Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laboratory Corporation Of America 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1104829159
Dianon System Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1003819020
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1902809940
National Genetics Institute 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1104820430
Regina Bell Haynes 28092, NCClinical Psychologist1457354615
County Of Hyde Office Of Accountant 27885, NCClinical Psychologist1962405159
Accupath Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc 92780, NCClinical Psychologist1235132846
Clinical Laboratories, Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1366445983
Meridian Laboratory Corp 28273, NCClinical Psychologist1477556876
Sean M Fowler 28625, NCClinical Psychologist1376078402
Peter Sterrett 27701, NCClinical Psychologist1033111398
Madeleine Crockett 27514, NCClinical Psychologist1447254719
Susan Hill 27710, NCClinical Psychologist1124020292
Kathy Likens 27612, NCClinical Psychologist1568466829
Barbara A. Crosby 28805, NCClinical Psychologist1851395768
Cumberland County Hospital System, Inc. 28304, NCClinical Psychologist1992709810
Linda D. Alkove 28304, NCClinical Psychologist1558365486
Richard R. Zeiber 28303, NCClinical Psychologist1043214885
Samuel Fleishman 28304, NCClinical Psychologist1316941065
Tishina Maxine Carroll 28719, NCClinical Psychologist1154703833
Stephen Dale Blakeman 27587, NCClinical Psychologist1972507309
Carolina Medical Lab Group Inc. 28213, NCClinical Psychologist1992700124
Ronald R Johnson 28303, NCClinical Psychologist1174528210
Positive Changes, Inc 27604, NCClinical Psychologist1598760316
County Of Burke 28655, NCClinical Psychologist1457356651
Adam Mehmet Gulhan 54143, NCClinical Psychologist1841294345
Omar Idlibi 28213, NCClinical Psychologist1962407189
Daniel Charles Biber 28203, NCClinical Psychologist1588669386
Julia L Brown 28547, NCClinical Psychologist1457356214
Path Lab, Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1467458976
Dynacare Northwest, Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1225034739
Center For Genetic Services, Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1427054675
Rosalyn Rogers Roper 27405, NCClinical Psychologist1356347553
Rubea Angenita Boone 27405, NCClinical Psychologist1578569877
Carol Yvonne Smith 27376, NCClinical Psychologist1326044546
Viro med Laboratories , Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1295731446
Esoterix, Inc 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1306842562
Regina E Norris 27260, NCClinical Psychologist1376549915
Central Carolina Dermatology Clinic 27262, NCClinical Psychologist1316943145
Debbie Herman Crane 28052, NCClinical Psychologist1760488605
Joseph J Souza 28803, NCClinical Psychologist1336145457
Robert F Hanich 28803, NCClinical Psychologist1457357550
Nicole Annette Hagedorn 28546, NCClinical Psychologist1619973997
Brian Burton 27707, NCClinical Psychologist1326537499
Joanna Barrett Peters 28203, NCClinical Psychologist1386154409
Karen R. Maynard 27405, NCClinical Psychologist1740287937
Carolyn Marak Carpenter 28301, NCClinical Psychologist1588661441
James Robert Foster 27610, NCClinical Psychologist1003814575
Sameh Khamis Mobarek 27518, NCClinical Psychologist1609874130
Randolph Arend Stratton Cooper 27610, NCClinical Psychologist1538167994
Kevin Ray Campbell 27610, NCClinical Psychologist1770581134
Kevin Hsu 28204, NCClinical Psychologist1841298239
Cemetrius Teouna Rolle 27407, NCClinical Psychologist1295117760
Lauren Rochelle Preston 28712, NCClinical Psychologist1700260882
Kathleen Mary Fouts 28805, NCClinical Psychologist1730187451
Mary Lynn Barrett 28803, NCClinical Psychologist1578560652
Pope Medical Associates Inc 27030, NCClinical Psychologist1508385428
John R Bailey 28204, NCClinical Psychologist1891793121
Abigail E Dufretay-stepanek 27278, NCClinical Psychologist1720562267
Jill Baron 27514, NCClinical Psychologist1740778018
Josphine Chaumba 28314, NCClinical Psychologist1952834707
John Lewis Bryan 28358, NCClinical Psychologist1184622771
Allison Coleman Ballew 27513, NCClinical Psychologist1972502508
Linda Susan Mcalister 28560, NCClinical Psychologist1144229576
Stephen Michael Moyer 28115, NCClinical Psychologist1457350977
Peter Jeffrey Ewert 28210, NCClinical Psychologist1730188020
Angela Elizabeth Steep 28906, NCClinical Psychologist1639178965
John Mark Englehardt 27609, NCClinical Psychologist1154320307
Katharine I Waitt 28315, NCClinical Psychologist1073512323
Sherry Lynne Hamby 28352, NCClinical Psychologist1134128226
Janine Annette Muller 28262, NCClinical Psychologist1609875681
C. Albert Bardi 28352, NCClinical Psychologist1467451377
Sw/dl Lp 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1326048257
Hh/dl Lp 27215, NCClinical Psychologist1942200886
Glenda S. Laswell 28801, NCClinical Psychologist1104826007
Mark S Kremers 28204, NCClinical Psychologist1972503472
Novant Medical Group, Inc. 28204, NCClinical Psychologist1205836434
Sanjay Prasher 28305, NCClinical Psychologist1922009935
Michelle Y Vanraalte 28805, NCClinical Psychologist1164423141
Benjamin Baldwin 28401, NCClinical Psychologist1497756332
County Of Wayne 27530, NCClinical Psychologist1871594622
Ariel Arlyce Griffin Smith 27509, NCClinical Psychologist1497100523
Jennifer Nicole Alexander 27909, NCClinical Psychologist1710987771
Kristen Stefureac 27705, NCClinical Psychologist1720442429
George Lee Hamrick 27609, NCClinical Psychologist1497754659
Nancy Lancaster Smith 27511, NCClinical Psychologist1760483366
Sharyn E Warren 27511, NCClinical Psychologist1508867276
Gregory L. Duncan 27834, NCClinical Psychologist1750382388
Gilfort, Atkinson & Associates 27701, NCClinical Psychologist1407857816
Louis D Murden 29588, NCClinical Psychologist1932100377
Professional Counseling Associates, Inc. 29577, NCClinical Psychologist1023019478
Kevin S Taylor 27834, NCClinical Psychologist1821099920
Presbyterian Laboratory Services 28208, NCClinical Psychologist1316949258
Jessica Penson-heyder 27947, NCClinical Psychologist1952303612
Linda Cochran 28792, NCClinical Psychologist1043202732
Diane Henderson 28405, NCClinical Psychologist1225020696
Donna M. Tatnall 28782, NCClinical Psychologist1427040773
Clinical Laboratory Services, Inc 28092, NCClinical Psychologist1679566954
Gloria Jean Wright 28401, NCClinical Psychologist1043203060
Cheryl Harmon Maddux 28401, NCClinical Psychologist1699768788
Brian Brosnan 28411, NCClinical Psychologist1538152467
Joe Tooley 27511, NCClinical Psychologist1164415881
Alere Genetics, Inc. 27514, NCClinical Psychologist1669465399
Andrew Barry Goff 27403, NCClinical Psychologist1306839998
Melanie Eborn Tyndall 27889, NCClinical Psychologist1629061254
Nanci Burt 28115, NCClinical Psychologist1720451628
John Thomas Witchger 27707, NCClinical Psychologist1235121385
L Emily Brown Cabezudo 24541, NCClinical Psychologist1396737243
Elizabeth Ann Gamble 28305, NCClinical Psychologist1093716672
Sarah Dergins 28602, NCClinical Psychologist1871080572
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 27560, NCClinical Psychologist1104828938
Margaret Leckie Brice 28405, NCClinical Psychologist1053303982
Solstas Lab Partners Group Llc 27410, NCClinical Psychologist1346233277
Courtney A. Buggs 28202, NCClinical Psychologist1013481761
Marjorie Bribitzer 28443, NCClinical Psychologist1750375044
Patricia S Dickinson 28532, NCClinical Psychologist1962496190
Mary Virginia White 27217, NCClinical Psychologist1265426449
Paul T. Barrett 28801, NCClinical Psychologist1285628362
Jeffrey Allan Dunn 28786, NCClinical Psychologist1073507042
Elizabeth Jean Riley 28150, NCClinical Psychologist1730173378
Teresa Hosey Claeys 28801, NCClinical Psychologist1801880349
Mickey Skidmore 28601, NCClinical Psychologist1811982010
Julie Carol Day 28602, NCClinical Psychologist1174518419
Greensboro Pathology, Llc 27408, NCClinical Psychologist1952396202
Jenny Tharpe Smith 28601, NCClinical Psychologist1619962685
Deborah Kaye Rich 28387, NCClinical Psychologist1235124090
Robert J. Anderson 28036, NCClinical Psychologist1912992777
Glenn E. Cahn 28403, NCClinical Psychologist1023003837
Gail A. Banks 27401, NCClinical Psychologist1669468252
Deborah Lynn Cahall 28308, NCClinical Psychologist1134115439
Britan Bonjour Bies 28443, NCClinical Psychologist1316933393
Terry M Wilson 27530, NCClinical Psychologist1184611832
Donna Stanley 27514, NCClinical Psychologist1982691275
Horizon Laboratory Corporation 27616, NCClinical Psychologist1205823374
Cynthia B Wessinger 27263, NCClinical Psychologist1790772853
Eastern Carolina Pathology Inc 27893, NCClinical Psychologist1629066121
Paul M. Brinich 27516, NCClinical Psychologist1952395170
Laura Wulff 27401, NCClinical Psychologist1144643388
Carmon Mcgee 28602, NCClinical Psychologist1396730511
Michelle Marie Touch 27615, NCClinical Psychologist1154895522
Jeffrey Lee Campbell 27610, NCClinical Psychologist1598226151
Sandra Bunch Walton 27834, NCClinical Psychologist1093703324
Susan C Wright 28150, NCClinical Psychologist1942298864
Capital Area Psychological Services, P.a. 27609, NCClinical Psychologist1578551487
Jennifer Adams-anderson 28211, NCClinical Psychologist1669461216
Edwin H. Reisfeld 28277, NCClinical Psychologist1457340952
Eileen Keipper 28025, NCClinical Psychologist1447249958
Summer G. Stanley 28352, NCClinical Psychologist1245229707
Margaret A Baer 28739, NCClinical Psychologist1912996240
John Wesley Hall 28205, NCClinical Psychologist1205825544
Calvin Graham 28405, NCClinical Psychologist1346239399
Carla D Atkins 27531, NCClinical Psychologist1952390916
Todd Alan Cesar 27531, NCClinical Psychologist1821087818
Laurie Hamilton 28801, NCClinical Psychologist1114917184
Mark S Holden 27531, NCClinical Psychologist1588654339
Edward Gray Hill 27103, NCClinical Psychologist1992795785
Jerome L Ellis 27531, NCClinical Psychologist1023008638
Chelsea M. Wakefield 28602, NCClinical Psychologist1821088246
Robert D Mcdonald 28801, NCClinical Psychologist1558351981
Doris Ann Moore-russell 28301, NCClinical Psychologist1255321592
Ann P Waldon 27514, NCClinical Psychologist1306837489
Janice R Wilmoth 27017, NCClinical Psychologist1568453645
Roger A. Kalthoff, Ph.d., P.a. 27101, NCClinical Psychologist1508857699
Roger Dean Allen 27909, NCClinical Psychologist1972594869
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35233, NCClinical Psychologist1295726032
Karen Russell Schmidt 27834, NCClinical Psychologist1194716936
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35209, NCClinical Psychologist1902897747
Kim M Hutchinson 27157, NCClinical Psychologist1730170408
Laboratory Corporation Of America 99508, NCClinical Psychologist1356332878
Jonathan Alan Barnes 27534, NCClinical Psychologist1316938731
Vincent Louis Pastore 28115, NCClinical Psychologist1891786117
Janet Louise Jamison 28732, NCClinical Psychologist1639160971
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 36904, NCClinical Psychologist1083695225
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35630, NCClinical Psychologist1700867942
Ernest Neergaard Pedersen 28303, NCClinical Psychologist1396726352
Barbara Ruggles Pierpont 27834, NCClinical Psychologist1730160557
Shelton N Woodard 28704, NCClinical Psychologist1891776654
Laboratory Corporation Of America 92128, NCClinical Psychologist1659352276
Laboratory Corportion Of America 81008, NCClinical Psychologist1720069347
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 19720, NCClinical Psychologist1710968334
Laboratory Corportion Of America 32256, NCClinical Psychologist1265413884
Duke University Health System Inc 27710, NCClinical Psychologist1508847047
Laboratory Corporation Of America 95405, NCClinical Psychologist1447231055
Laboratory Corportion Of America 85711, NCClinical Psychologist1922089523
Laboratory Corporation Of America 96001, NCClinical Psychologist1205817822
Nancy Leigh King 27401, NCClinical Psychologist1225019722
Martin Tyrrell Washington District Health Department 27962, NCClinical Psychologist1194706671
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35470, NCClinical Psychologist1154302743
Arlene M. Cooke 27518, NCClinical Psychologist1467433052
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35801, NCClinical Psychologist1326029919
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 35401, NCClinical Psychologist1235110834
Laboratory Corporation Of America 94577, NCClinical Psychologist1861473480
Elizabeth Harry 28374, NCClinical Psychologist1639150014
Kristie J. Cavanaugh 28518, NCClinical Psychologist1215918578
Amber S. Tuck 28518, NCClinical Psychologist1033190392
Michael B. Jones 28518, NCClinical Psychologist1801878129
Monty G. Grubb 28411, NCClinical Psychologist1083695340
Catawba Counseling Associates, Pllc 28012, NCClinical Psychologist1205818424
Thomas N Magee 28308, NCClinical Psychologist1366424582
Laboratory Corporation Of America 34134, NCClinical Psychologist1073595211


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