Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Arlene Beth Staubsinger 13090, NYClinical Psychologist1780687731
Marcia G. Weisman 11375, NYClinical Psychologist1558364554
Therapath, Llc 10036, NYClinical Psychologist1932102027
John H. Grant 12401, NYClinical Psychologist1508869256
Phyllis Macklin Olshansky 10804, NYClinical Psychologist1053314898
Sara Berger 10471, NYClinical Psychologist1902809668
Gerald Perlman 10016, NYClinical Psychologist1649273483
Gilbert B Tunnell 10011, NYClinical Psychologist1346243029
Shayne Raze 11209, NYClinical Psychologist1518960475
Rhona Lanzkowsky 10022, NYClinical Psychologist1003810334
Michael Joel Greenberg 10001, NYClinical Psychologist1194229914
Lisa Amodio 13090, NYClinical Psychologist1063415909
Melodie Parker 10960, NYClinical Psychologist1083617542
Robert S. Berger 10025, NYClinical Psychologist1477556165
Quentin Medical Lab 11220, NYClinical Psychologist1003819418
Sally A Peters 11950, NYClinical Psychologist1235131566
Laura D Bykofsky 12866, NYClinical Psychologist1356345375
Downstate Clinical Laboratories Inc 11040, NYClinical Psychologist1124022199
Philip Estabrooks Mcdowell 13367, NYClinical Psychologist1083618037
Joyce Wendell 10312, NYClinical Psychologist1790789402
Melody Jeannie Acosta 10455, NYClinical Psychologist1336664580
Ritter Clinical Laboratories 10901, NYClinical Psychologist1619972049
Ann Finch 14569, NYClinical Psychologist1841295052
Alan David Kaplan 11725, NYClinical Psychologist1407851686
Otto Michael Berk 11375, NYClinical Psychologist1225033525
Isaac Benzaquen 11516, NYClinical Psychologist1922003110
Michele Christine Cournan 12308, NYClinical Psychologist1639174626
Stephen W Hurt 10605, NYClinical Psychologist1144225806
George H Northrup 11040, NYClinical Psychologist1497750202
The Dale Association, Inc. 14120, NYClinical Psychologist1962407783
Frederick Ehlert 10022, NYClinical Psychologist1871598615
Alison Hamroff 10024, NYClinical Psychologist1194197764
Dawn Friedland-perez 11766, NYClinical Psychologist1558365023
Willard Allen Hauser 10032, NYClinical Psychologist1922003755
Elizabeth Landau 10956, NYClinical Psychologist1417952151
Linda B Nash 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1548265085
James A Brigante 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1568467025
Sharon G Pinsker 11215, NYClinical Psychologist1699771147
Sally Ann Norman 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1346246816
Katherine A Dennis 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1366448847
Frank P Alabiso 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1124024617
Frances Bahi 11542, NYClinical Psychologist1265438774
Brenda L Bierdeman 14411, NYClinical Psychologist1376549808
Winifred R Christ 10591, NYClinical Psychologist1023014388
David F Gray 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1821094095
The In home Psychotherapy Service Of Greater Ny, Lcsw, P.c. 11793, NYClinical Psychologist1548266638
Elizabeth T Borenzweig 14228, NYClinical Psychologist1801892989
Jewell K Waldbaum 10977, NYClinical Psychologist1124024005
Carla R. Triplett 11238, NYClinical Psychologist1518963461
Jeffrey Drew 13203, NYClinical Psychologist1760488738
Modern Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc 11219, NYClinical Psychologist1720084551
Centrex Clinical Laboratories Inc 13502, NYClinical Psychologist1184621716
Yelena Alperin 10024, NYClinical Psychologist1679578454
Dawn Pascoe 14454, NYClinical Psychologist1144685959
Roman Thomas Pachulski 13790, NYClinical Psychologist1932105566
Christina Fiorvanti 10029, NYClinical Psychologist1902349392
Deborah M. Benson 11803, NYClinical Psychologist1376540815
Mark Chatkin 10001, NYClinical Psychologist1568469807
Mary Erin Koprevich 14072, NYClinical Psychologist1417954678
Laurie D. Gilkes 10021, NYClinical Psychologist1871590034
Kathleen E Hannan 13601, NYClinical Psychologist1659378834
Itzhak C Haimovic 11021, NYClinical Psychologist1629075767
Maudie Watkins Ritchie 13066, NYClinical Psychologist1811994932
David I Binder 11793, NYClinical Psychologist1760489835
Ronald Thomas Grace 10003, NYClinical Psychologist1740288422
Carol Suzanne Evans 14221, NYClinical Psychologist1164420873
Andrei Carasca 10065, NYClinical Psychologist1992703391
Matthew Alan Krivoshey 11743, NYClinical Psychologist1295733699
Rosemarie Frances Raimo 11566, NYClinical Psychologist1104824622
Buffalo Psychology Group 14214, NYClinical Psychologist1568460988
Thomas E. Unger 14214, NYClinical Psychologist1194723510
Donna Claire. Arking 11230, NYClinical Psychologist1558369975
Roberta Herche 10024, NYClinical Psychologist1407854896
Michael Gruenthal 12208, NYClinical Psychologist1578561718
Robert H Svenson 13501, NYClinical Psychologist1164420147
Cblpath, Inc 10573, NYClinical Psychologist1205834769
June Tiefenbrun Feldman 11733, NYClinical Psychologist1881692408
Allison Beth Palmatier 12401, NYClinical Psychologist1144778937
Lindsey Machicote 10001, NYClinical Psychologist1851769889
Natalie Karen Fisher 10023, NYClinical Psychologist1679571665
Kim Patricia Miller 10029, NYClinical Psychologist1053319947
Helen K Ferszt 10028, NYClinical Psychologist1295734093
Toni W. Viertel 10128, NYClinical Psychologist1902805625
Lynda Harris-boscaino 10977, NYClinical Psychologist1366441198
Susan F Shanzer 11725, NYClinical Psychologist1417956251
Marjorie Beth Sugarman 11787, NYClinical Psychologist1245239961
Alfonso F.j. Prieto 12205, NYClinical Psychologist1063411783
Guillermo E. Sosa-suarez 12205, NYClinical Psychologist1972502698
Sung Yoon Choo 10029, NYClinical Psychologist1225037039
Elkin Simson 10549, NYClinical Psychologist1477551281
Katherine Elizabeth Zinkiewicz 13082, NYClinical Psychologist1164421905
David Yale Gelman 10010, NYClinical Psychologist1104825751
Marianna Tomasino 12043, NYClinical Psychologist1285633834
Karine Lea Suskin 11021, NYClinical Psychologist1609875095
Gen Laboratories Llc 14202, NYClinical Psychologist1467451872
Ranjit Suri 10028, NYClinical Psychologist1992704571
Judith Bamberger-carroll 11598, NYClinical Psychologist1255330841
Geoffrey Thomas Oconnell 11784, NYClinical Psychologist1720087117
Michael J. Gallagher 11375, NYClinical Psychologist1154320679
Michael A Harris 11561, NYClinical Psychologist1003815531
Albany Cytopath Labs Inc 12110, NYClinical Psychologist1790784148
Seth I. Keller 10028, NYClinical Psychologist1598764946
Stephen Mark Elliott 10025, NYClinical Psychologist1669471611
Elizabeth Ames 10019, NYClinical Psychologist1043219157
Joseph Schappert 10003, NYClinical Psychologist1134128234
Sandra Solomon 11561, NYClinical Psychologist1679572523
Carol Mazor 10025, NYClinical Psychologist1871592766
William Fishbein 10128, NYClinical Psychologist1366442287
Bridget Amatore 10024, NYClinical Psychologist1487654372
Paul Michael Berger-gross 11360, NYClinical Psychologist1891794798
Ranvir Singh Yadav 11550, NYClinical Psychologist1427058163
Lucinda Mermin 10016, NYClinical Psychologist1639179187
Thomas Patrick Demaria 11570, NYClinical Psychologist1578563961
Kristin W Botwinick 13208, NYClinical Psychologist1346240553
Susan Caputo 11215, NYClinical Psychologist1730189721
Leonard Goldberg 11234, NYClinical Psychologist1043210040
David Wayne Gately 11768, NYClinical Psychologist1417958471
Gail Patricia Beekman 11766, NYClinical Psychologist1710988712
Judith T Simon 11790, NYClinical Psychologist1407857261
Phoebe Ann Kessler 11797, NYClinical Psychologist1275534034
Nancy Sue Kerstein-arias 12586, NYClinical Psychologist1073514857
Claudia Janeth Olave-guillermo 10970, NYClinical Psychologist1568463255
Accesscny, Inc 13208, NYClinical Psychologist1750381968
Lisa Korman 11552, NYClinical Psychologist1225402498
Elizabeth M. Studwell 10562, NYClinical Psychologist1225493018
Michael R. Stellman 11021, NYClinical Psychologist1659371649
Lauren Gassman Weisfelner 10536, NYClinical Psychologist1649714809
Robert S. Phang 12205, NYClinical Psychologist1336148055
Kimberly Robin Levitsky 14618, NYClinical Psychologist1043734809
Nicole Bondi 14450, NYClinical Psychologist1851827182
Venkat Ramani 10532, NYClinical Psychologist1194725507
Empire Scanning Services, Inc 11703, NYClinical Psychologist1376711473
Norman L Kelley 13413, NYClinical Psychologist1366443095
Thomas Elmer Preston 11790, NYClinical Psychologist1649271396
Debra K Smith 11777, NYClinical Psychologist1720089972
Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services, Inc. 11801, NYClinical Psychologist1114928462
Kwame Anyane-yeboa 10019, NYClinical Psychologist1831190354
Michael Slattery 14850, NYClinical Psychologist1609877158
David Flomenhaft 11565, NYClinical Psychologist1467453043
Judith Lona Kiss 10989, NYClinical Psychologist1629079090
Maryanne Graviano 11715, NYClinical Psychologist1053312454
Helen Mcdermott 10016, NYClinical Psychologist1124029558
Laboratory Alliance Of Central New York, Llc 13088, NYClinical Psychologist1396746673
Universal Diagnostic Laboratories, Inc. 11226, NYClinical Psychologist1255332714
Patricia A. Dematteo 14850, NYClinical Psychologist1104827344
Senthil K Natarajan 14618, NYClinical Psychologist1487655692
Linda G. Peltz 11753, NYClinical Psychologist1629079785
David F Kronn 10595, NYClinical Psychologist1619979697
Joan A Roessler 12561, NYClinical Psychologist1831191857
Megan Dewitt 10003, NYClinical Psychologist1154323947
Virna Little 10003, NYClinical Psychologist1134121924
Bonni Raab 10970, NYClinical Psychologist1275535023
Steven Roger Guggenheim 10804, NYClinical Psychologist1144222712
Joel N Caldwell 13088, NYClinical Psychologist1265434914
Christina Caldwell 13152, NYClinical Psychologist1437151925
David Albert Clark 12208, NYClinical Psychologist1114929650
June Gayle Beck 14051, NYClinical Psychologist1720080260
Jeanne Marie Eckles 12550, NYClinical Psychologist1295727220
Bartley J Ettori 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1053303099
Margo Biuso 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1366434458
Karen Laquidara Howe 12203, NYClinical Psychologist1043202260
Christina Marie Bernhard 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1417949561
Nicole Angela Gerace 13820, NYClinical Psychologist1164414124
Robin Peritz 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1740272699
Timothy John Rodier 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1730171687
Kathleen Ann Voss 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1568454429
Gina Cappo 12508, NYClinical Psychologist1598757460
Sandra S. Lash 12508, NYClinical Psychologist1801888789
Rita L Ovens 12508, NYClinical Psychologist1811989700
Carol Sokol 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1871585760
Avarilla A. Akers 12522, NYClinical Psychologist1134111024
Mountain Mental Health Group 13309, NYClinical Psychologist1487646279
Nancy Kanetzky 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1225020126
Maureen Rist Marchessault 12571, NYClinical Psychologist1962494872
Jean L Moffatt 12401, NYClinical Psychologist1487646303
Lindsey Tayer Markel 10549, NYClinical Psychologist1881686673
Amy C. Jacobson 12561, NYClinical Psychologist1780676577
Jane E. Amsden 12572, NYClinical Psychologist1851383640
Jeanne Francis Asma 12603, NYClinical Psychologist1306838107
Evelia Margarita Santiago-gomez 12589, NYClinical Psychologist1922090760
Janet Ellen Giudice 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1447242201
Constance M Kash 11726, NYClinical Psychologist1306838057
Natalie Freney Guernsey 12572, NYClinical Psychologist1649262486
Mark L. Henderson 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1083606826
Susan Deane-miller 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1538151386
David W. Mccready 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1437141280
Ariella E. Morris 12561, NYClinical Psychologist1053303800
Vicky Marie Burgh-harris 12603, NYClinical Psychologist1750373510
Frank Romano 12601, NYClinical Psychologist1003808866
Mary Jo Penizotto 14051, NYClinical Psychologist1679565386
Barbara Rice 13309, NYClinical Psychologist1457343121
Cal Lab Pa 07306, NYClinical Psychologist1326030941
Innerhealth Psychological Services 13502, NYClinical Psychologist1356333850
Beutner Labs Inc 14215, NYClinical Psychologist1780676304
Joan Faye Cummings 13035, NYClinical Psychologist1013909639
Laurel Virginia Stanley 14760, NYClinical Psychologist1760474324
Nancy Elizabeth Toole 12866, NYClinical Psychologist1801888144
Laurel Shaw 13820, NYClinical Psychologist1427040716
Shiel Medical Laboratory, Inc 11205, NYClinical Psychologist1750374088
Henry J Palmer 11358, NYClinical Psychologist1952394256


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