Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Daniel W Carey 46580, INClinical Psychologist1487657417
Bryan A Ciula 46580, INClinical Psychologist1891798815
Park View Psychiatric Services, Psc 47130, INClinical Psychologist1063415297
Michael A Ashley 46986, INClinical Psychologist1801899059
Terre Haute Medical Laboratory, Inc 47804, INClinical Psychologist1275536195
Tracie L Anderson 47130, INClinical Psychologist1407859465
Bradford Michael Beebe 47130, INClinical Psychologist1356344469
Lorraine Mejer 46804, INClinical Psychologist1588667026
Daniel S Bishton 46805, INClinical Psychologist1497758932
William G Brune 46804, INClinical Psychologist1124021662
Senior Guidance, A Professional Services Corporation 47150, INClinical Psychologist1962405472
Bonnie L Pearson 46970, INClinical Psychologist1902809361
David Hugh Gillooly 47933, INClinical Psychologist1821092156
Raman L. Mitra 46601, INClinical Psychologist1528062221
Hugh J. Van Auken 46545, INClinical Psychologist1275537854
Cheryl F Thomas 47715, INClinical Psychologist1851393094
Jan E Warner 46545, INClinical Psychologist1043214679
Sharon Freeman Clevenger 46825, INClinical Psychologist1174527899
Gary Michael Schultheis 47714, INClinical Psychologist1386649622
Odie L Bracy 46220, INClinical Psychologist1285639476
Ima Inc Laboratory 47403, INClinical Psychologist1588669667
Sharon Carl 46241, INClinical Psychologist1598760654
Toni Klatt-ellis 46514, INClinical Psychologist1356346233
Umang M Patel 47714, INClinical Psychologist1053316869
Stefane Borders 46016, INClinical Psychologist1720083835
Cinda L Alexander 47714, INClinical Psychologist1821093733
Miranda Fencl 46123, INClinical Psychologist1144602673
John S Strobel 47403, INClinical Psychologist1780689604
Larry Beeler 46123, INClinical Psychologist1770588527
Northlake International Medical Laboratory 46404, INClinical Psychologist1265437818
Twin Rivers Medical Laboratory, Inc 46947, INClinical Psychologist1154326668
Daniel L. Schultz 46383, INClinical Psychologist1356347710
Stephen Gerard Ross 46804, INClinical Psychologist1467458695
James Leggett 47130, INClinical Psychologist1780680819
Nanette Arone Fredericks 46563, INClinical Psychologist1871599761
Mary Cynthia Dygert 46725, INClinical Psychologist1487650362
Gisela Feil 46808, INClinical Psychologist1487650370
Leah Catherine Heaston 46701, INClinical Psychologist1124024021
Carole Anne Maguire 46250, INClinical Psychologist1255337903
Frances R. Goff 46845, INClinical Psychologist1780681254
Diana Osborne 46845, INClinical Psychologist1346247830
Beth Louise Fineberg 46260, INClinical Psychologist1396742441
Jayne A. Grandison 47396, INClinical Psychologist1952308033
Elena H Hatfield 47150, INClinical Psychologist1467459446
Mary Liz Freund 46202, INClinical Psychologist1619975323
Good Samaritan Hospital 47591, INClinical Psychologist1639176373
Accustat Medical Lab, Inc. 46241, INClinical Psychologist1902803745
Gwendolyn C Dehorn 46617, INClinical Psychologist1245237114
Ronald N. Williams 46845, INClinical Psychologist1457358392
Dragos Sabau 46202, INClinical Psychologist1104823004
Beth Savage-higgenbottom 46220, INClinical Psychologist1942207873
Samaritan Center 47553, INClinical Psychologist1679571228
Good Samaritan Hospital 47591, INClinical Psychologist1467450015
Good Samaritan Hospital 47501, INClinical Psychologist1043218613
Good Samaritan Hospital 47591, INClinical Psychologist1861490435
Shannon M Dillon 47591, INClinical Psychologist1720086325
Lora K Gray 47591, INClinical Psychologist1043218647
Dan C Brown 46205, INClinical Psychologist1346248820
Geraldine Melvin 46032, INClinical Psychologist1023016482
Susan Kersey 47904, INClinical Psychologist1871591156
Good Samaritan Hospital 47591, INClinical Psychologist1184622458
Amy Joan Sczesny 46016, INClinical Psychologist1194723171
Corrine L Boncek 46060, INClinical Psychologist1134127053
Joy L Knopfmeier 47130, INClinical Psychologist1568469542
Larry P Mudd 47130, INClinical Psychologist1245237122
Vinod Chauhan 46601, INClinical Psychologist1831196641
Ann B Winnecke 47150, INClinical Psychologist1609873728
Shoshanna Everhart 46176, INClinical Psychologist1336147099
Gary R. Brigham 46307, INClinical Psychologist1972500999
Louis F. Janeira 46237, INClinical Psychologist1487651329
Brenda Lee Costello-wells 46219, INClinical Psychologist1447258314
Corie Lynn Kulp 46526, INClinical Psychologist1023017738
Good Samaritan Hospital 47591, INClinical Psychologist1417956152
John C Akers-bell 47501, INClinical Psychologist1477552875
Mindi L Robinson 47421, INClinical Psychologist1144229675
Peggy C Weber 47803, INClinical Psychologist1528067709
David A Coleman 47932, INClinical Psychologist1548269764
Richard G Kennel 47803, INClinical Psychologist1942209127
Steven Tyler 46052, INClinical Psychologist1689673824
Ann M Lovko 46250, INClinical Psychologist1306845516
John G Thompson 47803, INClinical Psychologist1013916246
Katharine E Schrock 46526, INClinical Psychologist1407855463
Jere W Leib 46805, INClinical Psychologist1457350506
William Duncan Brown 46032, INClinical Psychologist1306845342
Christopher Wishmire 46032, INClinical Psychologist1730188848
Sharon A. Rapp 46032, INClinical Psychologist1700885829
David R. Simons 46514, INClinical Psychologist1053310029
Katrina Hague 46032, INClinical Psychologist1417956491
Diane G Swinford 46032, INClinical Psychologist1295734325
Rodney E Timbrook 46805, INClinical Psychologist1932108982
Norman Earl Minor 46202, INClinical Psychologist1598764581
Douglas Harold Davis 46032, INClinical Psychologist1215936117
Scott W Salon 46805, INClinical Psychologist1942209846
Kenneth L Lovko 46205, INClinical Psychologist1568462422
Amy Sue Johnson 46060, INClinical Psychologist1356340251
Michael Lee Seretny 47906, INClinical Psychologist1235139049
Beverly M Brown 47591, INClinical Psychologist1073513719
Leanne Carlson 46240, INClinical Psychologist1295735744
Neal Williams 46052, INClinical Psychologist1073513461
Chandrabhan Singh 46131, INClinical Psychologist1659371086
Scott Joseph Mcalister 46808, INClinical Psychologist1770583718
James Bradley Teague 46220, INClinical Psychologist1821098922
Julie Ann Villarreal 46410, INClinical Psychologist1215937248
Robert Edward Rajewski 46410, INClinical Psychologist1124028154
Joan Palmquist Wolford 46410, INClinical Psychologist1033119060
John Michael Zivich 46321, INClinical Psychologist1760482798
Lauren Kay Peterson 46410, INClinical Psychologist1891796827
Stanley John Ladowicz 46405, INClinical Psychologist1316948342
Pamela Joy Ruggieri 46410, INClinical Psychologist1871593806
Peggy Ruth Payonk 46405, INClinical Psychologist1699776625
Jennifer Noonan 46410, INClinical Psychologist1386645331
Lauren Ann Tallant 46580, INClinical Psychologist1982605838
Ronald K Gibb 47394, INClinical Psychologist1164423059
Christine Ann Motherwell 46808, INClinical Psychologist1730188798
Gina Minks 46032, INClinical Psychologist1215936349
Paul F Braeger 46032, INClinical Psychologist1205835121
Patrick Cowger 46016, INClinical Psychologist1942209960
Diane Marie Doty 46250, INClinical Psychologist1588130108
Mark R Hill 47591, INClinical Psychologist1487655114
Robert Leroy Brown 47802, INClinical Psychologist1437150166
Kelly A Oney 46321, INClinical Psychologist1689675266
Carol A Ganza 46060, INClinical Psychologist1952303703
Tammy Chappell 47130, INClinical Psychologist1568464428
Joyce Rand 46032, INClinical Psychologist1255333126
Carla K Taber 46205, INClinical Psychologist1447252226
Jill A Lauer 46205, INClinical Psychologist1790787588
Karen L Mcneely 46032, INClinical Psychologist1932101797
Gabriel Valenzuela 46032, INClinical Psychologist1083616858
Thomas N Havill 46032, INClinical Psychologist1093717878
Mary J Morois 46219, INClinical Psychologist1457353245
Diana M Walker 46032, INClinical Psychologist1821090580
Barbara K Wightman 46032, INClinical Psychologist1770585499
Patricia L Fisher 46205, INClinical Psychologist1255333837
David L Alexander 46260, INClinical Psychologist1497757074
Elizabeth Burns 55317, INClinical Psychologist1396747937
Raymond E Dusman 46805, INClinical Psychologist1568464972
Laura Lynn Moseng 46410, INClinical Psychologist1356333587
Angelia Marie Erb 46312, INClinical Psychologist1093707234
Ruth Ann Dekker 46312, INClinical Psychologist1245222488
Ronald J Landin 46845, INClinical Psychologist1144212317
Don Anthony 46952, INClinical Psychologist1568454585
Rita Scallon 46952, INClinical Psychologist1720070782
Lynn Smith 46322, INClinical Psychologist1043202229
Betty Anthony 46952, INClinical Psychologist1598757502
Melody Hall Pyle 46901, INClinical Psychologist1396737284
Emily A Heineke 47591, INClinical Psychologist1356333264
Robert Lucas 46953, INClinical Psychologist1598757437
Daniel J Venezia 46033, INClinical Psychologist1487646121
Leslie Jay Suga 46250, INClinical Psychologist1972595684
Edmund Charles Haskins 46260, INClinical Psychologist1689666141
Albert Tobias Noelle 46902, INClinical Psychologist1609868256
Margaret Tunnicliffe Snyder 46563, INClinical Psychologist1801888243
Michael J Urban 47802, INClinical Psychologist1588657514
Suellyn M Mahan 47802, INClinical Psychologist1316930357
Laura L Fredendall 47802, INClinical Psychologist1881687820
Gregory C Lorenz 46219, INClinical Psychologist1437142502
Michael J Murphy 47802, INClinical Psychologist1265425219
Patricia A Murphy 47802, INClinical Psychologist1437142494
Erin Stewart 46383, INClinical Psychologist1780677542
Marlene Parker 46580, INClinical Psychologist1376536052
Lebanon Health Associates, Inc. 46052, INClinical Psychologist1407849185
Mary Locke Shear 46804, INClinical Psychologist1144213711
Leslie Diane Vojslavek 46410, INClinical Psychologist1972596401
Henry Jeffrey Davis 46060, INClinical Psychologist1407858129
Ronald Williams 46902, INClinical Psychologist1831190438
Shaleen Ayers 47714, INClinical Psychologist1578564084
Ronald Layden 46250, INClinical Psychologist1952303810
Kimberly Hage 46140, INClinical Psychologist1629445440
Michelina Burrows 46952, INClinical Psychologist1215929260
Joseph Richard Venema 46601, INClinical Psychologist1407857592
Mahmood Ghiyath Alnahass 46383, INClinical Psychologist1497756720
Julia Marie Nicholson Crumrine 46385, INClinical Psychologist1932100484
Heidi L Musgrave 46804, INClinical Psychologist1639161532
Teresa Schmith 46052, INClinical Psychologist1740282615
Edward Gurauskas 46410, INClinical Psychologist1902899388
Diana J Kemper 46220, INClinical Psychologist1962496919
Charlene Noreen Zager 46410, INClinical Psychologist1184618977
Warren D. Ugent 46321, INClinical Psychologist1295729770
Peggy A Quinn 46311, INClinical Psychologist1144215351
Nanci Roth Nilles 47882, INClinical Psychologist1285629493
Michael R Cortina 46322, INClinical Psychologist1245225051
Avraham Sharfman 46321, INClinical Psychologist1154316966
Linda K. Hinkle 46032, INClinical Psychologist1386630887
Ari Dean Gleckman 46280, INClinical Psychologist1437145786
Allen Zehr 47421, INClinical Psychologist1285620575
Brenda R Berg 46979, INClinical Psychologist1124014451
Raleigh L Wolfe 46311, INClinical Psychologist1891782496
Ima, Inc. 47403, INClinical Psychologist1710974266
Roberta Jean Cummings 47591, INClinical Psychologist1568459550
Gloria Rose Potter 46385, INClinical Psychologist1235126277
Kathleen Marie Roy 46808, INClinical Psychologist1578550513
John Michael Spores 46368, INClinical Psychologist1730176587
Kimberly Lynn Brunt 46383, INClinical Psychologist1467449223
Good Samaritan Hospital 47591, INClinical Psychologist1790771343
Gwen C Sprehn 46202, INClinical Psychologist1255327748
Carrie Ann Cadwell 46563, INClinical Psychologist1316935059
Faith A Ornelas 46311, INClinical Psychologist1023004140
Deaconess Clinic, Inc 47710, INClinical Psychologist1205082583
Joseph E Chamberlain 46311, INClinical Psychologist1124013933
John M Nelson 46311, INClinical Psychologist1093701542


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