Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
United Clinical Laboratories, Inc 52001, IAClinical Psychologist1871596676
Gloria S Billings 50010, IAClinical Psychologist1578567285
Pamela Caviness 50010, IAClinical Psychologist1477557189
Anne Mccrea 50010, IAClinical Psychologist1558365262
Maura Peglar 50010, IAClinical Psychologist1265436976
Metropolitan Medical Laboratory, Plc 61265, IAClinical Psychologist1356345946
Michael Lavin 52003, IAClinical Psychologist1831193291
Thomas R Anderegg 52001, IAClinical Psychologist1518962646
Douglas Alan Brink 50401, IAClinical Psychologist1023013174
Suzanne Feigofsky 51401, IAClinical Psychologist1598760753
Kevin Michael Gabbert 50273, IAClinical Psychologist1003812827
Amy Kluver 50314, IAClinical Psychologist1780049593
Optimae Lifeservices, Inc, 52556, IAClinical Psychologist1174520084
Vincent Louis Angeloni 50325, IAClinical Psychologist1689671745
Ava Risa Feldman 50325, IAClinical Psychologist1891792958
Dan L. Rogers 50501, IAClinical Psychologist1053310508
Diane J. Baumbach 52240, IAClinical Psychologist1548269475
Susan G Schmitz 52241, IAClinical Psychologist1437159928
Charles Morris Adams 52240, IAClinical Psychologist1215937594
Carol Ogea 52405, IAClinical Psychologist1013918051
Christopher Daniel Tumpkin 51106, IAClinical Psychologist1528068558
Cynthia A Vaske 52233, IAClinical Psychologist1467453407
Thomas J Kremer 52405, IAClinical Psychologist1851392880
Trina Reiter 52405, IAClinical Psychologist1144221490
Edgar J Siguenza 52405, IAClinical Psychologist1962403220
Toni Neta 52405, IAClinical Psychologist1134120405
James Joseph Weil 50265, IAClinical Psychologist1639170863
Clarice Louise Warren Weil 50265, IAClinical Psychologist1063413284
Samuel Lee Graham 50311, IAClinical Psychologist1730181447
Carrie Joan Peitzmeier 50312, IAClinical Psychologist1275535890
Opas Anothayanontha 50312, IAClinical Psychologist1700888476
Patricia Jean Petersen 50310, IAClinical Psychologist1356343834
Regina Lynne Schulze 51503, IAClinical Psychologist1275525313
Weland Clinical Laboratories, P.c. 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1235121450
Barbara Lynn Maxwell 51503, IAClinical Psychologist1780676825
Belinda Turner Ottoson 51503, IAClinical Psychologist1508858655
Malcolm H Yeh 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1407848336
Edward A Aul 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1538151105
Karen Penick 52405, IAClinical Psychologist1225020092
Robert Koupal 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1174516991
Carla Mohr 52804, IAClinical Psychologist1891788618
Daniel Wesemann 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1366435125
Mark E Dyken 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1699768440
Mark Raymond Tims 52246, IAClinical Psychologist1255324877
State University Of Iowa 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1265433676
The Iowa Clinic Pc 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1346233178
Mary M Ruhland 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1326030545
Southard Harrison Inc 52101, IAClinical Psychologist1003818956
Ray Leo Franklin 50316, IAClinical Psychologist1861485492
Harvey Alan Disenhouse 52501, IAClinical Psychologist1528051992
Thomas L Ray 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1609860907
Community Health Care, Inc. 61265, IAClinical Psychologist1710971486
Community Health Care, Inc. 61201, IAClinical Psychologist1598759292
Community Health Care, Inc. 52804, IAClinical Psychologist1962496679
Susan Jean Marvin 50525, IAClinical Psychologist1285629709
David John Moser 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1164417820
Leigh J Beglinger 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1952396632
Karen Lee Olmstead 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1114912870
Phyllis S Hansell 50311, IAClinical Psychologist1841285491
Jerry Ray Christensen 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1225024870
Don C Vandyke 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1992791222
Amy D Welch 50314, IAClinical Psychologist1174519003
Jeffrey C Murray 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1407842453
Val C Sheffield 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1437146909
State University Of Iowa 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1811984636
Cheryl L. James 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1184612806
Daniel E Jens 52722, IAClinical Psychologist1164410924
Phillip L Kent 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1407844277
John D Kemp 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1295723070
Jennifer A O'hare-marker 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1013905892
Kristine F Oswald 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1093703878
Iowa Heart Center Pc 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1164410932
Kimberly A Riley-quinn 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1174511950
Sandra S Richter 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1528056322
Thomas H Haugen 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1164410965
Ann G Mcdonald 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1104814839
William G Haynes 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1083602601
Zuhair K Ballas 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1316935943
Karen Ann Nelson Rietz 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1295721835
Phoenix Group Mental Health Services Inc 50525, IAClinical Psychologist1316932833
Kris Earl Marvin 50525, IAClinical Psychologist1700871225
Frank Nelson Haugland 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1578557013
Pamela Lynne Nerheim 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1154316024
Hatem I El-shanti 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1801881685
Annette J Schlueter 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1497743686
James D Estin 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1013905991
Family Psychology Associates, P.c. 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1740279355
David Guy Martino 52240, IAClinical Psychologist1265421747
Denise Rae Hoke 52240, IAClinical Psychologist1982693362
Deems Francis Ortega 50309, IAClinical Psychologist1134118391
Richard L Joens 50312, IAClinical Psychologist1225027238
Robert Allen Straight 50311, IAClinical Psychologist1851381453
Katinka A Keith 50702, IAClinical Psychologist1790776433
Emily Suzanne Haight 52333, IAClinical Psychologist1669463238
Aaron D Bossler 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1679554612
Kyle R Peters 51105, IAClinical Psychologist1306827233
Brian Olshansky 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1962483347
North Hill Laboratory Services Llc 52601, IAClinical Psychologist1144201591
Kenneth Dalane Torno 52401, IAClinical Psychologist1932180213
Paula Marie Krings 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1508848797
Matthew A Flemming 50401, IAClinical Psychologist1326020454
Donna Jean Crookham 52501, IAClinical Psychologist1134101041
Prasad R Palakurthy 50316, IAClinical Psychologist1114909058
Alexandria Carey 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1437131133
Karen Rae Ahrens 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1215919725
Siouxland Pathology Group Smhc 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1629051842
Askar A Qalbani 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1265415418
Central Iowa Hospital Corporation 50309, IAClinical Psychologist1962485136
Steven J Bailin 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1689656258
Robert H Hoyt 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1740262898
William Ben Johnson 50314, IAClinical Psychologist1275515900
Pitayadet Jumrussirikul 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1689656605
Anna Miller 50309, IAClinical Psychologist1952778557
Dunes Medical Laboratories 57049, IAClinical Psychologist1952384216
Kevin Louis Krumvieda 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1508848524
Michael J Sarik 50401, IAClinical Psychologist1154319358
Denise M Sorrentino 50010, IAClinical Psychologist1982686705
Gregg M Galloway 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1982687661
Michael G Kienzle 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1407830888
William E Kersting 51301, IAClinical Psychologist1912981978
Mitchel D Bauman 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1417931072
Roger A Gunn 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1558345124
Todd T Langager 52403, IAClinical Psychologist1992780183
Mohit K Chawla 52403, IAClinical Psychologist1861477002
Deborah Sue Carnine 50010, IAClinical Psychologist1780669556
Trimark Physicians Group Inc 50501, IAClinical Psychologist1831176536
Catherine A Evans 50265, IAClinical Psychologist1124005129
James B Martins 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1366420051
Fred William Franck 52761, IAClinical Psychologist1851379150
Gary D Zeutenhorst 51301, IAClinical Psychologist1457339483
Luis Benjamin Rosell 52641, IAClinical Psychologist1417935487
Lynette Marie Howe 52101, IAClinical Psychologist1972582864
Rhonda M Jager-pippy 51301, IAClinical Psychologist1780663674
Kent J Van Why 52803, IAClinical Psychologist1881673721
Blair W Foreman 52803, IAClinical Psychologist1750360616
Lynda Topp Varner 52245, IAClinical Psychologist1003895863
Diane Marie Luther 52401, IAClinical Psychologist1982683710
Patricia Anderson Dunbar 51566, IAClinical Psychologist1245219005
Medical Laboratories Of Eastern Iowa 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1740269547
Mary Beth Hanson 50511, IAClinical Psychologist1962481762
Janet Catherine Callahan 52001, IAClinical Psychologist1528047198
Mhc Child Protection 51101, IAClinical Psychologist1316926983
Ronald Joseph Palumbo 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1578542775
Brenda Allison Anderson 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1427037639
Kenneth L Dodge 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1942289152
Elizabeth Welder Wagner 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1629057849
Allethina Harker 52401, IAClinical Psychologist1336128560
Lary Sheldon Belman 52401, IAClinical Psychologist1205815438
Barbara Diane Hovey 52556, IAClinical Psychologist1689654634
Sue E Schunter 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1841270899
Elpidio G Mariano 52732, IAClinical Psychologist1740260645
Michael John Lelwica 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1083694848
State University Of Iowa 52241, IAClinical Psychologist1851371561
Kenneth James Israel 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1457331167
Jennifer K Berge 52655, IAClinical Psychologist1063492361
Nancy Birgitta Lake 52240, IAClinical Psychologist1942270194
Kristine M Conditt 50613, IAClinical Psychologist1659341535
Ann M Terhorst 51041, IAClinical Psychologist1700856523
Paul M Conditt 50613, IAClinical Psychologist1154391035
Douglas Edwin Henrich 52655, IAClinical Psychologist1588634414
James R Hopson 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1699755777
Sandra M. Gannon 52316, IAClinical Psychologist1770562613
Gena R Ghearing 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1154307114
Helbert Acosta 61265, IAClinical Psychologist1477532281
Mark W Kovach 61265, IAClinical Psychologist1336128222
Campbell Neuropsychological Services, Pc 50322, IAClinical Psychologist1205815495
Michael C Giudici 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1336128354
Rosemary Jordan 61265, IAClinical Psychologist1093798589
William E. Morton 50579, IAClinical Psychologist1407826092
Shelley L. Spector 52803, IAClinical Psychologist1285605170
Ames Therapy Services P C 50014, IAClinical Psychologist1124099775
State University Of Iowa 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1598736241
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center 52501, IAClinical Psychologist1821069493
Emerson Allen Link 50022, IAClinical Psychologist1124099791
Nancy Lynn Thomas 50022, IAClinical Psychologist1326019860
Kathryn M Bunge 50428, IAClinical Psychologist1528039963
Susan Marie Rosa 50049, IAClinical Psychologist1144292806
Catherine Ann Mcdermott 52001, IAClinical Psychologist1144292871
Michael R Rosmann 51537, IAClinical Psychologist1457323198
Jeanne Beardsley 50262, IAClinical Psychologist1316910581
Brenda J Hanafan 51501, IAClinical Psychologist1366415218
Kathleen Mary Lucas-gilmore 51501, IAClinical Psychologist1669445516
Elvin Dean Siebert 51501, IAClinical Psychologist1811960776
Kay P Crawford 50265, IAClinical Psychologist1801869557
Lisa J Albers 51501, IAClinical Psychologist1174597751
Sherilyn Kay Foster 50701, IAClinical Psychologist1447224001
Matthew Krasowski 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1003880436
Jessica A Ihns 52060, IAClinical Psychologist1063486330
Susan J Smith 50158, IAClinical Psychologist1811961816
Elaine B Hoversten 50266, IAClinical Psychologist1841264751
Denice M Hodgson-zingman 52242, IAClinical Psychologist1497729271
Monica Mary Clark 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1376517045
Raymond Tibe 50312, IAClinical Psychologist1811962335
Mississippi Valley Sleep Disorder Center Lc 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1659346062
Mary T Hughes-paulline 52807, IAClinical Psychologist1689649063
Dixie Ann Heuton 50310, IAClinical Psychologist1801861869
Adrianna Ruisch 51031, IAClinical Psychologist1003881160
Jo Ann Fitz 50322, IAClinical Psychologist1871568741
Susan J Maas 52001, IAClinical Psychologist1437124229
Roger C Lindo 52402, IAClinical Psychologist1316913684


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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