Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Delaware

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Delaware:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Joseph C Pennington 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1932102647
Rosa Maria Fernandez 19968, DEClinical Psychologist1073510319
Kathleen Anne Casey 19971, DEClinical Psychologist1215935184
Jean D Burgess 19971, DEClinical Psychologist1326045824
Megan Mcgraw 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1215936414
Christopher Ian Higginson 19716, DEClinical Psychologist1467451401
Mark P Carney 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1356340459
Yongling Bian 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1912907510
Richard Palmer 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1093715567
Maria Teresa Alonso 19810, DEClinical Psychologist1639179922
Sophia Kotliar 21921, DEClinical Psychologist1699775395
Langhorne Pathology Associates Pc 19047, DEClinical Psychologist1508866468
James Monihan 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1770583478
Doctors Pathology Services, Pa 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1972503811
Kathryn Nichols 19963, DEClinical Psychologist1336140722
Bayhealth Medical Center, Inc 19901, DEClinical Psychologist1417473935
Dawn Schatz 19709, DEClinical Psychologist1205820172
Susan White 19809, DEClinical Psychologist1811981525
Ira Wexler 19958, DEClinical Psychologist1528052131
Perrin Dunlap Smith 19963, DEClinical Psychologist1871588152
Sallie Potter Anderson 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1073500708
Nancy Gordon 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1205822970
Susan Woodward 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1164419461
Suzanne M Rouleau 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1790771632
Frederick Kurz 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1144218744
Wadia R Mulla 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1710976642
Carolyn Lee Palmer 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1780665679
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 19720, DEClinical Psychologist1710968334
Marylou Foster Biasotto 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1629050711
Courtney Breasure 19963, DEClinical Psychologist1013991306
Christiana Care Health Services Inc 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1174508410
Deborah Ann Devany 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1487632006
Janet Brown 19801, DEClinical Psychologist1043290638
Lieba T Kaplan 19946, DEClinical Psychologist1154301612
Shannon Virtue 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1629517990
Glen David Greenberg 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1336119346
Susan L Barton 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1518939271
Peter James Lamb 19967, DEClinical Psychologist1477525178
Jane Ellen Kassel 19810, DEClinical Psychologist1427017110
Frank P Malinsky 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1033180799
Henry L Weiner 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1821064775
Piamsook Angkeow 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1568439461
Donna Mower-wade 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1922079631
Raymond E Miller 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1205802188
Lauren Susan Lineback 19064, DEClinical Psychologist1366405433
Joseph Scott Petrilak 19063, DEClinical Psychologist1902860927
Stephen Michael Blumberg 19901, DEClinical Psychologist1396709440
Valerie C Marek 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1154386779
Janet Azran 19810, DEClinical Psychologist1194781740
Amy Murphree Poole 19810, DEClinical Psychologist1184680738
Kathleen Ann Dobek 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1558327759
Sonya D. Barham 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1194773309
Michelle C. Ropeter 19709, DEClinical Psychologist1265481857
Linnea Goddess 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1891745063
Allied Behavioral Health Inc 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1063462661
Barbara Briggs 19804, DEClinical Psychologist1033161658
Sylvie Martin 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1235182353
Carla Daufenbach 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1114970613
Thomas L Olson 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1568827558
Susan Getty-evans 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1710935358
Ultraflow Systems, Llc 19973, DEClinical Psychologist1720032949
Advanced Behavioral Care, Inc. 21009, DEClinical Psychologist1629024039
Richard G. Ivins 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1861439895
Pauline M. Dempsey 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1710928668
Philip Langsdorf 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1013959634
Nicole J Pimble 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1760425557
Karen Lynn Gibble 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1619910775
Richard Hong Wan Kim 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1831134170
Jennifer Lee Trolio 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1174569651
A Center For Human Development Ltd 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1174559918
Jan Stephen Cavanaugh 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1629005681
Regional Pathologists Pc 07093, DEClinical Psychologist1407885056
Kimberly E Gerardi 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1215967278
Sondra L. Satterfield 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1659301778
Christina Marie Zampitella 19711, DEClinical Psychologist1033154885
Tracy Pearson 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1942751649
Roger Kerzner 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1255385589
Gwynn Stup 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1942242664
Life Span Development Center 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1902356025
Vericare Of Pennsylvania, P.c. 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1942255765
Salvatore Seeley 19971, DEClinical Psychologist1023533296
Bethany Hawkins-parry 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1801838453
Catholic Charities Inc 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1033142617
Russell P Widder 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1336172386
Nancy Rafert 21921, DEClinical Psychologist1275566572
Mary Ciechanowski 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1184658445
Angela T. Gatta 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1063446201
Renewed Life Christian Counseling Center 19701, DEClinical Psychologist1972520534
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Lab Inc. 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1003834060
Strategic Management Initiatives 19801, DEClinical Psychologist1306867668
Sue Crichton 19810, DEClinical Psychologist1144241043
F Paul Bosco 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1306868971
Patricia A Guarriello 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1649292210
Judith Alicia Bradford 19901, DEClinical Psychologist1720001670
Michael J. Hurd 19970, DEClinical Psychologist1194749481
Linda Kuhn Creighton 21863, DEClinical Psychologist1124032529
Vanessa Haley 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1942215652
Kathryn P Harris 19958, DEClinical Psychologist1891702346
Anna Watkins Stanton 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1386651511
F.h. Everett & Associates, Inc 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1629084470
Ruth S Grulich 19711, DEClinical Psychologist1164439287
Rosa C Barnes 19966, DEClinical Psychologist1386651255
Lisa R Savage 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1902814205
Frann Salley Anderson 19804, DEClinical Psychologist1073520656
Phyllis Yvonne Dodd 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1689682387
Kelly Lovelace 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1750390514
Elizabeth Wallick 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1568471340
Deborah Alioto Miller 19939, DEClinical Psychologist1982614244
Bettina Rubin 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1952311987
Dory Zatuchni 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1083624977
Oya Alatur 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1477563393
Martha Frost 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1225048150
Helene Rudnick 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1205847142
Jewish Family Services Of Delaware 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1457362303
Mark Casagrande 19711, DEClinical Psychologist1649281338
Elizabeth A Rausch 21921, DEClinical Psychologist1497766182
Holly M. Antal 32207, DEClinical Psychologist1336150853
Timothy T. Wysocki 32207, DEClinical Psychologist1205847738
Laura L. Bailet 32207, DEClinical Psychologist1245241769
Kathleen Hughes Potter 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1881606895
E Faye Bibee Friedman 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1013929397
Lori S Bishop 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1386656676
Karen Diane Mabry 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1578676607
Maria Frangia Rayias 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1922111509
Michael W. Lankiewicz 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1982717930
Elton Grunden 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1427161728
Mary Ellen Warren 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1992818454
Kelly Ann Dobrowolski 19711, DEClinical Psychologist1063526911
John Russum 19901, DEClinical Psychologist1407961022
Lisa M Buckloh 32207, DEClinical Psychologist1811003734
Gail S Levinson 19802, DEClinical Psychologist1215043286
Amanda S. Lochrie 32207, DEClinical Psychologist1275649196
Sandra A. Dyer 19901, DEClinical Psychologist1891702304
Diana S, Cohen 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1851404594
Cade Cardiology 19958, DEClinical Psychologist1659821866
Barbara Blevins 19901, DEClinical Psychologist1356359426
Mary M. Rezac 19958, DEClinical Psychologist1962411728
Anthony R Alioto 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1134138662
Cindy L Cunningham 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1447277207
Gail L. Lewis 19945, DEClinical Psychologist1003390162
Amanda L. Montgomery 32806, DEClinical Psychologist1518076371
Christina Lanouette 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1952410508
Carol S. Bugglin 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1437268380
Mary S Dodge 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1811009954
Lisa Slade Martin 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1891807376
Bruce Glenn Kacher 19027, DEClinical Psychologist1689776726
Denise Cunha 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1942302724
Sally Huggins Johns 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1720181944
Bridge Counseling And Therapy Center, Llc 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1073616678
Traci Bolander 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1528162625
Margaret Duval 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1538263157
Rita Anne Lucey 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1962507582
Leigh Anne N Sibert 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1386749901
Roxana Rose 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1699871814
Melora L Lucas 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1891891016
Barbara P. Ridge 19707, DEClinical Psychologist1871699025
Richard J Maichle 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1568568145
Charles Joseph Lutz 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1003912056
Rebecca Frey 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1780782342
Sampson Scott Selby 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1104924273
Bruce T Kelsey 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1811095987
Robert J Davis 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1003914177
Denise Cecilia Wall 19730, DEClinical Psychologist1093814972
Timothy Frank Staniszewski 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1154420057
Priscilla H Putnam 19711, DEClinical Psychologist1497855175
Sharon E Cooper 19711, DEClinical Psychologist1083714596
Joan F Karron 19904, DEClinical Psychologist1720188246
Harmonious Mind Llc 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1205937174
Lauriece Chitwood Aguirre 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1124128301
Sarmite D. Tyus 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1699876128
John L Hollembeak 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1841391034
Dawn M Fleming 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1912008103
Jane A. Crowley 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1295826568
Louis E. Bartoshesky 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1104917483
Michael B. Bober 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1255422531
Patrick Litle 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1497847313
Rochelle A. Glidden 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1033201819
Charles I. Scott 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1609968437
Jennifer S. Pendley 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1033201868
William D. Tynan 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1669564407
Colleen Sherman 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1518059344
Karen Kim Zogheib 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1346332103
Karen W. Gripp 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1790877678
Susan M. Jackson-walker 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1124110911
Deborah L. Miller 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1861584732
David V. Sheslow 19803, DEClinical Psychologist1265524029
Janice L. Weiss 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1477646792
Janine Lee Howell-conkey 19306, DEClinical Psychologist1689767089
Dorilyn English 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1740373034
Joel A Vanini 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1942393491
Michael Richard Mccabe 19947, DEClinical Psychologist1184717621
Darin Christian Bishop 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1013001312
Kent W Johnson 19805, DEClinical Psychologist1578657102
April Lea Hickerson 19702, DEClinical Psychologist1730273087
Bonnie L Cunningham 19966, DEClinical Psychologist1275627226
Patricia A. Miripol 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1578658522
Samuel H Blumberg 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1942397955
Kelly K Bisaha 19806, DEClinical Psychologist1295823904
Rick J Galaris 19713, DEClinical Psychologist1891882775
Sherry Lynn Wenger 19808, DEClinical Psychologist1568550218


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