Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Jayne Sims 94612, CAClinical Psychologist1063610012
James Alvin Bartley 92501, CAClinical Psychologist1184620411
Juan F Madrazo Torres 92121, CAClinical Psychologist1831353366
Lindsey Machicote 10001, CAClinical Psychologist1851769889
Kristen Fitzwater 32835, CAClinical Psychologist1538529870
Eric Henderson 09834, CAClinical Psychologist1356719157
Marvin Holford 91730, CAClinical Psychologist1669885380
Karina Marie Vesco 92116, CAClinical Psychologist1902112857
Georganna R Sedlar 98027, CAClinical Psychologist1477535789
Krystal Isabel Carrillo 92113, CAClinical Psychologist1871906735
Wayne Allen Bardwell 92101, CAClinical Psychologist1366420630
Ruth Cherry 93401, CAClinical Psychologist1770568958
Summer Nipomnick 94925, CAClinical Psychologist1982130514
Elizabeth Gabrielle Drabkin 95501, CAClinical Psychologist1104800689
Brianne Mancini 90017, CAClinical Psychologist1730613241
Anette Mcgowan 92253, CAClinical Psychologist1962478479
Jessica Yim 92882, CAClinical Psychologist1326550054
Michael Joseph Molina 94533, CAClinical Psychologist1942782842
Oscar Torres 95073, CAClinical Psychologist1083157481
Phyllis Henrietta Crane 92683, CAClinical Psychologist1134183338
Nitish Badhwar 94305, CAClinical Psychologist1619928892
Linda Mau Rappaport 92656, CAClinical Psychologist1851354542
Alan Burton Schwartz 94402, CAClinical Psychologist1427019769
Stephanie Lucretia Camoroda 94601, CAClinical Psychologist1902193592
Diana Sehnal 95348, CAClinical Psychologist1275581399
Kendall Keefe 90057, CAClinical Psychologist1417413568
Bruce Yanofsky 91914, CAClinical Psychologist1669409140
Michael Anthony Jones 91977, CAClinical Psychologist1548205719
Zoe Collins 94610, CAClinical Psychologist1649200122
Raquel Dolores Muller 97223, CAClinical Psychologist1578518965
Katherine A. Hatch 94705, CAClinical Psychologist1316973316
Ernesto Caraveo 96368, CAClinical Psychologist1225178189
Mi-yeoung Jo 91403, CAClinical Psychologist1245269117
Lisa Amarant 95382, CAClinical Psychologist1619156841
Robyn Lynne Medcalf 94304, CAClinical Psychologist1447293089
Cynde Perry 92123, CAClinical Psychologist1275553083
Eric Jean Nicolas Vilain 20010, CAClinical Psychologist1275557423
George Nixon Shuler 72342, CAClinical Psychologist1790710044
Christine E Mosier 96001, CAClinical Psychologist1215950902
Maria Mola Parent 91208, CAClinical Psychologist1013929512
Jennifer Maness Dugan 90807, CAClinical Psychologist1558477851
Jennifer Jewert 92311, CAClinical Psychologist1033318316
Linda Hoover 76092, CAClinical Psychologist1518409374
Deborah Lee Fishman 94704, CAClinical Psychologist1740203363
Sulagna Chakraborty Chakraburty Saitta 90048, CAClinical Psychologist1417965831
Arthur Bowler 90035, CAClinical Psychologist1295841500
Neda Kharrazi 94305, CAClinical Psychologist1730493081
Mara Anne Capio 94304, CAClinical Psychologist1336165158
Miranda B Williams 92119, CAClinical Psychologist1720003056
Cara Halisky Bechefsky 92110, CAClinical Psychologist1205929346
Rhaelynne Scherr 92108, CAClinical Psychologist1972684769
Deborah Vandenboom 91786, CAClinical Psychologist1164509758
Kristen Yasumi Vo 90670, CAClinical Psychologist1780772855
Kameko Howells 92590, CAClinical Psychologist1487804464
Cheryl Van Der Zaag 91101, CAClinical Psychologist1578646394
Andrea Natale 78705, CAClinical Psychologist1841382421
Eileen M Kramer 92629, CAClinical Psychologist1184793119
Kristin Jean Miller 92507, CAClinical Psychologist1023104882
Violeta Jasmin Calderon 90031, CAClinical Psychologist1467963819
Natalie Marie Schramm 95404, CAClinical Psychologist1336230069
Rose Fischkes 91303, CAClinical Psychologist1518044908
Julie Goldberg 95060, CAClinical Psychologist1942390877
Janet Carrasco 91711, CAClinical Psychologist1639253909
Darryl Kenneth Moore 92108, CAClinical Psychologist1861595423
Karla Leon 91740, CAClinical Psychologist1457686248
David P. Lee 90059, CAClinical Psychologist1831298694
Michael Grant Rocco 90026, CAClinical Psychologist1801994850
Marguerite Bitonti Barder 92110, CAClinical Psychologist1598860165
Sharon Coleman Martin 95008, CAClinical Psychologist1164531885
Sarah Levoy 95032, CAClinical Psychologist1487764247
Emmanuel Santana 90255, CAClinical Psychologist1366838195
Richard Francis Ryan 87505, CAClinical Psychologist1548348063
Marjan Moinzadeh 94583, CAClinical Psychologist1366540510
Brian Anthony Kendrick 91911, CAClinical Psychologist1629150834
David John Palmer 91709, CAClinical Psychologist1053489567
Ariana Heller 94618, CAClinical Psychologist1083771612
Catherine Alexander Mahler 95476, CAClinical Psychologist1184770240
Correnda Jahna Perkins 91105, CAClinical Psychologist1538208582
Nicole Liana Prado 64067, CAClinical Psychologist1730224676
Keshia Denise Hundley 90062, CAClinical Psychologist1154464733
Evlin Abed 90033, CAClinical Psychologist1306989348
Reina Remy 92123, CAClinical Psychologist1881722817
Lukas Jaeggi 91101, CAClinical Psychologist1235257502
Julie Marie-anne Nadeau-manning 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1275609760
Christian C Ambler 94025, CAClinical Psychologist1558421255
Mark Evert Barnes 93711, CAClinical Psychologist1124172002
Holly Hartson 24012, CAClinical Psychologist1801932900
Deborah M Patterson 93726, CAClinical Psychologist1255460077
Carrie N. Dilley 91024, CAClinical Psychologist1255464756
Dana Nichole Matalon 95826, CAClinical Psychologist1154445302
Feeby Joe Wooden 92058, CAClinical Psychologist1013035252
Jason Viray 90031, CAClinical Psychologist1497872642
Thomas Kiely 94941, CAClinical Psychologist1194882886
Elizabeth Urbano 93612, CAClinical Psychologist1821141466
Ruby Delana Varela 93313, CAClinical Psychologist1073642484
Jennie Lynn Hollis 92113, CAClinical Psychologist1386711448
Guadalupe Antazo Alvarez 90017, CAClinical Psychologist1023174828
Kelley Bryan Gin 94705, CAClinical Psychologist1194870949
Marysol Lopez 90037, CAClinical Psychologist1801921481
Joan Wiley 93705, CAClinical Psychologist1609990647
Nancy Chew 90031, CAClinical Psychologist1518369099
Chloe Alexandra Gomez 90013, CAClinical Psychologist1639575707
Valentina Del Olmo 94538, CAClinical Psychologist1184792301
Peter Oppermann 94596, CAClinical Psychologist1205993367
Gary L Sunday 93726, CAClinical Psychologist1104986561
Christine Hanna 92866, CAClinical Psychologist1174665343
Jasmine Adams 90807, CAClinical Psychologist1326162561
Helen Ariz Casaclang 94533, CAClinical Psychologist1659432516
Elly Lin 94102, CAClinical Psychologist1992878342
Allison Staulcup Becwar 94607, CAClinical Psychologist1093865222
Naomi Barrie Lake 92108, CAClinical Psychologist1215084116
Paula Michele Astalis 94509, CAClinical Psychologist1558411652
Sara Alexandra Schnaitter 94605, CAClinical Psychologist1124153747
Tamazin Heher 97034, CAClinical Psychologist1477626349
Sal Nunez 94131, CAClinical Psychologist1033245352
Narcotics Prevention Association Inc 90022, CAClinical Psychologist1497882252
Elisa Padilla 91740, CAClinical Psychologist1518082064
Cheryl Malinowski 90805, CAClinical Psychologist1417022534
Kim Ann Cornish 95624, CAClinical Psychologist1922176551
Elizabeth Bergman Rahamim 85248, CAClinical Psychologist1245307180
Angelica Ramirez 93305, CAClinical Psychologist1497870166
Deborah Lee Hunt 95531, CAClinical Psychologist1730206087
Alicia Castro 93274, CAClinical Psychologist1023132180
Ana Quiroz 95401, CAClinical Psychologist1982152518
Deborah Suzanne Johnson 95458, CAClinical Psychologist1649333444
Karin Heidi Metcalf 89102, CAClinical Psychologist1710046115
Craig Howie Schweon 91101, CAClinical Psychologist1144382375
Cheryl Ann Lao Samson Ramirez 90017, CAClinical Psychologist1043349798
Jennifer Shane Calmelat 90262, CAClinical Psychologist1538290242
Elisa Antonieta Gottheil 93101, CAClinical Psychologist1427117274
Leah Andrea Welch 92121, CAClinical Psychologist1235277781
Christina Hesselbrock 93550, CAClinical Psychologist1427189232
Lauren Hekimian Diramerian 91107, CAClinical Psychologist1083743868
Flor Maria Chaidez 90017, CAClinical Psychologist1447375498
Erin Leigh Dornan-liuzzo 92626, CAClinical Psychologist1386772663
Joni Lynn Sivey 43081, CAClinical Psychologist1699892455
Heath Allen Hodge 94109, CAClinical Psychologist1093880494
Neil P Butani 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1518084854
Julie Diane Merrill 92691, CAClinical Psychologist1427341072
Christopher Leonard Cooper 92506, CAClinical Psychologist1417008673
Ross Bryan Kremsdorf 93401, CAClinical Psychologist1326175878
Carlos Alberto Canales 50266, CAClinical Psychologist1205963196
Cathy M Hammond 96740, CAClinical Psychologist1245374578
Alison Lea Whitman 90502, CAClinical Psychologist1588792907
Ivaylo Hristov 53211, CAClinical Psychologist1255405320
Sung Hea Hwang 90017, CAClinical Psychologist1104134188
Lauren Ann Szyper 90064, CAClinical Psychologist1467596122
Jeanne Jackson Raynes 92503, CAClinical Psychologist1518005081
Elisa Vartanian Lima 90815, CAClinical Psychologist1245356633
Melissa Frances Mischka 92392, CAClinical Psychologist1730496183
Diana Fuerza 94080, CAClinical Psychologist1477621316
Aracely Miron Sorrels 91001, CAClinical Psychologist1326173287
John H Robles 93535, CAClinical Psychologist1245372325
Dixie L Galapon 92020, CAClinical Psychologist1174646301
Nancy Underwood 93444, CAClinical Psychologist1376759274
Sheila A Gleason 92103, CAClinical Psychologist1366641813
Jennifer Lazarraga Del Mundo 92780, CAClinical Psychologist1245426048
Elizabeth Mary Limberg 94523, CAClinical Psychologist1215123997
Christopher A Lepage 55082, CAClinical Psychologist1588858187
Vanessa M Swier 93401, CAClinical Psychologist1619048287
Elizabeth Gong-guy 90095, CAClinical Psychologist1346464641
Eric S Frechette 91007, CAClinical Psychologist1457557910
Michael Philip Wright 90815, CAClinical Psychologist1669678835
Kathryn Mckibben Geiger 89509, CAClinical Psychologist1790982296
Mary Susan Thickstun 92113, CAClinical Psychologist1437354875
Heather Marie Lippert 92115, CAClinical Psychologist1093991663
Vivian T Lee 90015, CAClinical Psychologist1285804476
Julie Dianne Holsopple 95128, CAClinical Psychologist1609047786
Priscilla J Mcroberts 93401, CAClinical Psychologist1518137876
Barbara Ford Rosenfarb 92113, CAClinical Psychologist1447477781
Martha Merchant 94110, CAClinical Psychologist1508087552
Loi C Medvin 95404, CAClinical Psychologist1245439348
Rebecca Damon Prager 94618, CAClinical Psychologist1841499324
Krista E. Regedanz 94306, CAClinical Psychologist1548456676
Sandy Karim 91335, CAClinical Psychologist1568641207
Shannon Lynn Gomez 93906, CAClinical Psychologist1386831121
Carmelinda Mann Brewer 94118, CAClinical Psychologist1326216235
Willa Leanah Thorson 33136, CAClinical Psychologist1790959294
Calla Belkin 94704, CAClinical Psychologist1720243579
Elizabeth Pinghwa Chang 91016, CAClinical Psychologist1225292097
Anna S Davila 95117, CAClinical Psychologist1528247681
Vasana Krasaesin 93534, CAClinical Psychologist1255518338
Audrey Hill-lindsay 90266, CAClinical Psychologist1619132503
Allyson Penn 32792, CAClinical Psychologist1831647171
Diane Marie O'donnell 93727, CAClinical Psychologist1760682355
Jeannie E. Celestial 94589, CAClinical Psychologist1568663219
Napoleon Anzar 95202, CAClinical Psychologist1770606832
Ariati S Rakic 94598, CAClinical Psychologist1629262555
Lauren Logan 90028, CAClinical Psychologist1568657971
Kylie Anne Billingsley 94063, CAClinical Psychologist1326232273
Renee J Low 95816, CAClinical Psychologist1992960892
Danielle Brooks Eldred 92590, CAClinical Psychologist1881884674
Michelle Renee Palmer 92660, CAClinical Psychologist1639365018
Gabriela Parra 92832, CAClinical Psychologist1255510673
Jennifer Ann Paulson 72114, CAClinical Psychologist1639373723
William Christopher Corrado 60523, CAClinical Psychologist1629281720
Gwendolyn Lo 90703, CAClinical Psychologist1215125968
Felicia Ann Brown 92369, CAClinical Psychologist1457531378
Belen Cornejo 90822, CAClinical Psychologist1528240967
Karen Ann Jacka 95240, CAClinical Psychologist1790908788


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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