Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Oregon

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Oregon:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Susan E. Berg 97523, ORClinical Psychologist1972506202
Diane B. Howieson 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1144222381
Marie Weber 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1295190254
Bernard A Gasch 97225, ORClinical Psychologist1407851363
John A Kazmierowski 98686, ORClinical Psychologist1023013984
Clifford Joe Anderson 97209, ORClinical Psychologist1013913409
Judy A Irvin 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1871599134
Beata L Rydzik 97225, ORClinical Psychologist1457357576
Robert C. Florek 97031, ORClinical Psychologist1013913748
Kursteen Salter Price 97225, ORClinical Psychologist1437154226
Syd L Wiesel 97411, ORClinical Psychologist1669479820
Ellen H Weiland 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1922005693
Blair D Halperin 97225, ORClinical Psychologist1447258710
Ramakota K Reddy 97477, ORClinical Psychologist1861490021
Valerie Baldwin-thomas 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1093713505
Nancy Kay Gordon 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1164421749
Candis Kay Sollars 97103, ORClinical Psychologist1922007434
Palliative Care Services, Inc. 97420, ORClinical Psychologist1861491813
Eric E. Mueller 97216, ORClinical Psychologist1386644755
James H Mcclelland 97701, ORClinical Psychologist1689672677
Catherine Blanche Rose 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1235414012
Lauranell Scarfo 97213, ORClinical Psychologist1659371169
Tony Farrenkopf 97210, ORClinical Psychologist1629079835
Metropolitan Pediatrics, Llc 97006, ORClinical Psychologist1235131632
Howard Laurence Brockman 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1508858952
Jennifer R Antick 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1285626507
Scott Cabot Willis 97223, ORClinical Psychologist1679566848
Georgia Gayle Wilcox 97227, ORClinical Psychologist1710970413
Wendy Goldberg Newton 97212, ORClinical Psychologist1134112725
Marc R Malone 97304, ORClinical Psychologist1992273718
Linda Joyce Cook 97754, ORClinical Psychologist1023001435
Jeffrey F Jarvi 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1811981020
Jan L Bartlett 97141, ORClinical Psychologist1538154992
Susan Tobey Denman 97006, ORClinical Psychologist1700871803
Teresa Ann Graham 97321, ORClinical Psychologist1215922026
Anita Louise Schlitzkus 97355, ORClinical Psychologist1609862465
Rhonda Lynn Struth 97303, ORClinical Psychologist1306833033
Laura L Wozniak 97232, ORClinical Psychologist1487642047
Tracey Lee Iserhott 97322, ORClinical Psychologist1659369239
Murl L Silvey 97055, ORClinical Psychologist1568459493
Eric A Pena 97504, ORClinical Psychologist1093703563
Pollyann Haslam Jamison 97404, ORClinical Psychologist1396733614
Susan Sherwood 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1144219114
Karen St Clair 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1124017199
Lurae Levering 97203, ORClinical Psychologist1033109657
Sharon M. Labs 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1750371191
James Matthew Sardo 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1366432643
Ross Allen Quackenbush 97301, ORClinical Psychologist1184615288
Mark Aron 97330, ORClinical Psychologist1538150636
Bill Lee Hennings 97301, ORClinical Psychologist1770574741
Jody Anne De Ruijter 97301, ORClinical Psychologist1902897879
John A. Bacon 97333, ORClinical Psychologist1992796486
Elizabeth Quackenbush 97301, ORClinical Psychologist1083605869
Lianne Carole Lennert 97005, ORClinical Psychologist1235120817
Terry Isaacson 97470, ORClinical Psychologist1689665937
Gary L. Gregor 97459, ORClinical Psychologist1760473136
Carlene Benson 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1528059870
Sabrina Ullmann Mathews 97204, ORClinical Psychologist1235110248
Normund J. Akots 97225, ORClinical Psychologist1477534360
Athena Wind Goldberg 97504, ORClinical Psychologist1679554463
Janet L. Thomson 97030, ORClinical Psychologist1811978760
Hui-chang Hu 97229, ORClinical Psychologist1184605602
Linda M Terry 97838, ORClinical Psychologist1679554000
Judith Ann Martin 97470, ORClinical Psychologist1437130812
Laura N Heesacker 97520, ORClinical Psychologist1205818580
Anne Margaret Eastman 97219, ORClinical Psychologist1659353746
Pamela Sue Mindt 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1447232327
Kelly Osmont 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1629050406
Alec Norman Mendelson 97030, ORClinical Psychologist1508848383
David John Kohler 97206, ORClinical Psychologist1164404836
Sheryl Jane Chomak 97005, ORClinical Psychologist1003899337
Marilyn Rose Garner 97330, ORClinical Psychologist1447233846
Mark R Weinrott 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1376526699
Craigan Todd Griffin 97701, ORClinical Psychologist1407839798
Manuel Joseph Gomes 97504, ORClinical Psychologist1306829502
Frederick C Schubert 97058, ORClinical Psychologist1477536514
Julie D. Frederick 97225, ORClinical Psychologist1487635363
Charles Way Harrison 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1437131646
Artice E Geary 97233, ORClinical Psychologist1508856188
Noreen Marie Marsland 97123, ORClinical Psychologist1225029309
Ontrack, Inc. 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1881685097
Rory Fleming Richardson 97367, ORClinical Psychologist1629051776
Linda Akiko Nishi-strattner 97223, ORClinical Psychologist1851374532
Gail Marten 97232, ORClinical Psychologist1619950318
Ellen Sharon Margolis 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1184607822
Sandra Arlene Lajoy 97034, ORClinical Psychologist1851374425
Kevin Frederick Mallon 97006, ORClinical Psychologist1417930009
Mary Rex 97006, ORClinical Psychologist1235113622
Pamela Miller Phd Pc 97058, ORClinical Psychologist1013991405
Steven Kelly O'dell 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1548244809
Linda L Marshall 97006, ORClinical Psychologist1700860921
Gregg Reiter 97213, ORClinical Psychologist1730163833
Beverly Anne Nicholson 97381, ORClinical Psychologist1467436352
Sandra Hamilton 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1073597654
Susanne Fine 97504, ORClinical Psychologist1720062490
Dr. Susanne Fine, Llc 97504, ORClinical Psychologist1366427759
Ann Marie Becker 97031, ORClinical Psychologist1063497253
Laboratory Corporation Of America 97304, ORClinical Psychologist1396720397
Richard Carter Rawlins 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1083699011
Laboratory Corporation Of America 97304, ORClinical Psychologist1952386955
Michael Keith Kohler 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1982689980
Christine Robinette 97305, ORClinical Psychologist1568448231
Laboratory Corporation Of America 97526, ORClinical Psychologist1447236880
Darlene Staffelbach 97223, ORClinical Psychologist1508843343
Julia Angelina Terry 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1588641286
Barbara D. Knox 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1689652430
Holly Kyle Krueger 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1881672293
Charles Evan Rahe 97056, ORClinical Psychologist1932188547
Connie A. O'reilly 97006, ORClinical Psychologist1164401329
Ronald Dean Duvall 97365, ORClinical Psychologist1396725164
Mary Meikle 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1083694244
Rosemary D Berdine 97103, ORClinical Psychologist1548245863
Linnea Stenhouse 97222, ORClinical Psychologist1780912592
Christen Skolnick 97030, ORClinical Psychologist1093170342
Carol Virgillito 97213, ORClinical Psychologist1285090365
Jan Snyder Alexander 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1497733596
Carolyn Mae Moore 97355, ORClinical Psychologist1720068182
Laboratory Corporation Of America 97471, ORClinical Psychologist1891771242
Kaitlyn True 97202, ORClinical Psychologist1336512185
Gail Anne Richards 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1811967615
John F Dauterman 97470, ORClinical Psychologist1861463044
Timothy F Gladding 97470, ORClinical Psychologist1659342830
F Regina Brody 97124, ORClinical Psychologist1487625448
Heidi Depue 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1689645517
Colleen M. Parker 97124, ORClinical Psychologist1972574705
Linda Clifford Rockwell 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1023089810
Katherine W Parker 97459, ORClinical Psychologist1083685614
Diana Martha Clark 97035, ORClinical Psychologist1598736035
Jeanne Marie Moore 97405, ORClinical Psychologist1700858412
Evergreen Diagnostics, Llc 97470, ORClinical Psychologist1568434025
David William Katz 97035, ORClinical Psychologist1720051980
Judith A. Smith, Psy.d., P.c. 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1487627444
Linnea Harper 97366, ORClinical Psychologist1407820947
Erika Waechter 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1336113877
Miguel Montes 97601, ORClinical Psychologist1083688360
Lana Marlene Davis 97394, ORClinical Psychologist1699749705
Rawland D Glass 97504, ORClinical Psychologist1730153651
Melissa G Hart 97366, ORClinical Psychologist1275507923
Susan Norris 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1417922253
Larry Stephen Friedman 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1417923285
Mary Adrienne Fansler 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1043286636
Laurie M Baird 97045, ORClinical Psychologist1801863956
Anne Dolores Emmett 97214, ORClinical Psychologist1215904370
Sheila Redman 97045, ORClinical Psychologist1720055858
Kim T Pengelly 97045, ORClinical Psychologist1538136668
Martha L Spiers 97045, ORClinical Psychologist1992772024
Tom Burgess 97055, ORClinical Psychologist1821065939
Barbara Breck 97045, ORClinical Psychologist1891763595
John H Humphreys 97045, ORClinical Psychologist1518935238
Robert Harrison Jones 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1093783144
Richard A Gross 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1891764270
Lawrence Jeffrey Maltz 97405, ORClinical Psychologist1598724981
Margo Eliescu 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1922068790
Sandra C Anderson 97209, ORClinical Psychologist1992765887
Laila Josephine Ayyoub 97330, ORClinical Psychologist1083818124
James Macleod 97030, ORClinical Psychologist1073989786
Kristin Knight 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1972968899
Bryan Gish 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1376908202
Melissa Lloyd 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1821453762
Mary Kathryn Outland 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1508830530
Frances C. Munkenbeck 97477, ORClinical Psychologist1982675146
Debra M Torres 97141, ORClinical Psychologist1144297615
Angela Mae Carroll 97301, ORClinical Psychologist1184684490
Steven E Besing 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1730152547
Katie Gonzalez 97301, ORClinical Psychologist1740619782
Charles A Henrikson 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1235199704
Dennis A Abreu 97330, ORClinical Psychologist1134180573
Kristen Lyn Mcclard 97219, ORClinical Psychologist1043271083
Oregon Health & Science University 97201, ORClinical Psychologist1609837574
George Anadiotis 97227, ORClinical Psychologist1992766695
Wendy Lee Maltz 97405, ORClinical Psychologist1982666400
Marian Gunderson 97501, ORClinical Psychologist1578525812
Alice Penniman Rose 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1629030713
Emerald Sleep Disorders Center, Llc 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1124080783
Jane Silbernagel 97303, ORClinical Psychologist1598728941
William Nuessle 97520, ORClinical Psychologist1942263397
Lynn Knope 97266, ORClinical Psychologist1548223258
John G Wadsworth 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1598729097
Lisa Hubbard 97470, ORClinical Psychologist1275597395
Charles E Rethlefsen 97330, ORClinical Psychologist1518921311
Audrey May Sherman 97219, ORClinical Psychologist1639133564
Scott Norman Losk 97210, ORClinical Psychologist1801852264
Timothy Patrick Mcgee 97304, ORClinical Psychologist1528024684
Paul Duke, Lcsw 97302, ORClinical Psychologist1598722316
Robert N Edwards Jr Md 97603, ORClinical Psychologist1659338317
Susan Bennett Olson 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1558328948
Sandra Lee Taylor 97205, ORClinical Psychologist1205893401
Leslie K Bagon 97056, ORClinical Psychologist1245298280
Tracy Marie Jendritza 97239, ORClinical Psychologist1063470987
Judith Poirot 97914, ORClinical Psychologist1821056391
Carol Clifton 97015, ORClinical Psychologist1609824523
Wendi Lynn Adams 97217, ORClinical Psychologist1013965425
Laboratory Corporation Of America 97756, ORClinical Psychologist1760431092
William Bateman Collinge 97401, ORClinical Psychologist1609825900
Janice Arlene Elliott 97520, ORClinical Psychologist1366491946
Jonathan Michael Strand 97070, ORClinical Psychologist1760431415
Peacehealth 97477, ORClinical Psychologist1912957986
George Ivar Hannibal 97213, ORClinical Psychologist1003866708
Carol A. Carver 97330, ORClinical Psychologist1952351454
Marilyn B Smyres 97303, ORClinical Psychologist1598715245


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