Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Barry M Leavitt 60646, ILClinical Psychologist1588667315
Laura T Schultz 60435, ILClinical Psychologist1548263379
Cml chicago Market Labs, Inc. 60402, ILClinical Psychologist1205839115
Ray Edward Quackenbush 60646, ILClinical Psychologist1619970357
Michael England 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1538162870
Chicago Clinical Laboratories, Ltd 60062, ILClinical Psychologist1659373900
Justin T Mao 61104, ILClinical Psychologist1427052273
Metropolitan Medical Laboratory, Plc 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1356345946
Britney Kummerer 60608, ILClinical Psychologist1578036422
Wade B Welch 66606, ILClinical Psychologist1518962851
Paul Dale Linden 60602, ILClinical Psychologist1578568622
Timothy Brown 60410, ILClinical Psychologist1740285444
Keith Michael Kozeny 60089, ILClinical Psychologist1619971157
Scott David Glazer 60089, ILClinical Psychologist1770587206
Mary Ann Foote 60540, ILClinical Psychologist1548265325
Robert Bruce Henry 60173, ILClinical Psychologist1891791554
Raffay Khan 60173, ILClinical Psychologist1194052829
Latrina Smith & Associates 60440, ILClinical Psychologist1356706162
Heart Rhythm Specialists, S.c. 60631, ILClinical Psychologist1760489041
Roberta Sue Barry 60640, ILClinical Psychologist1578560736
Judith Ann Romaine 60422, ILClinical Psychologist1326045170
Yvonne D. Anderson 60523, ILClinical Psychologist1023016565
Nri Laboratories Inc 60646, ILClinical Psychologist1598763914
Susan C Ruda 60463, ILClinical Psychologist1104824135
Linda J. Wright 60430, ILClinical Psychologist1285631291
Craig R. Fisher 60187, ILClinical Psychologist1437157351
Hans Gregory Lonnroth 60523, ILClinical Psychologist1518966365
Hytham Al-masri 60608, ILClinical Psychologist1841299591
Carol A Czapar 60612, ILClinical Psychologist1902805658
Shan-ching Ying 60608, ILClinical Psychologist1053310714
Jack E Garon 60608, ILClinical Psychologist1265431910
Mary Elizabeth Paul 60642, ILClinical Psychologist1366441917
Cms Labs Inc 60062, ILClinical Psychologist1659370047
Robert Joel Smith 60714, ILClinical Psychologist1114926235
Mary Lee Dunning 62801, ILClinical Psychologist1669472379
Judith Aronson 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1700886579
Clifford W. Rot 60068, ILClinical Psychologist1457351082
Mary Gail Reding 60068, ILClinical Psychologist1831199256
Anne R Wolfe 60611, ILClinical Psychologist1619977907
Hector Melin Aldana 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1124028352
Elizabeth J Perlman 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1922008150
Wei Hseuh 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1881694016
Leah Pendarvis 60030, ILClinical Psychologist1093715088
Cheryl Lynn Compton 62401, ILClinical Psychologist1922009869
Chase Wellness Llc 60606, ILClinical Psychologist1679019418
Jon D Hsieh 60548, ILClinical Psychologist1124029988
Pamela Langholf 61107, ILClinical Psychologist1902307655
Laurieann Chutis 60637, ILClinical Psychologist1487653788
Brigitte L Oetter 60586, ILClinical Psychologist1336658434
Virginia Bolan 61820, ILClinical Psychologist1477026607
Angela Paviglianiti 60615, ILClinical Psychologist1700340304
Craig Whitney Jock 60634, ILClinical Psychologist1407857873
Virginia Klein Gordon 60093, ILClinical Psychologist1013918465
John M Boget 62901, ILClinical Psychologist1770585416
Darryl L Pure 60601, ILClinical Psychologist1497747513
Dietra Duffala Teichmann 61614, ILClinical Psychologist1831181726
John R. Mazurek 60005, ILClinical Psychologist1194717553
Jennifer Ann Jones 60640, ILClinical Psychologist1780676106
Tamra L Coldren 62025, ILClinical Psychologist1114919545
Terrence James Koller 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1487647715
Robert J. Lentz 61821, ILClinical Psychologist1356334536
Mary Kay Pribyl 60026, ILClinical Psychologist1083607303
Donna Lettieri-marks 60540, ILClinical Psychologist1346233665
Joan F Hakimi 60077, ILClinical Psychologist1750374708
Randy Lee Kettering 60004, ILClinical Psychologist1407849680
Alexander Adam Eschbach 60194, ILClinical Psychologist1417940610
Mary Angela Yerkes 60453, ILClinical Psychologist1649263823
Harry J Deppe 62025, ILClinical Psychologist1689667503
Kristin L Krebs 62025, ILClinical Psychologist1225021033
Lisa Curry 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1790778512
Roxanne Nash 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1235122060
Joan Timmermann 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1023001872
Phyllis Woodward 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1699768457
Cynthia Pile 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1467445205
Samuel Moreno 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1568455236
Lynda Marie Behrendt 60173, ILClinical Psychologist1831182534
Linda Wright-jones 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1194718965
Mariellen M. Re 60156, ILClinical Psychologist1669465340
Timothy Joseph Re 60173, ILClinical Psychologist1265425979
Gary L Drake 41301, ILClinical Psychologist1073506556
Manoj Duggal 60453, ILClinical Psychologist1447243258
Elizabeth F. Feldman 60093, ILClinical Psychologist1144213323
Patricia Anna Graham 60645, ILClinical Psychologist1093716466
Anne A Gephart Moore 60007, ILClinical Psychologist1780686857
William Dean Billows 60056, ILClinical Psychologist1619969854
Jesse Lee Owens 60473, ILClinical Psychologist1871586214
Jodi Ahern-schoen 62246, ILClinical Psychologist1568878577
Solveig Roverud 60640, ILClinical Psychologist1275019952
Scott Stange 61299, ILClinical Psychologist1356334106
James Ralph Smith 61821, ILClinical Psychologist1659364180
Phyllis Sydnie Gould 60618, ILClinical Psychologist1215920608
Edna J Martin 60048, ILClinical Psychologist1326032780
Cynthia Ann Levin 60604, ILClinical Psychologist1083608343
Fawzia H Batti 60048, ILClinical Psychologist1508850744
Srinidhi Musunuri 60048, ILClinical Psychologist1780678920
Kirsten Dana Belzer 60615, ILClinical Psychologist1548254675
William K Drake 62088, ILClinical Psychologist1801880976
Jon-paul Champine 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1982698833
Community Health Care, Inc. 61265, ILClinical Psychologist1710971486
Community Health Care, Inc. 61201, ILClinical Psychologist1598759292
Richenel Samuel Ellecom 60527, ILClinical Psychologist1063406569
Frank Richard Froman 62301, ILClinical Psychologist1831184290
Stephen Kahn 60611, ILClinical Psychologist1598750804
John Bruce Martin 60202, ILClinical Psychologist1619962727
Rhonda G Ozanian 62220, ILClinical Psychologist1477548238
Mary C Hagele 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1942295738
Charlene Barbara Tarter 60077, ILClinical Psychologist1881689529
Barbara R Kraus 60452, ILClinical Psychologist1326033051
Alfred J. Ozanian 62225, ILClinical Psychologist1871588459
Pamela Rebeck 60540, ILClinical Psychologist1497740070
Cynthia Cain 62225, ILClinical Psychologist1578558151
Antoaneta Y Balabanov 60612, ILClinical Psychologist1770578304
Daine E. Drobek 62225, ILClinical Psychologist1871589176
Nell Logan 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1265428452
Sharon A. Feryance 60174, ILClinical Psychologist1194711390
Comprehensive Hemostasis And Thrombosis Institute 61614, ILClinical Psychologist1194711234
Donna C Bergen 60612, ILClinical Psychologist1548256357
Cecilia S. Greene 60601, ILClinical Psychologist1457348682
Shirley Reynolds Baron 60611, ILClinical Psychologist1265429195
Steven James Byrnes 62225, ILClinical Psychologist1144218785
Pamela Rak 60169, ILClinical Psychologist1356339931
Patricia Seghers 60615, ILClinical Psychologist1699763193
Sarah Hunt 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1255701108
William Wah Hing Lee 60044, ILClinical Psychologist1164418802
Timothy R. Buhrt 60548, ILClinical Psychologist1063408250
Alexander F Macdonald 62269, ILClinical Psychologist1013904580
Valerie Lucas 60173, ILClinical Psychologist1396160669
Ellen S. Rosenberg 60091, ILClinical Psychologist1245225713
Sandra Kay Ferguson 61821, ILClinical Psychologist1538157961
Julianne Cosentino 60467, ILClinical Psychologist1093703183
Kathleen D Capriola 61107, ILClinical Psychologist1710975891
Virginia L Thompson 62703, ILClinical Psychologist1093703068
Laura Pacetti 60463, ILClinical Psychologist1881683514
Karen Sue Stoltz 60301, ILClinical Psychologist1336138080
Laureen Yeoh Burda 60521, ILClinical Psychologist1700875374
Linda E Snyder 62702, ILClinical Psychologist1912996372
James T Davenport 60643, ILClinical Psychologist1881683969
Psychology Center P.c. 60643, ILClinical Psychologist1396735361
Jerry L. Boyd 61920, ILClinical Psychologist1851381792
Michael Ostrower 60089, ILClinical Psychologist1497745343
Francis Chaepoong Lee 62526, ILClinical Psychologist1396735114
Jerry M. Zabin 60076, ILClinical Psychologist1003806548
Regina Leeann Lumpkins 60098, ILClinical Psychologist1225028400
Judy G. Dziugas 60126, ILClinical Psychologist1922099019
Linda Leksas 60521, ILClinical Psychologist1497746325
James William Hannum 61820, ILClinical Psychologist1326039140
Stephanie L. Loda 60005, ILClinical Psychologist1104817600
Danneille C Trujillo-hansen 62959, ILClinical Psychologist1538150107
Milan Mitrovic 60088, ILClinical Psychologist1992796445
Arden Shore Child & Family Services 60085, ILClinical Psychologist1548251820
Mary Ann Riksheim 60461, ILClinical Psychologist1831170018
Ronald F Zec 62702, ILClinical Psychologist1962483180
Joni C Spohn 60174, ILClinical Psychologist1821079732
Hinsdale Psychological Resources, Ltd. 60521, ILClinical Psychologist1033190715
Georgianne M Gerber 60805, ILClinical Psychologist1023099652
Doctor's Data, Inc. 60174, ILClinical Psychologist1750362224
Judith S. Tellerman 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1295717577
Dora Marie Johns Wolfe 60451, ILClinical Psychologist1942282272
Kristin M Grace 60647, ILClinical Psychologist1356323620
Janice M Reisch 46360, ILClinical Psychologist1700868924
Eldercare Inc 62002, ILClinical Psychologist1699757708
Mary Lou Petty 60602, ILClinical Psychologist1598747461
Susan Jane Akins 63118, ILClinical Psychologist1790767721
John Gavend Sonnenberg 60640, ILClinical Psychologist1023090990
Joan Berenbaum 60035, ILClinical Psychologist1295717171
Janet Katherine Willer 60640, ILClinical Psychologist1982686531
Taylor Rockwell 61032, ILClinical Psychologist1639151012
Marilyn B Rusnak 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1952383374
Carol Lynn Connell 60611, ILClinical Psychologist1457334831
Deborah Clements Gessner 60611, ILClinical Psychologist1861475253
Shisha P Amabel 60657, ILClinical Psychologist1811970213
Michelle L Hofmeister 60602, ILClinical Psychologist1124001508
Kenneth Terry Breitwiser 60602, ILClinical Psychologist1700869104
Laboratory Corporation Of America 60411, ILClinical Psychologist1821071010
Laboratory Corporation Of America 62401, ILClinical Psychologist1467435651
Laboratory Corporation Of America 61704, ILClinical Psychologist1811970007
Janice L Sheridan 62223, ILClinical Psychologist1841273018
Medstar Laboratory, Inc 60162, ILClinical Psychologist1144202003
Vincent D. Colbert 60064, ILClinical Psychologist1285617464
Anne G. Walker 60067, ILClinical Psychologist1043293293
Michael H Fretzin 60089, ILClinical Psychologist1134118987
Nicole Nicholson 62704, ILClinical Psychologist1760847024
David Fretzin 60068, ILClinical Psychologist1891784401
Lynne H Sheban 60062, ILClinical Psychologist1245220920
Tamara Noack 61081, ILClinical Psychologist1962855502
Central Counties Health Centers, Inc. 62703, ILClinical Psychologist1861480709
Sarah H Harding 60614, ILClinical Psychologist1265415657
American Molecular Laboratories Inc 60061, ILClinical Psychologist1982142402
Nancy Ann Davis 60076, ILClinical Psychologist1861481277
Julie Mcfail Weingarz 60102, ILClinical Psychologist1295717858
Anna Maria Jadwigg Wegierek 60634, ILClinical Psychologist1770573479
Paige Webber 61107, ILClinical Psychologist1720597172
Glen P Aylward 62701, ILClinical Psychologist1649252495
Richard W. Cohen 60201, ILClinical Psychologist1215926738
Colleen Elizabeth Parks 60520, ILClinical Psychologist1497228258
Middy Esther Fierro 60540, ILClinical Psychologist1487637641
Hannah Johnson Stewart 60093, ILClinical Psychologist1649736828
Elizabeth F Christian 60056, ILClinical Psychologist1114900289
John R Wilson 60181, ILClinical Psychologist1548243678
Stromsdorfer tolod Medical Lab Ltd. 62002, ILClinical Psychologist1659354645


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