Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Georgia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Georgia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Carlton D Haggard 30080, GAClinical Psychologist1083617351
Constance Stapleton 30907, GAClinical Psychologist1720080872
Janice Marie Wiley 30030, GAClinical Psychologist1871597757
Total Renal Laboratories Inc 32724, GAClinical Psychologist1255335535
Thomas Francis Deering 30309, GAClinical Psychologist1932104239
Piedmont Cardiac Disease Specialists, Pc 30309, GAClinical Psychologist1770588824
John R Reeves 31098, GAClinical Psychologist1568467751
Julie Shortridge 30040, GAClinical Psychologist1609871631
Marnette Ann Bender 30030, GAClinical Psychologist1962408294
Georgia Dermatopathology Associates 30307, GAClinical Psychologist1235135252
Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc 21702, GAClinical Psychologist1982600771
Angela Marquis Sims 31901, GAClinical Psychologist1225034846
Charles A. Mcaleer 31405, GAClinical Psychologist1790782787
Eugene D. Swenson 31405, GAClinical Psychologist1518964519
Alice G. Noel 31061, GAClinical Psychologist1952308983
Connis Norwood 30040, GAClinical Psychologist1962400606
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital 31701, GAClinical Psychologist1699773077
Neal A Cohen 30076, GAClinical Psychologist1043218993
Beth Ellen Wilkinson 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1184623811
Thomas E Berger 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1083613723
Mark List Cohen 30309, GAClinical Psychologist1811996481
Velma Jean Wilson 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1275532848
Meryl Lyn Delena 31409, GAClinical Psychologist1194724781
Joseph Melton Bird 30905, GAClinical Psychologist1083613665
Sharon Lynn Bullard 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1497754840
Terri Mcgowan 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1386643591
Linda Heywood 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1851390074
Mary Fulp-pye 31602, GAClinical Psychologist1003816935
Rose S Mullice 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1427058072
Carey Pilot Sawyer 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1841290442
Janis Dawn Buffaloe 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1396745667
Charlene Smiley Crafton 30311, GAClinical Psychologist1457351470
Christopher Awosika 30034, GAClinical Psychologist1386016301
Karen Lee Emenheiser 31324, GAClinical Psychologist1720088222
Finan Dermatopathology Laboratory, P.c. 30328, GAClinical Psychologist1497755649
Stephen Peyton Prater 30533, GAClinical Psychologist1821097296
Redman Counseling, Llc 30040, GAClinical Psychologist1225566151
Jennifer Ann Feldman 29203, GAClinical Psychologist1407855182
Katherine Cynthia Thyne 30030, GAClinical Psychologist1194726968
Phyllis Waddell Murray 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1306847033
Debbie Dunbar 30168, GAClinical Psychologist1073514725
Paul Zitowitz 30571, GAClinical Psychologist1467453795
Nancy D'abadie Lenton 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1376544890
Karen Casey 78756, GAClinical Psychologist1609877042
Patricia Britt 78756, GAClinical Psychologist1083615413
Courtney Parr 78759, GAClinical Psychologist1770585234
Linda Rae Towry 31098, GAClinical Psychologist1225020209
Fraine Thomas Fledderman 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1457344749
Roger Earl Enfield 31907, GAClinical Psychologist1578556668
John Calvin Parmer 31907, GAClinical Psychologist1417940511
Glenda S. Boyd 30263, GAClinical Psychologist1992798938
Richard Charles Toye 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1992798946
Paul Andrew Walters 30909, GAClinical Psychologist1477546190
Alere Genetics, Inc. 27514, GAClinical Psychologist1669465399
Eugene Herrington 30318, GAClinical Psychologist1427059856
Neuraxis Monitoring, Llc 31401, GAClinical Psychologist1336504224
Amanda Kathryn Klosky 30309, GAClinical Psychologist1487646287
Sue Anne Irene Brewer 31520, GAClinical Psychologist1215920822
Metametrix Inc 30096, GAClinical Psychologist1427041888
Jennifer Cecilia Vieira 30303, GAClinical Psychologist1790779817
Ann Marie Clark 30008, GAClinical Psychologist1730173659
Jane F Weilenman, Phd, Llc 31410, GAClinical Psychologist1235123910
Beth Rudegeair 30329, GAClinical Psychologist1669466157
Joyce Ann Mclendon 30326, GAClinical Psychologist1841285285
Stacie E Fitzgerald 30309, GAClinical Psychologist1205821188
Kamieka O. S. Gabriel 30344, GAClinical Psychologist1336134121
Vicki M Leopold 30215, GAClinical Psychologist1689660235
Cowles Clinic Services, Llc 30642, GAClinical Psychologist1669468054
David Crawford Strain 31201, GAClinical Psychologist1306832647
Niraj Sharma 30045, GAClinical Psychologist1013903293
H Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Life Time Cancer Scrn Ctr Inc 33612, GAClinical Psychologist1306833595
Michael John Sharkey 31021, GAClinical Psychologist1417941964
Kent R. Nilsson 30606, GAClinical Psychologist1619965381
Helise Sheri Sandborn 30328, GAClinical Psychologist1699762013
Elizabeth Brannen Brock 31405, GAClinical Psychologist1881682599
Dixie Lynn Carter 30705, GAClinical Psychologist1841549540
David A. Wilson 30046, GAClinical Psychologist1265428445
Teresa L Walker 31701, GAClinical Psychologist1831673185
Kim Keppler-noreuil 20010, GAClinical Psychologist1629063334
Mary G James 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1700874963
Paul J. Cardozo 30606, GAClinical Psychologist1497743512
Barbara Tippins Embry 31098, GAClinical Psychologist1063400083
Marilyn Anne Vickers 30606, GAClinical Psychologist1093704975
Dwight M. Battle 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1891784609
Bernard Higgins Robinson 31406, GAClinical Psychologist1811986342
Larry Thomas Duncan 31701, GAClinical Psychologist1437148988
Cumberland Lifespan Consultants, P.c. 30068, GAClinical Psychologist1780673152
Thomas L Weaver 30068, GAClinical Psychologist1235128323
Edgar Habeck 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1861481087
Samuel J Gold 30189, GAClinical Psychologist1295725208
Gary Michael Sussman 30330, GAClinical Psychologist1669461646
Judith Loudon Derriso 31217, GAClinical Psychologist1437148426
Ellen Taylor Yankee 30033, GAClinical Psychologist1720078744
Elizabeth M. Schilling 32207, GAClinical Psychologist1831189760
Keith Edward Wheeler 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1063402915
Adam M Lesser 30360, GAClinical Psychologist1447240288
Robert J Daniell 30330, GAClinical Psychologist1346230208
Michael Wayne Brooks 30310, GAClinical Psychologist1174513089
Merri Barton Slick 30330, GAClinical Psychologist1396735932
Robin Reeves-oppenheim 30188, GAClinical Psychologist1548250616
Out of the Box Solutions, Inc. 30188, GAClinical Psychologist1154311223
Theodore Michael Goetz 30606, GAClinical Psychologist1669463766
Nicholas Hume 30068, GAClinical Psychologist1699766568
Nicholas Hume Phd Pc 30068, GAClinical Psychologist1508857475
Gayle Dean Reser 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1942291620
Carol R Cohen 30188, GAClinical Psychologist1053392993
Gary Lynn Tester 30720, GAClinical Psychologist1639150584
Charles Edwin Tift 31313, GAClinical Psychologist1194706887
Maria C Jorgensen 30281, GAClinical Psychologist1235110800
Tina Marie Caudill 30134, GAClinical Psychologist1336120930
Paul W Schenk 30084, GAClinical Psychologist1831171065
Taren Lazzari 30046, GAClinical Psychologist1679555874
Jennifer Cook 30067, GAClinical Psychologist1114909306
Edward A Dipreta 31520, GAClinical Psychologist1689656720
Claudia Crenshaw 30030, GAClinical Psychologist1366424566
Karen Greenhood 30067, GAClinical Psychologist1063494268
Namita Patel 30120, GAClinical Psychologist1205818044
David M Clark 30901, GAClinical Psychologist1225010754
John Calvin Whitley 30909, GAClinical Psychologist1184607483
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 31520, GAClinical Psychologist1295718476
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 30240, GAClinical Psychologist1831172014
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 30033, GAClinical Psychologist1821071002
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 30040, GAClinical Psychologist1467435644
Larry Benion Miller 31098, GAClinical Psychologist1952384083
Darryl Dhaw Hodson 31088, GAClinical Psychologist1871583351
Faisal Merchant 30308, GAClinical Psychologist1336130699
Linda A Dunaway 28405, GAClinical Psychologist1326020553
Sidney P Smith Md Pc 31419, GAClinical Psychologist1427039254
Vernell Rene' Flood 30052, GAClinical Psychologist1871584888
Lillie Burnett 30115, GAClinical Psychologist1821070020
Melanie Storrusten 30345, GAClinical Psychologist1538518014
Jacqueline Fross 30060, GAClinical Psychologist1386633352
Rhonda L. Somerhiser 31098, GAClinical Psychologist1619968138
Wendy Lee Vello 30809, GAClinical Psychologist1699756817
Denise Carol Powers 30165, GAClinical Psychologist1700877503
Plamen P Todorow 30701, GAClinical Psychologist1497736045
Anshul Mahendra Patel 30342, GAClinical Psychologist1295725463
Randolph D Cooke 30905, GAClinical Psychologist1861475899
Nancy Elaine Weingartner 31699, GAClinical Psychologist1144204678
Alfonso Martinez 30269, GAClinical Psychologist1316920952
Laboratory Corporation Of America 31602, GAClinical Psychologist1174507628
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 30084, GAClinical Psychologist1528042074
Donald Cooper Watkins 30022, GAClinical Psychologist1407830722
Papp Clinic 30263, GAClinical Psychologist1336123736
Ann S Priddy 31707, GAClinical Psychologist1982688198
Judy Lynne Fish 30269, GAClinical Psychologist1114901295
Ramona Taylor White 30068, GAClinical Psychologist1275517989
Grover L. Bailey 31792, GAClinical Psychologist1861477457
James Lewis Vinson 31021, GAClinical Psychologist1700861143
Keith Monroe 30904, GAClinical Psychologist1285619502
Latorja J O'bryant 30904, GAClinical Psychologist1326023409
Debra A Thomas 30906, GAClinical Psychologist1164407268
Jennifer Cassiel Holmes 31021, GAClinical Psychologist1639154636
Jennifer Hester Freeman 31021, GAClinical Psychologist1023093093
Helen Barnes Vantine 30060, GAClinical Psychologist1003892738
Charles A. Dillion 30319, GAClinical Psychologist1336126507
Nancy C Weisman 30060, GAClinical Psychologist1861479925
Theresa Tucker Steele 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1144208745
Amy Hendry Blueitt 31701, GAClinical Psychologist1568440964
Erika Ann Baube 30033, GAClinical Psychologist1134107501
Atlanta Dermatopathology & Pathology Associates 30349, GAClinical Psychologist1699753913
Debora K Boyle Borkowski 30236, GAClinical Psychologist1154309128
Claudia Demme Pluta 30005, GAClinical Psychologist1255319257
John Scott Baranchok 30161, GAClinical Psychologist1578542510
Michael Damien Rodriguez 30106, GAClinical Psychologist1063491991
Rebecca Leigh Sizemore 30060, GAClinical Psychologist1215916150
Daniel J. Kaeck 31792, GAClinical Psychologist1194704031
Amanda Ellis Smith 31204, GAClinical Psychologist1669451423
Emory University 30033, GAClinical Psychologist1073592747
Rachel Ann Mathews 30033, GAClinical Psychologist1699754465
Colleen L Hagan 30067, GAClinical Psychologist1295714442
Matt F Butryn 30606, GAClinical Psychologist1639158868
Ivy J Mallisham 31909, GAClinical Psychologist1689653743
Adriana Lorena Flores 30034, GAClinical Psychologist1093795791
Jeffrey Lee Jennings 31406, GAClinical Psychologist1740260256
Brenda Denyse Mobley 45402, GAClinical Psychologist1144200494
Diana Evans Berman 30269, GAClinical Psychologist1205816444
Susan C Litton 30033, GAClinical Psychologist1801876149
Don Hughey 30034, GAClinical Psychologist1912977810
Lasundra Walker Hursey 31409, GAClinical Psychologist1639159130
Brielle Rebekah Gould 30342, GAClinical Psychologist1427430701
Suzan Yvette Neal 30309, GAClinical Psychologist1386622009
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 30224, GAClinical Psychologist1851379176
Lifesource Of North Carolina 23226, GAClinical Psychologist1114419124
Yedatore S. Venkatesh 29203, GAClinical Psychologist1851379408
Marlene Belmont Sukiennik 85260, GAClinical Psychologist1588642649
Adrienne Moberg 30040, GAClinical Psychologist1457820565
Arlene Georgia Gallan 28403, GAClinical Psychologist1215917455
Jonathan J. Pearlstein 30143, GAClinical Psychologist1871563403
Christopher Settel 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1508836156
Susan Shackelford Spencer 30075, GAClinical Psychologist1518937861
Mary Kathryn Aranda 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1316917636
Michelle Gershon 30004, GAClinical Psychologist1366413577
Tara Ford 31314, GAClinical Psychologist1689645889
Ross Burggraf 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1487625752
Janice Tuck Callaway 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1083685051
Ian James Halstead 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1972574895
Mary Frances Torres 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1811968738
Amanda Lee Hawes 30014, GAClinical Psychologist1962473801
Judith Salmon 30601, GAClinical Psychologist1649241423


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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