Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Anne Dutton 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1366807182
Sheri Lynn Barnett 06070, CTClinical Psychologist1912909110
Seth Robert Segall 06762, CTClinical Psychologist1902801772
Ronald Douglas Anderson 06226, CTClinical Psychologist1679578686
Michelle Bobulinski 06410, CTClinical Psychologist1346245420
United Community And Family Services, Inc. 06360, CTClinical Psychologist1558366757
David F Zita 06371, CTClinical Psychologist1841295490
Gail Helene Korrick 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1811992431
R. Timothy Kearney 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1144226390
Gary M Freudenthal 06475, CTClinical Psychologist1518963784
Jane Bouvier 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1184620437
Doris Santos-rodriguez 06450, CTClinical Psychologist1356347462
Allan Stebinger 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1497751549
Bethany Michaud 06052, CTClinical Psychologist1710983879
Gisela Sardinas 06492, CTClinical Psychologist1861498586
Richard O'connor 06039, CTClinical Psychologist1427054238
Frances Becker 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1609872225
Mark A Marieb 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1508862632
Nutmeg Counseling Services, Llc 06473, CTClinical Psychologist1215472527
Rose-ann Wanczyk-karp 06450, CTClinical Psychologist1407852569
Paul M Piccione 06109, CTClinical Psychologist1942207410
Sally Rosengren 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1912904335
Petros Tsipouras 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1699772962
Milford Medical Laboratory, Inc. 06460, CTClinical Psychologist1508863713
Sandra Lee Talley 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1528065513
Robert Muro 06051, CTClinical Psychologist1164429296
Evelyn Lasaga 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1497752547
Igor C Espittia 06226, CTClinical Psychologist1437156148
Jill R Edelman 06896, CTClinical Psychologist1811995202
Robert Phillip Tepley 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1346248200
William Knoegel 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1033117080
Neuropsychology Consultants, Llc 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1942208814
Laura J. Ginther Braun 06107, CTClinical Psychologist1083612972
Cblpath, Inc 10573, CTClinical Psychologist1205834769
Kathryn Blair, Lcsw, Llc 06489, CTClinical Psychologist1659736452
Mark D Litt 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1972501914
Richard Kaplan 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1124026067
Kathy Smith 06082, CTClinical Psychologist1326047960
Patricia A Gaupp 06117, CTClinical Psychologist1902805203
Mary D Moller 06513, CTClinical Psychologist1770582884
Connecticut Surgical Group Pc 06032, CTClinical Psychologist1326048984
Adam T Lottick 06611, CTClinical Psychologist1780683235
Kristine Stratton Burns 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1922000645
Charlotte E Wilkins 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1518959592
Lindsey Tayer Markel 10549, CTClinical Psychologist1881686673
Ellen Diane Thomas 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1447242037
John Brainerd Thomas 06107, CTClinical Psychologist1861484354
Susan Coon Howard 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1598758872
Mark A Edinberg 06825, CTClinical Psychologist1750374625
Livewell Alliance, Inc. 06479, CTClinical Psychologist1396271532
Barbara Golden 06512, CTClinical Psychologist1679567861
State Of Connecticut 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1669466561
Edwin Dej. Perry Joseph 06355, CTClinical Psychologist1457345266
Moshe Hasbani 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1225022973
Ann A Bliss 06371, CTClinical Psychologist1982698429
Arlene R Bruskin 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1629063615
Lance R Hart 06405, CTClinical Psychologist1578558573
Susan Cutillo 06702, CTClinical Psychologist1275528291
Leslie E Reis 06824, CTClinical Psychologist1982699781
Patricia K Bozeman 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1376538074
Noreen T Chapman 06259, CTClinical Psychologist1700871431
Nasima Banerjee 06010, CTClinical Psychologist1770578320
Janet M Smith 06259, CTClinical Psychologist1114913647
Richard P. Cerniglia 06320, CTClinical Psychologist1730175324
Diane Rosen 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1417943317
Ann L Stoddard 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1487641882
Judith Conway 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1174510424
Perry A Staltaro 06108, CTClinical Psychologist1811982655
Lazar John Greenfield 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1841286994
Yale University 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1205822236
Nathan Lipkind 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1659862274
Michele P. Normandin 06790, CTClinical Psychologist1952399552
Maurice J Mahoney 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1992793186
James M Mcgrath 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1609864891
Margretta R Seashore 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1144218207
Mel A. Solis 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1437148376
Bristol Hospital Multi specialty Group, Inc. 06010, CTClinical Psychologist1396734109
Barbara Whyte Moeling 06820, CTClinical Psychologist1629067392
Douglas N Williams 01089, CTClinical Psychologist1821087396
Heath Henry Hightower 06095, CTClinical Psychologist1578552626
John Skorpen 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1194714295
Stephen Lawrence 06082, CTClinical Psychologist1669462669
Joanne M Ceccarelli-egan 06032, CTClinical Psychologist1083604698
Helena Teresa Chmielowicz 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1023008588
Hui Z Zhang 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1871583344
Allen E Bale 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1992795371
Susan M Cohen 06268, CTClinical Psychologist1225028616
Sheldon M Campbell 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1770573198
Lucille T Mccue 06810, CTClinical Psychologist1689665762
Janice Owens-lane 06518, CTClinical Psychologist1215928023
Karen M Ragaisis 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1528059110
Michael Edwin Hodsdon 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1801887203
Mark J Shlomchik 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1992796387
Marie L Landry 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1174514566
Henry M Rinder 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1508857913
Diane S Krause 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1780675199
Karin Verna Nystrom 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1710978275
Richard K Donabedian 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1992796304
Andrew Ricci Jr 06102, CTClinical Psychologist1164403309
Susan E.m. Gobel 06518, CTClinical Psychologist1730160987
Ellen Catherine Denigris 06349, CTClinical Psychologist1407837610
Jasmine M Abbosh 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1609857473
Michael A Hoge 06514, CTClinical Psychologist1063493849
Bernice Gayle Mckay 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1932180718
Jason O Lee 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1760463400
Jeffrey M Factor 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1457332298
Robert M Bedard 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1003897851
Greg W. Morgan 06473, CTClinical Psychologist1073594503
Beverly Paige 06349, CTClinical Psychologist1265413512
Louis Moses Mendelson 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1104807403
Mary Harrington Tomasiewicz 06470, CTClinical Psychologist1629059910
John Hugh G Wallace 06349, CTClinical Psychologist1972585156
Lorraine E Scibek 06511, CTClinical Psychologist1205818366
Yan Yun Wu 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1275515207
Susan Marie Brown 06514, CTClinical Psychologist1013999028
Brian Richard Smith 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1982686929
Craig Alan Mendola 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1477535177
Bahman Jabbari 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1609858349
Joy B Saunders 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1205818945
Jeannette Z Mitrukiewicz 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1912989468
Jeffrey George Luddy 06702, CTClinical Psychologist1881676336
Amy Lisa Kennelly 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1659354751
Candice L Weigle-spier 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1245213487
University Of Connecticut Health Center 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1558344721
Marshall P Grodofsky 06119, CTClinical Psychologist1841271699
Rachel Lynn Grahn 12540, CTClinical Psychologist1356322069
Coryn B Clark 06269, CTClinical Psychologist1447248760
Mariana Torres-viso 06033, CTClinical Psychologist1952840761
Mark Leslie Gaynor 06510, CTClinical Psychologist1275515009
Marianne Rosa Christiano 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1952384893
Patricia Pisciotto 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1346223070
Jacquelyn A Meyer 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1811970551
Gary E Stack 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1982687463
Joann H Ahern 06810, CTClinical Psychologist1770566317
Kathryn Camizzi 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1760466957
Maureen Catherine Obrien 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1962486746
Doreen E Buttner 06010, CTClinical Psychologist1295710374
Marianne Jeanette Davies 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1285619353
Annemarie Theresa Murphy 06604, CTClinical Psychologist1043295850
Pamela M Sisson 06492, CTClinical Psychologist1770569485
Laurie Cardona Wolenski 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1366428047
Eileen L. Shekosky 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1154307668
Kathryn E Macary 06492, CTClinical Psychologist1184600603
Bonnie M Piascyk 06492, CTClinical Psychologist1669458139
Anita Sandra Galvan-henkin 06880, CTClinical Psychologist1639155062
Leslie F Dimella 06513, CTClinical Psychologist1346226222
Jack P Gesino 06518, CTClinical Psychologist1932185097
Jean Darlene Irish 06776, CTClinical Psychologist1316924160
Corinne B Ferola 06010, CTClinical Psychologist1275510539
Connie Barbara Cohen 06033, CTClinical Psychologist1831176957
Joan S. Franklin 06824, CTClinical Psychologist1215914155
Sharon Elizabeth Shea 06804, CTClinical Psychologist1164400016
Dianon Systems, Inc 06484, CTClinical Psychologist1962480608
Carol Mercer Lahan 06360, CTClinical Psychologist1285612499
Kathleen Mary Croce 06437, CTClinical Psychologist1508845439
Judith Ann Palinkas 06091, CTClinical Psychologist1750360756
Myriam Maria Cardona 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1366421240
Michelle Gabriele 06878, CTClinical Psychologist1851370522
Marie Elena Ziello 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1245219096
Scott E Hannan 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1518946037
Sharman Hinchliffe French 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1740260850
M Annette Samulowitz 06488, CTClinical Psychologist1891775888
Christopher C. Leveille 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1063492585
Michelle Nitto Leveille 06067, CTClinical Psychologist1184604381
University Of Connecticut Health Center 06032, CTClinical Psychologist1336122100
Kmg Therapy And Consulting Llc 06340, CTClinical Psychologist1760856181
Kim Novak 06424, CTClinical Psychologist1215916473
Karen Jean Salzarulo Rattan 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1356327332
Tomisha Yvon Walker 06105, CTClinical Psychologist1295168573
Carol Ruth Staugaard 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1962485425
Holly Varanelli 06098, CTClinical Psychologist1053731158
Rebecca Lynn Edwards 06457, CTClinical Psychologist1164405619
Lashell Richardson 06610, CTClinical Psychologist1225565716
Marko S Herceg 06851, CTClinical Psychologist1275519407
Susan Rubman Gold 06052, CTClinical Psychologist1992784128
University Dentists 06030, CTClinical Psychologist1427031293
Jennifer Lyn Ellis 06604, CTClinical Psychologist1326539602
Erin Medoff 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1083697536
Saleha Chaudhry 06051, CTClinical Psychologist1275097925
Steven Lurie 06759, CTClinical Psychologist1063832038
Paul D Williams 06260, CTClinical Psychologist1699745000
Melissa Grady-ambrose 06259, CTClinical Psychologist1598735854
Lisa Oransoff 06259, CTClinical Psychologist1629048988
Jane M Ferri 06260, CTClinical Psychologist1518937879
Maxine D Greenberg 06824, CTClinical Psychologist1861463846
Traci D Nix 06515, CTClinical Psychologist1710959101
Marcia E. Brubeck, Llc 06105, CTClinical Psychologist1497727887
Leslie S Swiderski 06708, CTClinical Psychologist1952373136
Susan A Rynkiewicz 06010, CTClinical Psychologist1457323511
Susan E Bender 06405, CTClinical Psychologist1346212297
Robert Joseph Hurley 06615, CTClinical Psychologist1366414237
Lawrence Anthony Vitulano 06519, CTClinical Psychologist1275506537
Priscilla B Malloy 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1932172681
Mary Anne Ferazzi 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1609849355
Dianne M Powers 06106, CTClinical Psychologist1346213006
Debra Henriette Benveniste 06241, CTClinical Psychologist1619940301
Anthony Corniello 06405, CTClinical Psychologist1255305561
Richard B Ticotsky 06405, CTClinical Psychologist1134193444
Michelle Demers 06405, CTClinical Psychologist1558335877
Laurie F Hearrin 06514, CTClinical Psychologist1386618726


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