Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Idaho

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Idaho:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Paul Sahwell 83648, IDClinical Psychologist1639664006
Shauna A Spellman 83854, IDClinical Psychologist1346248507
Mary A Curtis 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1942201520
Laurie D Regan 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1104819325
Lucinda Susan Shannon 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1962495259
Susan E Herbst 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1679567465
Georgette Ann Trezvant 83648, IDClinical Psychologist1154315943
Margot E Vloka 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1174517775
Jose Manuel Valle 83651, IDClinical Psychologist1558355081
Robert T Wechsler 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1962498568
Jane Elizabeth Krumm 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1578559308
Susan Helen Hennige 83854, IDClinical Psychologist1134116502
Steven L Meharry 83713, IDClinical Psychologist1720076326
Paula J Sharp 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1639167232
Robert Todd Bennett 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1962490474
Robert Lee Franklin 83648, IDClinical Psychologist1588659676
Joseph Al Lipetzky 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1467440065
Jason Donald Gage 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1548250699
Laboratory Corporation Of America 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1194708388
Gina Bosco 83318, IDClinical Psychologist1104802230
Southern Idaho Regional Laboratory Llc 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1730165838
Robert William Cihak 83501, IDClinical Psychologist1912984477
Laboratory Corporation Of America 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1619955978
Yvette L. Ward 83648, IDClinical Psychologist1346229432
Patrece Elisabeth Moody Meza 83634, IDClinical Psychologist1649250564
John A Wolfe 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1801870050
Thomas Madden 83648, IDClinical Psychologist1669444220
Gail E Baker 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1124091210
Robert S. Wildin 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1073586897
Lori Lynne Holder 83501, IDClinical Psychologist1003881137
Huberta L Phipps 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1295702033
Family Health Services Corporation 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1669449450
Julie Marcum 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1366410136
Julie Ann Parsons 83605, IDClinical Psychologist1851360689
Melissa Ann Mezo 83705, IDClinical Psychologist1154380715
William Martin Vogel 83705, IDClinical Psychologist1922068063
James R Barry 83709, IDClinical Psychologist1164492773
Claudia Gayle Currie-mills 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1619936176
Janelle Johnson-yavruian 83605, IDClinical Psychologist1366769515
Stephanie Christensen 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1184026619
Darin K Gere 83648, IDClinical Psychologist1780918268
Renee Ours Bild 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1598725277
David E Nilsson 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1326008053
Irma Calnon Atkinson 83713, IDClinical Psychologist1396706396
Eva Lisseth Davis 83653, IDClinical Psychologist1487615464
Judy Ann Hudson 83607, IDClinical Psychologist1093776700
Alissa D Lyon 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1497716138
Mark Allen Mccullough 83705, IDClinical Psychologist1932160488
Anthony Joseph Salkas 83646, IDClinical Psychologist1568423044
Elizabeth A Engebrecht 83653, IDClinical Psychologist1477515997
Sandra Lee Wiler-piotrowski 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1336103613
Tori Dawn Torgrimson 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1891752341
Scott F Woodhead 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1346207867
Jack Alban 83686, IDClinical Psychologist1760440325
Idx Pathology Pa 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1144271131
Jabeene Bhimji 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1275983132
Deborah Gay Butte 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1316996309
Amy Kelley 83501, IDClinical Psychologist1619328044
Karl P Undesser 83642, IDClinical Psychologist1013961242
Walter L Seale 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1720033459
Idaho Cardiology Associates Pa 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1346295623
Sandra Stanger 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1578510467
Alexia M Deetz 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1447207162
Kathleen Mccann Deidrick 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1891742540
Ami Dawn Reno 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1316994999
Priscilla D. Hernandez Hacker 83843, IDClinical Psychologist1063469203
Evelyn Huot 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1285671677
Rick A Heikkila 83686, IDClinical Psychologist1891734695
Timothy A Connor 83401, IDClinical Psychologist1780625954
Teton Valley Hospital & Surgicenter 83422, IDClinical Psychologist1780625632
Judy N Lam 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1831131945
Tracey L Sutton 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1336182112
Barbara A Robinson 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1942243480
Vicki Anne Watson 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1679516009
Pinnacle Health Systems 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1275577827
Donevan B Neider 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1447294004
Charlotte Ackerman 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1407890114
Judi Bean 83616, IDClinical Psychologist1477589216
Jane E Seys 83634, IDClinical Psychologist1669408860
Kristina Marie Pugh 83607, IDClinical Psychologist1003842741
Melinda L. Marks 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1669409785
Danae Perez-cahill 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1780612986
Clay Herold Ward 83642, IDClinical Psychologist1053348441
Elizabeth G. Patzer 83854, IDClinical Psychologist1518996933
Kathy Matlock Tidwell 83703, IDClinical Psychologist1669401311
Shirley Murata 83661, IDClinical Psychologist1639108350
Rm Lab Llc 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1659301349
Laura Debora Senderowicz 83703, IDClinical Psychologist1134151707
Michael E. Coats 83854, IDClinical Psychologist1942237045
Kaylene Bobi Hackworth 83204, IDClinical Psychologist1578599049
Christy Diane Sofaly 83638, IDClinical Psychologist1811350077
Jeff K Williams 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1225082175
Family Health Services Corporation 83318, IDClinical Psychologist1033165550
Pathologists' Regional Laboratory, P.a. 83501, IDClinical Psychologist1407893993
Annie L Newman 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1669405957
Damiana L Uberuaga 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1689609190
Mark P Schaffeld 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1033144548
Linda Jean Lester 83703, IDClinical Psychologist1912922139
Family Care Center Inc 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1730104464
Philip R Sheridan 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1619993581
Jared D. Morrison 83401, IDClinical Psychologist1407872377
Robert G Ingram 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1427074384
Brad W Levitt 83661, IDClinical Psychologist1174549075
Saint Alphonsus Physicians Pa 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1881610079
Vayle B Mauldin 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1255357109
Kelly E Wedeven 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1912923871
Sara Rose Caruso 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1831115310
Donna D Hislop 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1972520617
Ryan C Torngren 83318, IDClinical Psychologist1336167261
Amy M Olson 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1659390102
Andrew F Layman 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1053330761
Tammy L Poulsen 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1699796177
Maria C Dimattina 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1326069808
Patricia Ann Bullick 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1831110568
Heather J Nelson 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1861414310
Riverwood Counseling, Llc 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1639192552
William C Hodgson 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1366465288
Michael Mcclay 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1356364111
Mac Charles Webb 83651, IDClinical Psychologist1548283773
Kevin P Geraghty 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1710900949
Sallie Sublette 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1316961972
Bridgeway Counseling Center, Lc 83501, IDClinical Psychologist1750396636
Barbara A Ottenhoff 83642, IDClinical Psychologist1750396537
Arthur A. Phelps 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1619982048
Community Health Clinics Inc 83687, IDClinical Psychologist1477560654
Jamie Rae Champion 83642, IDClinical Psychologist1952319394
Darwin Ray Kellicut 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1417965781
Traci Crabb 83713, IDClinical Psychologist1336157452
Child Family Solutions 83442, IDClinical Psychologist1144238247
Wendy E. Barth 83709, IDClinical Psychologist1609885953
Life Solutions Inc. 83709, IDClinical Psychologist1457360711
Jeffery T Meech Psyd Pa 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1548279615
Patricia A. Moore 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1164431029
Jeffery Thomas Meech 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1700895893
Lora Ann Ohlensehlen 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1588673586
View Point Associates 83642, IDClinical Psychologist1588673545
Donald Maurice Whitley 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1275543738
Patrick Phillip Burke 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1063422475
Sue Marie Hicks 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1023028990
Stan M Jasper 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1851302582
Keri Jean Barbero 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1902817216
Mark Anthony Heilman 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1801808811
Harold Dale Patterson 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1962414631
Alex J Tubbs 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1063424943
Larry Nelson Cox 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1144232687
Patrick Costello 83709, IDClinical Psychologist1699788992
Dudley David Blake 83701, IDClinical Psychologist1578676714
Margaret Catherine Gwin 83705, IDClinical Psychologist1124131347
Elizabeth Irene Fassig 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1316050131
Lois Anne Mcgill 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1114031325
Mary Theresa Pierce 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1366556128
Janis Glenn 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1790899748
Alpine Counseling, Pllc 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1881708832
Teton Microbiology Laboratory 83402, IDClinical Psychologist1396859567
Jordan K. Robins 83318, IDClinical Psychologist1215041793
Gary Mckell 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1437264819
Sharon J Mccahon 83864, IDClinical Psychologist1659485191
Charles S. Pohl 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1447364989
David W. Herring 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1861506206
Tammy Lynne Morehouse 83709, IDClinical Psychologist1558476721
James Edward Dayton 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1659486702
Bobette R Page 83402, IDClinical Psychologist1316052319
Cole Diagnostics 83714, IDClinical Psychologist1871608695
Sterling Don Andelin 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1457466260
Dennis J Woody 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1376659177
Sara J. Hill 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1669586673
Gary L Moore 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1265442131
Matthew G Taylor 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1033123658
Eric Everson 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1104258318
Kristen L Jahnke 83706, IDClinical Psychologist1497788780
Susan Marie Heng 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1235162876
Sara Bryn Morrow 83815, IDClinical Psychologist1891704318
Stanley A. Zuckerman 83705, IDClinical Psychologist1194747022
Aaron A Harris 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1669480091
Ilyas Kaizar Colombowala 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1730194150
Tyson Daniels 83252, IDClinical Psychologist1487189163
Paula Michelle Nordstrom 83687, IDClinical Psychologist1932134350
Kathryn Cummings 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1043327406
Patrick Mcgill 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1023125358
Sally Mccollum 83340, IDClinical Psychologist1609984210
Alan L. Zohner 83401, IDClinical Psychologist1104934249
Michael Terry Hartley 83404, IDClinical Psychologist1700995909
Barbara Ann Beville 83814, IDClinical Psychologist1548379639
Nancy S Thompson 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1891805818
Joyce Irene Shetler 83301, IDClinical Psychologist1275645418
Ronald B Tye Psyd Associates Pa 83709, IDClinical Psychologist1194837351
Michael Garrett Tallman 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1134231608
William Mark Pittman 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1770685448
Brett W Thomas 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1952403552
Kaylene Marie Whitten 83406, IDClinical Psychologist1972606259
Tamara T. Bradley 83406, IDClinical Psychologist1770686693
Cynthia Lynne Brownsmith 83712, IDClinical Psychologist1649373234
Community Health Clinics Inc 83687, IDClinical Psychologist1679677751
Michelle Adrian Matthey 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1912002627
Jeannie M. Gutierrez 60201, IDClinical Psychologist1558468025
Aces Inc. 83704, IDClinical Psychologist1609973577
Julie B. Shiffler 83440, IDClinical Psychologist1609973064
Wayne Bingham Timonen 83815, IDClinical Psychologist1093813446
Anne Flickinger 83702, IDClinical Psychologist1033210091
Steven L. Ater 83201, IDClinical Psychologist1902906209


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