Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Western Pathology Consultants, Ltd 89503, NVClinical Psychologist1770587511
Nikolaos J Tsiouris 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1790789428
Shanker N Dixit 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1477558674
Bobby Vavla, Llc 89147, NVClinical Psychologist1235674425
Matthew David Coleman 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1215937479
Sandra Mary Lowery 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1396746723
Paul Wulkan 89145, NVClinical Psychologist1700887817
Leslie Hauser Sadler 89191, NVClinical Psychologist1407842503
Elizabeth Anne Mabry 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1194221820
Yashpal D Agrawal 89109, NVClinical Psychologist1194713909
William Gordon Danton 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1952399289
Janet Beth Feldman 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1326039967
Omega Jodean Galliano 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1780665687
Morgan Mucciarone Vaden 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1205292620
Consolidated Laboratory Services Inc 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1952382400
Robb K Rowley 89113, NVClinical Psychologist1780666057
Bon Clinical Laboratories Ltd 89074, NVClinical Psychologist1144204199
Eric Jay Oglesbee 89086, NVClinical Psychologist1588648224
Allan Edward Bigtas 89191, NVClinical Psychologist1902880677
Shirley Yardley 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1487639837
Laboratory Corporation Of America 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1508841990
Judy Seymore 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1902881709
Barbara Parry 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1033194840
University Of Nv School Of Medicine Multi Specialty Group Practice So 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1184601239
Amy Ellwood 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1447238258
Colleen Annette Morris 89109, NVClinical Psychologist1285612994
Debra Anne Walker Fredericks 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1609854967
Holly H. Hobart 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1821076092
Eric H Hanson 89118, NVClinical Psychologist1760460950
Laboratory Corporation Of America 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1760460778
Glenda Grino 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1770553893
Michelle G Heinhold 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1912977703
Mary L Schumacher Stine 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1649240029
Edward Gene Silverhardt 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1851363774
Lisa N Hoffman 89703, NVClinical Psychologist1912970286
Cindy Powers 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1700859071
Shania Wilfong 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1659574341
Alicia Galarosa Felicia 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1831163849
Diagnostic Center Of Medicine 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1962476036
Kathy F Jensen 89005, NVClinical Psychologist1841264082
Joseph Anderson Kalache 89086, NVClinical Psychologist1457845943
Robert N. Slotnick 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1043285752
An-pyng Sun 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1770964579
Nevada Histology, Inc. 89503, NVClinical Psychologist1295701480
Brenda Matthews 89191, NVClinical Psychologist1437128915
Eva S. Wasef 93514, NVClinical Psychologist1699744813
Niuton Seigo Koide 89144, NVClinical Psychologist1821067059
Julius M Rogina 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1760441661
Richard G Weiher 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1598724858
Richard A Dawson 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1902866676
Benjamin Neblette Hughes 89191, NVClinical Psychologist1760442438
H Alan Reid 89086, NVClinical Psychologist1619938990
Mardini Pathology, Ltd 89801, NVClinical Psychologist1508827924
Susan Marie Pittenger 89511, NVClinical Psychologist1295796365
Laboratory Medicine Consultants Ltd 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1962463786
Southern Nevada Lab Services, Inc. 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1912968405
Patricia Ann Brassfield 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1568425940
Holly Adele Andres 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1033172028
Nytisha Lashea White 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1487617130
Kerry K Roberts-manson 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1992769962
Nicole R Vaughn Changing Minds 89145, NVClinical Psychologist1760993117
John G Wyma 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1144285198
William Thomas Odonohue 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1225094576
Robert Alan Kutner 89031, NVClinical Psychologist1093763161
Brent Reynolds 89005, NVClinical Psychologist1093763187
Thomas Strahler 89104, NVClinical Psychologist1760431746
Karen Hastings 89014, NVClinical Psychologist1083663587
Valerie Ilaine Kinnikin 89104, NVClinical Psychologist1740230010
Christina Louise Sorensen 89104, NVClinical Psychologist1659321875
Community Care Services Llc 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1487125977
Anne Marie Abruscato 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1386694537
Rosalie Montoya 89032, NVClinical Psychologist1043262397
Shannon Lee Libler 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1144272139
Sheila Ann Megan 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1710939731
Bethany Sue Schlinger 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1912950528
Kathleen Wild 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1023061801
Garnette Dawn Mccracken 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1063466498
Kathleen Leilani Bergquist 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1730134578
Erik J Sirulnick 89169, NVClinical Psychologist1467408005
Andy T Tran 85032, NVClinical Psychologist1295781029
Jennifer Leigh Pettipiece 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1659327260
Brelan Somer Armstrong 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1942256227
Diana Joyce Anson 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1487600870
David L Navratil 89052, NVClinical Psychologist1043267024
Sandie W Fox 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1003853813
Israel J Alvarado 89134, NVClinical Psychologist1427096569
Heather Lund Burnham 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1285672386
Community Care Services Llc 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1720031768
Terre Lynne Hamrick 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1306884895
Lynn B Carver 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1346280328
Linden & Associates Pc 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1043250855
Richard M. Baldo 89511, NVClinical Psychologist1285674945
Desert Moon Sleep Lab Llc 89121, NVClinical Psychologist1235172065
Geriann T Dillender 89191, NVClinical Psychologist1487697165
Robert Benedict 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1932142320
Patricia Anne Romo-macaluso 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1780627851
Serenity 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1023545787
Nhi 1 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1023054012
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1043256886
Hanson And Rowley Red Rocks Genetics Pllc 89118, NVClinical Psychologist1043256654
Linda Farrar 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1922034610
Alvin Mark Hutcherson 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1538195839
Karen Torry Greene 89701, NVClinical Psychologist1396772026
Dhiraj D Narula 89144, NVClinical Psychologist1558399485
Eileen Virginia Redmond 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1134157902
Laurie D Mcginley 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1699703512
Paula K Rowles 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1770512576
Heidi Lynn Joslin 89048, NVClinical Psychologist1831128784
Valerie L Williams 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1174552749
James M Alexander 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1255361739
Kimberly Ann Hutton 89431, NVClinical Psychologist1144250002
Sheila Giere Young 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1073544789
James Anthony D'andrea 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1518999580
Philip Riccobono Lcsw, Ltd 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1669405601
Philip Leonard Riccobono 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1174556328
Cheryl Bowles 89429, NVClinical Psychologist1083647150
Melissa F Kalodner 89052, NVClinical Psychologist1730113168
Lawrence Bruce Kapel 89074, NVClinical Psychologist1588698716
Nicole S. Guyette 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1790700870
William Richard Slagle 89074, NVClinical Psychologist1114943016
Trinity Behavioral Center 89130, NVClinical Psychologist1386103257
Gwenyth G Obryan 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1326065814
Nevada Electromedical Products Llc 89423, NVClinical Psychologist1841793650
Christina L Sanford 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1982622999
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 89135, NVClinical Psychologist1821016874
Quest Diagnostics Incorporated 89434, NVClinical Psychologist1174541130
Joan Israel 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1891714697
Francine Green 89103, NVClinical Psychologist1174542948
Julie Madgwick 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1104845130
David E. Smith 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1487674362
Barbara Jane Caspy 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1821018151
Leslie Marie Westfield 89121, NVClinical Psychologist1659392140
Oliver Ocskay 89503, NVClinical Psychologist1134140882
Jane Whipple 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1831110444
Marlyn Scholl 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1902827017
Dori J Orlich 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1477574663
Cecilia R Shermack-warner 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1568483477
Negar Nicole Jacobs 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1801818984
John K. Lovell 89052, NVClinical Psychologist1801818836
Russell A. Weathersby 28779, NVClinical Psychologist1962425975
Dianna J Weir 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1194748574
Michael J Gorman 89107, NVClinical Psychologist1790799815
Heidi Buckley 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1639193949
Behavioral Healthcare Options, Inc. 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1316961790
Gwendolyn Orchid Henry 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1578577706
Karen Anne Lemley 89015, NVClinical Psychologist1982618179
Elsa Ivonne Villalobos 89119, NVClinical Psychologist1124032214
Roberta C Ferguson 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1316951825
Stacy M Vasquez 89014, NVClinical Psychologist1871507475
Janie Elizabeth Rusich 89086, NVClinical Psychologist1730193343
Claudio Bonometti 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1053326728
Pat Raymond Duncan 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1104831916
David Alexander Sturgeon 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1003822081
Norman Lee Terry 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1609882679
Scott David Cohen 89104, NVClinical Psychologist1861408841
Linda Diane Smith 89509, NVClinical Psychologist1760499909
Annette Elaine Rothman 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1275540791
John Patrick Harper 89146, NVClinical Psychologist1609883552
Jessica T. Burkhamer 89511, NVClinical Psychologist1447268867
Lynn Robert Boutilier 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1871501296
Lisa Moffett 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1821006297
Christine Carla Nicks 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1831107960
Patrick Ross Scott 89101, NVClinical Psychologist1184633349
Jorganne M. Skinner 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1306857016
Nancy Crowell Yokobori 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1720099450
Cherie White-fowler 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1730191495
Mark A. Premselaar 89052, NVClinical Psychologist1518979889
Danielle T. Bello 89109, NVClinical Psychologist1164434445
Latitia Joann Robinson 89144, NVClinical Psychologist1689151326
Carla Ann Buckner 89701, NVClinical Psychologist1255445466
Tracey Taketa Fugazzi 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1922112069
Nancy Elizabeth Faye 89120, NVClinical Psychologist1912011065
Michael Edward Mas 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1710091863
Patricia Lee Hames 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1407960560
Journey Within Behavioral Health Llc 89701, NVClinical Psychologist1427533298
New Dimensions Therapy Inc 89128, NVClinical Psychologist1336254168
Christine Leann Ackmann 89115, NVClinical Psychologist1689789448
Duane Croft Merrill 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1669588844
Rachel Coffman 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1053428524
Bonnie S Cook 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1881700474
David Lee Hopper 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1023125325
Kevin B Ingram 89191, NVClinical Psychologist1467569665
Michael Kelly Gann 89144, NVClinical Psychologist1164530812
Integral Life Systems Inc 89117, NVClinical Psychologist1831207463
Diane Sakal-gutierrez 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1306953179
Traci Bice Pitts 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1881702330
Maureen Marie Brennan 89143, NVClinical Psychologist1689783359
Peggy Langley Wolfe 89052, NVClinical Psychologist1558470245
Robert F Mirabella 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1003924036
Gwen Obryan Phd Ltd 89501, NVClinical Psychologist1811007792
Clinton Paul Frederickson 89102, NVClinical Psychologist1982714457
Devon Stokes 89557, NVClinical Psychologist1609986835
Fran Zito 89503, NVClinical Psychologist1003926239
L E Ruckstuhl Inc 89511, NVClinical Psychologist1265544126
Maxine Risen Nudelman 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1114039518
King Grant Steadman 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1053422931
Patrick Edward Hamilton 89502, NVClinical Psychologist1861503484
Michael Louis Campana 89106, NVClinical Psychologist1316058753
David Opollo Ross 89108, NVClinical Psychologist1477655454
Lei Lopez Lavarias 89108, NVClinical Psychologist1871695775


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