Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jessica A Reed 02492, MAClinical Psychologist1184627184
Darius John Adams 07960, MAClinical Psychologist1972506749
Moira Brady 01038, MAClinical Psychologist1902809676
Catherine Lee Weisbrod 02139, MAClinical Psychologist1700889482
Mary Beth Lean 02646, MAClinical Psychologist1750384467
Thomas W Dorrance 01742, MAClinical Psychologist1912900424
Pathology Services Inc 02139, MAClinical Psychologist1861495376
Jacqueline Anne Samson 02478, MAClinical Psychologist1467454652
Pauline Frances Gleason 01701, MAClinical Psychologist1043212145
Patricia Shepard 02474, MAClinical Psychologist1306840202
Tessa Stratton Lundquist 02189, MAClinical Psychologist1487003745
Sharon Novie-greenberg 02139, MAClinical Psychologist1124522743
Isaac Greenberg 02476, MAClinical Psychologist1558366690
Anita Leone Parker 02673, MAClinical Psychologist1619972775
Abendra B. Naidoo 01085, MAClinical Psychologist1447255336
Andrea M Lamb 02561, MAClinical Psychologist1669477402
Secon Of New England Llc 01608, MAClinical Psychologist1487659694
Efimia Papadopoulos 01886, MAClinical Psychologist1811992605
Teresa Louise Buck 02445, MAClinical Psychologist1336145705
Laurence Posner 01970, MAClinical Psychologist1285630418
Charles G Martel 02116, MAClinical Psychologist1881690014
William Dale Cox 01581, MAClinical Psychologist1316943582
Diagnostic Laboratory Medicine, Inc 01730, MAClinical Psychologist1184620775
Barbara Hemley Rosenn 02481, MAClinical Psychologist1881691475
Taniesha L Burton 01069, MAClinical Psychologist1861741969
Stefanie Meril Adams 02601, MAClinical Psychologist1275530487
Mary Ann Mullin 02135, MAClinical Psychologist1588661557
Jennifer R. Brelsford 01027, MAClinical Psychologist1689672123
Nancy Charlene Betts 01951, MAClinical Psychologist1376541607
Richard S. Mitchell 02639, MAClinical Psychologist1477551547
Albert Wallace Deckel 01532, MAClinical Psychologist1487652483
Richard Breault 01609, MAClinical Psychologist1104204619
Andrea Marie Mastropietro 01027, MAClinical Psychologist1750763066
Drasko Simovic 01841, MAClinical Psychologist1306844220
Lorrie Gentes 02118, MAClinical Psychologist1962907246
Peter S Belson 02446, MAClinical Psychologist1760963748
Jennifer Besarick 02043, MAClinical Psychologist1861976102
Patrick Hunnicutt 02151, MAClinical Psychologist1801186739
Andrea C Soler 02130, MAClinical Psychologist1225037070
Kathy Smith 06082, MAClinical Psychologist1326047960
Robert H Spiro 01267, MAClinical Psychologist1730188376
Christopher L Huvos 02476, MAClinical Psychologist1508865916
Sheryl Thau Bardin 02135, MAClinical Psychologist1033118450
Nancy Gould Sandman 02446, MAClinical Psychologist1942209374
Stephen R Folven 01852, MAClinical Psychologist1548269665
Claudia B. Rutherford 01373, MAClinical Psychologist1295734358
Babette Wise 20007, MAClinical Psychologist1023017100
Robert J Mendoza 02026, MAClinical Psychologist1992704829
Cynthia A. Solin 01106, MAClinical Psychologist1740280684
Carol Ann Mccoin 01701, MAClinical Psychologist1366442980
Elizabeth J Spencer 02139, MAClinical Psychologist1588664148
Rhoda Greenspan 02459, MAClinical Psychologist1902807761
Isabel Cain 02492, MAClinical Psychologist1447794698
Katherine Sevy 02169, MAClinical Psychologist1770084519
David M. Presnall 02631, MAClinical Psychologist1205835055
Virginia Elizabeth Van Scoy 01060, MAClinical Psychologist1912908948
Christine R Bryke 02215, MAClinical Psychologist1932109527
Lynn Guimond Mackinson 02215, MAClinical Psychologist1831689132
Martha R.g. Townley 01760, MAClinical Psychologist1376544171
Michelle L. Imber 02114, MAClinical Psychologist1346241932
Robert C Cross 01904, MAClinical Psychologist1104827559
Shalini Bhalla 01970, MAClinical Psychologist1205837754
Annmarie Hotchkiss 01085, MAClinical Psychologist1093716326
Lawrence R Austin 02631, MAClinical Psychologist1871594911
Pamela Amer 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1497756530
Robert I. Amer 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1801897954
Louise Beck 01913, MAClinical Psychologist1871594929
Denise Benoit 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1457352510
Polly Beyer 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1952302028
Kathleen Destadler 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1871594994
Ava M. Galante 01830, MAClinical Psychologist1184626251
Bronson Destadler 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1073514196
Bernadette K Digiovanni 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1740281864
Diane C. Dubin 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1407857535
Jacqueline Femino-nicoll 01951, MAClinical Psychologist1679575732
Stephanie B. Drieze 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1083615116
Susan G. Mikesell 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1710989645
Nicole Murphy 01913, MAClinical Psychologist1336141282
Laurie M. Murphey 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1831191774
Roger F Cohen 02135, MAClinical Psychologist1235131194
Nancy J. Davis 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1679575534
Mona H Villapiano 02458, MAClinical Psychologist1215939194
Denise Stephenson 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1760484612
Janet Winocour 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1649272592
Michael J Winocour 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1629070578
Richard J Healy 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1033111935
Catherine N. Kahl 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1679575575
Diane Lambert 01950, MAClinical Psychologist1992707798
Pushpa Narayanaswami 02215, MAClinical Psychologist1326040197
Maureen Ann Hathaway 02740, MAClinical Psychologist1285636902
Christopher Karl Germer 02476, MAClinical Psychologist1144212960
Paul J Scoglio 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1619969284
Chahira Kozma 20007, MAClinical Psychologist1780676387
Susan D Siroty 02465, MAClinical Psychologist1457343980
Kimberly Anise Powers 02114, MAClinical Psychologist1417949041
Keith P Taylor 02138, MAClinical Psychologist1780676130
Michel Philippe Olivier 01826, MAClinical Psychologist1487646782
Terry Alan Hayes 02050, MAClinical Psychologist1962495226
A Eugene Palchanis 02554, MAClinical Psychologist1255324331
Sheree L Estes 01602, MAClinical Psychologist1316930142
Esme Jane Blackburn 02476, MAClinical Psychologist1427041144
Bonnie Elizabeth Fishman 02150, MAClinical Psychologist1568455285
Lawrence M Kistler 02492, MAClinical Psychologist1467445114
F Von Broembsen 01742, MAClinical Psychologist1245223700
James Michael Lipski 01970, MAClinical Psychologist1861485468
Suzan C Cahill 01247, MAClinical Psychologist1417304692
Mathias L Stoenescu 01107, MAClinical Psychologist1245232776
Danielle M Zina 02155, MAClinical Psychologist1245749803
Caroline Hunter Ogilvy 02109, MAClinical Psychologist1316455918
Stephanie Jill Freeman 01702, MAClinical Psychologist1710495320
Rachel Sletzinger 02032, MAClinical Psychologist1720532088
New England Neurological Associates, P.c. 01843, MAClinical Psychologist1205829579
Kathleen O. Mccarthy 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1982606786
Suzanne Hauptmann 02536, MAClinical Psychologist1619448107
Sondra E Greenwald 01701, MAClinical Psychologist1669466959
Thaddeus P. Dryja 02114, MAClinical Psychologist1619961968
Donald Raymond Mount 01880, MAClinical Psychologist1821082934
Charles Daniel Brown 02461, MAClinical Psychologist1609860881
Stephen Childs Hoy 01915, MAClinical Psychologist1215921192
Beverly A Anderson 01913, MAClinical Psychologist1417941121
Robert Azrak 02370, MAClinical Psychologist1326032038
Behavioral Solutions, P.c. 01803, MAClinical Psychologist1467446096
Bruce Arthur Maloof 01803, MAClinical Psychologist1881688406
James A Grubman 01376, MAClinical Psychologist1013901651
Le My Doan 01852, MAClinical Psychologist1659365146
Donna Arlene Zangara 02421, MAClinical Psychologist1255325767
Joyce Ann Holroyd-mcguire 01453, MAClinical Psychologist1407841604
John Anthony Laneve 01028, MAClinical Psychologist1396730750
Bournewood Clinical Associates 02467, MAClinical Psychologist1891780144
Clark doolittle Assoc Pc 02138, MAClinical Psychologist1164417424
William Joseph Turner 01201, MAClinical Psychologist1164417200
Cynthia Payson Hartdegen 01085, MAClinical Psychologist1356336333
Jonathan W Reusser 02420, MAClinical Psychologist1639164627
Michelle De Lisio 01301, MAClinical Psychologist1932194917
Sarah Elizabeth Hawrylak 01301, MAClinical Psychologist1912992611
Mary E Judd-pechie 01550, MAClinical Psychologist1487649117
Robert L Wing Psyd Pc 01085, MAClinical Psychologist1902891567
Candie Killackey 01740, MAClinical Psychologist1225023856
Sheila A Jewett 02139, MAClinical Psychologist1710973144
Rose Anne Negele 02114, MAClinical Psychologist1346236684
Lois Levinsky 02143, MAClinical Psychologist1134115496
William J Rafferty 02062, MAClinical Psychologist1891781001
Jill Ellen Marland 01060, MAClinical Psychologist1104812205
Louise Anne Felton 02062, MAClinical Psychologist1346236502
Jeanne Marie Dionne 02655, MAClinical Psychologist1790771665
Janna Malamud Smith 02169, MAClinical Psychologist1588650469
Alice J. Vaine 01440, MAClinical Psychologist1164418059
Judith Taplitz 02459, MAClinical Psychologist1033105952
Thomas J. Tanguay 02347, MAClinical Psychologist1154317071
Susan Charkoudian 01863, MAClinical Psychologist1740276526
Paula L. Olson 01060, MAClinical Psychologist1144216904
Rosemarie Paolini 02301, MAClinical Psychologist1225025877
Paula A Schmidt 01060, MAClinical Psychologist1174510572
Peter A Mosbach 01720, MAClinical Psychologist1013904309
Howard Arnold Noe 02459, MAClinical Psychologist1578550901
Stephen Francis Boy 01830, MAClinical Psychologist1598752776
Marc Elliot Berman 02030, MAClinical Psychologist1326035569
Tracy Lee Leverone 02382, MAClinical Psychologist1629065818
Helen M Romero 02125, MAClinical Psychologist1184611352
Ghulam Muqtada Chaudhry 01805, MAClinical Psychologist1932196938
Carolyn M Bell 01104, MAClinical Psychologist1205823218
Richard F Champoux 01026, MAClinical Psychologist1902893910
Heidi Haas 01060, MAClinical Psychologist1013904929
Robert J Lacey 02540, MAClinical Psychologist1225026909
Heidi Falk Logan 01801, MAClinical Psychologist1891783486
Linda C Trum 02130, MAClinical Psychologist1720073513
Lori Berkey 01606, MAClinical Psychologist1619343449
Elisabeth M Robert 02740, MAClinical Psychologist1578551156
Linda Carpeno 02534, MAClinical Psychologist1740278365
Charles I Haffajee 02215, MAClinical Psychologist1952397523
Lauren M. Eidt-pearson 01655, MAClinical Psychologist1215363114
Robert A Moverman 01843, MAClinical Psychologist1649267030
Alan Dimson-doyle 02067, MAClinical Psychologist1912992199
Bdg Counseling Pllc 02067, MAClinical Psychologist1508368846
Cindy M King 01474, MAClinical Psychologist1871589879
Corey Bisceglia-kane 02467, MAClinical Psychologist1750880688
Ellen Marie Weinlich 02601, MAClinical Psychologist1992200687
Richard Edward Miller 01606, MAClinical Psychologist1871062828
Mary Alice Lacy Pardee 01930, MAClinical Psychologist1376531525
Lyndon C Jones 02072, MAClinical Psychologist1548258593
Jacqueline D Wallace 01002, MAClinical Psychologist1497743504
Margaret W Jones 02072, MAClinical Psychologist1285622332
William A Debassio 02118, MAClinical Psychologist1700874732
Denise Ellen Elliott 01060, MAClinical Psychologist1831187749
Diane Littlefield 02061, MAClinical Psychologist1194714915
Deborah Gordon Wachusett Pathologists 01440, MAClinical Psychologist1144219940
Karen B Farnum 01862, MAClinical Psychologist1013906924
Eric Endlich 02494, MAClinical Psychologist1063401818
Elaine Mcgrane Olmstead 01720, MAClinical Psychologist1245229988
Deborah Levy 02478, MAClinical Psychologist1184613762
Cathi Sonneborn Gilmore 02459, MAClinical Psychologist1265421853
Douglas N Williams 01089, MAClinical Psychologist1821087396
Family Service Association Of Greater Fall River, Inc. 02720, MAClinical Psychologist1144219551
Paul Goldring 02556, MAClinical Psychologist1275522500
Valerie Coyle 01701, MAClinical Psychologist1306835665
Jessica Ellen Goldstein 02478, MAClinical Psychologist1477542777
Lauren C. Berman 02138, MAClinical Psychologist1932198306
Sean Whipple Withington 02360, MAClinical Psychologist1134118201
Marie Frances Radei 02301, MAClinical Psychologist1740279736
Cynthia S. Tavilla 02420, MAClinical Psychologist1104816164


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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