Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jay R Patterson 32204, FLClinical Psychologist1104829399
Joy Brakel 33040, FLClinical Psychologist1366445553
James Timothy Walsh 32204, FLClinical Psychologist1437152600
Chris J Marino 33907, FLClinical Psychologist1417950635
Lynda R. Mance 32223, FLClinical Psychologist1730182940
Integrated Regional Laboratories, Llp 33309, FLClinical Psychologist1487657573
Leo A Perez 33634, FLClinical Psychologist1366445512
Barbara E Hamann 34243, FLClinical Psychologist1891798393
Patricia Binns 33870, FLClinical Psychologist1629071055
Mary Ann Clark 34208, FLClinical Psychologist1174526578
Lifelink Foundation Inc 33606, FLClinical Psychologist1629070917
Steven M Davis 32792, FLClinical Psychologist1336142678
Michael John Ford 32308, FLClinical Psychologist1508868860
David B Rawlings 34102, FLClinical Psychologist1285636233
Shawn Rae Sorensen 34994, FLClinical Psychologist1093719064
Patricia Coccoma 33907, FLClinical Psychologist1225032295
Western Pathology Consultants, Ltd 89503, FLClinical Psychologist1770587511
Aurelio Duran 32806, FLClinical Psychologist1912901968
Roland Agcaoili Filart 32806, FLClinical Psychologist1730183781
Pavel Atanassov Guguchev 32806, FLClinical Psychologist1649274697
Total Renal Laboratories Inc 32724, FLClinical Psychologist1255335535
Douglas J Mason 34748, FLClinical Psychologist1750383006
Luis Eduardo Carrillo 33803, FLClinical Psychologist1821092370
Linda F Mascetti 33573, FLClinical Psychologist1801890348
Elena Cuenca 33150, FLClinical Psychologist1336143700
Denise Mary Rivet 32903, FLClinical Psychologist1164426557
Daniel Joseph O'neal 33612, FLClinical Psychologist1962407395
Neal J Weinreb 33065, FLClinical Psychologist1760487177
Debra Brandt 32174, FLClinical Psychologist1982609277
Claudia Sorrells Nichols 32570, FLClinical Psychologist1790780906
Penelope Marshall 34135, FLClinical Psychologist1003811878
Judith A. Friedman 33020, FLClinical Psychologist1750386694
Diane T Colonnello 33919, FLClinical Psychologist1073518973
Marilyn Margaret Cox 32308, FLClinical Psychologist1265437412
William E. Beaty 32608, FLClinical Psychologist1801891742
Christen E Guilfoyle 32792, FLClinical Psychologist1720554173
Dale A. Hicks 33549, FLClinical Psychologist1649275421
David Edward Burkhead 33308, FLClinical Psychologist1669477212
Brent Philip Kolitz 33156, FLClinical Psychologist1861497471
Suzy Lee 34135, FLClinical Psychologist1730185133
Lifestream Behavioral Center Inc 34748, FLClinical Psychologist1902802002
Juana Maria Julien 33156, FLClinical Psychologist1821094426
George Monir 32803, FLClinical Psychologist1588661136
Orbit Labs, Llc 33407, FLClinical Psychologist1982071403
Better Me Center Llc 33417, FLClinical Psychologist1366828659
Allen Sergio Mccormick 33410, FLClinical Psychologist1225035744
Richard M Luceri 33308, FLClinical Psychologist1902803067
Philip Zilo 33308, FLClinical Psychologist1316944473
Katherine Ann Lemaster 32224, FLClinical Psychologist1023015062
Jennifer Linn Hill 32168, FLClinical Psychologist1275530982
Janet Newquist Hunt 32901, FLClinical Psychologist1427055276
Daniel Nathan Weiss 33308, FLClinical Psychologist1619974342
Rosemarie Stauffer 33756, FLClinical Psychologist1881692564
Christopher James Pantzis 34236, FLClinical Psychologist1710985296
Jorge Gabriel Munoz-bustamante 33144, FLClinical Psychologist1811995236
Robin J. Traiger 33324, FLClinical Psychologist1285632612
Patricia Hartog 33486, FLClinical Psychologist1992703334
Jacki Lynn Nesbitt 32174, FLClinical Psychologist1326046335
Ferd And Gladys Alpert Jewish Family & Childrens Svc Of Plm Bch 33407, FLClinical Psychologist1841297926
Maria Elena Fields 33125, FLClinical Psychologist1679571301
Frank Joseph Kudlo 33030, FLClinical Psychologist1982601217
Bonnie Russo 34950, FLClinical Psychologist1366922288
Linda M Dwinell 32303, FLClinical Psychologist1265431985
Paul Modesto, Ph.d.,p.a. 33487, FLClinical Psychologist1780683409
Susan Janine Shapiro 32701, FLClinical Psychologist1942209598
Phyllis June Russo 34134, FLClinical Psychologist1932108586
Albert Zbik 33143, FLClinical Psychologist1508865072
Sharon F. Pell 32905, FLClinical Psychologist1336148691
Harry D Krop 32601, FLClinical Psychologist1609875889
William G Roth 34285, FLClinical Psychologist1124027362
Laura Sharon Durant 34787, FLClinical Psychologist1205835444
Bonnie Slade 32905, FLClinical Psychologist1477552743
Andrea Levinson 32080, FLClinical Psychologist1205835295
Unilab Of Dade Inc 33312, FLClinical Psychologist1922007947
Linda Abeles 32601, FLClinical Psychologist1386644946
William E. Riebsame 32905, FLClinical Psychologist1215937826
Lawrence A Silver 34655, FLClinical Psychologist1598765133
Ellen Frances Price 33433, FLClinical Psychologist1235139650
Helen E. Schuster 33156, FLClinical Psychologist1922008341
Daniel E Rieders 34471, FLClinical Psychologist1114927449
Kenneth Michael Rothman 33477, FLClinical Psychologist1134129307
Electrophysiology Consultants Inc 33410, FLClinical Psychologist1730189788
James Lewis Davidson 32503, FLClinical Psychologist1205836277
Randi Most 32224, FLClinical Psychologist1255331237
William Mustelier 33133, FLClinical Psychologist1669473682
Paola Saenz 32820, FLClinical Psychologist1356717847
Jeannine Louise Everett 33907, FLClinical Psychologist1083614952
Jessica R Myers 32536, FLClinical Psychologist1275074064
Kristen Fitzwater 32835, FLClinical Psychologist1538529870
Sumit Verma 32501, FLClinical Psychologist1225038557
Valerie Barber 32503, FLClinical Psychologist1043210008
Victoria Azrin Besalel 33308, FLClinical Psychologist1376544007
Marylou Hughes 34982, FLClinical Psychologist1861493512
Susan C Reeder 34452, FLClinical Psychologist1992706642
Joseph Andrew Milisitz 33486, FLClinical Psychologist1104827864
Leslie A Benda 32503, FLClinical Psychologist1639170327
Mark T Lang 33312, FLClinical Psychologist1689675290
Geoffrey Kanter 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1780685057
Ronald C Yarbrough 32504, FLClinical Psychologist1376544684
Valerie Kolbert Arnp Pa 33431, FLClinical Psychologist1952302283
Tamara Lynn Martin 32608, FLClinical Psychologist1699776070
Marcia Z Cherniachovsky 33321, FLClinical Psychologist1174524375
Linda L Ritter 34102, FLClinical Psychologist1639170798
James Robert Spencer 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1013919042
Richard Martin Reiter 33431, FLClinical Psychologist1396747317
Vincent A. Caruso 34711, FLClinical Psychologist1467454140
Christine Barbara Herman 32174, FLClinical Psychologist1538161211
Walter R. Hepp 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1275535817
Integrative Health Psychology Pa 32765, FLClinical Psychologist1457353930
Glenda S. Clark 33609, FLClinical Psychologist1144212374
Robert A Luke 32216, FLClinical Psychologist1992707327
Eileen Nancy Frankland 33304, FLClinical Psychologist1861484941
Louis Francis Damis 32765, FLClinical Psychologist1831181817
Jennie Lynne Robb 34202, FLClinical Psychologist1336131945
Eileen Gustafson 33647, FLClinical Psychologist1477545846
Elizabeth Ann Tickle 32501, FLClinical Psychologist1124010467
Dilip Job Mathew 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1306839683
Sandra Joyce Billings 33825, FLClinical Psychologist1821081084
Bruce Ivan Kristol 32217, FLClinical Psychologist1922091198
Mary Anna Hovey 32607, FLClinical Psychologist1982697082
Specialty Laboratories, Inc. 78210, FLClinical Psychologist1659364784
Edna D. Gordon 34236, FLClinical Psychologist1932192762
T. Franks Enterprises, Llc 32819, FLClinical Psychologist1679955918
Satish R Goel 32256, FLClinical Psychologist1932101334
Amanda Scott 32763, FLClinical Psychologist1578928362
Elizabeth Ruegg 34668, FLClinical Psychologist1437142155
Dorothy Benson Mcgown 32608, FLClinical Psychologist1225021744
Donna Ellzey Dillon 34207, FLClinical Psychologist1497757926
Anita Sue Teague 32967, FLClinical Psychologist1225527245
Economy Laboratory Llc 32935, FLClinical Psychologist1831698851
Jennifer S. Land 32609, FLClinical Psychologist1790778934
Patrick W Gorman 32792, FLClinical Psychologist1205838935
Vicki Suzanne Klein 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1164415592
Ira Grann 32073, FLClinical Psychologist1114911443
Michael E. Fishback 33621, FLClinical Psychologist1275527533
Patricia Jean Kolanko-brown 33621, FLClinical Psychologist1699769810
Nancy Parsons 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1770577843
Jason Paul Tausek 32542, FLClinical Psychologist1528052313
David Michael Williams 34237, FLClinical Psychologist1386638955
Peter Joseph Trambley 32542, FLClinical Psychologist1932193570
Sunrise Clinical Laboratory 33952, FLClinical Psychologist1447244959
Vanessa L Hale 33621, FLClinical Psychologist1376537886
James D. Whitworth 32542, FLClinical Psychologist1447245931
Phillip V Carracher 33952, FLClinical Psychologist1336134717
Anita Louise Lenas Lcsw Inc 33710, FLClinical Psychologist1437144805
Greensboro Pathology, Llc 27408, FLClinical Psychologist1952396202
Sondra Adele Long 32925, FLClinical Psychologist1871588178
Rmg Art Laboratory 33617, FLClinical Psychologist1083609127
Larry Paul Harman 34231, FLClinical Psychologist1992790083
Myles L Cooley 33410, FLClinical Psychologist1326033473
Kathy Monson 32503, FLClinical Psychologist1881689768
David James Hobbs 34209, FLClinical Psychologist1023003886
Debra Donnalley 32514, FLClinical Psychologist1972598746
Jill Turner Schechter 34236, FLClinical Psychologist1740275544
Linda K Erickson 34239, FLClinical Psychologist1821083643
Sharon Berry 32507, FLClinical Psychologist1760478309
Janet S Davis 32514, FLClinical Psychologist1750377396
Larry Davis 32501, FLClinical Psychologist1578559118
Ann Lewis 32501, FLClinical Psychologist1558357194
Erasmo A. Passaro 33704, FLClinical Psychologist1972599439
Joan P Miller 33432, FLClinical Psychologist1255327672
Laura C. Hohnecker 33351, FLClinical Psychologist1902892300
Ginny Berg 33304, FLClinical Psychologist1306832449
Patricia Ann Torre 32542, FLClinical Psychologist1477549319
David Shaw 33458, FLClinical Psychologist1497741284
Roberta G Bennett 34655, FLClinical Psychologist1942297544
James Marvin Moore 32162, FLClinical Psychologist1134116544
Mary Maldonado-bermudez 33015, FLClinical Psychologist1689661159
Molly C Grossman 33950, FLClinical Psychologist1265429682
Albert Cohen 33484, FLClinical Psychologist1740277128
Robert Allen Gillham 32224, FLClinical Psychologist1285621573
Daryl Lynn Millman 32960, FLClinical Psychologist1316934607
Sharon Debra Roseman 33304, FLClinical Psychologist1003803362
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc 33612, FLClinical Psychologist1306833595
Patricia G Lurie 33314, FLClinical Psychologist1043207145
Rosabelle Laplace Leifer 33406, FLClinical Psychologist1407843493
Laura A Cohen 33312, FLClinical Psychologist1730176892
Robert Henry Brick 33484, FLClinical Psychologist1174510176
Anthony Michael Hassan 33621, FLClinical Psychologist1306833140
Ann Plauche Lirette 32405, FLClinical Psychologist1922095744
Jose L Baez-escudero 33331, FLClinical Psychologist1497742225
Beth B Page 32204, FLClinical Psychologist1538157375
Diane M La Corte 33067, FLClinical Psychologist1740278340
Warren Kyprie 33437, FLClinical Psychologist1144218645
Gerarda Desanto 33321, FLClinical Psychologist1124016621
Adam Feder 33067, FLClinical Psychologist1033107537
Gaye Gompers 33176, FLClinical Psychologist1134117658
Alex Azan 33176, FLClinical Psychologist1821086349
Patricia Ann Sheck 33813, FLClinical Psychologist1841285186
Scott J Pollak 32803, FLClinical Psychologist1629062245
Deborah Hernandez Bisbal 32832, FLClinical Psychologist1295119840
Gad A Silberman 32308, FLClinical Psychologist1598752412
Donna Kent 33830, FLClinical Psychologist1346237716
Katherine Leventhal 34654, FLClinical Psychologist1780057414
Susana Leal-khouri 33149, FLClinical Psychologist1871589168
Elizabeth B. Haiman, Lcsw, Corp 32401, FLClinical Psychologist1073967881
Warren J Sandler 33433, FLClinical Psychologist1316934474
Jennifer June Masino 32580, FLClinical Psychologist1306830120
Sara Marie Rutan 33511, FLClinical Psychologist1841287877
Lab Stop Usa, Inc 34953, FLClinical Psychologist1689161051


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