Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
First Lab, Llc 40505, KYClinical Psychologist1699778498
Amber Dawn Parker 42503, KYClinical Psychologist1023525805
Clinical Associates Inc 40220, KYClinical Psychologist1881697464
Fernando R. De Castro 40509, KYClinical Psychologist1558364976
Stan Heck 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1326042318
Charles S. Lin 42101, KYClinical Psychologist1326042185
Roslyn E. Feierstein 41101, KYClinical Psychologist1750385266
Physicians Clinical Laboratory 42303, KYClinical Psychologist1477557882
Christopher Lars Johnsrude 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1336144401
Jane Bowen 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1376548131
Allison Kacmar 40004, KYClinical Psychologist1679957476
Lynn Harold Pierson 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1700881356
Frances L Sartain 42104, KYClinical Psychologist1366447989
Nandkumar Bathija 40831, KYClinical Psychologist1346246592
Diana Wallace 41099, KYClinical Psychologist1336145432
Terry B Fontenot 40204, KYClinical Psychologist1689670572
Nancy M Fontenot 40204, KYClinical Psychologist1992701882
Paula A. Berry 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1760488555
Sharron Alexandersmith 40208, KYClinical Psychologist1730185562
Diane Murphy 40212, KYClinical Psychologist1336145028
Dennis Buchholz 40204, KYClinical Psychologist1174520530
Ann L. Jones 40504, KYClinical Psychologist1073510392
Herbert G. Steger 40503, KYClinical Psychologist1164429312
Dona Joy Airey 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1295732485
Lisa Barlow-elliott 40503, KYClinical Psychologist1649277864
Jodi Klein 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1790782803
Elena H Hatfield 47150, KYClinical Psychologist1467459446
Mohamed Abdel Aziz 45040, KYClinical Psychologist1760489421
John Mark Jennings 42261, KYClinical Psychologist1518965201
Vasudeva G. Iyer 40245, KYClinical Psychologist1467450601
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1346247111
Cynthia Bohen 40351, KYClinical Psychologist1538166541
Michele Boyle 40509, KYClinical Psychologist1902357460
Jeanne Marie Bennett 40217, KYClinical Psychologist1164429320
P & C Labs, Llc 40503, KYClinical Psychologist1205835600
Fausto Imbing 25801, KYClinical Psychologist1134128358
Steven M Gauze 41224, KYClinical Psychologist1083613079
Zarina Rasheed 25801, KYClinical Psychologist1740289818
Patrick T Harris 42001, KYClinical Psychologist1568462455
Henry Ferris Austin 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1881694610
Patricia G. Mcginty 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1023018694
Patrick Richardson 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1124028626
Leslie Sharp 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1568462067
Molecular Pathology Services Of The Henry Vogt Cancer Research Inst 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1871593293
Edwin A. Hanna 42103, KYClinical Psychologist1134129471
Robert T Williams 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1861492290
Beverly K. Turner 40509, KYClinical Psychologist1669472957
Teresa Obrien-conley 41631, KYClinical Psychologist1376542746
Shirley Mohren-graves 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1568461465
James Thomas Davis 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1124028543
Lora Carol Davis 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1851391445
Richard I Edelson 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1518968205
Archer Clinic Laboratory 41653, KYClinical Psychologist1295736841
Brenda Kay Dennis 42066, KYClinical Psychologist1750383253
Jennifer Anderson Mason 41040, KYClinical Psychologist1407848260
Marilyn M Wagner 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1598757213
Melissa A Boyles 40206, KYClinical Psychologist1356333090
Benjamin James Darby 41339, KYClinical Psychologist1376536961
Geneivive Brewer 41465, KYClinical Psychologist1093708554
Anne Wier Eason 41071, KYClinical Psychologist1558354167
Sheldon L Levinson 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1497748099
Gary L Drake 41301, KYClinical Psychologist1073506556
Kimberly S Meyer 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1346233970
Eva Lamone Armitage 40502, KYClinical Psychologist1578556221
Robert Allen Underwood 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1467444125
William Albert Herald 41339, KYClinical Psychologist1023001476
Akio Matsudaira 41740, KYClinical Psychologist1447243894
Susan Carol Houston 41837, KYClinical Psychologist1588657944
Jeffrey Tackett 41837, KYClinical Psychologist1649264987
Roger Dale Smith 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1447244736
Bridget Christina Turner 41339, KYClinical Psychologist1396739413
St Matthews Medical Associates 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1538153309
The Medical Specialists Of Ky, Psc 40741, KYClinical Psychologist1487648200
James P. Bloch 40205, KYClinical Psychologist1962497388
Wanda B Arrendell 41503, KYClinical Psychologist1730174095
James Colby Thompson 40205, KYClinical Psychologist1710972807
Barbara Jane Smalley 42001, KYClinical Psychologist1023003985
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc 40292, KYClinical Psychologist1366438707
Medical Center Cardiologists, Psc 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1841288529
Janice M Thompson 40165, KYClinical Psychologist1881681377
Michael S. Kadish 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1821081274
Robert Allen Thompson 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1588658603
Robert Keith Hall 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1306839782
Cardiac Care Center Of Louisville, Pllc 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1285622779
Professional Home Health Care Agency, Inc. 40744, KYClinical Psychologist1912995127
Rebecca Willingham Backert 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1285623140
William Pfohl 42103, KYClinical Psychologist1275522146
Kara M Goodin 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1710976501
Perry E. Brown 40515, KYClinical Psychologist1801885546
John M Vanderen 41101, KYClinical Psychologist1811986094
Bruce Hey 42701, KYClinical Psychologist1184613283
George Bernard Haarman 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1851381800
Phillips Pratt Mcfarland Psc 42633, KYClinical Psychologist1164413597
Tami Sue Sallade 40243, KYClinical Psychologist1922089309
Jacqueline Susan Spaulding 40219, KYClinical Psychologist1154302701
Thomas Ejene Hedden 40065, KYClinical Psychologist1861473126
Joseph A Williams 42066, KYClinical Psychologist1053393256
Donna G Titus 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1366424467
C Douglas Hindman 40403, KYClinical Psychologist1700868676
Timothy J Carbary 40503, KYClinical Psychologist1477535250
Daniel L Gripshover 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1235111634
Laboratory Corporation Of America 40229, KYClinical Psychologist1891778080
Laboratory Corporation Of America 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1255314449
Laboratory Corporation Of America 40214, KYClinical Psychologist1073596268
Nina Kaye Wells 42104, KYClinical Psychologist1821586090
Amanda June Unruh 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1457334435
Alexander Asamoah 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1639153174
Susan Renee Vaught 42240, KYClinical Psychologist1457335903
Phillip G Hester 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1265416713
Mariana Belvedere 41017, KYClinical Psychologist1942284963
John Joseph Hannifan 42701, KYClinical Psychologist1538143326
Pamela Denise Hardin 42701, KYClinical Psychologist1669456521
Linda A Soucek 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1487638110
Mary Jurate Macys 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1588648216
Anna Mary Allard 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1447235429
Livingston Hospital And Healthcare Services, Inc. Cah 42078, KYClinical Psychologist1376529081
Family Options Inc 42261, KYClinical Psychologist1356327076
University Of Louisville Research Foundation Inc 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1942286489
Charles R Granholm 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1619953213
Melissa R Neal 40403, KYClinical Psychologist1720064769
Marylynne Kitson 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1952388761
Prudence Zollinger 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1326025891
Gwendolyn K Carter 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1114904695
Janis Hinds Flynn 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1417934613
Richard Christopher Ennis 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1972580348
Eva R Markham 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1891772273
Joyce M Stith 40513, KYClinical Psychologist1972581833
Joseph H Hersh 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1376521278
University Of Louisville Research Foundation Inc 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1790763605
Grace Mathai Kuravackel 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1205814639
Gordon C Gowans 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1669450094
Kathy Howard 41011, KYClinical Psychologist1912985441
Laboratory Corporation Of America 40503, KYClinical Psychologist1285612465
Hmr Associates, Inc. 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1003894189
Lisa Ruble 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1871571810
Anna Bergman 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1235118191
Larry M. Raskin 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1750360624
Craig Congleton Lcsw 40503, KYClinical Psychologist1104805365
Mark William Cohen 45219, KYClinical Psychologist1225018187
Baptist Health Madisonville Inc 42431, KYClinical Psychologist1669452967
Donald Bradley Burton 40220, KYClinical Psychologist1154301356
John Cowan Warner 40272, KYClinical Psychologist1245200351
Barbara M. Slater 40517, KYClinical Psychologist1952380867
Stephen Lee Moore 42303, KYClinical Psychologist1992785018
Patricia Ann Geier 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1073592341
Theresa M Hopper 40701, KYClinical Psychologist1124002373
Apostolos Psychogios 40536, KYClinical Psychologist1255319018
Regina Marie Deward 40505, KYClinical Psychologist1578067377
Linda L Ringleka 40223, KYClinical Psychologist1457321424
Janice. Ann Tanner 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1952387193
Julie Griffin 42103, KYClinical Psychologist1598245383
Grace Community Health Center, Inc. 40701, KYClinical Psychologist1770066136
Michael Jay Springer 40205, KYClinical Psychologist1346224284
Roberts S. Watson 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1285605899
Allison Elizabeth From 40217, KYClinical Psychologist1548231954
Myrna Lee Boland 40217, KYClinical Psychologist1235101635
Deborah F Coleman 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1093787939
Ameripath Kentucky Inc 40508, KYClinical Psychologist1780656470
Andrew Branche Jones 40014, KYClinical Psychologist1356315972
Debra Anderson-brown 40217, KYClinical Psychologist1619941697
Richard Glen Coomer 40217, KYClinical Psychologist1417921347
Elizabeth Anna Sage 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1578538187
Stuart Wilson Smythe 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1952376303
Shirley Harvey Spence 42431, KYClinical Psychologist1659346096
Ronald Hockin 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1467427724
Keith A Wilson 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1629043609
Anita Joan Lovett 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1396710323
Pamela Hogwood Wilson 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1568437317
Christopher John Guenthner 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1962478792
Glenn Dewayne Schuster 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1497721237
Robbie Louise Fowler 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1639145485
Opal M Galloway 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1043286719
Marda L. Godsey 42240, KYClinical Psychologist1720054513
Paula Bernice Hudson 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1992770721
Janet A Hudson 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1083689806
Susan Marie Vail 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1982670428
Jay Stefan Gorban 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1265408744
Elizabeth M Baltensperger 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1457327611
Carla J. Bell 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1427024553
Owensboro Medical Center Laboratory, Inc 42303, KYClinical Psychologist1518934322
Jeremy Paul Catron 42103, KYClinical Psychologist1962479675
Lonnie Sears 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1083681696
Jennifer Hancock 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1710954177
Cumberland Medical Laboratories Inc 42501, KYClinical Psychologist1669440533
Sharon Edwards 40508, KYClinical Psychologist1972571867
Jill L Flynn 42001, KYClinical Psychologist1073581526
Joseph David Maier 40121, KYClinical Psychologist1235108267
Cathy A Gibson 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1588632707
Jinny Rae Woodcock 40511, KYClinical Psychologist1922067677
Mary Ryan Hosey 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1437118130
Ann M Ward 42066, KYClinical Psychologist1356301139
Norton Hospital Inc 40202, KYClinical Psychologist1437119500
Robin Yvonne Townsend 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1437122934
Amira Boulos Fanous-paul 75401, KYClinical Psychologist1326007865
Ashland Hospital Corporation 41101, KYClinical Psychologist1851346720
Lauren Ollery 42141, KYClinical Psychologist1003338120
Appalachian Regional Healthcare Inc 41701, KYClinical Psychologist1083688428
Michael Lawrence Hubbard 42223, KYClinical Psychologist1962478701
Carolyn Schneiderman 40222, KYClinical Psychologist1316906100
Rachelle Felty 40207, KYClinical Psychologist1952360661


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