Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Maine

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Maine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Charles Robert May 04578, MEClinical Psychologist1003819962
Cheryl Berg 04084, MEClinical Psychologist1720080047
Vijendra Swarup 85016, MEClinical Psychologist1427051929
Sheri L Thompson 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1598905697
Tracy Haskell 04605, MEClinical Psychologist1659376093
Umang M Patel 47714, MEClinical Psychologist1053316869
John Matthew O'brien 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1720083504
Allison Krzanowski 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1013387117
Diana L Nickerson 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1841718889
Cheryl Martha Rubin 04605, MEClinical Psychologist1780680553
Marietta Dyer 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1740637040
Foundation For Blood Research 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1588661565
Linda Jean Cooke 04043, MEClinical Psychologist1770581407
Affiliated Laboratory, Inc. 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1225035132
Carol W Ippoliti 04426, MEClinical Psychologist1205835550
Joanna M Condon 04426, MEClinical Psychologist1831198183
Richard E Davis 04426, MEClinical Psychologist1639178759
Brooke Sears Ritvo 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1346240033
David Arthur Goolsby 04426, MEClinical Psychologist1588664163
Carolyn W Blackburn 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1669472247
Nordx 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1306846753
James M Lapierre 04412, MEClinical Psychologist1265432959
Anne Louise Funderburk 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1952302291
Linda B Heller 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1821090499
Shaleen Ayers 47714, MEClinical Psychologist1578564084
Kristy Labonte 04901, MEClinical Psychologist1245688779
Charles Edward Scott 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1013383629
Kathryn M. Ryan 04841, MEClinical Psychologist1538526165
Sarah Sb Traub 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1699261974
Tori-lynn Wilcox 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1659741114
Janice Lavoie Bureau 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1699769265
Daniel Sudilovsky 14850, MEClinical Psychologist1184619264
Aaron Michael Landry 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1508851528
Richard Edward Pollock 04268, MEClinical Psychologist1821087602
Washington County Psychotherapy Associates, Pa 04654, MEClinical Psychologist1538158159
Angela Mckenney 04333, MEClinical Psychologist1649269739
Michael B Porter 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1740270255
Jan Summers 04843, MEClinical Psychologist1306837208
Ken E Raffel 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1952392847
Claire Oppenheim 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1538150438
Bonnie Handy 04062, MEClinical Psychologist1588655484
Mai Huong Thi Nguyen 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1518949627
Melissa A. Peakes-stevens 04426, MEClinical Psychologist1376525261
Charles Vanamee 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1164413068
Kimberly Joy Cooper 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1598747032
Dalene Sinskie 04938, MEClinical Psychologist1073502761
Jennifer Marie Batterman 04843, MEClinical Psychologist1619968682
Matthew Mciver 04952, MEClinical Psychologist1902374507
Joel R Burian 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1114909595
Leslie Abrons 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1295726180
Atlantic Pathology, Pa 03801, MEClinical Psychologist1952386245
Bonnie L. Rademacher-flis 04538, MEClinical Psychologist1619953312
Dennis J. Capuano 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1962488213
Dana J Koch 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1811973993
Monique Spina 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1780660894
Sylvia Irene Ingerson 04609, MEClinical Psychologist1558347385
University Of New England 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1699752055
Ellen Gurney 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1033196340
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1346228509
Royal Gene Grueneich 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1437138765
E Ronald Feintech 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1740269190
Molly Dana Stanley 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1487634473
Andrew C Corsello 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1265412951
Christine Mary Fink 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1790765329
Daniel Soroff 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1104806314
Nancy Louise Johnson 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1437135704
Deborah Lee 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1437135837
Lauren Como 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1578549655
Lynn I Watson 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1043296155
Linda Son 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1659774743
Lynne B Drinkard 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1780654723
Heather L Macduffie 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1457336828
Anita Laurette Goller 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1053391367
Stephen A Koscherak 04679, MEClinical Psychologist1144290941
Judson D. Smith 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1518937242
John C Love 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1477523074
Teresa M Mayo 04333, MEClinical Psychologist1013987403
James M Claiborn 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1831169259
Tatiana W Gregor 04333, MEClinical Psychologist1295705671
Laurie A. Blain 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1386615326
June Thornton-marsh 04901, MEClinical Psychologist1245201037
Behavioral Health Resources Inc. 04107, MEClinical Psychologist1861464380
David Ward 04096, MEClinical Psychologist1861466831
Amy B Carey-dicarlo 04073, MEClinical Psychologist1588639140
Sally J Robinson 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1316911043
Judith B Taylor 04210, MEClinical Psychologist1386619732
Larissa Araxe Mead-wescott 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1417922725
Lee Ann Fitzgibbons 04071, MEClinical Psychologist1831165661
Gordon P Street 04071, MEClinical Psychologist1184699910
Mary Anastasia Mcmorrow Adams 04679, MEClinical Psychologist1972579738
Jennie S. Dubosky 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1265408777
Mary Lavina Fredricks 04254, MEClinical Psychologist1376510412
Elissa Forman 01062, MEClinical Psychologist1578532438
Kristin M Shulman 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1902875750
Mia Lynn Foley 04073, MEClinical Psychologist1184693756
Anne G. Marsh 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1841259868
Nicole Pietrini Richman 04038, MEClinical Psychologist1386603363
Thomas Evers Glendon 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1396704979
William F Macomber 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1760441372
Careyleah Macleod 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1982663522
Christine E Williams 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1114986684
Lisa M. Day 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1962461475
Jennifer Warren Greaves 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1902865397
Paul David Pinette 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1174582548
John William Green 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1184683468
Jill Howard Beals 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1780644575
Margaret Ann Morrison 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1336119767
Kathleen Long 04260, MEClinical Psychologist1407821648
Amber Stubbs 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1124509104
Gail Marie Mueller 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1265493472
Ann M Chase 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1316908445
Starla Kaye Geannikis 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1982665964
Maureen G. Kehoe 04841, MEClinical Psychologist1568424059
Tracy Allen Audet 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1285696799
Dorothy Heggie 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1043272578
Danielle M. Senecal 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1689636136
Rachel Stephenson 04915, MEClinical Psychologist1356303804
Bonnie M. Thomas 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1962464412
Lisa Marie Torrey 04530, MEClinical Psychologist1386606846
R Maxwell Goode 04416, MEClinical Psychologist1558323014
Michael S Dixon 04210, MEClinical Psychologist1932161023
Mary-margaret C. Christie 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1750343935
Holly Ann Tracy 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1497717169
Mary Williams-krogman 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1770545527
Catherine Spedden 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1487616231
Eileen M. Boardman 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1194788679
Jeanne Lee Schacker 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1720041221
Bette Jonas Freedson 03908, MEClinical Psychologist1891758280
Susan Lichtman Maataoui 04107, MEClinical Psychologist1831152180
Carlton T. Charity 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1417910423
William Hart Leschey 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1235192477
Nancy J Coleman 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1720041940
Arthur Francis Morrissette 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1801850516
Cindy Daniels 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1053375733
William Warner Harrison 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1568426799
Carol Bliss Graff 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1962466060
Cathy J. Reed 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1154385201
Marilyn Joyce Reynolds 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1154386902
Anita J Schlemann 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1699739409
Robert Carlton Valliere 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1477517290
Richard Boyd Rau 04210, MEClinical Psychologist1043274988
Jill Katherine Hymers 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1730143595
Glenn Morazzini 04096, MEClinical Psychologist1619931482
Joanna K. Kelley-cohen 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1811952310
Padmini V Holla 03867, MEClinical Psychologist1801851183
Jean A. Thompson Mckinley 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1063477313
Deborah Holzel 04530, MEClinical Psychologist1659336949
Christine C. Kimball 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1447215595
Karen L. Kesselring 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1427014398
Sandra J Hinckley 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1457318263
Arthur C Dimauro 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1588621015
Keri Rothermel 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1285691428
Kelli Star Fox 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1952369688
Joel Guarna 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1376501833
Tina Marie Cole 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1669420592
Paula Lumb 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1295784577
Carole Elaine Banks 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1861441123
Jennifer Lynn Finck 04038, MEClinical Psychologist1669421871
Abigail Porter 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1659320091
Clayne M Chase 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1912956459
E May Matheson-thomas 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1447209853
Mary C Fletcher 04062, MEClinical Psychologist1700836079
Ann Marie Mullins 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1861442048
Brief Therapy Associates 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1922058122
Kenneth Mcauliffe 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1700836772
Donald Earl Carson 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1164473930
Edith Snyder Lyman 04609, MEClinical Psychologist1861445900
Deborah W Loftus 04605, MEClinical Psychologist1881647949
Sbsc, Inc. 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1255384723
Joan Gianna Settin 04429, MEClinical Psychologist1720031297
Patricia A. Grenier 04901, MEClinical Psychologist1265485296
Longview Psychotherapy Pc 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1902850589
Margaret Elizabeth Boyle 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1235182148
Linda L Morrison 04043, MEClinical Psychologist1417909276
Alison Lindquist 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1205897386
Paula Vokey 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1033174693
Sandra Guerra Dean 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1962861757
Maria R Noyes Paylor 04976, MEClinical Psychologist1033518857
St. Mary's Health, Inc 47750, MEClinical Psychologist1497706287
Kim Knowles 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1083677975
Marie A. Paschke 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1407818958
Judith Porter-muller 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1154383818
Kim E Mcdonough-gawron 04083, MEClinical Psychologist1326099797
Amy Partridge-barber 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1700843703
Nancy Maiello 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1174581045
Jane W Hersey 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1023067469
Donald Kent 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1285683763
Carol Sherman Hayes 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1679535603
Melanie Lynne Leu 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1386602290
Laurie E Laviolette 04605, MEClinical Psychologist1598719692
Philip Alan Walton 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1093760613
Suzanne T. Gosselin 04041, MEClinical Psychologist1972559045
Laurie A Brophy 04412, MEClinical Psychologist1073560819
Katharine Helen Lyon 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1376580514
Paula Curran 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1184661308
Christine Rose Deering 04666, MEClinical Psychologist1548207525
Charles O Tingley 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1972540821
Chelsy Gilroy 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1528006772
Dana B Sattin 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1679511760
Catholic Charities Maine 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1013955947


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