Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Patricia A Magnotta 08527, NJClinical Psychologist1902343130
Patti Ellen Hart 08542, NJClinical Psychologist1154834588
Stacy J. Senk 08043, NJClinical Psychologist1356313894
Jessica Arenella 10036, NJClinical Psychologist1063472132
Laura Smith 07922, NJClinical Psychologist1134631880
Taryn Blaustein 07871, NJClinical Psychologist1619408689
Cardiovascular Center At Tufts Medical Center, Inc. 02111, NJClinical Psychologist1447764253
Sara Velez 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1558877266
Pain Control Associates P C 08043, NJClinical Psychologist1538189386
Dara Duryea 07876, NJClinical Psychologist1164538443
Erickson Health Medical Group Of New Jersey Pc 07753, NJClinical Psychologist1780604991
Lori Barnett 07083, NJClinical Psychologist1053866129
Daryl Patrick Coppadge 08060, NJClinical Psychologist1235684747
Marcella Di Fedele 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1679650113
Mc Laney Moise 08861, NJClinical Psychologist1174987325
Deborah Almonte 07093, NJClinical Psychologist1689775058
Lynn Mazur 08753, NJClinical Psychologist1073643177
Jennifer S Dagia 18966, NJClinical Psychologist1659400067
Yuko Inzana 08540, NJClinical Psychologist1568526093
Joelle Fritz 34996, NJClinical Psychologist1205304698
Emily Anne Mattek 08534, NJClinical Psychologist1548321797
Doreen Marie Pontius-molos 07628, NJClinical Psychologist1245453026
Doreen F. Sperber-weiss 08876, NJClinical Psychologist1174724389
Caryn J Kennelly 08648, NJClinical Psychologist1871779355
Lydia Zborowski Golub 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1003095134
Leigh S Goldman-hammer 08520, NJClinical Psychologist1124242847
Amanda Jean Errico 07050, NJClinical Psychologist1942417100
Marisa Leigh Montalvo 07751, NJClinical Psychologist1730375544
Robert Winston 07081, NJClinical Psychologist1215117049
Barbara Crispell Johnson 04355, NJClinical Psychologist1861664526
Interval Health Llc 07016, NJClinical Psychologist1174013262
Chananyah Silverman 07110, NJClinical Psychologist1194054494
Elizabeth Joanna Mcguinness 08840, NJClinical Psychologist1023380888
Jennifer Ann Weiskott 08060, NJClinical Psychologist1235404112
Caitlin Kalnas 08724, NJClinical Psychologist1821357583
Jamie Walsh 07860, NJClinical Psychologist1013225390
Kate Anne Grammy 94533, NJClinical Psychologist1689953804
Sovereign Medical Group Llc 07452, NJClinical Psychologist1710282082
Lyubov Popivker 21014, NJClinical Psychologist1215256664
John Bradley Fechter 08873, NJClinical Psychologist1770076580
Michelle L. Richardson 08106, NJClinical Psychologist1679709653
Timothy James Krakowski 08043, NJClinical Psychologist1962788307
Clint Chester Stankiewicz 17033, NJClinical Psychologist1518254705
Dirk Boschen 34236, NJClinical Psychologist1689977225
Jessica O'gara -mankowski 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1922303841
Daniel Paul Pitzer 07928, NJClinical Psychologist1043543663
Kelly Kearns 07068, NJClinical Psychologist1568775211
Robyn Levy Krugman 07076, NJClinical Psychologist1417103201
Joan M Dawson 08844, NJClinical Psychologist1023368768
Jessica Lauren Schindewolf 07302, NJClinical Psychologist1194923680
Katherine Michos 19147, NJClinical Psychologist1477795177
Colleen Patricia Zimberg 07950, NJClinical Psychologist1770846206
Taharka Sankara 07712, NJClinical Psychologist1043553829
Randy Simon 07042, NJClinical Psychologist1619307238
Elizabeth M Mac Ewen 07044, NJClinical Psychologist1053724823
Angela Wilkos 07016, NJClinical Psychologist1215329735
Luz Matos 08234, NJClinical Psychologist1578954558
Monika Kushwaha 08824, NJClinical Psychologist1073920518
Rena S. Beyer 08003, NJClinical Psychologist1780088658
Nataliya Rusetskaya 10003, NJClinical Psychologist1366655326
Tonita Balcom 08534, NJClinical Psychologist1851790208
Gloria Maria Farfan 07030, NJClinical Psychologist1184969206
Laura A. Tyson 07901, NJClinical Psychologist1275961245
Seeking Serenity Therapy Llc 83703, NJClinical Psychologist1033508684
Ryan Wexelblatt 19010, NJClinical Psychologist1649658790
Stephanie Testa 08724, NJClinical Psychologist1609290105
Tammy Russ-fishbane 08904, NJClinical Psychologist1235465253
Michael Atkin 08701, NJClinical Psychologist1689016008
Devorah B Markovitz 08701, NJClinical Psychologist1295074813
Kara Simon Jablonka 07081, NJClinical Psychologist1790116424
Samantha Hill 08244, NJClinical Psychologist1215315775
Jacqueline Amorelli 07731, NJClinical Psychologist1114295953
Linda Mcgrane 08103, NJClinical Psychologist1790937605
Jason Johnson 07607, NJClinical Psychologist1649596958
Daisy Rimli 07016, NJClinical Psychologist1811330814
Michelle Jacobson 07930, NJClinical Psychologist1154756641
Julissa Gil-loaiza 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1093143539
Kimberly C Rivera 07006, NJClinical Psychologist1356716641
Shannon Lancellotti 07066, NJClinical Psychologist1336651413
Christiana Care Health Initiatives 08098, NJClinical Psychologist1376058800
Connections Care Management, Llc 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1396250874
Nazneen Yasin 08902, NJClinical Psychologist1215346473
Karen Lee Benenson 07042, NJClinical Psychologist1205365160
Bridget Piccone 08053, NJClinical Psychologist1528583150
Rachael Shuster 08736, NJClinical Psychologist1790136794
Andrea Mendez 20874, NJClinical Psychologist1841659281
Jacqueline M. Gallios 07009, NJClinical Psychologist1073966461
Mariam Rothfritz, Ph.d. And Associates 07013, NJClinical Psychologist1639606825
Theracorp, Llc 08816, NJClinical Psychologist1790284909
Michele Rebecca Resnick 07458, NJClinical Psychologist1013430719
Nutan K Ravani 08080, NJClinical Psychologist1972032316
Candrick C. Darkashade 07107, NJClinical Psychologist1225553084
Help Starts From Within 07751, NJClinical Psychologist1114435336
Podell Therapy Group 07652, NJClinical Psychologist1598272049
Sandra Mcbeth 07834, NJClinical Psychologist1518469568
Eve Scharf 34119, NJClinical Psychologist1194005207
Lori Ann Harris 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1649771197
Leigh Goldman, Lcsw Llc 08512, NJClinical Psychologist1629421094
P4 Physicians Pc 20705, NJClinical Psychologist1992215081
Sarah Ricelli 19104, NJClinical Psychologist1326542101
Kindman Therapy Associates, Llc 07712, NJClinical Psychologist1336678549
Michelle Shubin 10016, NJClinical Psychologist1235636663
Bee Well Counseling, Diane Gruszewski 08071, NJClinical Psychologist1639676935
Anton Shcherbakov 08003, NJClinical Psychologist1831582170
Crystal Yvette Brooks 28025, NJClinical Psychologist1649725581
Jenna R Romano 07757, NJClinical Psychologist1205100211
Veronica Olivares 07660, NJClinical Psychologist1891169017
Daniel Balassone 07076, NJClinical Psychologist1639550650
Karen Fabian Bailly 08876, NJClinical Psychologist1962992073
Kimberly Carrion Alicea 10469, NJClinical Psychologist1720578719
P4 Diagnostix Llc 20705, NJClinical Psychologist1518458660
Trauma informed Psychotherapy, Llc 07042, NJClinical Psychologist1902396104
Margo E Rappaport 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1992045173
Maria Nicodemo 08043, NJClinical Psychologist1518458801
Yuna Kim 08558, NJClinical Psychologist1457688087
Moshe Fund 07739, NJClinical Psychologist1073888582
Austin Giltus 08820, NJClinical Psychologist1033547930
Curren M Whitfield 07087, NJClinical Psychologist1952853962
Michal Milow Divney 07110, NJClinical Psychologist1548762073
Melissa Ann Ronga 07030, NJClinical Psychologist1588147821
Jessica Ayala 07652, NJClinical Psychologist1700326238
Sara Rachel Butler 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1184073744
Marillac Behavioral Health 07920, NJClinical Psychologist1104392604
Daphne Thiberge 08060, NJClinical Psychologist1558702845
Hila Revah 07621, NJClinical Psychologist1417424508
Sonia Ivette Planas 07631, NJClinical Psychologist1427525179
Dennis Schoen 07410, NJClinical Psychologist1831666486
Mosaic Counseling And Consulting 07081, NJClinical Psychologist1487122701
Maria Beatriz Alvarez 10040, NJClinical Psychologist1952879751
Luciann Cooke 07054, NJClinical Psychologist1558816603
Francesca Delvecchio 08003, NJClinical Psychologist1548637390
Mfon G. Ekpo 08901, NJClinical Psychologist1972086197
Susan D. Fraser, Msw, Lcadc, Lcsw, L.l.c 07762, NJClinical Psychologist1417495029
Karen Ann Kreitz 07016, NJClinical Psychologist1821537937
Michelle Molle-krowiak 07834, NJClinical Psychologist1295205573
Annmarie Panarello 08102, NJClinical Psychologist1639408867
Dawn Willis 07446, NJClinical Psychologist1649643529
Elizabeth Anne Johnson 07423, NJClinical Psychologist1023431723
Regina Mezheritsky 07656, NJClinical Psychologist1710412226
Diana I Bravo 07039, NJClinical Psychologist1912478793
Cara Nicolasa Dyer 08742, NJClinical Psychologist1194297432
Melissa R Kramer 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1437587425
Ayesha Baig 48603, NJClinical Psychologist1275922718
Salvatrice Rosalia Polizzotto 07006, NJClinical Psychologist1326556564
Nicole Garbe 08755, NJClinical Psychologist1083178750
Yechiel Benedikt 11204, NJClinical Psychologist1609272996
Laura Tarikyan 07631, NJClinical Psychologist1649782236
Deborah Brandstatter 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1942679956
Damola T Sulaiman 07733, NJClinical Psychologist1326563685
Jessica Maria Floresta 19147, NJClinical Psychologist1821440843
Danielle Plotno 07039, NJClinical Psychologist1700801974
Anne Marie Schulte 08619, NJClinical Psychologist1548691553
Kara S Jablonka, Llc 07081, NJClinical Psychologist1215472980
Stella A Farrell 10994, NJClinical Psychologist1558894972
Lea Kobayashi-moore 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1447524327
Benjamin H Latner 06053, NJClinical Psychologist1356802219
Hannah Jones 19803, NJClinical Psychologist1932558335
Richard Selznick 08057, NJClinical Psychologist1013097138
Marline Francois 07042, NJClinical Psychologist1801344379
The Community Charter School Of Paterson 07501, NJClinical Psychologist1881257558
Sarah Hassan 07041, NJClinical Psychologist1164872206
Jennifer Malec 07444, NJClinical Psychologist1477874808
Yeraz Markarian 10001, NJClinical Psychologist1750666145
Leonard M Estrada 08901, NJClinical Psychologist1407025372
Frederick Heuser 19114, NJClinical Psychologist1255996435
Melanie Rega 07940, NJClinical Psychologist1184176745
Linda M Stolarz 10023, NJClinical Psychologist1043875198
Gertrude Monaco 07440, NJClinical Psychologist1871158683
Therapy Resources Of Morris County Llc 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1881936847
Janine Averbach 08536, NJClinical Psychologist1942674981
Laura Helen Kearney 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1538622022
David Bezov 17050, NJClinical Psychologist1417223942
Yvette Dawna Curtis 84651, NJClinical Psychologist1376606095
Peter B. Mccaffrey 85746, NJClinical Psychologist1770529463
Ashley Feibisch 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1124565163
Jacob Winkler 08904, NJClinical Psychologist1659781953
Valerie Helen Wood 07446, NJClinical Psychologist1568625994
Alexa Rapach 08619, NJClinical Psychologist1235520958
Monique Morales Santone 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1831491638
Pamela Karmazsin 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1750695748
Christie Hanrahan 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1285930859
Anna Christen Malesko-ferraro 07853, NJClinical Psychologist1538547054
Patricia Shadek 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1720178999
Mental Health Institute Of New Jersey 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1760041255
Harmony Services 07652, NJClinical Psychologist1073172466
Nancy Dakota Adlman 11201, NJClinical Psychologist1366677650
Cheryl Schnabolk 07924, NJClinical Psychologist1174942502
Cassandra Hutchins 07078, NJClinical Psychologist1649717042
Renewed Focus Psychology Services, Pllc 10018, NJClinical Psychologist1659930741
Pamela Saxena 30306, NJClinical Psychologist1659788313
Deborah Eline Penner Smith 07920, NJClinical Psychologist1063672186
Ruth Leslie Goldsmith 08876, NJClinical Psychologist1275098840
Mark S Weiner 08840, NJClinical Psychologist1427513092
Johanna Cohen 07202, NJClinical Psychologist1710116553
Colleen Duffy 07652, NJClinical Psychologist1346512209
Eran Sol Zacks 07724, NJClinical Psychologist1982760526
Carol Schober 08002, NJClinical Psychologist1083704308
Maureen V Waters Lcsw Llc 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1104488345
Robin Aniboli 08753, NJClinical Psychologist1366976045
Sue Henderson Tepper 08807, NJClinical Psychologist1962842153


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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