Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Ohio

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Ohio:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Teresa J. Gutierrez 44124, OHClinical Psychologist1508869504
Karen B Morris 43935, OHClinical Psychologist1164425021
Kilbourne Medical Laboratories Inc 45245, OHClinical Psychologist1205839610
Walter Pierce Knake 44122, OHClinical Psychologist1427051861
Pathology Associates Of Erie Inc 16544, OHClinical Psychologist1013919331
Alan S. Garson 44124, OHClinical Psychologist1770585820
The Dayton Heart Center, Inc. 45414, OHClinical Psychologist1558363762
Kevin D Kravitz 45414, OHClinical Psychologist1568464758
James W Swinehart 45014, OHClinical Psychologist1275537086
Kevin R Byrd 45701, OHClinical Psychologist1457355141
Jacqueline H Goodin 44111, OHClinical Psychologist1003810664
Jody None Bernon-wainer 44122, OHClinical Psychologist1558366831
Deborah Squires Goeble 44124, OHClinical Psychologist1427053792
Donald P Brewer 45220, OHClinical Psychologist1306841689
Meredith Ellen Reid 45069, OHClinical Psychologist1043215122
Carol L Patrick 45805, OHClinical Psychologist1679578561
Giovanni M. Bonds 45405, OHClinical Psychologist1538164256
Carol Sunshine 07730, OHClinical Psychologist1649275314
Sharon D. Brown 45409, OHClinical Psychologist1598769051
Barbara Mccaulley Brugler 43085, OHClinical Psychologist1952306003
Compunet Clinical Laboratories Llc 45439, OHClinical Psychologist1619972254
Compunet Clinical Laboratories Llc 45373, OHClinical Psychologist1629073168
Jane Z Woodrow 45701, OHClinical Psychologist1427053966
Compunet Clinical Laboratories Llc 45429, OHClinical Psychologist1598760035
Donna Marie Mabry 45701, OHClinical Psychologist1467457911
Midohio Cardiology And Vascular Consultants, Inc 43214, OHClinical Psychologist1043215627
Compunet Clinical Laboratories Llc 45409, OHClinical Psychologist1578568119
Alan Brian O'leary 45701, OHClinical Psychologist1881699338
Barbara Hill-newby 44122, OHClinical Psychologist1679579957
Jason Kane Smith 44304, OHClinical Psychologist1649276817
John Bertschler 44147, OHClinical Psychologist1275539124
David K Connell 43607, OHClinical Psychologist1750387577
Kenneth L Davis 43606, OHClinical Psychologist1326044009
Jennifer A. Simkins-bullock 43623, OHClinical Psychologist1891791422
Cynthia Ann Simons 43055, OHClinical Psychologist1811993785
Justin Black 43219, OHClinical Psychologist1326420035
Allan J Nichols 43214, OHClinical Psychologist1184621575
Roula Aldahhak 43205, OHClinical Psychologist1033116165
Mohamed Abdel Aziz 45040, OHClinical Psychologist1760489421
Donna Marie Williams 43235, OHClinical Psychologist1487651196
Peggy Ann Evert 45840, OHClinical Psychologist1720086119
Carol Blankemeyer Dewald 45040, OHClinical Psychologist1891793220
The Toledo Hospital 43606, OHClinical Psychologist1407854771
Morgan Lavenia Rogers 43017, OHClinical Psychologist1528066727
Joel Mandel Kestenbaum 43460, OHClinical Psychologist1942208210
Joan Alfreda Lawrence 43560, OHClinical Psychologist1306844584
Vijay Rajan 45014, OHClinical Psychologist1891793642
Jeffery Paul Courson 44302, OHClinical Psychologist1396743365
Joan Fay Atkin 43205, OHClinical Psychologist1811994346
Robert Krikorian 45219, OHClinical Psychologist1063410405
Olivia Pfister 43215, OHClinical Psychologist1629560255
David Eugene Miller 43068, OHClinical Psychologist1801895594
Gene Gault Mcevoy 45840, OHClinical Psychologist1689673303
Michael L Markel 44646, OHClinical Psychologist1386643096
Stephen C. Wenzke 45409, OHClinical Psychologist1982603379
Joelle Angela Floriana 43606, OHClinical Psychologist1730188962
Kathy Lynn Acus-souders 45324, OHClinical Psychologist1174523070
Barbara E Green 45056, OHClinical Psychologist1114927845
Stephen C Mcconnell 45432, OHClinical Psychologist1427059492
John R Rudisill 45432, OHClinical Psychologist1871594853
Teresa L Rudisill 45432, OHClinical Psychologist1114928181
Lois Ann Fridenstine 44074, OHClinical Psychologist1861493785
Christina Clark 43085, OHClinical Psychologist1003817081
Micky M Sharma 45435, OHClinical Psychologist1679574586
Roberta Judith Tonti 44124, OHClinical Psychologist1972504876
Leon D Vandecreek 45402, OHClinical Psychologist1235130139
Connie Jenkins 45036, OHClinical Psychologist1376922153
Lapearl Logan Winfrey 45432, OHClinical Psychologist1730180647
Richard W Henthorn 45014, OHClinical Psychologist1750380259
Jefferson M Burroughs 45014, OHClinical Psychologist1740289453
Leanna Elaine Manuel 45432, OHClinical Psychologist1003816091
Bernard John Hynes 45801, OHClinical Psychologist1144229345
Cary Jordan 44512, OHClinical Psychologist1548606940
Linda Mcmurray 45244, OHClinical Psychologist1740651769
Rogers Retirement Center, Inc 44110, OHClinical Psychologist1952837197
Lisa Ann Leopold 44094, OHClinical Psychologist1023529450
Compass Counseling Group 43008, OHClinical Psychologist1679065262
Lora Carol Davis 41017, OHClinical Psychologist1851391445
Ellen S. Finch 45439, OHClinical Psychologist1760483531
Robert A Rando 45435, OHClinical Psychologist1972504744
Jeffrey B Allen 45435, OHClinical Psychologist1578564951
Gary E Ford 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1952302358
Mary R Talen 45432, OHClinical Psychologist1669473062
Kathy F Springer 44130, OHClinical Psychologist1679574958
David Michael Coe 44030, OHClinical Psychologist1932100260
Charles W Noble 43213, OHClinical Psychologist1841291945
Ronald E Pyka 43214, OHClinical Psychologist1366444309
Zak Enterprises Ltd 44132, OHClinical Psychologist1114929882
Mark O'connor 43608, OHClinical Psychologist1245232800
Kathleen S Ferguson 45242, OHClinical Psychologist1679575104
Mary Kay Leuschke 45206, OHClinical Psychologist1700888161
Richard A. Kasper 45206, OHClinical Psychologist1003818519
Cindy K Bashaw 44708, OHClinical Psychologist1356343818
Michael A Pelini 44304, OHClinical Psychologist1003808080
Barbara A Florke 43512, OHClinical Psychologist1770575367
Carolyn Sue Zara 44903, OHClinical Psychologist1831181221
Cecilia Jacobs 45324, OHClinical Psychologist1356333678
Jack J. Lesyk, Ph.d., Inc. 44122, OHClinical Psychologist1649263765
North Community Counseling Ctrs Inc 43204, OHClinical Psychologist1831182922
Jack J. Lesyk 44122, OHClinical Psychologist1326031444
Karl W. Jackson 45014, OHClinical Psychologist1124011218
Cytology Associates Of Dayton, Inc. 45402, OHClinical Psychologist1518950476
Center For Human Genetics 44106, OHClinical Psychologist1578556353
Audrey Schwebel 44420, OHClinical Psychologist1336132125
Susan Malkoff 44420, OHClinical Psychologist1922091727
Karen Kiriazis 44505, OHClinical Psychologist1902899701
Thomas Paul Swales 44122, OHClinical Psychologist1922091768
Diana J Brenner 43081, OHClinical Psychologist1154314870
Kenneth I Pargament 43606, OHClinical Psychologist1629061288
Paul R. Vajner 44256, OHClinical Psychologist1427041995
University Psychological Services Association 45402, OHClinical Psychologist1760483135
Gail E Herman 43205, OHClinical Psychologist1346232535
Betti Joan Hinton 45229, OHClinical Psychologist1447612536
Roberta Jean Roesch 43302, OHClinical Psychologist1174524656
Stephanie Lynn Kingery 43146, OHClinical Psychologist1497221931
Linda Lee Dewitte 45206, OHClinical Psychologist1194718551
Sandra Lee Elliott 45206, OHClinical Psychologist1154314524
Prabha Murthy 44106, OHClinical Psychologist1326032640
James Curtis Heckman 43214, OHClinical Psychologist1962496158
David L. Rudler 44030, OHClinical Psychologist1528052743
Julie M. Stausmire 43616, OHClinical Psychologist1578557542
Lida Linanne Knipp 43081, OHClinical Psychologist1578557385
Pamela H Mckinley 44870, OHClinical Psychologist1467446294
Pathchoices Counseling Associates Inc 44857, OHClinical Psychologist1003800855
Albert J Sangregory 44811, OHClinical Psychologist1710971247
Lawrence J Jacobs 44195, OHClinical Psychologist1104810639
Skin Pathology Services Inc 44483, OHClinical Psychologist1629063938
Dennis W Kogut 43623, OHClinical Psychologist1326033663
Richard A Mentzer 43229, OHClinical Psychologist1164417440
Delphi M Toth 44313, OHClinical Psychologist1740275940
Diane Peters 43506, OHClinical Psychologist1902891047
Irma B Johnston 45419, OHClinical Psychologist1861487019
Marianne G Bowden Phd 44691, OHClinical Psychologist1447245485
Karen Sue Prenger 43214, OHClinical Psychologist1649265554
Maria Clark Blake 45220, OHClinical Psychologist1316932049
Mahmoud S Mohamed 43623, OHClinical Psychologist1679569222
Stanley Palumbo 44504, OHClinical Psychologist1467448944
Thomas Daniel Callahan 44195, OHClinical Psychologist1023004520
David S Gentry 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1962498980
Aditya Avinash Bhagwat 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1649266354
Forum Health Outreach Laboratories, Inc. 44514, OHClinical Psychologist1467449124
Jerol Ruth Kennedy 44023, OHClinical Psychologist1316934938
Kirk Lee Rowe 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1417944026
Noelle C Duvall 43402, OHClinical Psychologist1205823622
Stanley Edwards 43402, OHClinical Psychologist1568459980
Sara Harrison-mills 43065, OHClinical Psychologist1326035742
William O Donnelly 43450, OHClinical Psychologist1437146867
Christine Mcvay 43604, OHClinical Psychologist1235126673
Medi Lab Inc 45805, OHClinical Psychologist1275520595
Abdul Wase 45415, OHClinical Psychologist1306833363
Paula E Hartman-stein 44240, OHClinical Psychologist1760479612
Sherri A Mitchell 43055, OHClinical Psychologist1124015094
Raymond L. Poole 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1376530147
Becky A Beyer 43616, OHClinical Psychologist1417945239
Nancy L. Davidson 44094, OHClinical Psychologist1578551271
Linda Susan Broeckl 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1750375697
Matt A Baptista 85741, OHClinical Psychologist1083600019
David J Coleman 44221, OHClinical Psychologist1750379384
Toledo Clinic Incorporated 43623, OHClinical Psychologist1144217894
Nancy Kaye Allen 45504, OHClinical Psychologist1114912805
Amanda Pierce 44718, OHClinical Psychologist1710359369
James W. Davidson 44094, OHClinical Psychologist1598753295
Ruth A Roa-navarrete 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1235126640
A John Mcsweeny 43614, OHClinical Psychologist1376538264
Kayla Michelle Dixon 43950, OHClinical Psychologist1609350933
Patricia G Hardy 43420, OHClinical Psychologist1528055944
Bernadette A. Makosky 43130, OHClinical Psychologist1962497008
Marsha L Elliott 43605, OHClinical Psychologist1548258080
Maryann Pap-barbera 44691, OHClinical Psychologist1982692463
David Aronson 44221, OHClinical Psychologist1104814110
Ashraf Koraym 45431, OHClinical Psychologist1760471692
Patricia J Hayes 45459, OHClinical Psychologist1043209976
Sheri Lynn Payton-hampton 43701, OHClinical Psychologist1366431223
Keith Yale Burger 44410, OHClinical Psychologist1972591998
Carl L. Parrott 45219, OHClinical Psychologist1962491886
Charel Lee Khol 44131, OHClinical Psychologist1417946237
Holly T Gilsdorf 43420, OHClinical Psychologist1295724557
Kendalyn Rosenberger 43605, OHClinical Psychologist1336138593
Anne Oliver Niner 43624, OHClinical Psychologist1891784096
Aaron Jacob Hayden 43624, OHClinical Psychologist1922097120
Courtney Weiss 43624, OHClinical Psychologist1497744742
Mary Patricia Tucker 43624, OHClinical Psychologist1295724540
Raymond Michael Nimeskern 45241, OHClinical Psychologist1376533968
Andrew C. J. Santora 44646, OHClinical Psychologist1073503694
Leo T Kempel 44691, OHClinical Psychologist1093705741
Cardiology Associates Of Cincinnati, Inc. 45220, OHClinical Psychologist1972593234
Robert Joel Campbell 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1992795199
Michael T Stern 44504, OHClinical Psychologist1477543528
Gaurang D Gandhi 45242, OHClinical Psychologist1770574832
John H Wilson 45220, OHClinical Psychologist1467443531
Mary M Keefe 45504, OHClinical Psychologist1952392029
Carole B Muller 45433, OHClinical Psychologist1033100094
Linda Lauffenberger 45504, OHClinical Psychologist1477544328
Bonita C Beardslee 43220, OHClinical Psychologist1083605950
Rose M. Farrar 45503, OHClinical Psychologist1992796932
Janice Bersoff 43140, OHClinical Psychologist1427049493
Andrea J Bedway 43212, OHClinical Psychologist1528059466
Sandy Konieczny 45503, OHClinical Psychologist1184615155
Janet Thomas 45504, OHClinical Psychologist1053302034
Ellen Stickney 45503, OHClinical Psychologist1043201023


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