Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of New Hampshire

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of New Hampshire:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathleen M Corkery 03110, NHClinical Psychologist1407859697
Elizabeth Frescoln 03110, NHClinical Psychologist1083617948
Roy Dewinkeleer 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1952693921
Jane C Woodward 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1043215189
John James Randolph 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1700881463
Deborah Elizabeth Shope 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1881690840
Metabolic Solutions, Inc. 03063, NHClinical Psychologist1710985353
Douglas F. Watt 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1003816992
Michael Fitzpatrick Magee 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1750374559
Elizabeth M Hamlin 03102, NHClinical Psychologist1477547248
Rosemary M Harbeson 03842, NHClinical Psychologist1770577645
Patricia Lynn Butler 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1235124447
Dominic Anthony Candido 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1780670612
James Beauregard 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1326035734
Nancy A Ray 29152, NHClinical Psychologist1598752016
Teresa Smith Candido 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1467449694
Michael A Schneider 03743, NHClinical Psychologist1851388805
Susan R Kelly 03103, NHClinical Psychologist1659368595
Debbie J Javorsky 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1902893761
Lynne Ford 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1629066311
Marti Gould 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1801884465
Debra Sue Sosin 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1457340218
Deborah Gordon Wachusett Pathologists 01440, NHClinical Psychologist1144219940
Kate Watson Bernier 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1184613978
Daniel Paul Morin 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1801885587
Ellen Cohen 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1912996695
Leslie Mckee Buchanan 03079, NHClinical Psychologist1760471981
Jana M Ruiz 03079, NHClinical Psychologist1073035762
Beth A Grady 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1235129834
Mary Alice Cassidy 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1508856857
Heather Lynn Barrieau 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1740270966
Gregory Lamm 03584, NHClinical Psychologist1730225152
Janet A. Levenson 03304, NHClinical Psychologist1992786206
Jason E. Butler 03825, NHClinical Psychologist1477535656
Eva M Skelley-peters 03042, NHClinical Psychologist1740262237
William J. Jamieson 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1730162843
Lynne M Duval 03055, NHClinical Psychologist1205819182
George Samuels 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1558345090
Paul E Downey 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1639153026
Atlantic Cardiology Assoc 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1184608101
Atlantic Pathology, Pa 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1952386245
Philip K. Pierce 03246, NHClinical Psychologist1285619452
Emily Martha Cowan 03584, NHClinical Psychologist1396721122
Connor Haugh 03102, NHClinical Psychologist1114904950
Daniel Philbin 03102, NHClinical Psychologist1841277274
Heidi L. Page 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1164400032
Exeter Counseling Center, Pllc 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1164400685
Anita M Mendes 03458, NHClinical Psychologist1912985458
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1316925571
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 03087, NHClinical Psychologist1093793317
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 03867, NHClinical Psychologist1548248867
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 03102, NHClinical Psychologist1356329676
Cynthia S Coraccio 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1174501118
Nancy Ann Huxley 02478, NHClinical Psychologist1013996628
Maha Nabih Farhat 02120, NHClinical Psychologist1578542742
Janet B Bragg 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1952381964
Darlene Gustavson 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1336111475
Judy Marie Wilbur-albertson 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1982679908
Celene J Barnes 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1073588133
Sherry Lynn Akers 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1457327629
Herbert W Crosby 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1083680250
Naticook Counseling Resources, P.a. 03054, NHClinical Psychologist1508832759
Michael J Vanaskie 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1528034709
June Daigneault 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1174590921
Paul K Thorington 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1982672598
Kirke H Olson 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1932177003
Elizabeth Ceona Moulton 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1841268919
Salmon Falls Behavioral Health Pc 03867, NHClinical Psychologist1497714059
Julie A. Higgins 03458, NHClinical Psychologist1225097561
Laurellen Foster 03103, NHClinical Psychologist1124087473
Anna D. Hutton 03755, NHClinical Psychologist1508825910
Carol Knieriem 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1851350268
Stephen Paterson Schmidt 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1497714836
Karen H. Mcmahon 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1225097645
Mariellen D. Lepage 03103, NHClinical Psychologist1477513729
Melanie R Dement 01845, NHClinical Psychologist1497715981
Priscilla A Healy 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1790747228
Richard D Silverberg 03235, NHClinical Psychologist1235191768
Rachael Wizwer 03878, NHClinical Psychologist1770545246
Penni Kaufman 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1134181290
Mark Lloyd Greenberg 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1053374637
Paul Herman Van Slooten 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1780646323
Paul Roger Steiner 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1386607968
Bradley S Reynolds 03841, NHClinical Psychologist1972565729
Robert C Goddard 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1508828237
Gayle L Joyce 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1104889476
Ruby Elizabeth Mclaughlin 03264, NHClinical Psychologist1225091416
Thomas J Cormican 01949, NHClinical Psychologist1003879206
Nicholas S Kalfas 03249, NHClinical Psychologist1881658995
Gary Scott Barnes 03431, NHClinical Psychologist1982669693
Jennifer Jill Fischer 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1174588800
Padmini V Holla 03867, NHClinical Psychologist1801851183
Peter T Holzberger 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1013972454
Cynthia Wolz 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1275599094
Susan Lynn Neal 03824, NHClinical Psychologist1578529517
Susan F Mair 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1790743664
Sharon Anne Drew-henson 03867, NHClinical Psychologist1306804034
Kathleen Ann Macarthur 03079, NHClinical Psychologist1215995865
Jeffrey Allen Cohen 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1457319667
Lynn Anne Bergman 03431, NHClinical Psychologist1285683433
Laurie Helen Maheu 03246, NHClinical Psychologist1528017597
Ralph Michael Natale 03031, NHClinical Psychologist1053360636
Lamprey Health Care Inc 03857, NHClinical Psychologist1568412237
Bette Lewicke 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1992757520
Laura A Flashman 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1730131707
Donna M. Eyssi-dow 03053, NHClinical Psychologist1467405142
Dan Moriarty 05009, NHClinical Psychologist1174575971
Audrey Anne Watjen 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1225081409
Shara Theresa Katsos 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1720031164
Sbsc Inc. 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1154374635
Charlene Marie Curtis 03055, NHClinical Psychologist1447203609
William Thomas Mautz 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1841244522
Loralie Lawson 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1437103058
Kim Marie Boisselle 03079, NHClinical Psychologist1053365411
Eugene K Shear 01852, NHClinical Psychologist1215981485
Maureen E Malone 03038, NHClinical Psychologist1881648269
Sari E Lessard 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1124073564
The Counseling Center Of Nashua, Inc. 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1144275389
Exeter Psychological Associates, Inc. 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1548217656
Amit Rastogi 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1295782100
Ann P Hotchkiss 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1790722536
Jeffrey Ames Kay 03561, NHClinical Psychologist1982642906
Udo Klaus Rauter 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1528006194
Donna M. Eyssi, Llc 03053, NHClinical Psychologist1558309096
Jack Helbick 01810, NHClinical Psychologist1316985880
David A Novis 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1164461158
Hyun-ho Jamie Kim 03102, NHClinical Psychologist1235178187
Brian Jones Taracena 84032, NHClinical Psychologist1730129883
Miriam Judith Voran 05602, NHClinical Psychologist1225078041
Evan R Greenwald 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1477594596
Tressa Renee Ryan 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1891736211
Bette L Mcinnis-ippolito 01876, NHClinical Psychologist1922040625
Barbara Rackow Gerling 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1245272335
Michael J. O'connell 03878, NHClinical Psychologist1366486698
Juliana Read 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1053355164
Timothy C. Bray 03063, NHClinical Psychologist1699710509
Conway Village Fire District 03818, NHClinical Psychologist1376588822
Dennis Walker 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1174569115
Jaimee L Murray 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1649650482
Janice M Long 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1881630168
Monika E Herrick Ostroff 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1639105885
Andrew Jay Frederick 03103, NHClinical Psychologist1447286208
Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 03047, NHClinical Psychologist1891721262
Carol L. Hart 03276, NHClinical Psychologist1063449098
Susan A Distasio 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1316975469
David R. Twyon 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1649209156
The Brichel Center, Professional Association 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1720018914
Claudine J. Lund 03249, NHClinical Psychologist1790715613
Susan Stibler 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1952331787
Moira P Ripley 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1528098456
Randall O'brien 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1497785240
Erin Macdonald Lajeunesse 03102, NHClinical Psychologist1497239016
Mary A. Keefe 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1033141403
Kristen Marie Kraunelis 03103, NHClinical Psychologist1093748915
Elizabeth Gannon-moffett 03869, NHClinical Psychologist1770516700
Nancy C Mclane 03867, NHClinical Psychologist1841224391
Janice F. Gilmer 03054, NHClinical Psychologist1750315990
Eric R Niler 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1194750836
Philip M Harford 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1467486696
Donna May Hastings 03054, NHClinical Psychologist1538194253
Richard Henry Reindollar 03756, NHClinical Psychologist1255356309
Peter Kelley 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1720013972
Marilyn Wanyo 03840, NHClinical Psychologist1215953682
Center For Self Development, P.c. 03062, NHClinical Psychologist1730105222
Janice Rowley 03246, NHClinical Psychologist1932126018
Timothy E Burdick 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1245257195
Forrest Wilson Seymour 03431, NHClinical Psychologist1568489128
Patricia A Phelps 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1225056559
Elizabeth Turner 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1942228184
Deborah H. Hamilton 03878, NHClinical Psychologist1811915101
Alicia J Frank 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1861410045
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 03062, NHClinical Psychologist1487672036
Quest Diagnostics Llc 03038, NHClinical Psychologist1073531638
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 03054, NHClinical Psychologist1265450985
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1275551236
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1720006455
Joanne Claire Lindbom 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1548289895
Linda Juranty 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1902825920
Shirley Anderson Kirby 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1255350344
Sandra K Vallery 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1548289739
Anthony D'agostino 03833, NHClinical Psychologist1629097811
Vicki Joan Compitello 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1992724900
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 03055, NHClinical Psychologist1396765004
Kimberly Orifici 03064, NHClinical Psychologist1124047303
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 03104, NHClinical Psychologist1538189725
Lamora Psychological Associates, P.a. 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1407876253
Raymond Folven 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1740201177
The Center For Eating Disorders Management Inc 03110, NHClinical Psychologist1790706059
Elizabeth Howell Woodbury 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1689696890
Robert Francis Morrell 03766, NHClinical Psychologist1316969983
Ashley L Silva 03101, NHClinical Psychologist1437403151
Edward Harold Jacobs 03053, NHClinical Psychologist1679596126
Estelle M Thibodeau 03809, NHClinical Psychologist1750304218
Craig E. Stenslie 03820, NHClinical Psychologist1295757276
Carl George Hindy 03060, NHClinical Psychologist1477576940
Michael Ross Kandle 03824, NHClinical Psychologist1467475970
Lisa Poppe 03301, NHClinical Psychologist1417970302
Warren E. Schwartz 03062, NHClinical Psychologist1699799445
James A. Sparrell 03801, NHClinical Psychologist1629092796
Richard Berke 03031, NHClinical Psychologist1356365886


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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