Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Nebraska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Nebraska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Julie Ann Luzarraga 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1912901984
John P Engler 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1164426037
A Friendly Ear & Insightful Therapy 68124, NEClinical Psychologist1316421464
Michael R. Kelley 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1376542639
Alan Jay Smith 69361, NEClinical Psychologist1659372753
Robert F Scheiblhofer 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1215929450
Christilou Ann Saufley 68005, NEClinical Psychologist1912999053
Regina Lynne Schulze 51503, NEClinical Psychologist1275525313
Linda Jean Halbleib 68102, NEClinical Psychologist1609868751
Jacqueline J Egan 68508, NEClinical Psychologist1275525339
Kendra Kay Mccallie 68046, NEClinical Psychologist1528050663
Martha Welty Skrocky 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1538151675
William Patrick Collamer 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1881686921
Mary Lucille Kuehl 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1871585919
Barbara Lynn Maxwell 51503, NEClinical Psychologist1780676825
Belinda Turner Ottoson 51503, NEClinical Psychologist1508858655
Brett Van Kettelhut 68124, NEClinical Psychologist1538151204
Prairie Psychological Services Inc. 68776, NEClinical Psychologist1639161904
Dawn Michelle Conley 68005, NEClinical Psychologist1194718460
Natalie Christine Mandolfo 68133, NEClinical Psychologist1659364552
Terrance R Moore 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1518950450
Merriel Anne Conde 68104, NEClinical Psychologist1841282993
Sarah Grosse 68901, NEClinical Psychologist1225020258
Gina Marie Fricke 68132, NEClinical Psychologist1215929443
Mary M Ruhland 51101, NEClinical Psychologist1326030545
Louise E. Jacobs 68901, NEClinical Psychologist1467444521
Janelle Anne Holt 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1568455947
Kenneth Clark Komyathy 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1114911591
Katherine B Merkley 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1316931306
Janice Marie Zoucha-jensen 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1205820263
Dale Richard Lush 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1205820735
Elwood Wilbur Kline 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1881689230
Caroline G. Sedlacek 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1275528101
Delane A Wycoff 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1326033028
Barbara Ann Eckert 68516, NEClinical Psychologist1841286275
Sharon J. Gober 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1457347742
Allen E Meyer 68352, NEClinical Psychologist1497741789
Jan B Reynolds 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1174519318
Statewide Medical Equipment, Inc 68147, NEClinical Psychologist1871589721
Mary Kathleen Casey 68104, NEClinical Psychologist1326034166
George David Gruendel 68803, NEClinical Psychologist1982691960
Pathology Services, P.c. 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1598750226
Pathology Services, P.c. 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1477548105
Pathology Services Pc 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1811982549
Aileen Dorothy Gruendel 68803, NEClinical Psychologist1841288008
Jane H Kinsey 68516, NEClinical Psychologist1720077936
Mark D Heibel 68516, NEClinical Psychologist1417946484
55 Mdos 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1285624262
Gwyndelyn J Roberts 68112, NEClinical Psychologist1013998749
Lisa L Neeman 68508, NEClinical Psychologist1548259534
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 68850, NEClinical Psychologist1528043916
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 68503, NEClinical Psychologist1942285606
Dean L Benson 68763, NEClinical Psychologist1316923964
Allan M Gonsher 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1699751768
Ryan D Dehaan 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1902882913
Nebraska Heart Institute Pc 68526, NEClinical Psychologist1336125202
Paul Ervin Chleborad 68701, NEClinical Psychologist1558347468
Adrianne Denise Schueler 68124, NEClinical Psychologist1487631701
Jenina Shaw Lepard 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1649258435
John Charles Hunziker 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1063491512
Karen K Stacey 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1316926694
Ann Elizabeth Potter 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1063491413
Gary Robert Lehmer 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1730168022
Dale Gene Battleson 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1649259938
Karin M Prest 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1780663088
John Charles Meidlinger 68801, NEClinical Psychologist1952381915
Kathy Bustos 68005, NEClinical Psychologist1346220324
Susan M Smith 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1487634382
Bette Lou Tarrant 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1972583987
Kimberly Plummer 68005, NEClinical Psychologist1689654667
Peg Lippert 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1093795866
Stephen J Ackerman 68526, NEClinical Psychologist1538149257
Barbara K Detlefsen 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1639149602
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1275078644
Amber M Zeisler 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1013996966
Sheryl K Shundoff 68845, NEClinical Psychologist1427028877
Elvin Dean Siebert 51501, NEClinical Psychologist1811960776
Michael Hyun-ook Kim 62702, NEClinical Psychologist1033182795
Linda J Dubs-cerny 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1750356564
Timothy C Evans 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1225093800
Rizzo & Associates, Pc 68106, NEClinical Psychologist1306802806
Joseph L Rizzo 68106, NEClinical Psychologist1780640763
Jon B. Kayne 68123, NEClinical Psychologist1124084157
Michelle P Elieff 68117, NEClinical Psychologist1255398046
Sharon A Anderson 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1821055245
Julia A Bridge 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1811954175
Annemarie Devoll-zabrocki 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1649238957
John T Haas 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1578511820
Arthur R Easley 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1740238278
Marlene G Lindeman 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1386693745
Richard E Lutz 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1992755326
Brenda S Mcilnay 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1891745048
Ann H Olney 68131, NEClinical Psychologist1134179328
Thomas J. Gilligan 68510, NEClinical Psychologist1770533549
William B Rizzo 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1780635839
Mary K Slominski 68046, NEClinical Psychologist1801847686
John R Windle 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1295787257
Robin Zagurski 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1114978392
Jeffrey M Mahoney 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1245291236
David A Sterns 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1154382141
Mary L. Filipi 68066, NEClinical Psychologist1467400218
Rebecca Jane Riley 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1780998013
Daniel R Anderson 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1558316133
Morgan Melanie Kupsinel 51503, NEClinical Psychologist1629023312
Heather Leanne Bojanski 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1013963263
Randy Grayson Lagrone 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1780630814
Karen Diane Sigler Naegele 68046, NEClinical Psychologist1851348007
Irene L Lines 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1205873692
Elizabeth Ann Heidt Kozisek 68802, NEClinical Psychologist1336187905
Cindy Lynn Niemack-brown 68803, NEClinical Psychologist1265470611
Edward Thomas Licht 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1457399875
Lori L. Armstrong 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1851331938
Beverly Lindell 68510, NEClinical Psychologist1154362671
Nancy Krauter Willcockson 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1255371886
Rex Schmidt 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1043251127
James C Willcockson 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1023059292
Peggy Joli Reynolds Hall 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1427090034
Mary Ann M Strider 51503, NEClinical Psychologist1881636264
Sandra Jenkins 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1164465092
Peter L Gallagher 68526, NEClinical Psychologist1730123589
Meadow Marie Scott 68025, NEClinical Psychologist1659315539
Lori Denise Jensen 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1609811389
Lisa Ann Harmon 68516, NEClinical Psychologist1477598720
Brian Arthur Nystrom 55112, NEClinical Psychologist1326075813
Merrill Dell Crandall 68803, NEClinical Psychologist1790713659
Julie Kay Loyd 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1801824636
Patricia J Blake 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1699703538
Michelle M Hough 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1962430611
Kathy A Schindler 68756, NEClinical Psychologist1326077827
Dale R. Halpain 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1104856178
Jean Mary Soppe 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1720018955
James M Burger 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1215967179
Leaann Marie Lape-brinkman 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1992735179
David Cates 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1215967120
Theresa Ann Yant-warnke 68865, NEClinical Psychologist1780616367
Madeleine Alva Mathis 68504, NEClinical Psychologist1164453031
Jane L Karges 68132, NEClinical Psychologist1295767044
Marianne Baskin 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1427004712
Deborah Schrager Hoffnung 68122, NEClinical Psychologist1588619605
Nancy E Victora 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1669426805
Kersten Rene' Borer 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1063449395
Katherine Irene Linder 68198, NEClinical Psychologist1477508539
Nicole Schmidt 68152, NEClinical Psychologist1861801938
Joseph Stankus 68113, NEClinical Psychologist1184663957
Michael Alan Schmidt 68510, NEClinical Psychologist1720027428
Therapy Resource Associates, Inc. 68154, NEClinical Psychologist1306872817
Sean Eric Samuels 68526, NEClinical Psychologist1215969514
Lloyd Lee Kimzey 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1396777884
Nancy Helen Daehling 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1437182953
Gail M Plasek 68025, NEClinical Psychologist1750314787
Gail Ann Lockard 68528, NEClinical Psychologist1437183530
Lisa Harmon, Lcsw, Inc 68516, NEClinical Psychologist1003840281
Patricia A Costello 68502, NEClinical Psychologist1376569723
John Roger Long 68510, NEClinical Psychologist1013934942
Jennifer Katz 68118, NEClinical Psychologist1265450779
Quest Diagnostics Clinical Lab Inc. 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1811915879
Stephanie A Peterson 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1538188214
Midwest Ob/gyn Clinic, Pc 68701, NEClinical Psychologist1538189857
Louisa Wenzel Foster 68132, NEClinical Psychologist1740200112
Judy E Byrns 68502, NEClinical Psychologist1770503047
Abra S. Poindexter 68124, NEClinical Psychologist1407877012
Renewal Ministries, Inc. 68504, NEClinical Psychologist1386665404
Shannon L Black 68507, NEClinical Psychologist1679595300
Wanda Freeman 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1437172129
Robert G Arias 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1033132782
Roland T Marsh 68803, NEClinical Psychologist1093739112
Elaine B Werth 68901, NEClinical Psychologist1700800349
Aaron C Stratman 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1568486801
Eve A Rosno 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1588688816
Mary Lou Paine 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1043224660
Tiffanie Ann Petersen 68124, NEClinical Psychologist1790799336
Colleen Adele Conoley 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1275548133
Jennifer J Daggett 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1699782870
Gary Carl Gard 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1588673701
Tracy R Harrison 68111, NEClinical Psychologist1699784066
Western Pathology Consultants, Pc 69361, NEClinical Psychologist1588674980
Paul C Bartlett 69101, NEClinical Psychologist1942210125
Lee Branham 68124, NEClinical Psychologist1174534861
Rosanna M Jones-thurman 68106, NEClinical Psychologist1336150796
Jane E Warren 68123, NEClinical Psychologist1104837319
Aveva Hahn Shukert 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1124039110
Jerad Lee Osborne 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1730191644
Nancy Elizabeth Branham 68144, NEClinical Psychologist1225040041
Constance Adams Logan 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1700899366
Louise Kurdys Jeffrey 68046, NEClinical Psychologist1710090568
Andrew D Merliss 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1174637516
Daniel Novotny 68803, NEClinical Psychologist1568577666
Lone Tree Medical Associates, P.c. 68826, NEClinical Psychologist1700991510
Terry Claire North 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1124133814
Christopher Joseph Heaney 68105, NEClinical Psychologist1578679957
Mark E. Miller 68137, NEClinical Psychologist1912013392
M'lee Hasslinger 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1154437465
Mary Houston 68114, NEClinical Psychologist1184730483
Jeanne E Johnson 68510, NEClinical Psychologist1992712608
Barry L Sloter 68131, NEClinical Psychologist1659380665
Kevin Ray Piske 68701, NEClinical Psychologist1558372839
Gail Marie Grzywa 68123, NEClinical Psychologist1619988003
Keith Allen 68131, NEClinical Psychologist1548285638
Courtney K Miller 68506, NEClinical Psychologist1699789768
Christina J Crawford 51503, NEClinical Psychologist1598217119


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