Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Darius John Adams 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1972506749
Ann Flower 08904, NJClinical Psychologist1104829969
Shelley C Steinberg 07506, NJClinical Psychologist1376546218
Stephen Hecht 07733, NJClinical Psychologist1609879949
Teresa Carol Mcarthur 08618, NJClinical Psychologist1235131327
Ruth Elaine Ross 07040, NJClinical Psychologist1174527196
Thomas Galski 07067, NJClinical Psychologist1962406868
Judith Marie Hochberger 08012, NJClinical Psychologist1902800725
Jonathan Steinberg 07450, NJClinical Psychologist1194729822
Lou-anne Beauregard 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1376547786
Sherry Katz 07450, NJClinical Psychologist1689679854
Keith Richard Benoff 07632, NJClinical Psychologist1629073572
Caroline Marie Grossmann 07950, NJClinical Psychologist1992700769
Carol Sunshine 07730, NJClinical Psychologist1649275314
J B. Smith 07748, NJClinical Psychologist1891153060
Nelva P Torres 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1265438741
Rose Oosting 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1285630616
Bryna Phyllis Gollin 07733, NJClinical Psychologist1922004274
Michelle Gardiner 07432, NJClinical Psychologist1821476227
Spectra East, Inc. 07647, NJClinical Psychologist1124024922
Divya Gupta 08820, NJClinical Psychologist1477559763
Mary Pogue 07110, NJClinical Psychologist1376540526
Ronald Thomas Grace 10003, NJClinical Psychologist1740288422
Annette Dinapoli 07435, NJClinical Psychologist1528065372
Melinda Scarso 07508, NJClinical Psychologist1376541771
Rapidvet Holdings, Inc. 85282, NJClinical Psychologist1366440760
Kristine Cangelosi Keane 08724, NJClinical Psychologist1316945942
Multi Sleep And Diagnostics, Inc. 08757, NJClinical Psychologist1871591396
Maryann Lane Porter 07871, NJClinical Psychologist1609874007
Carlos Alberto Ramirez 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1891793691
Coastal Clinical Pathology P A 08330, NJClinical Psychologist1427057082
Nicholas G Tullo 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1982603239
Rama Pratap Jiandani 07095, NJClinical Psychologist1205835436
Marc Roelke 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1851391429
Madhavi Pamidi 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1710987201
Douglas Thomas Deane 08608, NJClinical Psychologist1447250139
Robert Beach 08244, NJClinical Psychologist1376543033
Craig Jurasinski 08210, NJClinical Psychologist1225038995
James Pond 08244, NJClinical Psychologist1538169206
Daniel Kwa 08103, NJClinical Psychologist1245230911
Constantinos Aristides Costeas 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1255331849
Bonnie J Mele 07869, NJClinical Psychologist1356341838
Wei Wei Ma 08820, NJClinical Psychologist1063412310
Sudhansu Chokroverty 08820, NJClinical Psychologist1063412492
Charles Johannes Most 08865, NJClinical Psychologist1619977808
Hunterdon Pathology Services,pa 08822, NJClinical Psychologist1134129364
Joseph J Zielinski 08034, NJClinical Psychologist1619977634
Alexander Ivanov 08807, NJClinical Psychologist1770583163
Yedida Phyllis Sachs 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1649271545
Steven E Perkel 08034, NJClinical Psychologist1720089436
Myrna N Moran 07834, NJClinical Psychologist1346241924
Cheryl S Reid 08057, NJClinical Psychologist1841291291
Asad M Cheema 07028, NJClinical Psychologist1639171457
Andrea Kroop 07631, NJClinical Psychologist1992707624
Medical Diagnostic Laboratories,llc 08690, NJClinical Psychologist1750373908
Mary Anne Ruane 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1972595817
Cal Lab Pa 07306, NJClinical Psychologist1326030941
Diane Joyce Kehn 07701, NJClinical Psychologist1124010574
Patricia Sherman 07853, NJClinical Psychologist1760475719
Ridlen Consulting Inc 07306, NJClinical Psychologist1154314151
Julia Theresa Stahl 08865, NJClinical Psychologist1619960374
Brigitte Heffernan 07860, NJClinical Psychologist1770575995
Sivaraman Yegya-raman 08034, NJClinical Psychologist1558353326
Patricia A Magnotta 08527, NJClinical Psychologist1902343130
Natalie Jean Moynihan 08873, NJClinical Psychologist1033103429
Dave Ronald Fuller 10305, NJClinical Psychologist1437143682
Cecilia Menes Dilzell 07940, NJClinical Psychologist1326032251
Raymond Francis Hanbury 08736, NJClinical Psychologist1427042928
Barbara Mary Pitocco 07644, NJClinical Psychologist1437144813
Karen Heffernan 07076, NJClinical Psychologist1285629436
Kenneth Foti 08840, NJClinical Psychologist1619962677
Gunjan J Shukla 07601, NJClinical Psychologist1861487431
Tamerra P. Moeller 08540, NJClinical Psychologist1912994203
Dermatopathology Consultants, Llc 08035, NJClinical Psychologist1639166549
Carol M Freund 07730, NJClinical Psychologist1407844293
Andrea M. Caudle 07041, NJClinical Psychologist1962490706
Patricia Kakstis 08721, NJClinical Psychologist1548258155
Karen Sciaraffa 07083, NJClinical Psychologist1659369254
Elisabeth B Dagress 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1285622886
Brian Ford 08840, NJClinical Psychologist1497743900
Springpoint At Meadow Lakes, Inc 08520, NJClinical Psychologist1609863703
Asya Rivinson 07040, NJClinical Psychologist1093974339
Denise Endress Ridente 07041, NJClinical Psychologist1083602726
Laurie Weinberg 08043, NJClinical Psychologist1104018431
Diana Karen Lunt 08840, NJClinical Psychologist1225026792
Loren Vocaturo 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1184612350
Jill L. Preis 07424, NJClinical Psychologist1154319382
Sharona Benoff 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1497743751
Thomas Mcbride 07018, NJClinical Psychologist1023006186
J Bradley Williams 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1497743561
Catherine Atkins 07662, NJClinical Psychologist1437147691
Gwenyth Jones 07090, NJClinical Psychologist1154319317
Ho-shyuan Wu 07663, NJClinical Psychologist1548258692
Monique Tremaine 07930, NJClinical Psychologist1235127218
Jeffrey Kronstadt 07930, NJClinical Psychologist1265420236
Henry Augustus Taylor 07090, NJClinical Psychologist1609864636
Paul Frederick Brenner 07724, NJClinical Psychologist1578552162
Janet Konat-oberman 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1407845167
Caren Kaufman 08043, NJClinical Psychologist1063401735
David Michael Goldstein 08057, NJClinical Psychologist1619966306
Leslie Ruth Gilbert 07470, NJClinical Psychologist1043209539
Barbara A Taylor 07042, NJClinical Psychologist1821087297
Jason B. Suleski 07726, NJClinical Psychologist1346239621
Philip Yucht 07840, NJClinical Psychologist1497744650
Ellen Teresa Foley 07703, NJClinical Psychologist1013906189
Joseph Mcbride 08648, NJClinical Psychologist1164412904
Larry Bernard Chasin 07626, NJClinical Psychologist1588654156
Stuart Jeff Bokser 07703, NJClinical Psychologist1508856766
Susan Longman Saunders 07901, NJClinical Psychologist1497746283
Greta Shames-dawson 07750, NJClinical Psychologist1174514673
Eileen Mccarthy-sittig 08723, NJClinical Psychologist1205817194
Vivian Beenstock 08816, NJClinical Psychologist1275514853
Armine L Papazian 08730, NJClinical Psychologist1619958915
Susan M Millner 08904, NJClinical Psychologist1780666909
Margaret Lillian Bost 07430, NJClinical Psychologist1861474959
Carol Rasher 07661, NJClinical Psychologist1396727053
David I. Brandt 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1649252032
Martha Temple 07901, NJClinical Psychologist1477535888
A Center For Counseling And Psychotherapy Services, Llc 07840, NJClinical Psychologist1558344739
Lisa M Sanders 08824, NJClinical Psychologist1073594602
Epilepsy & Neurophysiology Medical Consultants Pa 07601, NJClinical Psychologist1013998830
Jacqueline Ann Rondeau 07042, NJClinical Psychologist1285622217
Lydia Shajenko 07020, NJClinical Psychologist1841289634
Michelle Nelson 08641, NJClinical Psychologist1083605794
Joyce Ann Echo 07039, NJClinical Psychologist1447248422
Gerard Donohue 07663, NJClinical Psychologist1205824349
Anne C Pusar 07090, NJClinical Psychologist1376526970
W.v. Harrer Professional Association 08103, NJClinical Psychologist1316921448
Michael Stern 10024, NJClinical Psychologist1588648471
Robert J Rosenbaum Edd Pa 08540, NJClinical Psychologist1174507719
Jeanne Samet 07043, NJClinical Psychologist1760466403
Constance Seligman 07932, NJClinical Psychologist1013992569
Ian Hanley 08053, NJClinical Psychologist1447235866
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 08869, NJClinical Psychologist1063497451
Janice Marie Victor 07006, NJClinical Psychologist1124003447
William Stover 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1821073958
Rochelle P Steinkohl 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1548245673
Laurie H Boehm 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1346225471
Dennis Peter Dauria 07840, NJClinical Psychologist1336124460
Elaine Metro 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1205811338
Diane L Berger 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1548245483
Molly Tatlock 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1962487801
Kim R Russell 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1750366597
Julia A Craven 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1205812690
Marjorie A Ryder 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1487630778
Linda Jane Bray 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1801872189
Pamela M Cullen 08865, NJClinical Psychologist1093791162
Sharon J Woscek 08865, NJClinical Psychologist1811973985
Brian Lawrence Farran 07079, NJClinical Psychologist1396721239
Edward H. Berger 07666, NJClinical Psychologist1538145446
Esoterix Clinical Trials Services 07716, NJClinical Psychologist1578540845
Jessica Jean Auth 07081, NJClinical Psychologist1760469845
Manhattan Physicians Laboratories Llc 07058, NJClinical Psychologist1982681953
Corrine Jean Ginsberg 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1215914296
John L Caplan 08690, NJClinical Psychologist1386622769
Robert Benjamin Sica 07753, NJClinical Psychologist1366420598
Emil Soucar 08090, NJClinical Psychologist1558349605
Susan Martha Huslage 08816, NJClinical Psychologist1538147574
Linda K Flower 08534, NJClinical Psychologist1841278835
Meryl Goldberg 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1790764645
Wayne Counseling Center,inc. 07470, NJClinical Psychologist1063491967
Darius Sholevar 08034, NJClinical Psychologist1093794729
Linda Carelli 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1942289251
Ann E. Cosgrove 08558, NJClinical Psychologist1831178037
Jacqueline M Roskie 07853, NJClinical Psychologist1174502363
Kathy M Kane 07882, NJClinical Psychologist1295714368
Dolores M Mingione 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1235118332
Beverly G Hays 07960, NJClinical Psychologist1871573899
Robert Goodkin 07470, NJClinical Psychologist1427038447
Karen Spiler 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1235119397
Barbara Dillon 08753, NJClinical Psychologist1124008289
Jill Stein 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1205816204
Denise Katherine Allen 07760, NJClinical Psychologist1437139441
Jane S Williams 07649, NJClinical Psychologist1063492908
Paula Stein 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1477533214
Nina St George 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1194705939
Terri Sutton 08753, NJClinical Psychologist1821078668
Ihab Girgis 07753, NJClinical Psychologist1134109895
Vicki Gilman 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1457331126
Kim Tucker 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1821078502
Jacalyn Held 07747, NJClinical Psychologist1851371280
Herbert Feldman 07728, NJClinical Psychologist1801876362
Sheryl Thailer 07450, NJClinical Psychologist1750361218
Nancy N Alterman 08084, NJClinical Psychologist1346220720
Maryanne - Crowther 07753, NJClinical Psychologist1922078054
Susan B Haskell 07024, NJClinical Psychologist1760452833
Rowansom Dept Of Pathology 08002, NJClinical Psychologist1376513309
Carol J Feldman 08648, NJClinical Psychologist1396715330
Melissa K Runyon 08084, NJClinical Psychologist1396715298
Marianne Clark 08084, NJClinical Psychologist1235109299
Julie A Lippmann 08084, NJClinical Psychologist1861462848
Eloise J Berry-mcbride 07052, NJClinical Psychologist1427028489
Felicia R Neubauer 08055, NJClinical Psychologist1316917313
Paula Varrassi 07446, NJClinical Psychologist1174593917
Carter Grant Abel 08801, NJClinical Psychologist1558347229
David J Libon 08084, NJClinical Psychologist1124008511
Walters Psychological Llc 07731, NJClinical Psychologist1790220598
Chinarie Jones 07040, NJClinical Psychologist1942747159
Patti Ellen Hart 08542, NJClinical Psychologist1154834588
Diane Jean Ivanov 08850, NJClinical Psychologist1932183100


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