologist1275533085
Parkview Community Hospital Medical Center 92503, CAClinical Psychologist1225038953
Dorian L Polson 92111, CAClinical Psychologist1437159001
Gary J Penn 90210, CAClinical Psychologist1902806607
Suzanne Brumer 90027, CAClinical Psychologist1346240884
Israel Benjamin Rosales 94115, CAClinical Psychologist1548260888
Elizabeth Earle Green 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1013917368
David V Daleo 90212, CAClinical Psychologist1508866781
John Leroy Brown 92335, CAClinical Psychologist1699775072
Dafna Brook 90210, CAClinical Psychologist1518967553
Michele Yvette Oster 92130, CAClinical Psychologist1295735280
Bruce L Karp 92369, CAClinical Psychologist1295735298
Scott P Sherman 92262, CAClinical Psychologist1144220146
Holly Marie Viloria 92651, CAClinical Psychologist1609876622
Inter Science Institute 90302, CAClinical Psychologist1013917020
Michael J Sullivan 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1932100807
Irving Ian Stulberg 90013, CAClinical Psychologist1750380143
Suzanne Stubblefield 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1881750693
Natalie Rose Daylami 95811, CAClinical Psychologist1699774737
Samantha Lang 92054, CAClinical Psychologist1851811020
Renee Cobos 92821, CAClinical Psychologist1801896857
Keiko Fukue 93003, CAClinical Psychologist1265802490
Angel Louise Williams 95134, CAClinical Psychologist1124519137
Rita Seiden 90292, CAClinical Psychologist1083613939
Jennifer House 94611, CAClinical Psychologist1508351206
Specialty Laboratories Inc 91355, CAClinical Psychologist1811997711
Paul Michael Mastrofrancesco 90025, CAClinical Psychologist1285100982
Karla Berenice Escamilla 92114, CAClinical Psychologist1134613946
David Duane Wood 93277, CAClinical Psychologist1386645919
Gary Douglas Hansen 93003, CAClinical Psychologist1508867649
Gregory Ernest Koch 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1730180852
Ascend Clinical, Llc 94063, CAClinical Psychologist1982606992
Suzanne Marie O'connell 90212, CAClinical Psychologist1083616023
Chester B. Howard 91101, CAClinical Psychologist1386646271
Mark Kevin Harney 93043, CAClinical Psychologist1598767386
Jennifer L Fee 92870, CAClinical Psychologist1932101326
Janis L Fiske-genest 92024, CAClinical Psychologist1780676924
Peter Mitchell Bradley 94114, CAClinical Psychologist1902808405
Paul D Zak 92262, CAClinical Psychologist1689676199
Jeffrey Bruce Elliott 93401, CAClinical Psychologist1114919263
Cynthia Marie Ward 92591, CAClinical Psychologist1609868629
Lucille Gechtman 91423, CAClinical Psychologist1417949454
Jeni-ann Kren 93612, CAClinical Psychologist1952393902
David H Silverman 94010, CAClinical Psychologist1568454742
Robert John Hohenstein 92821, CAClinical Psychologist1336131416
Sarah Annette Willoughby 91325, CAClinical Psychologist1962494161
Jan A Vitek 94610, CAClinical Psychologist1699767582
Consolidated Medical Bio analysis Inc 90630, CAClinical Psychologist1568454494
Janet R Reed-massman 92028, CAClinical Psychologist1407848229
N. Genean Dunn 92008, CAClinical Psychologist1376535955
Hearthstone Counseling Services, Inc. 95661, CAClinical Psychologist1891787644
Holly Ilfeld 95661, CAClinical Psychologist1700878550
Marilyn Kennedy 91360, CAClinical Psychologist1821080417
David Arthur Tansey 91942, CAClinical Psychologist1063404614
Robert Winston Bennett 95661, CAClinical Psychologist1790777399
Jon Richard Tabije 94103, CAClinical Psychologist1013909506
Elizabeth Ann Kebschull 90503, CAClinical Psychologist1184616674
Merced Pathology Medical Group, Inc. 95340, CAClinical Psychologist1609868199
Steven Wayne Cappiello 92055, CAClinical Psychologist1386636819
Steven Dale Solomon 92037, CAClinical Psychologist1386636777
Nicole Lee Collman 95337, CAClinical Psychologist1851383244
Sterling Pathology Med Corp 90740, CAClinical Psychologist1467444893
Northern California Cardiology Associates Medical Group Inc 95819, CAClinical Psychologist1467444711
Carol G Weiss 90254, CAClinical Psychologist1326031683
Jerry George Soucy 92647, CAClinical Psychologist1023001054
Dan Whitehead 92108, CAClinical Psychologist1952394033
Alan Lincoln 92131, CAClinical Psychologist1104819119
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CAClinical Psychologist1598758666
David K Middleton 90706, CAClinical Psychologist1255324257
Holly E Gil Khan 92879, CAClinical Psychologist1629061551
Alexandra Josephine Rogers 92808, CAClinical Psychologist1417940388
Steven Lee Brigham 91403, CAClinical Psychologist1639162472
Linda O. Folsom 92055, CAClinical Psychologist1225021926
David John Reinhardt 90808, CAClinical Psychologist1407849128
Daniel Conroy 93454, CAClinical Psychologist1578556296
Debra Blay Holmes 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1932192531
Mark A. Sherman 92054, CAClinical Psychologist1386637932
Jacqueline Lee Zimmer 92084, CAClinical Psychologist1417958927
Sterling Pathology Medical Corporation 90740, CAClinical Psychologist1255324018
Rachel Rabinor 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1780043737


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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