Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Hawaii

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Hawaii:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rick J. Long 96793, HIClinical Psychologist1245233477
Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1215930987
Allen Novak 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1174528509
Gary Weisman 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1134126972
Amanda S. Armstrong 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1033103379
Kimberly Finney 96853, HIClinical Psychologist1154316115
Adam B Kanis 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1174518955
Kathleen Marianne Mcnamara 96793, HIClinical Psychologist1790772093
Jane S.r. Fisher 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1902894140
Scott Loucks Johnston 96860, HIClinical Psychologist1235128570
Mark Allen Martello 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1629068622
Stewart M Choi 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1669462685
Catherine Manuel Macdonald 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1922098847
Brenda H Edmonds 96857, HIClinical Psychologist1154311850
Pandy Ching 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1588654065
Thomas Jay Evans 96860, HIClinical Psychologist1669462396
Stan F. Whitsett 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1972594034
Jeffrey Peter Stolrow 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1851382576
Kesha Diodato 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1598756983
Karen Sue Bayard 96707, HIClinical Psychologist1174514426
Douglas Akira Umetsu 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1346221488
Patrick Clyde Debusca 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1528049038
Pamela Grace Peros 96857, HIClinical Psychologist1336120617
Howard Timothy Baldwin 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1083697387
Mark Scott Verschell 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1790776664
James Slobodzien 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1750371670
Elham M. Williams 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1861475766
Suzi Kiss 96826, HIClinical Psychologist1750364527
Scott Anthony O'neal 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1659354496
Michael Bridge 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1063495638
Wendy H Devault 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1245214113
Keith Donald Washington 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1750367330
Chad Grills 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1255317798
Harvey Dean Leighnor 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1699751875
Dyan M Kiyuna-uchida 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1659357853
Colette M Perreault 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1144206152
Annemarie Bonville 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1912983958
Susan Joy Anderson 96786, HIClinical Psychologist1811973746
Kathleen Ann Kreinik 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1659358497
Edward Athur Mersereau 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1376520890
Christine Piper 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1033196621
Elaine Marie Maher 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1629055975
David Shanon Weiss 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1063491793
Warren Aoki 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1669451043
Barbara Jean Johnson 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1164401402
William Kalani Mills 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1871572131
Howard Lawrence Reyes 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1386623650
Adeline Ong 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1780663831
Linda Rivera 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1285614180
Kara Elizabeth Yano 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1861462863
Peggy C Murphy 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1295714913
Steven J Chelminiak 96743, HIClinical Psychologist1952381337
Teresa D. Ross 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1326025131
Tina Marie Clement 98431, HIClinical Psychologist1528043270
Geoffrey Chung 96860, HIClinical Psychologist1366412108
Victor Herman Voth 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1710958079
Ben Lee Clark 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1780656322
Nancy Dale Ruffin 96707, HIClinical Psychologist1336113836
Sara Marianna Lightner 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1598730194
David Leon Bevett 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1710951439
Clinical Laboratories Of Hawaii Llp 96706, HIClinical Psychologist1134195357
Jeanne Swickard Hoffman 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1952379844
Steven Edward Geller 96761, HIClinical Psychologist1497724090
Laura Lee Gregory 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1992774541
Victoria Lynn Carman 96793, HIClinical Psychologist1033188511
Alvin Louis Wong 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1528037900
Irving C. Chun 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1942269105
Lisa Hancock Gomes 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1184684409
Barbara L George 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1104886415
Kenneth A Delano 96706, HIClinical Psychologist1215900576
Julia Ann Joyce 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1356818595
Janice Westlund Bryan 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1861453839
Melanie Gottlieb 96789, HIClinical Psychologist1366403214
Julie Miller 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1639130214
Ruby F Igarashi 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1205890100
Steven Mamoru Miyake 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1366406282
Andrea Kumura 96797, HIClinical Psychologist1962467340
James Farthing Efstation 96755, HIClinical Psychologist1104881283
Matthew P. Gregory 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1427014968
Terry Ann Kaniaupio 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1104882398
Anthony J Mauro 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1043277080
Carolyn Wihera Gilessummerville 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1811955891
Glen Prives Corlin 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1831147131
Nadine Shigezawa 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1457300337
Richard B. Deleon 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1912956475
Mary Michels Mceldowney 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1396795282
Cole Lew 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1003866906
Louise Thomas 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1912957812
Robert J Porter 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1184674079
Andrew Dahlburg 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1790735629
Antonio Gino 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1679523153
Erin Iwalani Castillo 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1710938469
Hale Akamine 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1508819053
Brenda Joyce Andrieu 96706, HIClinical Psychologist1114970605
Mary Lai Ung Dang 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1396798286
Kristina Ann Pikunas 96815, HIClinical Psychologist1376597047
Jill M Oliveira Gray 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1609832401
Kathleen J Gorman 54814, HIClinical Psychologist1063461168
Don Mitsuo Hashimoto 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1649224841
Barbara Alzora Rutter 96744, HIClinical Psychologist1669426136
James O'connor 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1366496234
Robert A Wolf 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1396799201
Jeffrey J Gedney 96727, HIClinical Psychologist1598710451
Aaron Scot Kaplan 96815, HIClinical Psychologist1386699817
Jeffrey Winston Cumes 96750, HIClinical Psychologist1215982616
Sheri Sloggett Shanks 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1962457317
Dan Baram 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1174578397
Barbara B Sloggett 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1508811613
Gary Joseph Malinoski 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1881649044
Carolyn Imura 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1568418366
Rachelle Hansen 96786, HIClinical Psychologist1316993553
Melissa R Lindsay 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1316994387
Marielis Jepson 96753, HIClinical Psychologist1396792966
Rose M. Clute 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1407803059
Ewa S Stamper 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1891742474
Mark G. Ansel 96755, HIClinical Psychologist1649227992
Lucille Carstens 96740, HIClinical Psychologist1811935422
Maribi Pasion Rondero Evborokhai 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1740220136
Jean Adair-leland 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1952341224
Christina Kent 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1336189307
Tammie A Kim 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1821038506
Margaret S Hill 96744, HIClinical Psychologist1750322814
Geropsychology Associates, Llc 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1841232030
Sharon Keiko Usagawa 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1245273788
Marcia Tsue Horiuchi 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1689617391
Alton T. Tamashiro 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1851334338
John B. Kim 96706, HIClinical Psychologist1417990466
Lynette Labasan 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1588608277
Conchita Villafuerte Schlemmer 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1073557690
Lisa Nobuko Orimoto 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1124062377
Eva Rene Hillman 96740, HIClinical Psychologist1235173477
Mitzi Gold 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1093750895
Lauren Kwon Dawson 96817, HIClinical Psychologist1982640512
Carol Pm Tyler 96826, HIClinical Psychologist1902842370
Albert A Albatrosov 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1982640355
Charlene A. Hosenfeld 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1154357903
Joshua Jonathan Ford 96782, HIClinical Psychologist1679509723
Thought Field Therapy, Inc. 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1821024514
Honolulu Family Therapy Centre Inc. 96826, HIClinical Psychologist1942236369
Barbara Johnson 96746, HIClinical Psychologist1629005194
James Springer 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1376572362
Kelly L. Barnes 96706, HIClinical Psychologist1811926801
Evelyn Harumi Yanagida 96815, HIClinical Psychologist1396775573
Dirk Taylor Elting 96744, HIClinical Psychologist1891725974
Karen R Watanabe 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1649201526
Phuong Thuy Thi Tran 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1215968078
Joseph D Eubanks 96740, HIClinical Psychologist1346284783
Cindy P. Earl 96825, HIClinical Psychologist1154376796
Memrey Casey 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1528002722
Deborah Vance Beaumont 96740, HIClinical Psychologist1750836193
Henry A Beck 96817, HIClinical Psychologist1093756033
William Rezentes 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1699702183
Deborah A. Withers 96755, HIClinical Psychologist1568418135
Wendi Hirsch Major 96826, HIClinical Psychologist1265471833
Beth Ananda-stout 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1821032459
Thomas P. Loomis 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1861424962
John Cornelius Donkervoet 96782, HIClinical Psychologist1134152580
Kristin Michelle Keast 96744, HIClinical Psychologist1790719763
Linda Jan Boothe 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1912931502
Karla Sue Izuka 96816, HIClinical Psychologist1336164508
Terry Ann T Fujioka 96750, HIClinical Psychologist1245265412
Terry Sue Beuret 96782, HIClinical Psychologist1962427740
Gayle Hostetter 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1508883224
Ronald Barozzi 96817, HIClinical Psychologist1780602821
Muriel Stitt 96813, HIClinical Psychologist1619996600
Tracie L. Takeshita 96822, HIClinical Psychologist1508885500
Sara L Hill 96857, HIClinical Psychologist1962421875
Carolyn Pacheco 96817, HIClinical Psychologist1073534624
Virginia Eun Ho Cynn 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1265453807
Melissa Lee Belanger 96744, HIClinical Psychologist1083635155
Michael Richard Bressem 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1982618377
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1740295393
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96744, HIClinical Psychologist1568477016
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96734, HIClinical Psychologist1801801352
Greg I. Tanida 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1134134976
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1174538789
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96825, HIClinical Psychologist1851306385
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96792, HIClinical Psychologist1649285180
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96740, HIClinical Psychologist1679588057
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc 96793, HIClinical Psychologist1669487047
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96761, HIClinical Psychologist1922013309
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96753, HIClinical Psychologist1477568855
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96707, HIClinical Psychologist1194730572
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96797, HIClinical Psychologist1649285024
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96720, HIClinical Psychologist1558376939
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96743, HIClinical Psychologist1285649665
Henry A Granda 96796, HIClinical Psychologist1346256138
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96731, HIClinical Psychologist1992712202
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan 96793, HIClinical Psychologist1043227010
Frances H I Brown 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1578571550
Charlene L. Yamamoto 96814, HIClinical Psychologist1740299031
Stephanie M Bell 96792, HIClinical Psychologist1003825282
Catherine Michelle Stuart 96859, HIClinical Psychologist1275542391
Joan Columbia Tillich 96817, HIClinical Psychologist1245249267
Lynn F Tokumine 96792, HIClinical Psychologist1376553198
Tricia Burke 96815, HIClinical Psychologist1871503367
Kathleen Denise Roth 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1801806278
Sherrie M. Takushi-isara 96701, HIClinical Psychologist1497765879
Shanyn Kimie Patterson 96819, HIClinical Psychologist1093725954
R Susan Rubenstein 96793, HIClinical Psychologist1922019611


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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