Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Washington DC

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Washington DC:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul T. Antony 20004, DCClinical Psychologist1164425880
My Girl's Place Pllc 20020, DCClinical Psychologist1609371277
Alexa Marie Claire 20020, DCClinical Psychologist1942764436
Richard Schaengold, Md, Pc 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1386642064
Pedro Debrito 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1275531238
Donald Zuckerman 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1164420535
Shelby Cook 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1104825397
Janice Krupnick 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1164421327
Babette Wise 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1023017100
Kenneth Tercyak 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1346240173
Lisa Joan Reardon 20017, DCClinical Psychologist1598765257
Joann M Lynn 20889, DCClinical Psychologist1386646982
Priscilla Ballsun 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1699767558
Melissa Howard Fries 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1982696852
Hope Grande 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1376535088
Chahira Kozma 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1780676387
Andrea L Gropman 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1407848005
Rosemary Tofalo Bowes 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1992798656
Lewise L. Busch 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1568455202
Christina Keen 20001, DCClinical Psychologist1073026001
Kim Halback 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1770576175
Kim Keppler-noreuil 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1629063334
Maryann Foster 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1083602460
Manish H Shah 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1750372629
Hattie Anna Peterson 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1326039041
Kenneth L. Mccoy & Associates 20017, DCClinical Psychologist1649252826
Drew E Permut, Phd, Pc 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1295717312
Jennifer Mary Strang 22060, DCClinical Psychologist1598748899
Leshea Green 20019, DCClinical Psychologist1972050284
Kimberly Marie Smith 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1174507263
Nina Scribanu 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1760468474
Michael Daniel Lynch 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1881672640
Mitchell Henry Hugonnet 20004, DCClinical Psychologist1346228020
Laboratory Corporation Of America 20019, DCClinical Psychologist1033197355
Eva M Hill 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1992784888
Rose E Rice 20390, DCClinical Psychologist1437138591
Anna L Stratton 20005, DCClinical Psychologist1811976996
Janice Berry Edwards 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1457323172
Miriam E Beadle 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1669445821
Robert R Gerlits 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1528031895
Robert Lee Jenkins 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1952374696
Lisa M Rodriguez 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1477529097
Daniel W. Wilson 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1063488468
Corey J Habben 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1396711412
Rosemary Jane Gould 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1871560466
Melanie B Ness 22314, DCClinical Psychologist1821065103
Susan L Black 20032, DCClinical Psychologist1568430528
Patricia Bullard-bates 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1770551038
Philip Appel 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1891763256
Steven Alfred Wong 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1912976580
Anne Howard 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1639683659
Samantha Anne Morrell 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1598246696
Edward Stanwood Billings 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1194781401
Gregory A. Grinc 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1285682575
Robert Laureno 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1316997844
Mark Lin 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1104876713
James F. Burris 20016, DCClinical Psychologist1184676686
Kara Peters Veigas 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1891758322
Kristin Oscar Zauel 20017, DCClinical Psychologist1497708424
Campbell States 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1114382116
Audrey Ida Fried 20020, DCClinical Psychologist1558324681
Ruth Wittersgreen 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1255383618
Keltie Hawkins 20910, DCClinical Psychologist1730645094
Grace Claire Riddell 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1053367078
Marilyn Krasner Bono 20016, DCClinical Psychologist1801843347
Ana Maria Alonso 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1710924154
William Joseph Demeo 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1235178807
Celeste Anne Campbell 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1093754509
Heather Lyle Cassidy 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1427098961
Yvonne Cepero 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1306886098
Joyce L. Smith 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1689614380
Bulent Zaim Md Llc 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1073554036
Joseph Anthony Izzo 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1720029416
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1427090257
James E Savage 20012, DCClinical Psychologist1629011515
Medical Faculty Associates, Inc 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1417990581
Walter Reed Army Medical Center 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1700820297
Jacinta A. Coleman 20018, DCClinical Psychologist1710921762
Carol Joy Sheets 20420, DCClinical Psychologist1184668113
Christopher L Straley 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1831126895
Mary Cunningham Cummins 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1144259326
Washington Electrophysiology Llc 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1285663427
Jo-ann Miranda Leitch 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1093744765
Pan Zheng 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1326078544
Elizabeth B. Craig 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1003847708
Nicola M. Netto - White 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1467483172
Michael Rubin 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1376574087
Larry Goldes 20814, DCClinical Psychologist1811928096
Jon Frederickson 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1598796849
Stephanie Koenig 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1952333593
Kirsten Lynne Winters 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1366474074
Integrated Health Services D.c., Llc 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1053785907
Jihan Madyun 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1861857849
Zayd Adnan Eldadah 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1184679920
Cecilia Rowland 20020, DCClinical Psychologist1609810498
Restore Life Services, Llc 20019, DCClinical Psychologist1306376322
Efuntomiwa Aramide Adedeji 20018, DCClinical Psychologist1629585328
Bright Beginnings,inc 20001, DCClinical Psychologist1518452291
Suzanne Louise Bechard 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1093748022
Charles Richard Filson 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1134153190
Daniel Goggin 20005, DCClinical Psychologist1629001615
Gilead Fanily Services Group, Llc 20011, DCClinical Psychologist1134152135
Margaret Silverberg 20814, DCClinical Psychologist1841225448
Susan Harriet Black 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1104851765
David Haught Sheets 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1568487874
Valerie Warner Lanham 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1003831801
Walter John Hillabrant 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1003833922
Wanda Wheeler 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1174541411
Donna Oberholtzer 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1730107459
Sinead Anne Quinn 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1154340412
Cynthia Ann Rohrbeck 20815, DCClinical Psychologist1861411852
Maria Delores Nunez 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1932128634
Janna Perry 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1942221106
Margot R Aronson 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1316969298
Philip J Silverman 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1578586475
Valerie Carregal Augello 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1477576791
Helen Charlotte Epps 22203, DCClinical Psychologist1326062217
Carmen M Meyer 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1346264355
Washington Hospital Center Corp 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1407870124
Michael Kenneth West 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1477577971
Beverly Ann Jones 20012, DCClinical Psychologist1235145343
Robert B Sheavly 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1154338523
Carolyn F Cole 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1710994140
Suzanne M Goldberg 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1891702643
Molly M Jones 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1255348298
David John Kucharski 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1952319147
Jeffrey Jared Gernert 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1689683773
Medstar Georgetown Medical Center 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1730198755
Sandra Kelley 20017, DCClinical Psychologist1598775207
Samuel Antonio Gordon 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1689684888
Judith E. Wentworth 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1225049471
Washington Medical Group Pc 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1497768519
Susan Stein Elmendorf 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1184637944
Janell Marie Schweickert 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1427061233
Diana B Seasonwein 20815, DCClinical Psychologist1093828022
Kevin Dana Morton 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1124132469
James Moses Ballard 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1619081973
Tikeya M. Collins 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1932213238
Sandra J Hoffman Haight 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1629183074
Judith Ann Cornecelli 22003, DCClinical Psychologist1225142797
John F. Keiser 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1720194103
Fatu Alpha Songowa 20785, DCClinical Psychologist1891801874
Terry Josephine Hopkins 20016, DCClinical Psychologist1598788119
Jennifer Leib 20009, DCClinical Psychologist1487019527
Deborah Lynn Eason 20006, DCClinical Psychologist1790791556
Kenneth Ronald Jones 20420, DCClinical Psychologist1396850194
Crissa Parsley 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1831631878
Via Strong 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1861782435
Christopher Peter Paranicas 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1235146754
Laura Jean Winton 20016, DCClinical Psychologist1023041886
Eric Jean Nicolas Vilain 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1275557423
Renee Eileen Duricy 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1982718581
Amanda P. B. Evans 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1588185938
F.a.c.t.s.,pllc 20003, DCClinical Psychologist1477666899
Allison W. Warren 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1558378331
Jay A. Mazel 20010, DCClinical Psychologist1851308704
Orna Daniel Goldwater 20008, DCClinical Psychologist1770595852
Joana Tasi 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1275903718
Washington Psychological Center, Pc 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1801904685
Jessica Garrett 20020, DCClinical Psychologist1871601799
Vivian Irene Penelope Sheliga 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1164530960
Nancy Rochelle Meyer 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1124136916
Joshua Nathan Friedlander 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1407965296
Susan Gedatus Mareck 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1932219904
Gary Michael Gregory 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1316057375
Virginia L Crawford 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1659481604
Stacey Jennifer Pollack 20042, DCClinical Psychologist1053421099
Mary B Rooney 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1306956370
Marla Sue Brundies 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1003926072
Tram Phuong Dao 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1386756914
Andrew Kerry Wolfe 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1366554008
Benjamin Willson Swain 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1093826299
Behavioral Health And Substance Abuse Network, Inc. 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1255442323
Cameron And Company 20002, DCClinical Psychologist1790897999
Sherry Edmonds-clemons 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1639281041
Nancy Mc Cartney Pond 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1699886317
Noah Raymond Scott 22003, DCClinical Psychologist1174634851
Michael Knep 20016, DCClinical Psychologist1396856480
Mark Paul Kelly 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1407958325
Charlene R Nemetz 20037, DCClinical Psychologist1750483442
Lori Ann Cook 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1053413666
Thomas Joseph Buckley 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1780786202
Douglas M Wentz 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1073615480
Susan L Lesser 20006, DCClinical Psychologist1396848826
Mary Mcnerney Klote 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1073617452
Nikole Smalls Jones 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1144324567
Jamie Edwards Dixon 20001, DCClinical Psychologist1952405532
Beth L Altman 20006, DCClinical Psychologist1588769855
Danielle Patrice Latimore 20420, DCClinical Psychologist1134224124
Howard Mark Schulman 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1043315799
Deborah Amdur 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1285739227
Wendy Joan Zack 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1700982899
Robin Lynn Michael 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1528164027
Joanne Sevrain 20007, DCClinical Psychologist1073619599
Barbara Silbering Leiner 20307, DCClinical Psychologist1194821215
Sheila Lynne Rice 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1124125315
Melissa Marie Turner 20422, DCClinical Psychologist1437256773
Linda Sue Estes 20032, DCClinical Psychologist1619075702
Heather Lee Williams 20036, DCClinical Psychologist1629177191
Jennifer A Crumlish 20015, DCClinical Psychologist1528167004


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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