Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Oklahoma

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Oklahoma:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Herbert L. Spencer 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1053441469
Richard Thomas Lane 73112, OKClinical Psychologist1861496416
Derrise L Garner 74354, OKClinical Psychologist1326044397
Michael R Basso 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1497751291
Sandra Wagner Ryden 73069, OKClinical Psychologist1578569018
Marsha Lynn Bunney 74401, OKClinical Psychologist1366440703
Euan Murray Mcmillan 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1285632422
Mary E. Skidmore 73119, OKClinical Psychologist1396743597
Sleep Analysis Centers Of Texas, Lp 76021, OKClinical Psychologist1174521314
Sleep Center Of America At Norman 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1053319012
Andrea Michelle Blank 73013, OKClinical Psychologist1114924628
Mary Anne Secrist 73109, OKClinical Psychologist1962401653
Mary Allen Carey 73109, OKClinical Psychologist1669471181
Shirley Godfrey 73505, OKClinical Psychologist1073512067
Dwain L Simpson 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1922007830
James Ray Higgins 74145, OKClinical Psychologist1194727164
Ragina Holiman 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1568454619
Cheryl A Hart 74006, OKClinical Psychologist1477545994
John W Gastorf 74008, OKClinical Psychologist1770576712
Misty Lynn Boyd 74464, OKClinical Psychologist1568455764
Billy Joe Boyd 74820, OKClinical Psychologist1063405769
John Stewart Psy.d. Pc 73801, OKClinical Psychologist1578557849
Manju Kaul 74105, OKClinical Psychologist1205821022
Nancy J. Brawner 73122, OKClinical Psychologist1144216540
Morton Comprehensive Health Services 74106, OKClinical Psychologist1619963030
Anna M Campion 73069, OKClinical Psychologist1396731667
Emmett Reaford Roberts 73108, OKClinical Psychologist1285620377
Gary M Wilson 74017, OKClinical Psychologist1518953603
Charlotte Jean Burrough 74820, OKClinical Psychologist1396732194
Melissa N Van Kirk 74074, OKClinical Psychologist1053309708
Andrea Jeanne Mccoy 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1033106869
Tracey L Walker 73018, OKClinical Psychologist1649267436
Mark Neil Harvey 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1336136316
Georgia A. Wykoff 74114, OKClinical Psychologist1659360683
Jennifer L. T. Halter 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1205827292
Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates. Pc 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1437130069
Paula Monroe 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1356324685
David Carlan Kendrick 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1952382798
Olga Beatriz Simons 73145, OKClinical Psychologist1922097823
Dianon Systems Inc 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1912997354
Lawrence Christopher Duroy 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1932190204
Precision Histology Lab, Inc. 73107, OKClinical Psychologist1700869559
Ronald Stuart Johnson 73705, OKClinical Psychologist1306820915
Saint Francis Outreach Services Llc 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1740265347
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73134, OKClinical Psychologist1184609588
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73013, OKClinical Psychologist1629053020
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1356326755
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1831174234
Laboratory Corporation Of America 74127, OKClinical Psychologist1912982315
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73110, OKClinical Psychologist1326023722
Laboratory Corporation Of America 74107, OKClinical Psychologist1780669184
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73131, OKClinical Psychologist1407831803
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73008, OKClinical Psychologist1316922719
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1942285341
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73162, OKClinical Psychologist1851376255
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73099, OKClinical Psychologist1588649982
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73110, OKClinical Psychologist1093790750
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73140, OKClinical Psychologist1447236146
Laboratory Corporation Of America 73003, OKClinical Psychologist1477538106
Jeri Fritz Fritz 74119, OKClinical Psychologist1134105109
Intergenetics Incorporated 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1124007026
Ray King 73145, OKClinical Psychologist1740269992
Sandra Kaye Choney 74868, OKClinical Psychologist1134199292
Ron Arthur Fattor 73401, OKClinical Psychologist1942270889
Rachael Ann Tromley 73013, OKClinical Psychologist1790765733
Amanda Schroeder 73501, OKClinical Psychologist1437539194
Kim A Wright 74354, OKClinical Psychologist1427032085
David A Sandler 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1619947124
James A Coman 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1417927815
Candace M Carr 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1083685135
Katherine M Walker 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1932170099
Veronica Lynn Wells 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1811968977
Diagnostic Pathology Services, Inc. 73114, OKClinical Psychologist1851363253
Nona Nmi Hutton 74133, OKClinical Psychologist1730151135
Tracey Lea Jernigan 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1831162502
Liliana F Speed 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1376516047
Janet Adams-westcott 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1528033768
Craig L Johnson 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1912972167
Mary Mauricella Hogan 74354, OKClinical Psychologist1124093984
Toni Lucas Elliott 74344, OKClinical Psychologist1871569566
Curtis Scott Williams 74006, OKClinical Psychologist1386610418
William Shaw 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1053387183
Mark Anthony Sperle 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1588630586
Jewel Dallas-bruner 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1558338731
Herman E Jones 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1083682884
Jan L Culbertson 73117, OKClinical Psychologist1184692535
Warren M Jackman 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1578531729
Deborah J Lockwood 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1073582086
Karen J Beckman 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1992774921
Letta Broadway 73110, OKClinical Psychologist1235107483
John J Mulvihill 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1134198237
Michael W Brand 73117, OKClinical Psychologist1801864913
Susan E Palmer 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1598734519
Sunny S Po 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1265401087
Robert M Settles 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1609845304
John J Fernandes 74107, OKClinical Psychologist1538138169
Patricia C Kirk 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1598724569
Sharon Kay Verdel 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1275592990
Sheryl D. Leatherman Milton 73145, OKClinical Psychologist1619936416
Richard A Smith 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1245290253
Ladonna R Hammond 73013, OKClinical Psychologist1376511592
Suzanne W Whittlesey 73013, OKClinical Psychologist1285602417
Tammi D Crown 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1588632749
Nga Lab Services Llc 73071, OKClinical Psychologist1477099398
Patricia L Sterne 74105, OKClinical Psychologist1851350573
Marla Christine Barrett 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1124094131
Kathie Ann Caldwell 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1689641516
Melissa Lea Cottrell 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1497726954
John David Hurlburt 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1508831751
Elizabeth A Jackman 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1760451926
Kimberly D Keeter 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1952370124
Jacqueline L Kluemper 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1982673174
Robert L Kralicek 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1336118538
Ramona S Moody 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1023077021
H Kenneth Moore 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1396704201
Sidney Nelson Hunt 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1952361263
Lindsay A Patterson 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1720054711
Kathleen C Strunk 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1700851938
Karen K Ross 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1790753952
James G Scott 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1912975145
Janelle Johnson-yavruian 83605, OKClinical Psychologist1366769515
Teri L Hausam 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1356310676
Robert Paul Trombley 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1952370942
Joseph Dudley 73104, OKClinical Psychologist1639139108
Wendy Fine-thomas 73134, OKClinical Psychologist1164482642
Richard Keith Green 73112, OKClinical Psychologist1326009697
Pathology Consultation Services Inc 73071, OKClinical Psychologist1568423648
James Byran Wesson 74115, OKClinical Psychologist1154382828
Jeanette Zamberlin 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1366403073
John Michael Waltz 73145, OKClinical Psychologist1699737197
James Marlin Marks 74023, OKClinical Psychologist1194787333
Jennifer W Warren 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1265494066
Shanna Jayne Chechovsky 73112, OKClinical Psychologist1336103381
Diana Winslow 73106, OKClinical Psychologist1629033063
Diane Hoehn Hyde 73118, OKClinical Psychologist1659336022
George Michael Kampschaefer 73118, OKClinical Psychologist1689630279
Stephen Joseph Miller 73118, OKClinical Psychologist1770549743
Cathleen C Peppito 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1679530117
Cynthia Moore Kampschaefer 73118, OKClinical Psychologist1073570669
Cypress Heart, Pa 67226, OKClinical Psychologist1255398673
Erika T Miller 73118, OKClinical Psychologist1669439089
Charles 'sid' William Kramer 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1851349765
Warren Clinics Inc 74501, OKClinical Psychologist1437107299
Nelly Aimee Vanzetti 74105, OKClinical Psychologist1982653374
Diana Lynn Herrmann 45220, OKClinical Psychologist1144270943
Steven G Terry 74105, OKClinical Psychologist1174573836
William Dycus 73103, OKClinical Psychologist1649221896
Mary E. Pauzauskie 74804, OKClinical Psychologist1184675399
Cecilia Elaine Owens-beckham 73162, OKClinical Psychologist1518918630
Deborah S Lammert 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1417900275
Margaret A. Lorimor 73044, OKClinical Psychologist1790735371
John H Summers 73102, OKClinical Psychologist1699736363
Francis Paul Jette 73503, OKClinical Psychologist1417900341
Terrance Khastgir 73112, OKClinical Psychologist1033176524
Leslie A Bell 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1972557262
Karen Lee Hamp 74006, OKClinical Psychologist1437104379
Millennium Medical Services, Llc 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1245286285
Community Pathways Unlimited Inc 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1659328284
Interlink Diagnostics Inc 73119, OKClinical Psychologist1336196740
Robert Stanislaus Schlottmann 74074, OKClinical Psychologist1346287331
Maria Francesca Rubino-watkins 73034, OKClinical Psychologist1578500781
Karen O Richmond 74331, OKClinical Psychologist1013954627
Stacy Lynn Boothe 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1114964913
Laura Louise Winchester 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1992742332
Heidi Giselle Ritchey 74104, OKClinical Psychologist1205874245
Dennis John Moran 73159, OKClinical Psychologist1205875358
Mercy Health Network Inc 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1427097435
Kathryn Ann Perry 74136, OKClinical Psychologist1972542132
Sheila Diane Fox 73116, OKClinical Psychologist1942249180
Jane Stewart Roznovsky 55437, OKClinical Psychologist1144269028
Life Check Lab, Llc 73112, OKClinical Psychologist1053350991
Kathryn C Brown 74133, OKClinical Psychologist1447299151
Joy Snell, Md Inc 73505, OKClinical Psychologist1801836697
Roscoe Gordon Burrows 74145, OKClinical Psychologist1457391260
Pamela Sue Danker 73159, OKClinical Psychologist1659311397
Virginia Ann Sartini 63901, OKClinical Psychologist1902846553
John William Hickman 74105, OKClinical Psychologist1972543569
James R. Cruse 73112, OKClinical Psychologist1740220334
Kelly J Griffith 74075, OKClinical Psychologist1003856741
Georgia M Slentz Lcsw 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1093756306
Rebecca Bloomgarden 73159, OKClinical Psychologist1790726172
Donald Anderson 73119, OKClinical Psychologist1083655021
Catherine N. Morgan 73120, OKClinical Psychologist1568403301
Francine Delong Carona 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1518909001
Yodit Teffera Betru 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1033151311
Stephanie Susanne Watkins 74063, OKClinical Psychologist1346282696
Tia Jaelaine Stewart-mason 73139, OKClinical Psychologist1952343196
Jeannine L. Shafer 73703, OKClinical Psychologist1205879046
Martin L Krimsky 73069, OKClinical Psychologist1215970074
Sandy K Lee 73505, OKClinical Psychologist1427091933
Daniel R. Madrigal 73506, OKClinical Psychologist1295778827
Karen G Taylor 74006, OKClinical Psychologist1568405256
Taryn N. Ledford 74464, OKClinical Psychologist1871536433
Karen Sloulin Kendall 73121, OKClinical Psychologist1710920350
Robert Eric Nelson 74114, OKClinical Psychologist1881637387
Judith A. Robinson 74848, OKClinical Psychologist1588607436
Debby Ann Melton 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1225071178
Joann Lee Silva 73069, OKClinical Psychologist1497798482
Darline Thorson 73072, OKClinical Psychologist1083657274
Tulsa Developmental Pediatrics & Center For Family Psychology 74135, OKClinical Psychologist1376587139


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