Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Kansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Kansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth Liebenau 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1841293057
Adam Douglass Powell 66606, KSClinical Psychologist1366445272
Alice Joyce Griffitt 67530, KSClinical Psychologist1366445215
Kimberly L Talbot 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1437151727
Betty Kepler Skinner 67235, KSClinical Psychologist1033111281
Diane A Gaunt 67207, KSClinical Psychologist1356345805
Alicia M Landsverk 67037, KSClinical Psychologist1972507457
David W Simmonds 67207, KSClinical Psychologist1194729681
Deborah C Murphy 67207, KSClinical Psychologist1205830783
Rebecca L Harrel 67207, KSClinical Psychologist1700880283
Marc A Quillen 66049, KSClinical Psychologist1427053784
Wade B Welch 66606, KSClinical Psychologist1518962851
Lauren E Duerr 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1831194810
Bart A Grelinger 67206, KSClinical Psychologist1730184433
Glenda M Miller 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1417952292
Hunter Todd Feaster 66214, KSClinical Psychologist1669477204
Joyce Lee Markham 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1306841895
Eldean Vere Kohrs 67530, KSClinical Psychologist1841296266
Heritage Mental Health Clinic, Llc 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1487650842
Larry L Huey 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1871599167
Jeri Dianne Stonestreet 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1023014172
David M Seifert 67207, KSClinical Psychologist1497751101
Lorri Jean Darrow 66160, KSClinical Psychologist1679579593
Emberhope, Inc 67210, KSClinical Psychologist1265439871
Paula Jeanette Clanton 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1598763195
Verla Wichert Dick 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1063410660
Robin Schneider Lscsw Llc 67530, KSClinical Psychologist1063967008
Life Connections, Inc. 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1538169032
Tammy Lea Mcginnis 66611, KSClinical Psychologist1265432462
Charles M Vickers 66611, KSClinical Psychologist1790785889
Dawn Marie Julian 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1952302952
Heartland Health Laboratories, Inc 66219, KSClinical Psychologist1619978061
Central Kansas Medical Park Ancillary Services, P.a. 67530, KSClinical Psychologist1710988134
Pamela R Anderson 66762, KSClinical Psychologist1861494510
Margaret R Sanford 66209, KSClinical Psychologist1538151709
American Health Laboratory 66219, KSClinical Psychologist1184616054
June Kay Groth 66216, KSClinical Psychologist1881686103
Randall K Krehbiel 66049, KSClinical Psychologist1902899123
Kimbra A Rosenberg 67550, KSClinical Psychologist1619960697
Michelle C. Coker 66216, KSClinical Psychologist1295728277
Holly Karen Klein 66211, KSClinical Psychologist1184617896
Shiela Kough 67068, KSClinical Psychologist1225030703
Neurology Consultants Of Kansas Llc 67206, KSClinical Psychologist1760474936
Roland M Darey 66547, KSClinical Psychologist1760475115
Barbara Elaine Stewart 66111, KSClinical Psychologist1649264524
Gretchen L Trendel 66067, KSClinical Psychologist1336133032
Constance Ann Lofgreen 66614, KSClinical Psychologist1710971544
Joann Wood 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1639164767
Pamala White 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1316932007
Kathy Byrd 67010, KSClinical Psychologist1912992603
Elizabeth Cummings 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1124014543
South Central Mental Health Counseling Center, Inc. 67042, KSClinical Psychologist1538155882
Linda Divine 66206, KSClinical Psychologist1306832506
Therese K Mckechnie 66204, KSClinical Psychologist1255327581
Sherry Nan Michael 64114, KSClinical Psychologist1144216151
Marcile J Chapman 67487, KSClinical Psychologist1639166879
Sue A Dowd 67901, KSClinical Psychologist1417944539
Susan Hasselle 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1013904960
Cynthia Lann Claxton 66202, KSClinical Psychologist1003803800
Suzan Lynn Hawkes 66502, KSClinical Psychologist1548258049
Andover Family Counseling, Llc 67002, KSClinical Psychologist1952804171
Melissa Eshelman 66502, KSClinical Psychologist1124016720
Cytocheck Laboratory Llc 67357, KSClinical Psychologist1013905439
Judson J Swihart 66502, KSClinical Psychologist1588652861
Larry Lynn Lee 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1255329488
Kimberlee Moir 66502, KSClinical Psychologist1710975875
Annabelle Eason 66210, KSClinical Psychologist1972594851
Irene Bockelman 66062, KSClinical Psychologist1811988306
Eva Elaine Husted 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1770574477
Claudia Elise Cleveland-soter 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1831180538
M&t Diagnostic Lab Services 67337, KSClinical Psychologist1417948969
Pamela Gail Fuller 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1710968441
Anne B Owen 66049, KSClinical Psychologist1689655128
Rocky Gene Macy 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1184606436
Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. 66214, KSClinical Psychologist1942282496
Charles Bryan Harness 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1275515769
Jerome F Ewald 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1184606675
Yolanda Sue Kauffman 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1801878392
Karla Boshart Roth 67205, KSClinical Psychologist1164404687
Amy L Hammer 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1073595567
Sara Joy Kopper 67063, KSClinical Psychologist1336121839
Judy A Baugh 66901, KSClinical Psychologist1396727897
Gerald Victor Epp 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1912989419
Kate Borniger 67218, KSClinical Psychologist1285616789
Joan H Brubacher 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1639151137
Janise L Patry 67205, KSClinical Psychologist1285616763
Kesha D Nolen 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1790767275
Janet K Carrier 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1063494557
Kathleen A. Hastings 67203, KSClinical Psychologist1821070319
Ladeen C Frey 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1376525865
Mary Virginia Cobb Lemon 67460, KSClinical Psychologist1972585487
Susan Elizabeth Peck Alexander 67460, KSClinical Psychologist1326020835
Evelyn M Stabler 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1720060239
Kasey D Sheperd 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1902888423
Mervin L Bontrager 67206, KSClinical Psychologist1548242068
Ruth Ann Porisch 67460, KSClinical Psychologist1013999556
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 66210, KSClinical Psychologist1710960901
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 67226, KSClinical Psychologist1356324545
Brent (nmn) Bengtson 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1295718484
Matthew Daniel Schmidt 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1902889074
Deborah A Robinson 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1427031590
Addelynn Shaida 67210, KSClinical Psychologist1346622511
William Rowan Settles 67206, KSClinical Psychologist1447232962
Stacey Lynn Rodriguez 67208, KSClinical Psychologist1972585495
Marilyn K Parker 66160, KSClinical Psychologist1154865566
Sara L Friesen-guhr 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1629051784
Marjean Marie Harris 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1336122498
Pamela Smith Burns 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1407839566
Laura Ann Whaley 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1245213206
Terry Martin Martinez 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1962485912
John Thomas Lesniak 66027, KSClinical Psychologist1407839459
Leonard Michael Little 66211, KSClinical Psychologist1063495992
William Spencer Payne 66049, KSClinical Psychologist1700869351
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 66112, KSClinical Psychologist1619951167
Karen S Brown 67226, KSClinical Psychologist1629052766
Franklin Carleton Boraks 66208, KSClinical Psychologist1003890757
Wesley Pathology Consultants Pa 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1770568263
Stacy A Geil 67846, KSClinical Psychologist1235114323
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 66204, KSClinical Psychologist1306821210
Nancy Carol Minsey 66211, KSClinical Psychologist1316923972
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1871579029
Amy Hyken-lande 64111, KSClinical Psychologist1740266881
Donald R Schmidt 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1265419063
Debra Marie Voth 67218, KSClinical Psychologist1629054432
Gail Unruh-revel 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1588640395
Cindy Kay Carpenter 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1962488791
Cheri A Ochs Wheeler 67063, KSClinical Psychologist1639156433
Larry R Nussbaum 67208, KSClinical Psychologist1235116575
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 67156, KSClinical Psychologist1265419535
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1528045895
Rae Sedgwick 66012, KSClinical Psychologist1306824818
Progene Biomedical Inc 66219, KSClinical Psychologist1750369302
Lillian Fern Peters 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1497733711
Emilie A Hagan 67218, KSClinical Psychologist1801874839
Mary M Luder 66215, KSClinical Psychologist1043299969
Stephenie Ann Roberts 67212, KSClinical Psychologist1083693956
Change Your Life Enterprises, Inc. 67212, KSClinical Psychologist1003895988
Jesus E Val-mejias 67220, KSClinical Psychologist1497734982
Jeffrey Legrand King 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1972582203
Michele D Burkett 66212, KSClinical Psychologist1912986076
Dara E Gill=fletcher 64108, KSClinical Psychologist1538149513
Vicki L Dwyer 67220, KSClinical Psychologist1043290729
Edward Bloch 66049, KSClinical Psychologist1619957040
Joe Lin 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1023098274
Terrance Bruner 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1861472003
David Crane 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1497735633
James Farley 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1306826540
James Landgraf 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1578543724
Phil Stamps 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1003896259
Hana Razek 67226, KSClinical Psychologist1356321582
Heartland Pathology Pa 67226, KSClinical Psychologist1386624518
Thomas Kluzak 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1184694986
Affiliated Medical Services Laboratory, Inc. 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1548230501
John E. Lehman 66851, KSClinical Psychologist1285604017
Ted I Ho 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1851371090
Carmelita J Alvares 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1780664920
Chuen-huey Lai 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1124008370
Dennis Lee Detweiler 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1184603516
Galichia Medical Group, P.a. 67220, KSClinical Psychologist1447238621
Medical Specialties Of Kansas, L.l.c. 67220, KSClinical Psychologist1427036086
Gregg Ernest Friesen 67114, KSClinical Psychologist1184608291
Abbigail Lynn Moog 66160, KSClinical Psychologist1306354857
Candace Joan Fielder 66935, KSClinical Psychologist1467431619
Kathi Joline Mcclaren 66202, KSClinical Psychologist1447236245
Life Enrichment Center Llc 66049, KSClinical Psychologist1831179266
Sabra Leigh Tieperman 66502, KSClinical Psychologist1053395228
Edward Scott Paxton 67214, KSClinical Psychologist1881664688
Linda S. Butler 67226, KSClinical Psychologist1053382119
Cimarron Pathology Pa 67901, KSClinical Psychologist1629049648
Hubert Peterson 67901, KSClinical Psychologist1891766812
Lawrence Clinical Laboratory Chartered 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1417928433
Carol Moddrell 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1235100264
Richard Galbraith 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1962473991
Sandra D Lawrence 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1740251636
Elizabeth W Chao 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1659342541
Deborah L Edelman-dolan 66606, KSClinical Psychologist1568433456
Loraine Herndon 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1417928300
Ruth A Shadel 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1326019217
Grantland H Clowers 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1235100124
Karin L Denes-collar 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1285605279
Martha A Rus 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1366413254
Catherine M Pawlicki 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1346211232
Robert G Heckler 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1699746586
Rose Kay Murray 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1811968803
Lynn M Amyx 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1881665875
Deirdre A Fitch 66622, KSClinical Psychologist1871564864
Nancy H Bonner 66046, KSClinical Psychologist1861463853
Ann M Lopez 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1770554768
Isabelle S. Tait 66606, KSClinical Psychologist1689645673
Maria M Ilardi 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1023089018
Patricia A Gleue 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1467423244
Michael Thompson 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1457322232
Ronald J Strong 66611, KSClinical Psychologist1679544522
Sharon Zehr 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1639140429
Barbara L Preheim 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1982675716
Linda R Davis 66044, KSClinical Psychologist1831160605
Mary Ann Abbott 66606, KSClinical Psychologist1013989458
Carol Beth Zwiebach 92135, KSClinical Psychologist1932170313
Kenneth J Hagen 66606, KSClinical Psychologist1750353959
St Lukes Pathology Associates Pa 66213, KSClinical Psychologist1710959754


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