Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Blaine Wilson 70119, LAClinical Psychologist1063883544
Lawrence Edward Klusman 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1437152592
Hematology Oncology Life Center Prescott 71301, LAClinical Psychologist1861495921
William M Bailey 70503, LAClinical Psychologist1588667364
Louise D Frederick 70503, LAClinical Psychologist1144223207
Hematology Oncology Life Center, Llc 71301, LAClinical Psychologist1700889458
Leesville Diagnostic Center Lp 71446, LAClinical Psychologist1992708499
Ginger A. Hunt 70722, LAClinical Psychologist1245233964
Megan Arnold Louque 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1447253794
Sandra S Mathews 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1003818311
Maryelizabeth Forman 70737, LAClinical Psychologist1750384103
Cynthia Crocker Benz 70112, LAClinical Psychologist1154325066
James Neal Domingue 70503, LAClinical Psychologist1699779645
Lori Quinn-tate 70458, LAClinical Psychologist1588666762
Gwendolyn R Hawkins 70122, LAClinical Psychologist1639174592
Charles Andrew Smith 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1518962984
Black Water Lab Llc 71203, LAClinical Psychologist1366907701
Charles Michael St. Romain 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1528063302
David W. Snyder 70006, LAClinical Psychologist1184620379
Mcgraw And Associates, Llc 70070, LAClinical Psychologist1003812850
Eunice Medical Center Lab 70535, LAClinical Psychologist1033116645
Kenneth Chris Rachal 70301, LAClinical Psychologist1871590067
Gail H. Aycock 70360, LAClinical Psychologist1740288992
Richard Paul Abben 70360, LAClinical Psychologist1750388740
Michael Lars Oase 70360, LAClinical Psychologist1588663959
Tina Maria Musacchia 70443, LAClinical Psychologist1093714289
The Delta Pathology Group, L.l.c. 71109, LAClinical Psychologist1649279910
Karen Kluchin-song 70433, LAClinical Psychologist1114926318
Medical Management Options, Inc. 70806, LAClinical Psychologist1235139213
Murat M Celebi 70115, LAClinical Psychologist1649270737
Corinne Kauffeld Rougeau 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1982604187
Dorotha W Kubricht 70722, LAClinical Psychologist1255331468
Bina E Joseph 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1346232212
Evangeline Diagnostic Center Llc 70586, LAClinical Psychologist1518950732
Steven Troy Gremillion 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1902807233
Allison Cara Kidder 70526, LAClinical Psychologist1235631177
Pelican Iom, Llc 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1174988067
Maria Klette-ketchum 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1447243159
Henry C Patrick 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1780685917
Norman Joseph Deumite 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1073515011
Vivian R Mccabe 70118, LAClinical Psychologist1386638245
Patricia Ann Godfrey 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1720074586
Tina Prelow 71101, LAClinical Psychologist1487017463
Danielle Ashley Unger 70119, LAClinical Psychologist1700241684
Mark S. Debord 71291, LAClinical Psychologist1518956374
Glenn N Jones 70827, LAClinical Psychologist1336138304
John F Bolter 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1003805102
Paul M Dammers 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1992794093
Ark la tex Cardiology, Apmc 71103, LAClinical Psychologist1497745921
Barbara W Marley 71457, LAClinical Psychologist1942291828
Donna J Silner 70131, LAClinical Psychologist1962483057
Alexandria Pathology Laboratory, Llc 71301, LAClinical Psychologist1902887995
Danielle M Aldridge 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1104807866
Malcolm James Dugas 70364, LAClinical Psychologist1922080902
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71203, LAClinical Psychologist1518940709
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71295, LAClinical Psychologist1336122522
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71105, LAClinical Psychologist1881677078
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71203, LAClinical Psychologist1598748782
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1306829593
Amie Lofton 70112, LAClinical Psychologist1669869186
Rachel Swafford 71118, LAClinical Psychologist1124483086
Sherman S Wiggins 71103, LAClinical Psychologist1063402717
Impressive Diagnostics 70127, LAClinical Psychologist1407349095
Karen Austin 70816, LAClinical Psychologist1326535055
Lauren Marie Dupuis 70506, LAClinical Psychologist1508347469
Ravi Kanagala 70433, LAClinical Psychologist1124009220
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71269, LAClinical Psychologist1467435495
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71291, LAClinical Psychologist1437133980
Eilleen Marie Stclair 71110, LAClinical Psychologist1427032309
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1588649172
Rhonda H. Weeks 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1184601254
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 70754, LAClinical Psychologist1013995331
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 70056, LAClinical Psychologist1255319455
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 70816, LAClinical Psychologist1285612275
Green Clinic 71270, LAClinical Psychologist1457330185
Alan Lee Rogers 71104, LAClinical Psychologist1730168139
Sarah B Moran 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1003896085
Southpark Community Hospital 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1275513798
Carlos V. Kronberger 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1518947852
Kimberly Marie Collins 70117, LAClinical Psychologist1821464967
Tracy Nicole Regard 71351, LAClinical Psychologist1942270160
Paul A Lelorier 70112, LAClinical Psychologist1720065519
Amanda Falcon 70802, LAClinical Psychologist1275924102
Kenneth Charles Civello 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1699745562
Patrice Pickens-sentino 70127, LAClinical Psychologist1225009129
Linda R Upton 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1477527752
Heather Dragg Gagliano 70401, LAClinical Psychologist1376517219
Leigh Perry Peregoy 71111, LAClinical Psychologist1225002157
Alesia Gayle Mcdaniel 71101, LAClinical Psychologist1568437242
Regional Physicians Network lake Charles Inc 70607, LAClinical Psychologist1912972886
Ronald A. Goebel 71104, LAClinical Psychologist1386612042
Leslie C Higgins 70003, LAClinical Psychologist1740258433
Stephanie Skinner 70791, LAClinical Psychologist1952379398
Mary T. Munger 70005, LAClinical Psychologist1730157983
Curtis Vincent 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1841269974
Robin Bracy Marrero 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1720057458
Suzanne Creel 70601, LAClinical Psychologist1912966128
Raymond Keith Appling 70601, LAClinical Psychologist1831158054
Elsie Managbanag Gordon 71291, LAClinical Psychologist1003875246
M Stoglin Ed D Aprn Pmh Services, Inc 71201, LAClinical Psychologist1528027513
Patrick J. Welch, M.d. (a Professional Medical Corporation) 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1366401010
Jean Anne Black 71295, LAClinical Psychologist1225097090
Aimee D. Dominique 70503, LAClinical Psychologist1992764799
Ronald R Rush 70601, LAClinical Psychologist1770542557
Lloyd Thurston Kelley 70601, LAClinical Psychologist1093774879
Sara E. Blomkalns 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1225098429
Harry R Hawthorne 71301, LAClinical Psychologist1730151184
Ronald William Butcher 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1184697575
Sharon Anne Pugh 71303, LAClinical Psychologist1871561548
Mechele De Avila Evans 70815, LAClinical Psychologist1124087481
Harry Turner 70806, LAClinical Psychologist1851801419
Natalie Bellott 70001, LAClinical Psychologist1952758773
Jennie S Allee-walsh 70005, LAClinical Psychologist1366402166
Duane William Superneau 70806, LAClinical Psychologist1427018274
Anne G Freedman 70002, LAClinical Psychologist1689634222
Deena Y Gerber 70002, LAClinical Psychologist1528028024
Fred Charles Frey 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1497716732
Robin Walden 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1700846128
William Drew Gouvier 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1720049000
Denise Sellers 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1912968215
Terry F. Mayers 70130, LAClinical Psychologist1467413724
Pamela Davis-martin 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1740241025
Family Therapy Clinic, Inc. 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1598726762
Claire Dianne Peebles 70006, LAClinical Psychologist1063473213
Susan Danielle Vos-dupree 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1033170147
Linda C. Rothschild 70002, LAClinical Psychologist1144281940
Virginia Diane Garrett 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1881655595
Susan A. Stein 70433, LAClinical Psychologist1962463588
Don Mark Plaisance 70810, LAClinical Psychologist1518928399
Florencetta H Gibson 71201, LAClinical Psychologist1972564755
Meda Ann Killgore 71270, LAClinical Psychologist1538121611
Dan T Bounds 71202, LAClinical Psychologist1417919416
Teche Diagnostic Imaging Center Llc 70538, LAClinical Psychologist1932161718
Nancy Melinda Rosow 70118, LAClinical Psychologist1952364598
William Smith Brasted 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1477515187
Timothy J Trant 70535, LAClinical Psychologist1669435251
Cornelius J Schutte 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1629031067
Michael D Chafetz 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1144283599
Janis R Kirsch-rosenkrantz 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1184687550
Timothy D Kemery 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1164485546
Timnath Corporation 70503, LAClinical Psychologist1699738989
Frank Chase Parker 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1679536882
Chris Boling 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1780647941
Jeff Davis Imaging 70546, LAClinical Psychologist1235192352
M. Kathie Weber 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1982667978
Arthur L Rosenkrantz 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1730142605
Thais Lorio Duhon 70001, LAClinical Psychologist1447213103
Gloria Jean Monroe 71201, LAClinical Psychologist1770547184
Synergy Laboratory Services Of Louisiana 71291, LAClinical Psychologist1235194093
Department Of Health And Hospitals 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1306800289
Mary Jessica Dreher 71202, LAClinical Psychologist1568427862
Frank William White 71101, LAClinical Psychologist1144285115
Department Of Health And Hospitals 71270, LAClinical Psychologist1962468819
Bobette M Laurendine 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1346206059
Freddy M. Abi-samra 70121, LAClinical Psychologist1346207354
Aden A. Burka 70121, LAClinical Psychologist1023075652
Morris E. Burka 70121, LAClinical Psychologist1639136260
Elsa Rae Pool 70005, LAClinical Psychologist1023075314
Southwest Laboratory Services Inc 70510, LAClinical Psychologist1386601581
Nona L Bryant 70601, LAClinical Psychologist1326006701
Samuel Joseph Fusilier 70535, LAClinical Psychologist1700834942
Sarah D Pokorny 70433, LAClinical Psychologist1497703441
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 71201, LAClinical Psychologist1215986542
Stacey Grace Willson 70506, LAClinical Psychologist1134177678
Cynthia A Gaydon 70508, LAClinical Psychologist1164471371
Darlene Peterson Augustine 71110, LAClinical Psychologist1306895230
Acadiana Imaging And Diagnostics 70535, LAClinical Psychologist1114976248
Suzanne Marie Pauratore 70458, LAClinical Psychologist1124077037
John A Brun 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1891745170
Lisa Sayegh 70125, LAClinical Psychologist1942259585
Ann M Patteson 70125, LAClinical Psychologist1962453357
Dale A Firestone 70005, LAClinical Psychologist1184674715
Terry T. Judice 70503, LAClinical Psychologist1063463354
Manuel Lopez 70121, LAClinical Psychologist1295786192
Joel P Abrahams 70123, LAClinical Psychologist1366494684
Joy R Kohlmaier 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1538111794
John Edward Mcbride 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1396797262
Linda Joan Collings 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1073565032
Tamara Diane Richardson 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1134171028
Sabrina Jewel Bordelon 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1952353849
David Allen Nagy 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1821040874
Heather Danielle Deshone 71110, LAClinical Psychologist1710930441
Linda Heiman 71306, LAClinical Psychologist1689627333
William R Taylor 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1093768418
Bonita R Lacour 71360, LAClinical Psychologist1831140425
Melanie Thierry 70714, LAClinical Psychologist1841674678
Eileen I. Correa 70121, LAClinical Psychologist1356308985
Mobile Tech Medical Inc. 70806, LAClinical Psychologist1073577730
Rebecca Stilling 70119, LAClinical Psychologist1427007186
Larkin Ellison Fultz 70471, LAClinical Psychologist1063462752
Scott J Dufrene 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1518925668
Ricky Joseph Marchetta 70458, LAClinical Psychologist1083676282
Paula J Varnado-sullivan 70806, LAClinical Psychologist1003877374
Peter Bryan Boggs 71111, LAClinical Psychologist1447217252
Colleen J Johnson 70112, LAClinical Psychologist1528016896
Suzanne A Chabaud 70005, LAClinical Psychologist1558324749
Hyacinth C Mckee 70458, LAClinical Psychologist1871826552
Alyson Powell Mccain 70809, LAClinical Psychologist1043271307
Justin Wm Schleis 70808, LAClinical Psychologist1689637407
Robert Salus 70114, LAClinical Psychologist1487617445


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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