Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Deborah Mcneil Okon 87002, NMClinical Psychologist1982607644
Red Lotus Counseling 87105, NMClinical Psychologist1346786456
Luis Constantin 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1740284082
Kathleen Blake 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1649272808
Barry W Ramo 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1598769499
Melinda A Toth 88201, NMClinical Psychologist1932103728
Christopher Robert Charles Wyndham 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1871597674
Carolyn J Tokle Brown 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1518965706
David Carter Holcomb 88005, NMClinical Psychologist1790783868
Ira Louis Salom 87420, NMClinical Psychologist1124027750
Vicki Fuller Allen 88045, NMClinical Psychologist1912906322
Wanda Jean Borges 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1801895487
Chantel Crystal Chee 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1649796798
Carlsbad Mental Health Center 88220, NMClinical Psychologist1891794731
Brenda L. Wolfe 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1063411973
Judith Ann Baker 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1538169610
Lisa K Bushnell 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1174524912
Michael O. Flanagan 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1497756670
Leona Diane Askew 87144, NMClinical Psychologist1043211154
Gerald Lee Russell 87701, NMClinical Psychologist1326040148
Sarah Grosse 68901, NMClinical Psychologist1225020258
Marie Greenspan 87120, NMClinical Psychologist1184616765
France Bordeleau 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1003809013
Steven M Cobb 88201, NMClinical Psychologist1487647384
Dana G Darrow 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1861485237
Ralph L. Moya 88401, NMClinical Psychologist1598759912
Darren G Nickerson 88101, NMClinical Psychologist1659365039
John Bryan Stuppy 87507, NMClinical Psychologist1811982135
Marcia Marie Middel 88330, NMClinical Psychologist1194710863
Philip Richard Reed 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1952396558
Joan Marie Peacock 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1619963824
Dova Callihan 88201, NMClinical Psychologist1184611709
Scott Bernard Massaro 88103, NMClinical Psychologist1366439614
Family Dimensions Inc. 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1407843311
Crossroads Counseling, Inc. 88201, NMClinical Psychologist1598752370
Diane R Mead 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1366430373
Susan S Turner 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1194714683
Pamela Ann Martin 87104, NMClinical Psychologist1518956291
Ann Mckissick Gardener 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1396734836
Maria Louise Balintona 87401, NMClinical Psychologist1740270339
Rosalie Davis 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1265422703
Julie Brovko 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1548775414
Lewis B Talk 87420, NMClinical Psychologist1407847189
Lynn Marie Thompson 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1942291216
Jane Prince Smith 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1538150719
Paul Joseph Milazzo 88103, NMClinical Psychologist1508847443
Chrisan Hooper Smith 87117, NMClinical Psychologist1417938036
Sheila Blackbourn 88220, NMClinical Psychologist1891776373
Patricia I M Brown 87506, NMClinical Psychologist1962483479
Louis R Thorp 88240, NMClinical Psychologist1992786388
Robert Edward Sherrill 87401, NMClinical Psychologist1376524793
Maria Gloria Munguia Wellman 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1780666511
Mark Timothy Williams 88011, NMClinical Psychologist1952383762
Sandra Marie Hollingsworth 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1124000500
Carol A Frazier 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1902889389
William Frank Merkle 87701, NMClinical Psychologist1215910591
Gabriela Ureta Munoz 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1003899394
Nancy Helen Strell 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1720061898
Monique Iron Shell 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1124494182
Amanda Wilder 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1467436386
Eva Jacqueline Usadi 10011, NMClinical Psychologist1013991793
Patrice E Goodkind 87544, NMClinical Psychologist1013992064
Amber N Redhouse 87420, NMClinical Psychologist1275519431
Presbyterian Healthcare Services 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1104802354
Ricardo R Gonzales 87535, NMClinical Psychologist1932185840
Laura Marie Sullivan 87508, NMClinical Psychologist1114904778
Virginia Lee Burgess 87401, NMClinical Psychologist1457339764
Flor J. Caballar Gonzaga 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1336127653
Jorge Gabriel Varela 87117, NMClinical Psychologist1679551659
Tina Yvette Bryant 87117, NMClinical Psychologist1073593968
John King 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1811977325
Kim M Romero 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1215917521
John R Buchan 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1942270129
Rene Suzanne Silleroy 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1104896943
Bart J. Leuser 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1174593586
Scott Richard Marrs 87117, NMClinical Psychologist1194797928
Paula Stifler 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1962474833
Gretchen Woods 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1811969637
James Hathaway 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1750353330
Lyssa Michelle Danehy 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1669445367
Carolyn Earnest 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1427022342
Randall Heidenreich 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1295709913
Caroline B Williams Phd Pc 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1356316814
Jacque P Pasternacki 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1548236334
Lynne F Mcwilliams 87107, NMClinical Psychologist1992771513
Wynne E. Broms 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1063488245
Mark William Raybould 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1124095096
Janice Marion Penn 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1144297771
Carol D Wolvington 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1770550865
Virginia C Vary 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1841268158
Margaret Clare Futrell Stachura 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1942278023
Psychology & Counseling Services Inc 87031, NMClinical Psychologist1912976648
Carol Ivy Simmons 20772, NMClinical Psychologist1659340057
Shawn Proudfoot 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1902865165
Elaine Orabona Foster 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1093774861
Margie Trujillo 87401, NMClinical Psychologist1003875782
Barbara Fowles Brown 87120, NMClinical Psychologist1952360281
Genzyme Corporation 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1386604320
Mark C. Mcgaughey 88101, NMClinical Psychologist1093775033
Lisa C Whitney 87117, NMClinical Psychologist1124088935
Romona Dorothy Scholder 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1073574372
Bruce Douglas Washburne 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1093776940
Dahua Zhang 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1427010040
William P Campbell Phd Inc 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1619450137
Suzanne Claire Lareau 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1093778581
Petra Jean Armijo-bertola 87740, NMClinical Psychologist1225091184
Betsy Lu El Williams 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1316901077
Elizabeth Dinsmore 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1841254380
Kathy Lynn Albrecht 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1841254638
Virginia Marie Holbrook 87901, NMClinical Psychologist1912962739
Melissa Lawrence 87535, NMClinical Psychologist1972985141
Blanca N Charriez-quinn 87740, NMClinical Psychologist1477519650
Carol Capitano 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1376500165
Anne Margaret Carpenter 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1972561249
Melody Lou Lafriniere 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1932157351
James Micheal Mash 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1972553238
Southwest Cares, Llc 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1790735942
Michael Shawn Mccollum 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1295785210
Joan Lynne Levine 87111, NMClinical Psychologist1134179120
Ellen M. Curley-roam 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1174573877
Robert Glanz 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1679524003
Paul Bernard Donovan 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1366493769
Judy Lynn Hine Vargas 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1184675662
Trinidad De Jesus Arguello 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1841242336
Love Your Light Llc 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1699284406
Casey Dexter 87566, NMClinical Psychologist1497110480
Cecile Herndon 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1235182619
Roswell Hospital Corporation 88201, NMClinical Psychologist1427001759
Presbyterian Medical Services 87501, NMClinical Psychologist1518910553
Barbara Leviton 87114, NMClinical Psychologist1376596288
Rio Grande Counseling & Guidance Services, Pa 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1477507069
George Brasinikas 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1538114731
Jessica Raab Schneider 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1730136565
Nicole Phoenix Anderson 87107, NMClinical Psychologist1730126343
Jennifer Beth Willis 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1104864255
Casa De Mi Alma Wellness Center, Llc 88005, NMClinical Psychologist1366807323
Eileen T Saturn 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1083651459
A Shared Path Llc 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1689111841
Pecos Valley Sleep Center Llc 88201, NMClinical Psychologist1881632545
Crawford Granberry Dennis 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1063450450
Andrew George Lefave 88061, NMClinical Psychologist1437197944
Josie Gibb 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1194976050
Robin Davis 88310, NMClinical Psychologist1265471700
John J Reeves 88061, NMClinical Psychologist1679512123
Anne Elizabeth Van Ausdall 88061, NMClinical Psychologist1417996059
Bhanu Joy Harrison 87107, NMClinical Psychologist1457391492
Los Alamos Family Council, Inc. 87544, NMClinical Psychologist1255374021
Paul Rentz 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1932142569
Diana Patricia Trujillo 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1386688224
Scott Hatley 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1275577876
Janis Ann Burkhardt 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1346284072
Patricia Ann Veech 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1164466348
Tazuko Arnold 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1992740781
Bonita Wickstrom Inc 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1548205289
Sheri Lynn Hilyard 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1164467833
Southwest Counseling Center, Inc. 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1790721611
Ellen Teresa Costilla 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1871538017
John Gray 87108, NMClinical Psychologist1134155096
Philip Reed Larsen 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1497781496
Pathology Associates, Pa 88011, NMClinical Psychologist1265468698
Crystal Ruiz 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1912373978
Jennifer Smith Freer 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1942236328
Holly Dale Seward 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1326074741
Marc Comtois 87710, NMClinical Psychologist1245734417
Joseph B Stone 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1215964176
Shari Cox 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1598792335
David A Sachs 88012, NMClinical Psychologist1285661041
Michelle S Khoo 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1245267236
Sean Philip Mazer 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1821025545
Virginia K Green 87110, NMClinical Psychologist1679500318
Kristin Linnea Larsen 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1932136538
Joseph Gerard Hogan 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1275560724
Joyce Martinez Sanchez 87575, NMClinical Psychologist1336177575
Rebecca Ann Mueller 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1063440956
Barry Kent Hughes 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1699703199
Trunis Leilani Burnett 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1144259276
Shmuel Inbar 87106, NMClinical Psychologist1619906609
Meribeth Hauenstein 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1083643860
Nancy D Eversole 87556, NMClinical Psychologist1730118670
Velinda Maria Pearson 87102, NMClinical Psychologist1306876354
Mary Therese Quinn 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1336179282
Theresa Lynn Rhodes 87124, NMClinical Psychologist1043240195
Guidance Center Of Lea County, Inc 88240, NMClinical Psychologist1740211333
Gregory Alan Charlton 88011, NMClinical Psychologist1386675270
Su Vida 87505, NMClinical Psychologist1629009899
Stephanie A. Gutz 87571, NMClinical Psychologist1619909207
Virginia M Chavez 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1619909900
Bradley William Samuel 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1255363586
Johnnie Donn Robinson 87801, NMClinical Psychologist1538191614
Sharon A. Paulowsky 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1235162934
Ben J Klein 87131, NMClinical Psychologist1649203134
Anne A Veenstra 88061, NMClinical Psychologist1285667071
Judith E. Kiersky 10023, NMClinical Psychologist1184657249
Regina E Johnson 87111, NMClinical Psychologist1669406120
Laurie Ann Stevenson 87109, NMClinical Psychologist1740214485
Carolyn B Toenniges 88001, NMClinical Psychologist1417981168
Tristan Glenn Keller 87301, NMClinical Psychologist1053346171
Cheryl Joslin Atkins 87401, NMClinical Psychologist1457386393
Brent Schrader 88220, NMClinical Psychologist1114952033
Nicole Allen 87112, NMClinical Psychologist1548295660


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