Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nancy L Goodman 80226, COClinical Psychologist1578566709
David Bonnell Hatfield 80907, COClinical Psychologist1265435424
Janet M Dodd 80237, COClinical Psychologist1215930920
Denise Eileen Wuensch 80203, COClinical Psychologist1295730463
William G Semple 80304, COClinical Psychologist1326043183
Secon Of New England Llc 01608, COClinical Psychologist1487659694
Joanna Ioannides 80230, COClinical Psychologist1285639567
Emily L Nachtrieb 80228, COClinical Psychologist1174077374
Regional Toxicology Services, Llc 98421, COClinical Psychologist1821092297
Charles Timothy Johnson 80528, COClinical Psychologist1053317198
Heart & Vascular Clinic Of Northern Colorado, P.c. 80528, COClinical Psychologist1649276536
John Thomas Svinarich 80228, COClinical Psychologist1487650388
John Jerome Kregarman 80231, COClinical Psychologist1346246956
Joseph J Librizzi 80524, COClinical Psychologist1386640555
James Jefferson Macris 80301, COClinical Psychologist1679057285
Melissa Michele Schott 80907, COClinical Psychologist1053318204
Jonathan Woodcock 80045, COClinical Psychologist1851398903
John Martin Reynolds 80521, COClinical Psychologist1144227844
Meghann Lang 80204, COClinical Psychologist1174979553
Arkansas Valley Regional Medical Center 81050, COClinical Psychologist1760489470
Mary Schroeter 80122, COClinical Psychologist1194112847
Vida Mendez 80631, COClinical Psychologist1669939187
Amy B. Crockett 80218, COClinical Psychologist1265431407
Mark Allen Scofield 81505, COClinical Psychologist1700886306
Susan Virginia Zdenek 80524, COClinical Psychologist1568462737
Lisa Backus 80260, COClinical Psychologist1558679555
Nancy Marie Lucero 80210, COClinical Psychologist1801896188
Nina Josephine Cruchon 80231, COClinical Psychologist1396280608
Monica L. Bland, Lcsw, Llc 80525, COClinical Psychologist1588183214
Lindsey Mccarthy 80122, COClinical Psychologist1912453390
Sondermind Provider Network 80210, COClinical Psychologist1760854442
Restoration Ministries, International 80222, COClinical Psychologist1235130881
Brenda Kaye Forshee 80218, COClinical Psychologist1982605283
Bonnie Lea Lancaster 80218, COClinical Psychologist1851393425
Jonathan Mark Lipson 80401, COClinical Psychologist1023010691
Peggy E. Kolschefsky 80211, COClinical Psychologist1982606596
Karen Mallah 80222, COClinical Psychologist1497757017
Kristin Vernon Helvig 80237, COClinical Psychologist1285636936
Tammera S. Alexander 80222, COClinical Psychologist1063414563
Donna J. Mahnen 80204, COClinical Psychologist1215929385
Mary M. Bourn 80913, COClinical Psychologist1649262601
Kristi W. Mock 80220, COClinical Psychologist1790777886
Reynaldo J. Lobato 80219, COClinical Psychologist1457343386
Ani S. Liggett 80020, COClinical Psychologist1750373569
Dennis Paul Kirchoff 80222, COClinical Psychologist1033101589
Thomas Duncan Sellers 80907, COClinical Psychologist1194717710
Lisa Pirnie Fiola 80222, COClinical Psychologist1114919560
Sarah Cooper Stranak 80206, COClinical Psychologist1457343774
Karen Shigemi Umemoto 80260, COClinical Psychologist1518950229
Molly Wickstrom 80045, COClinical Psychologist1437697257
Charles William Stout 81008, COClinical Psychologist1497756597
Ronald Matthew Trasky 80120, COClinical Psychologist1376536516
Georgianne Parker 80218, COClinical Psychologist1114911278
Roger A Coughlan 80525, COClinical Psychologist1356335392
Philip R Bennett 80903, COClinical Psychologist1770578908
Douglas E Funt 80112, COClinical Psychologist1649265521
Joyce Shoet Ackerman 80634, COClinical Psychologist1548255565
Kathleen Annette Lameiro-dawson 80027, COClinical Psychologist1073509501
Julie Ann Ferguson 80222, COClinical Psychologist1689660177
Nelson A Prager 80012, COClinical Psychologist1952397895
Frederick Carlton Miller 80012, COClinical Psychologist1861488702
Anita Rose Weibel 80525, COClinical Psychologist1427044254
Deborah Mary Westcott 80524, COClinical Psychologist1194711937
Sarah Ann Robillard 80913, COClinical Psychologist1447247192
Brian Charles Everitt 80914, COClinical Psychologist1518954296
Rachel Suzanne Lentz 80918, COClinical Psychologist1659368033
Colorado Springs Cardiologists, P.c. 80907, COClinical Psychologist1487641510
Michael J. Barber 80907, COClinical Psychologist1871580910
Sunil Nath 80907, COClinical Psychologist1811984776
Terri Lynn Hamblen 80220, COClinical Psychologist1265428767
Christopher Michael Webber 80134, COClinical Psychologist1386632172
Richard R Whittlesey 80528, COClinical Psychologist1063400851
Bryce Craig Willson 80113, COClinical Psychologist1518954643
Carolyn Stockwell Bartlett 80524, COClinical Psychologist1548255847
Lauren Anne Banuet 80863, COClinical Psychologist1538603394
John Harold Jorgensen 80903, COClinical Psychologist1033104740
Robert B Rottschafer 80840, COClinical Psychologist1922092261
Charles Ernest Fuenzalida 80012, COClinical Psychologist1730175688
Christopher R. Cole 80907, COClinical Psychologist1457348468
Charles A Howard 80634, COClinical Psychologist1821086398
Julia A Gregson 80108, COClinical Psychologist1659369585
Ralph Colton Wechsler 80138, COClinical Psychologist1346238367
Mitzi Hedrick Young 80524, COClinical Psychologist1013906197
Bradley F. Mcmillan 80231, COClinical Psychologist1700875762
Colorado Cardiac Alliance, Llc 80907, COClinical Psychologist1831188804
Carolyn Jean Mcinturff 80913, COClinical Psychologist1215926225
Lillian M Krow-jones 81003, COClinical Psychologist1982694949
Mark A Rush 80203, COClinical Psychologist1134119126
Cristal Lynn Cook 80907, COClinical Psychologist1508856451
Vicki Lynn Grossman 80014, COClinical Psychologist1407846934
Deborah Brill Meyers 81303, COClinical Psychologist1467442608
Michael Harvey 80913, COClinical Psychologist1407847338
Jamie Ryan Jordan 80120, COClinical Psychologist1649261520
Charles Ellsworth Franklin 80918, COClinical Psychologist1144211624
David Cristopher Benner 80304, COClinical Psychologist1538150966
Laboratory Corportion Of America 81008, COClinical Psychologist1720069347
William Culver 80538, COClinical Psychologist1598747826
Laboratory Corporation Of America 80112, COClinical Psychologist1598747651
Bohuslav Finta 80033, COClinical Psychologist1922099464
Christopher Steven Williams 80909, COClinical Psychologist1598755092
Susan E Whitten 46038, COClinical Psychologist1568450633
Jane Ellen Plattner 80214, COClinical Psychologist1497744130
Badreldin A Ibrahim 80504, COClinical Psychologist1295726453
Katie R. Kelly 80903, COClinical Psychologist1093797060
Stephanie Becker 80235, COClinical Psychologist1972977304
Robert E Pelc 80110, COClinical Psychologist1528041522
Frances H. Cosby 80222, COClinical Psychologist1629051552
Susan Stillman 80128, COClinical Psychologist1154304061
Mark Neil Faraco-hadlock 80228, COClinical Psychologist1023091782
Metabolite Laboratories, Inc. 80045, COClinical Psychologist1922081488
Janet A Lemmon 80303, COClinical Psychologist1831173384
William Staudenmaier 80206, COClinical Psychologist1376527267
Ellen Berk 80112, COClinical Psychologist1699750885
Precision Pathology Pc 80004, COClinical Psychologist1093790008
Daviana Rowe 80231, COClinical Psychologist1790761880
John Halvorson 81506, COClinical Psychologist1780660670
Esoterix, Inc 80112, COClinical Psychologist1215914585
Elinor L Bethke 81101, COClinical Psychologist1649258591
Joan E Huebl 80525, COClinical Psychologist1902884638
Laboratory Corporation Of America 80010, COClinical Psychologist1902884406
Dana Michelle Cano 80840, COClinical Psychologist1265410955
Patricia Grace Moseley 80840, COClinical Psychologist1699753004
Dale E. Bowen 81501, COClinical Psychologist1255319521
Susanne Fischer 80922, COClinical Psychologist1811975907
Kimberly Shurtleff Hartman 80907, COClinical Psychologist1669450771
Carrie Mccrudden 80211, COClinical Psychologist1881672913
Catherine Lee Johnston 80303, COClinical Psychologist1851370886
Richard Benjamin Dones 80913, COClinical Psychologist1215916689
Robert Charles Wagstaff 80903, COClinical Psychologist1326027616
Mary G Mumby-graham 80524, COClinical Psychologist1396724670
Richard C Olshock 80002, COClinical Psychologist1104805449
Charles Davies Amos 80913, COClinical Psychologist1821078908
Monument Mental Health Services 81501, COClinical Psychologist1538149497
Michael J Benziger 81401, COClinical Psychologist1538149380
Arthur Thomas Linnell 80524, COClinical Psychologist1326028903
David Dorman Robinson 80301, COClinical Psychologist1275513962
Thomas M Canfield 81401, COClinical Psychologist1942280268
John L Gustavson 81501, COClinical Psychologist1720068059
Kimberly J Miner 80110, COClinical Psychologist1386614584
John Wesley Woods 80840, COClinical Psychologist1477523686
Lloyd Paul Milton Damm 80913, COClinical Psychologist1932179058
Susan T. Strain 81008, COClinical Psychologist1386614527
Debora Kay Arrera 80134, COClinical Psychologist1407836679
Bryan M Davidson 80840, COClinical Psychologist1225015035
Sharon M Barnes Lcsw Pllc 80122, COClinical Psychologist1720496169
Thrive Therapeutic Serivces Llc 80209, COClinical Psychologist1700249968
Liesl Dawn Schneider 80913, COClinical Psychologist1104801422
Rocky Mountain Tox, Llc 80011, COClinical Psychologist1710966460
Katherine Elaine Combs 80634, COClinical Psychologist1689957979
Brian W Desantis 80910, COClinical Psychologist1861479024
Bonnie A Wilensky 80026, COClinical Psychologist1467435347
Marilyn Jean Durrant 80525, COClinical Psychologist1962486902
Anne Dizenzo 81303, COClinical Psychologist1326429267
Whitney Elizabeth Juselius 80045, COClinical Psychologist1437134202
Intermountain Pathologists Pc 81401, COClinical Psychologist1922088772
Salome N Agbim 80014, COClinical Psychologist1528038353
Center For Neurorehabilitation Services Pc 80524, COClinical Psychologist1225008816
Timothy Wayne Davis 37760, COClinical Psychologist1104896745
Laurence Kerrigan 80634, COClinical Psychologist1396715942
Carolyn Ruth Stoloff 80228, COClinical Psychologist1154391894
Mabel L Guerra 80913, COClinical Psychologist1871564138
Julie S Akiyama 80913, COClinical Psychologist1598736506
Mark G Pendleton 80301, COClinical Psychologist1992776678
Kimberly L. Kaufman 80220, COClinical Psychologist1245201839
Larry Warren Fisher 80010, COClinical Psychologist1457323818
Mary Helen Hobbs 81008, COClinical Psychologist1861464224
Curtis Wayne Morrow 80914, COClinical Psychologist1952373151
Connie Lee Oravitz 80631, COClinical Psychologist1255303665
Nancy Wonacott 47274, COClinical Psychologist1598737884
Juana Teresa Santillan 80031, COClinical Psychologist1972575959
Anne Kidd 80913, COClinical Psychologist1861464869
Caryl L Hearst 80501, COClinical Psychologist1235101007
Michael John Ott 80905, COClinical Psychologist1477525335
Jessica Ward 80222, COClinical Psychologist1063485233
Joelle Paris France 82009, COClinical Psychologist1962475269
Ruth A Higgins 80033, COClinical Psychologist1609849801
Victoria S Masih 80913, COClinical Psychologist1801869102
Mary Ladd Warner 80903, COClinical Psychologist1023081106
Herman Staudenmayer 80222, COClinical Psychologist1285607234
Laurel Eberhart 80525, COClinical Psychologist1023081080
Jeanette Susan Barzee 80914, COClinical Psychologist1730152810
Lance La Certe 80014, COClinical Psychologist1215900147
Anita S Grana 81230, COClinical Psychologist1114990884
Thomas M Rampy 80027, COClinical Psychologist1588637136
William Lewis 80222, COClinical Psychologist1063485605
Frederick Mark Fraijo 80913, COClinical Psychologist1346214863
Paul B Walker 80111, COClinical Psychologist1477527661
Blake Baker Nicholson 80631, COClinical Psychologist1891769261
Oliver Gysin 80206, COClinical Psychologist1790759843
Lanesa Denses Howard 80914, COClinical Psychologist1568436640
Carole M Crawford 81001, COClinical Psychologist1992779805
Richard E Truchses 81419, COClinical Psychologist1528032364
Robert Paul Bogenberger 80202, COClinical Psychologist1750356473
Lisa R Jacobs 80631, COClinical Psychologist1538134127
Evans Army Community Hospital 80913, COClinical Psychologist1164496873
Walter Juan Torres 80206, COClinical Psychologist1992770523
Jennifer Oikle 80104, COClinical Psychologist1508831249
Michael Hassel Craine 80220, COClinical Psychologist1780659110
Monroe Jackson Freeman 80831, COClinical Psychologist1992770754
Deborah Ann Scholz 80913, COClinical Psychologist1720054430


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