Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Morgan Sammons 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1790788925
Northstar Counseling & Wellness, Llc 21146, MDClinical Psychologist1225594260
Aaron Ronald Noonberg 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1770586695
Arthur Flax 21208, MDClinical Psychologist1356344899
Cecilia Del Rio 20854, MDClinical Psychologist1588667000
Russell E. Hillsley 21229, MDClinical Psychologist1649273954
Thomas Guarnieri 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1275536591
Rafique Ahmed 21237, MDClinical Psychologist1457354854
Edward Feher 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1588666812
Glenn R. Meininger 21237, MDClinical Psychologist1154324416
Terry Sumyuet Ng 20878, MDClinical Psychologist1396747663
Gayle Bromberg 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1235131293
Elizabeth Pollack 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1265434336
Chesapeake Church 20639, MDClinical Psychologist1396747358
Elizabeth Ann Ashman 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1205830031
David Hudak 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1477557205
Sue A Shaffer 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1518961341
William Derbyshire 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1720082480
Ksa Youth Foundation Inc. 20744, MDClinical Psychologist1598267700
Anne Roessler 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1912902370
Anne Riccicuti 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1366447724
April Dawn Morrissey 20639, MDClinical Psychologist1851396220
Margaret Ann Adams 21701, MDClinical Psychologist1275538654
Sharon L. Kuebbing 21701, MDClinical Psychologist1215932694
Alice J. Berlin 21701, MDClinical Psychologist1154326551
Robert J. Shuman 21701, MDClinical Psychologist1992700397
Robert E Jones 20639, MDClinical Psychologist1225033400
Kaiser Amir Ahmad 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1770588832
Marcia Epstein Meyer 21157, MDClinical Psychologist1598760357
Peninsula Regional Medical Center 21801, MDClinical Psychologist1780689463
Edward C. Healy 20817, MDClinical Psychologist1700881927
Jeffrey M. Banker 21209, MDClinical Psychologist1861497802
My Girl's Place Pllc 20020, MDClinical Psychologist1609371277
Johns Hopkins University 21287, MDClinical Psychologist1801891080
Barbara Lohman-flynn 21701, MDClinical Psychologist1306841796
Heather E Lasslett 21771, MDClinical Psychologist1790255404
Claire Murray 20902, MDClinical Psychologist1326043977
Gregory Murray 20902, MDClinical Psychologist1902801533
Chesapeake Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc. 21030, MDClinical Psychologist1528064045
Steven F Kellogg 21401, MDClinical Psychologist1295731107
Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Services, Llc 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1508862392
Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1982600771
Britt Huntly Rathbone 20852, MDClinical Psychologist1063418770
W. Sherod Williams 20901, MDClinical Psychologist1386640183
Paul Sahwell 83648, MDClinical Psychologist1639664006
Sarah E Bussard 21502, MDClinical Psychologist1558843565
James K Childerston 21740, MDClinical Psychologist1205833449
Marvin A. Yudkovitz 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1972500916
George Stricker 20906, MDClinical Psychologist1699772517
Karen Krenitsky Phinney 20877, MDClinical Psychologist1548268832
Diana L Walcutt 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1477551778
Janet Cohen 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1992703219
Thomas Wood Stacy 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1871591131
Stephen J. Gaeng 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1437157658
David Albert Gold 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1134127236
Jennene Daniels 20603, MDClinical Psychologist1669470894
Pedro Debrito 20007, MDClinical Psychologist1275531238
Gary Weidman 21742, MDClinical Psychologist1750388187
Amy Lynn Kopel 21212, MDClinical Psychologist1831196625
Center For Resilience And Connection 20770, MDClinical Psychologist1245733047
Cd Laboratories, Inc. 21286, MDClinical Psychologist1164420568
Carla B Macleod Md & Associates Pc 20879, MDClinical Psychologist1760481568
Shelby Cook 20007, MDClinical Psychologist1104825397
Eileen Florence Locklear 21784, MDClinical Psychologist1790784841
Helena L Weisl 20653, MDClinical Psychologist1154320109
Janice Krupnick 20007, MDClinical Psychologist1164421327
Hernando Jimenez 25401, MDClinical Psychologist1285634113
Professional Diagnostics, Llc 21921, MDClinical Psychologist1437159381
Martha Foster Lurz 21401, MDClinical Psychologist1669472478
Samuel James Kelly 21286, MDClinical Psychologist1174523377
Catherine S. Weber 21113, MDClinical Psychologist1063413888
Myra Framm 20814, MDClinical Psychologist1841291689
Ariella Lipkin 21045, MDClinical Psychologist1538611942
Kathleen Taylor 22150, MDClinical Psychologist1437694551
Sophia Kotliar 21921, MDClinical Psychologist1699775395
American Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. 20910, MDClinical Psychologist1477554889
Margaret Balderson Kabat 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1942201249
Terri Lynn Craig 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1609877844
Joann M Lynn 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1386646982
Susan Kaye Quinn 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1790787471
Louis Essers 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1952303554
Laura Havard 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1083616684
James Joseph Stockus 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1801898267
Richard L Taylor 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1982606406
Hyun J Kim 21061, MDClinical Psychologist1750373890
Stephen Mark Ulissi 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1730171901
Elsie Marie Moore 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1649262767
Stephen George Keim 21804, MDClinical Psychologist1821080029
Priscilla Ballsun 20007, MDClinical Psychologist1699767558
Melissa Howard Fries 20010, MDClinical Psychologist1982696852
Richard Francis Stoltz 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1841282837
Gloria Borer 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1821080763
Hope Grande 20007, MDClinical Psychologist1376535088
Pathology Associates Laboratories, P.c. 21239, MDClinical Psychologist1770575433
Amy Barkin 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1275525867
Andrea L Gropman 20010, MDClinical Psychologist1407848005
Paul Richard Schratz 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1003808643
Jewish Community Services, Inc 21215, MDClinical Psychologist1023000320
Robin Carol Brungard 20678, MDClinical Psychologist1962403337
Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc 21701, MDClinical Psychologist1447619754
Linda Jo Bone Jeng 21201, MDClinical Psychologist1437150604
The Heart Center Of Northern Anne Arundel County Pa 21061, MDClinical Psychologist1215929369
David J Schamp 21218, MDClinical Psychologist1417941444
Robin Ray Mustain 20814, MDClinical Psychologist1548254386
Paresh M Shah 21208, MDClinical Psychologist1740274414
Joanne Kahn Milobsky 20852, MDClinical Psychologist1467446179
Dennis F. Fisher 21028, MDClinical Psychologist1346235231
Asbury Physician Services Llc 20877, MDClinical Psychologist1982699815
James Robert David 20905, MDClinical Psychologist1811983497
Veronica Morrow 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1699760207
Deanna Lynn Bradford 21872, MDClinical Psychologist1457347734
Midatlantic Cardiovascular Associates Pa 21208, MDClinical Psychologist1821084112
Sonya Adamo 20707, MDClinical Psychologist1750377156
Brenda Lee May 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1164418380
Caroline T Wilner 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1073509295
Jakota L Herring 21801, MDClinical Psychologist1326034604
Lori Ruth Powley 21613, MDClinical Psychologist1780670067
Lindy Ladd Lewis 21613, MDClinical Psychologist1144216094
Elaine A Blong 20874, MDClinical Psychologist1972599629
Marie Byrd 21215, MDClinical Psychologist1285620005
Martha Miller Vayhinger 20904, MDClinical Psychologist1639166267
Clinical Social Workers Inc 20816, MDClinical Psychologist1033106547
Trisha Souders Rubin 20854, MDClinical Psychologist1336136639
Georgia Elda Kenney 20653, MDClinical Psychologist1538156419
Christiane Margarete Graham 20906, MDClinical Psychologist1154318905
Anne Veshecco Majerik 21236, MDClinical Psychologist1780672584
Cytodiagnostics, Inc 21211, MDClinical Psychologist1700874526
Halcyon Felicia Francis 21239, MDClinical Psychologist1548528524
Donald William Strauss 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1285629378
Jonathan Ross 20817, MDClinical Psychologist1194712208
Center Circle Therapy, Llc 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1114442746
Pamela Q Colbert 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1740277334
Tracey Ball 21784, MDClinical Psychologist1144749912
Childrens Choice Of Maryland, Inc 21619, MDClinical Psychologist1245734987
Shane O'hare 21921, MDClinical Psychologist1194268276
Carolyn Lantzy Nelson 21014, MDClinical Psychologist1770570574
Richard Stephen Nagler 21801, MDClinical Psychologist1952868101
Kelly Michelle Beeseck 21811, MDClinical Psychologist1750840203
Maryann Foster 20015, MDClinical Psychologist1083602460
Thomas Joseph Decoster 22211, MDClinical Psychologist1457349482
Center For Children, Inc 20646, MDClinical Psychologist1619965597
Mark L Paris 20735, MDClinical Psychologist1154319069
Elinor Blumenthal Kinland 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1669461430
Damanhuri Daniel Alkaitis 21401, MDClinical Psychologist1568451375
Allan Richard Creager 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1518956325
Paula Senay Smith 21014, MDClinical Psychologist1740279488
Sarah Adgent Drennan 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1396734075
Diane Kay Lewis 21742, MDClinical Psychologist1932198637
Deborah Gallison Hubbell 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1285623934
Karen L. Hall 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1346239035
Marilyn Ansevin Austin 20832, MDClinical Psychologist1356330872
Mark Lewis O'neill 21087, MDClinical Psychologist1588653950
B.j. Reid Czarapata 20878, MDClinical Psychologist1851380109
Jenny Zhang Lin 20852, MDClinical Psychologist1659361616
Patricia Ann Knapp 21044, MDClinical Psychologist1265422190
Marcia Coomber, P.a. 21157, MDClinical Psychologist1043200918
Pengxin Lin 20852, MDClinical Psychologist1922098870
John Allen Lucero 22060, MDClinical Psychologist1568452050
Suburban Pastoral Counseling Clinic Inc 21228, MDClinical Psychologist1588654701
Katherine Martin Dougherty 20902, MDClinical Psychologist1942290234
Dionne Michelle Brown-bushrod 21208, MDClinical Psychologist1134110620
William Louis Brim 20678, MDClinical Psychologist1174514392
Patricia Chesnut 37743, MDClinical Psychologist1326029596
Anglea Veronica Simon 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1477534691
Dawn Corneau Dia 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1750362968
Sheila N Gart 20895, MDClinical Psychologist1821079898
Joseph Michael Reilly 21740, MDClinical Psychologist1902887342
David R. Miller 20755, MDClinical Psychologist1508847849
Karen Brandt 21042, MDClinical Psychologist1740262955
Jason Mark Rashkin 22033, MDClinical Psychologist1831171800
Katharine J Schaible 20755, MDClinical Psychologist1841272382
Louise Yvonne Flamer 21230, MDClinical Psychologist1215910617
Kathy Lee Kent 21811, MDClinical Psychologist1376526798
Jane H Hungate 21224, MDClinical Psychologist1871576108
Vickie Elsesser-vu 20659, MDClinical Psychologist1912980350
Tracy Lee Dively Schulden 21230, MDClinical Psychologist1467435875
Eric G. Carbone 20910, MDClinical Psychologist1649253956
Joseph C Lee 20889, MDClinical Psychologist1922098201
Daniel Jonathan Speece 21771, MDClinical Psychologist1942282165
Larry Webster Blum 21061, MDClinical Psychologist1053300962
Elizabeth Anne Riley 20904, MDClinical Psychologist1184613200
Carroll Hospital Center, Inc. 21157, MDClinical Psychologist1093796096
Dorian Keith Scott 21201, MDClinical Psychologist1417938200
Fredrick A Balius 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1225027139
Mohit Rastogi 20706, MDClinical Psychologist1518958388
Linda Z Motts 21244, MDClinical Psychologist1861475014
Jacob Levi Priluck 22150, MDClinical Psychologist1992289425
Clear View Counseling Center, Llc 21403, MDClinical Psychologist1073994950
Patricia Jane Murphy 20650, MDClinical Psychologist1962485979
Kathleen S Williams 20850, MDClinical Psychologist1356324073
John Laughlin And Pearl Hibbard 20769, MDClinical Psychologist1649253220
Rhonda Winfield Jordan 20874, MDClinical Psychologist1417930918
Cheryl Rose Parks 21702, MDClinical Psychologist1902880222
Bleach And Associates, Llc 20735, MDClinical Psychologist1649254996
Elizabeth Ann Stellhorn 20850, MDClinical Psychologist1194709527
Sonia Doriana Persichetti 21202, MDClinical Psychologist1144204512
Janet Patricia Caughlan 21202, MDClinical Psychologist1841274214
Kathleen N Mcgaha 21201, MDClinical Psychologist1861476244
Patricia Louise Alfin 21204, MDClinical Psychologist1104800325
Jan Cheryl Stillpass 20910, MDClinical Psychologist1568446730


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