Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James F. Loomis 49002, MIClinical Psychologist1245233915
Biotech Clinical Laboratories Inc 48375, MIClinical Psychologist1053314146
Histology Associates 48080, MIClinical Psychologist1649273459
Kathy Joy Emans 49031, MIClinical Psychologist1841293230
Lynne Marie Degrande 48081, MIClinical Psychologist1497758742
Victoria Marie Schreiber 48322, MIClinical Psychologist1003810912
Douglas R Moore 48080, MIClinical Psychologist1194729053
Kimberly Chin Bialik 48108, MIClinical Psychologist1053315960
Cass County Commmunity Mental Health Services 49031, MIClinical Psychologist1659375293
Susan Ann Dimarco 48067, MIClinical Psychologist1770968588
Laura M Miller 49047, MIClinical Psychologist1568466415
Sally Rae Arbuckle 48075, MIClinical Psychologist1114929338
Moira A Hubbard 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1093719544
Sharon Elaine Pettway 48076, MIClinical Psychologist1578568721
Monica Dawn Brown 48221, MIClinical Psychologist1780049502
Beri Klein 48502, MIClinical Psychologist1235594052
Pamela Gharaibeh 48170, MIClinical Psychologist1457356750
Richard Anthony Thomson 48732, MIClinical Psychologist1245236686
Arnold Weingarden 48025, MIClinical Psychologist1437155520
Karen L. Webb 48230, MIClinical Psychologist1972500502
Family Matters In Home Care Services Llc 48208, MIClinical Psychologist1861746034
Melinda Fuchs 49036, MIClinical Psychologist1982609632
Mary Collins Fairgrieve 49660, MIClinical Psychologist1629073408
Hazel C. Karbel 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1891791141
Richard W Ehnis 49242, MIClinical Psychologist1952308306
Emily Ruth Jernberg 48309, MIClinical Psychologist1871590117
Mary Lou Hollis 49009, MIClinical Psychologist1013914274
Theresa Joan Anderson-varney 49546, MIClinical Psychologist1760489793
Ellen Rose Tabak 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1396743704
Rainbow Physical Therapy & Rehab Llc 48228, MIClinical Psychologist1386642338
Mark D Castellani 48910, MIClinical Psychologist1598763542
Tanya Joyce Rock 49709, MIClinical Psychologist1427055680
Leslie Pertz, Lmsw, Nic, Pllc 48105, MIClinical Psychologist1144767419
Michigan Family Therapy, Pllc 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1013456938
Thomas Ward Bishop 48118, MIClinical Psychologist1760480966
Karen Lynette Boyd 48076, MIClinical Psychologist1386642791
Ranjan K Thakur 48910, MIClinical Psychologist1093713885
Lisa Yvette Ottenhoff 49015, MIClinical Psychologist1083613624
Terry Lee Rudolph 48066, MIClinical Psychologist1154320489
Tessy C Jenkins 48034, MIClinical Psychologist1548269897
Judith Anne Peelle 49010, MIClinical Psychologist1487653465
Julie A Mollan 49512, MIClinical Psychologist1902805930
Gary Bonn 49508, MIClinical Psychologist1831199678
Scott Richard Millis 48201, MIClinical Psychologist1225038904
Ellen M. Craine 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1811997174
Susan Browne 48236, MIClinical Psychologist1235139502
Lisa J. Griffin 49546, MIClinical Psychologist1598765992
Tamara Elizabeth Stein 48864, MIClinical Psychologist1720088719
Kimberly Marie Watkins 49444, MIClinical Psychologist1427059427
Joan R Bouwma 49442, MIClinical Psychologist1245231257
Catherine Simeon 48192, MIClinical Psychologist1366793168
Sonia Rachel Pone 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1376542886
Macomb Family Services, Inc. 48036, MIClinical Psychologist1831190701
Chelsea Varney 49221, MIClinical Psychologist1588156178
Michelle Avery Ferguson 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1124535786
Tristale Williams 49341, MIClinical Psychologist1346621356
Monica Clare King 48104, MIClinical Psychologist1730188913
Robert J. O'brien 49770, MIClinical Psychologist1205837903
Sohail Akhtar Hassan 48066, MIClinical Psychologist1225039563
Michael D. Colman 48301, MIClinical Psychologist1932100369
Gwendolyn Williams 49442, MIClinical Psychologist1649271826
Blake Angove 48322, MIClinical Psychologist1326040262
Quentin Calvert 48075, MIClinical Psychologist1700888674
Ibtisam H Babbie-gill 48201, MIClinical Psychologist1689676546
Luis Antonio Pires 48066, MIClinical Psychologist1689676223
Peter C Wolf 48025, MIClinical Psychologist1124010137
Jewish Family Service 48322, MIClinical Psychologist1699767533
Paula Wells-primer 48075, MIClinical Psychologist1255323077
Dearborn Allergy & Asthma Clinic Pc 48124, MIClinical Psychologist1477545200
Jane H Mendelsohn 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1497747174
Fran K Parker 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1316939002
Linda Nancy Merkle 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1952393647
Stuart S Segal 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1629060173
Pamela Jean Oehmke 48075, MIClinical Psychologist1871585257
Susan Marie Degroot 49546, MIClinical Psychologist1477545747
Judy Ann Mcnish 49203, MIClinical Psychologist1972595239
Karen L Harrison 49203, MIClinical Psychologist1265424535
Megan Hudson 49203, MIClinical Psychologist1013900901
Brian Ashin 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1982697835
Cheryl Lafave Bassett 49203, MIClinical Psychologist1124011192
Sandra Lea Samons 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1376536367
Fernando Colon 48104, MIClinical Psychologist1114910932
Anna Lewis 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1578556163
Gregory M. Hilliker 48507, MIClinical Psychologist1174516793
Susan H Golden 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1255324737
Karen Louise Price 49428, MIClinical Psychologist1497757892
Helen Clairese Paulsen 48341, MIClinical Psychologist1770948903
Ellen Stone 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1407848187
David Castine 48075, MIClinical Psychologist1225030190
John Francis O'leary 48067, MIClinical Psychologist1942292354
Sandra Beard 48075, MIClinical Psychologist1407376767
James N Cass 48377, MIClinical Psychologist1225020985
Michael Butkus 48314, MIClinical Psychologist1649262296
William David Macinnes 48604, MIClinical Psychologist1295737229
Lisa Quaglia 48327, MIClinical Psychologist1992298798
Julia Kessler-hollar 48104, MIClinical Psychologist1295255990
John H Ip 48912, MIClinical Psychologist1326049032
Bonnie S Deflon 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1639162050
Martha A Pleiss 48067, MIClinical Psychologist1407849821
Judith Roes Hammerle 49221, MIClinical Psychologist1184618217
Mona Lee Sander 48503, MIClinical Psychologist1689668725
Steven G Farness 48867, MIClinical Psychologist1417941287
Lindsey Leigh Hull 48867, MIClinical Psychologist1588658355
Shawn Marie Dilts 48867, MIClinical Psychologist1154315935
Patricia I Johns 48867, MIClinical Psychologist1972597755
Lisa Kimberly Largo-marsh 49083, MIClinical Psychologist1023003340
Avraham Sharfman 46321, MIClinical Psychologist1154316966
Susan M. Wedda 48507, MIClinical Psychologist1881680304
Deborah Jean Thompson 49093, MIClinical Psychologist1831185958
Lynelle M Girton-thrasher 49032, MIClinical Psychologist1295721314
Cecily Bierlein 49032, MIClinical Psychologist1720074842
Martha D Brown 49032, MIClinical Psychologist1366438020
Micheal A Malloy 49093, MIClinical Psychologist1407842172
Lisa Metler 48377, MIClinical Psychologist1013904796
Arnold C. Fellman 48340, MIClinical Psychologist1770571424
Jodie Ann Woodworth 48418, MIClinical Psychologist1336536523
Robert David Plummer 48638, MIClinical Psychologist1417943838
Emily Elizabeth Derks 49349, MIClinical Psychologist1467979492
Rachel Marie Vanbuskirk 49315, MIClinical Psychologist1972080679
Natures Playhouse Ferndale Llc 48220, MIClinical Psychologist1164943536
Daniel Edward Anderson 48108, MIClinical Psychologist1609228949
David N Alter 49503, MIClinical Psychologist1679569404
Joseph E Chamberlain 46311, MIClinical Psychologist1124013933
John M Nelson 46311, MIClinical Psychologist1093701542
Justin Hutchison 49001, MIClinical Psychologist1184180804
Bart Anthony Pc 48302, MIClinical Psychologist1174511372
Dianne Arman 48116, MIClinical Psychologist1497743629
Christian Jansen yee Psyd & Associates Pc 49444, MIClinical Psychologist1699763763
Ruth Anan 48072, MIClinical Psychologist1255329124
Laurie Cone French 49079, MIClinical Psychologist1013905959
Howard E Moore 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1114915022
Deborah L Reeths 49431, MIClinical Psychologist1295724094
Debra Ann Brodie 48202, MIClinical Psychologist1518956259
Lisa A Bradley 49431, MIClinical Psychologist1154310720
Judith A Moore 49431, MIClinical Psychologist1265421846
Linda T Green 48302, MIClinical Psychologist1881683050
Aaron Jacob Hayden 43624, MIClinical Psychologist1922097120
Stephen Dillon Fabick 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1366431587
Melissa Anne Brown 49009, MIClinical Psychologist1528057528
Kathleen Frances Sullivan 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1932199874
Paul Lucki Smith 48005, MIClinical Psychologist1376533265
M. Lloyd Erickson 49015, MIClinical Psychologist1174513550
Jennifer R. Forche 48098, MIClinical Psychologist1528058013
George J Murakawa 48084, MIClinical Psychologist1265422497
Corbin S. Irelan 49079, MIClinical Psychologist1386634509
Anil K Goel 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1306836416
Gail Marie Vanlangen 48104, MIClinical Psychologist1417948506
Kathleen Naomi Griffin 49007, MIClinical Psychologist1831180751
Katheen Delp 49546, MIClinical Psychologist1700877511
Helen S Ochs 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1093706574
Shauna Tindall 48103, MIClinical Psychologist1457342248
Spectrum Rehabilitation 48076, MIClinical Psychologist1215928643
Andre John Gauri 49525, MIClinical Psychologist1215928684
Ilana B Kutinsky 48098, MIClinical Psychologist1821089087
Alan Keith Woelfel 49525, MIClinical Psychologist1649251851
Jan S Bailey 49286, MIClinical Psychologist1043291065
Marley Gannon Pagel 49286, MIClinical Psychologist1770564791
Sharon Mitchell 48001, MIClinical Psychologist1467433425
Diane Beth Vanloocke 49286, MIClinical Psychologist1770564700
Melanie Ann St Bernard 49286, MIClinical Psychologist1124009154
Craig A Miller 49286, MIClinical Psychologist1033190061
West Michigan Heart 49525, MIClinical Psychologist1174504021
Joyce Jonekait Wilkerson 48328, MIClinical Psychologist1972584894
Bradley D Rockafellow 48307, MIClinical Psychologist1558342378
Diana Grace Evans 49032, MIClinical Psychologist1336120104
Mary C. Peacock 49015, MIClinical Psychologist1881675668
Patricia Moulton Guilford 49002, MIClinical Psychologist1558342030
Fredericka Arlene Jackson 48083, MIClinical Psychologist1922089531
Margaret Collier Buttenheim 48104, MIClinical Psychologist1598747842
Robert J. Sheppard 49009, MIClinical Psychologist1457333692
Patricia Joanne Townsend 49444, MIClinical Psychologist1699757807
Brian D Williamson 48098, MIClinical Psychologist1255313268
Mary Owen 48001, MIClinical Psychologist1932181922
Erin Elizabeth Foster 48532, MIClinical Psychologist1679555650
Barbara Ann Wolf 48532, MIClinical Psychologist1700868668
Joan Brazelton 48507, MIClinical Psychologist1154303840
Henry Clay Tidwell 48446, MIClinical Psychologist1518949312
Alanna Marie Trzil 48532, MIClinical Psychologist1780666586
Pamela Rae Poley 49008, MIClinical Psychologist1790767556
Lawrence Howard Goodenow 48532, MIClinical Psychologist1346222130
Youlanda M Leidlein 48446, MIClinical Psychologist1003898800
Curtis D. Pitts 49801, MIClinical Psychologist1205818713
James Edward Baranski 48532, MIClinical Psychologist1962484352
Diane Marie Robinet 48532, MIClinical Psychologist1225010614
Child And Family Service Of Saginaw County 48602, MIClinical Psychologist1720069602
Randal Clay Bruce 48390, MIClinical Psychologist1306834551
Janis Glotkowski 48084, MIClinical Psychologist1013301332
Joanne Karen Schouten 48334, MIClinical Psychologist1093705923
Kamran Badizadegan 43205, MIClinical Psychologist1972585586
Robin Lee Billings 48084, MIClinical Psychologist1508854522
Kathryn A Cain 49431, MIClinical Psychologist1730178534
Iftikhar A Khan 48604, MIClinical Psychologist1134100175
Camilla Yavette Williams 48207, MIClinical Psychologist1013416197
Anne Marie Dohrenwend 48104, MIClinical Psychologist1619959400
Lisa Greenlee Lasala 48009, MIClinical Psychologist1982687372
Joseph Scott Allen 48348, MIClinical Psychologist1376524835
John D Andress 46311, MIClinical Psychologist1598746083
Michigan Heart Rhythm Center Pllc 48126, MIClinical Psychologist1629537147
Adrienne Goloda 48302, MIClinical Psychologist1699224030
John W Kitzmiller 48360, MIClinical Psychologist1811988504


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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