Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Maine

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Maine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lynn I Watson 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1043296155
Linda Son 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1659774743
Heather L Macduffie 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1457336828
Kim Knowles 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1083677975
Jane W Hersey 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1023067469
Deborah Rae Stauffer 17011, MEClinical Psychologist1255446829
Sonya L Theriault 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1427532027
Eileen M Manglass 04210, MEClinical Psychologist1184708653
Jeremy J. Gatto 55125, MEClinical Psychologist1255462321
Mary Elizabeth O'neil 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1407985500
Linda A Smith 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1194880922
Bethany Jo Mitchell 04974, MEClinical Psychologist1427112713
Kimberly Ann Morrison 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1518326735
Tanya Allen 32828, MEClinical Psychologist1124247515
Cheria Clow Rollins 03903, MEClinical Psychologist1104028125
Tammy L. Kelley 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1891982302
Amanda Clark 04976, MEClinical Psychologist1205245636
Sharon D Crowell 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1114106630
Amber Dawn Walker 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1356565071
Maevon Cody-mackechnie 33764, MEClinical Psychologist1851672745
Kellie L Miller 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1932305802
Jennifer Lyn Robbins 04043, MEClinical Psychologist1245465160
Sharon Strout Fowler 04901, MEClinical Psychologist1962733220
Kristina Minott 04660, MEClinical Psychologist1932479417
Samuel C. Harvell 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1841569175
Nicole Marie Theriault 02360, MEClinical Psychologist1275777419
Lisa Renee Morin 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1306178199
Andrea Marie Gray 04856, MEClinical Psychologist1154658565
Carol S Despres 04938, MEClinical Psychologist1366715856
Melanie Anastasia Mace 04654, MEClinical Psychologist1386966158
Kristen Marie Morin 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1205183829
Ursula Charlton 80918, MEClinical Psychologist1437582061
Corey A Hollowell 80631, MEClinical Psychologist1083090757
Erika Kathleen Bjorum 04543, MEClinical Psychologist1699024398
Shannon Lea Taylor 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1558619742
Alyssa Lynne Hardacker 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1518218692
Kim T Larkins 04730, MEClinical Psychologist1164823795
Natalie K Roberts-reisinger 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1033663398
Nichole E Gulowsen 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1588055016
Sarah C. A. Tatlock 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1376910984
Hillary Stewart 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1487912267
Thomas E Morrison 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1205162609
Regis Marie Porter 04210, MEClinical Psychologist1689081101
Deborah Lee Lapoint 04294, MEClinical Psychologist1154647196
Smart Child & Family Services 04062, MEClinical Psychologist1538121074
Grace L Wright 04032, MEClinical Psychologist1871844464
Corey Walmer 04863, MEClinical Psychologist1871659664
Dragonfly Wellness Studio Llc 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1295263762
Jessica Lee Hossfeld 03825, MEClinical Psychologist1437673365
Thomas Jeffrey Benn 04347, MEClinical Psychologist1336662451
Alanna Jade Borst 03904, MEClinical Psychologist1639698160
Gwen M Ackley 04915, MEClinical Psychologist1497267256
Kathleen E Wilson 04073, MEClinical Psychologist1871786251
Ann M Christie 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1568686541
Colleen Jillson 04062, MEClinical Psychologist1851665939
Sarah Anne White 04105, MEClinical Psychologist1417205535
Abby M Beaumont 04038, MEClinical Psychologist1356700421
Barbara A Richardson 04631, MEClinical Psychologist1063822864
Shannon E. Pettit 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1649474156
Mary K Kunhardt 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1215303433
Tiffany M Martinez 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1063813962
Christine Ann Crittenden Richard 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1013343813
Heidi Hanley Harrison 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1982046595
Kristen Record 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1700351129
Lacey Andrews Gale 04530, MEClinical Psychologist1659825818
Rebecca Anne Cornell Du Houx 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1629544218
Katie Elizabeth Rhein 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1255809380
Third Eye Counseling Inc. 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1053805945
Maine Medical Partners 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1386937175
Sharon Mae Jordan 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1598849671
Gretchen Davidson 03818, MEClinical Psychologist1194129726
Kimberly Burgum Luchini 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1962863050
Jordan Stewart Leyton-mange 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1245415140
Jennie Louise Barnes 04901, MEClinical Psychologist1730558164
Stephanie G. Malcom 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1750614707
Olivia Testa 04039, MEClinical Psychologist1720527914
Becket Academy, Inc. 04917, MEClinical Psychologist1053545426
Maine Vocational Associates, Inc. 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1437384054
Justin C Trozzi 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1417210105
Julia Mw Foster 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1922491562
Monica R Ianosi-irimie 08103, MEClinical Psychologist1265781017
Claudia R Hatch 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1689985467
Angela Lyford 04921, MEClinical Psychologist1407254519
Felicity Colangelo 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1629582705
Caroline Bright 04039, MEClinical Psychologist1992115976
Jeanette B. Rogers 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1174994537
The Awakening Moment, Inc. 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1942655287
Patricia K. Davis 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1366504516
Garret Scott Mercier 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1730601139
Deborah A Gray 04769, MEClinical Psychologist1215955307
Shannon Murray 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1962886952
Cindy Marie Barker 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1174879985
John E. Yeomans 02908, MEClinical Psychologist1720164106
Sourbha Satish Dani 01805, MEClinical Psychologist1659520393
Joanne C Boeschenstein 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1538406137
Stacey M. Ouellette 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1508979774
Christine Renaud 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1295222388
Denise Schneider Fuhrmann 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1720179419
Lisa King 04084, MEClinical Psychologist1447622899
Jessica I Conery-poulin 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1356699243
Heather Jean Pollard 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1518519321
Dalene Elizabeth Sinskie 04938, MEClinical Psychologist1073502761
Christina Patterson Delano 85033, MEClinical Psychologist1679827059
Carlie Jo Bragdon 04643, MEClinical Psychologist1699020495
Joel R Burian 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1114909595
Luana Carroll 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1629633417
Nicole Firth 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1093149106
Marshall Robinson 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1356443857
Kathryn Best 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1861840589
Alina Silver 04096, MEClinical Psychologist1730159542
Danielle Yvonne Fazio 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1194240598
Katie L. Vine 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1992052773
Scott J Davidson 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1457386823
Carrie Louise Roberts 04096, MEClinical Psychologist1679801112
Lynette Roy 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1538597851
Chelsea Raven 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1952944860
David Robertson 04092, MEClinical Psychologist1295137453
Katie Mcveigh 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1952493595
Bucksport Regional Health Center 04416, MEClinical Psychologist1043271133
Suzan Lynn Dula 98631, MEClinical Psychologist1942583372
Carol Bliss Graff 04843, MEClinical Psychologist1962466060
Noah Daniel Krell 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1134652589
Haydn Taylor Deal 04856, MEClinical Psychologist1417358193
Charles Edward Scott 04426, MEClinical Psychologist1013383629
Terri-lynn Allen 04062, MEClinical Psychologist1407302409
Alison S Mitchell 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1265983290
Katrina St Louis 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1194200519
Deborah H.w. Hamilton 04092, MEClinical Psychologist1497379028
Bucksport Regional Health Center 04416, MEClinical Psychologist1457599813
Andrew James Bove 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1790302545
Colin Routh 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1194182444
Colin S Pope 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1770649642
Sarah Ann Doeur 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1780860056
Matthew T Murphy 04092, MEClinical Psychologist1679919815
Janice Ann Malay 55905, MEClinical Psychologist1861845018
Sofia Shahid 01851, MEClinical Psychologist1902415250
Jenifer Lynn Baron 04073, MEClinical Psychologist1649611971
Luzzei Tsuji 90017, MEClinical Psychologist1861933343
Tanya Zivkovic 04619, MEClinical Psychologist1679083745
Susan Eleanor Darling 04609, MEClinical Psychologist1558794107
Whitney W Adams 04062, MEClinical Psychologist1558739946
Stephanie Morrow 04073, MEClinical Psychologist1922554369
Andrea S Toohey 18071, MEClinical Psychologist1194190116
Nicole Thibodeau 04843, MEClinical Psychologist1710420211
Brittany Page 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1942773536
Jessica Marie-mcelravy Welch 04106, MEClinical Psychologist1588111942
Kathryn Eleanora Hassett 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1760038400
Robert B Cameron 04032, MEClinical Psychologist1407119795
Margaret Knapp 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1245831627
Bobby Morton 04101, MEClinical Psychologist1497031785
Randy P Soucy 04240, MEClinical Psychologist1154760700
Tiffany Ann Dieuveuil 17201, MEClinical Psychologist1700290905
Shannon Watts 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1881050300
Allison Strausberg 97035, MEClinical Psychologist1083267124
Agnieszka Smith 04357, MEClinical Psychologist1922394824
Pauliina Anu Pope 03908, MEClinical Psychologist1780051201
Mary Ann Clendenin 85711, MEClinical Psychologist1891764544
Ashley Traylor 31014, MEClinical Psychologist1962819482
Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc. 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1487601399
Denise Antonition 04681, MEClinical Psychologist1407227747
Gordana Hassett 04421, MEClinical Psychologist1285710541
Rebekah Ann Ouellette 04736, MEClinical Psychologist1972736395
Christina Wall 04769, MEClinical Psychologist1073999892
David G. Hodgkins 04619, MEClinical Psychologist1568667368
David M Harlan 04605, MEClinical Psychologist1780776179
Amy E Goode 04086, MEClinical Psychologist1992396857
Bonnie Sue Morris-hardman 04856, MEClinical Psychologist1043565161
Anne G. Marsh 80913, MEClinical Psychologist1841259868
Renee Dubois 04043, MEClinical Psychologist1760850564
Alisa Pearson Knight 01431, MEClinical Psychologist1699829374
Edward T O'leary 02115, MEClinical Psychologist1285977082
Emily Winter 04901, MEClinical Psychologist1992337737
Kathleen Elizabeth Gormley 04444, MEClinical Psychologist1669730560
Anna Carrigan 03301, MEClinical Psychologist1982005773
Alisa R Bivens 04103, MEClinical Psychologist1104193929
Ezra Kreamer 04915, MEClinical Psychologist1629219860
Kristin Lee Angell 01915, MEClinical Psychologist1881870996
Douglas D Levesque 04743, MEClinical Psychologist1952447179
Betsy Abdullayof 04021, MEClinical Psychologist1972721306
Jessica Plourde Wilson 04743, MEClinical Psychologist1104931997
Katherine Watts 04043, MEClinical Psychologist1952707366
Daniel Peter Torinus 53705, MEClinical Psychologist1245493600
Anna Mayo 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1609388644
Alyssa M Wade 04074, MEClinical Psychologist1427533579
Pamela Jean Kern 04005, MEClinical Psychologist1285216614
Hayley Gabrielle Fitzgerald 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1659880748
Brittini Lynne Richards 03570, MEClinical Psychologist1043692817
Jennifer L Curran 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1770875833
Barry L Edith 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1346330487
Richard C Gilbert 04412, MEClinical Psychologist1700299708
Matthew J Nutt 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1497856876
Kathleen Stevens 04401, MEClinical Psychologist1942783311
Megan M Angelos 04011, MEClinical Psychologist1033365895
Alyssa Therriault 04330, MEClinical Psychologist1306278841
Jennifer Lisa Alexander 04210, MEClinical Psychologist1306273917
Wade Bateman 32566, MEClinical Psychologist1609227826
Elizabeth Barker 04102, MEClinical Psychologist1033584883
Keith C Walker 04072, MEClinical Psychologist1518277052
Benjamin Borkan 04915, MEClinical Psychologist1043680390
Vera Ellen Lanaro 94520, MEClinical Psychologist1932119229


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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