Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Pennsylvania:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Scott R. Spielman 19046, PAClinical Psychologist1932102878
Roger A. Marinchak 19046, PAClinical Psychologist1104829068
David Lee Scher 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1396748422
Pathology Associates Of Erie Inc 16544, PAClinical Psychologist1013919331
Henry Deni 18974, PAClinical Psychologist1710989009
Mona Camille Cardell 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1972505121
Pathology Associates Of Washington Pa 15301, PAClinical Psychologist1902808140
Charles Edward Confer 17837, PAClinical Psychologist1871597401
Mary Tate Lotspeich 17837, PAClinical Psychologist1467456905
Associated Cardiologists, P.c. 17110, PAClinical Psychologist1265436679
John P Lundin 18510, PAClinical Psychologist1033114467
Robert Sherry 15228, PAClinical Psychologist1497750566
Robert M Gordon 18103, PAClinical Psychologist1225033384
Heather Gene Miller 19047, PAClinical Psychologist1457356362
Gan Xin Yan 19096, PAClinical Psychologist1467457150
Douglas B Esberg 19096, PAClinical Psychologist1952306904
Maribel Hernandez 19096, PAClinical Psychologist1992700959
Glenn Harper 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1679578629
Patricia Kathleen Dobosh 15228, PAClinical Psychologist1295730844
Elizabeth Lee Fogarty 15222, PAClinical Psychologist1053317586
Ruth Ann Seilhamer 15146, PAClinical Psychologist1184620650
The Network For Behavior Change 19320, PAClinical Psychologist1043216062
James Joseph Elson 15044, PAClinical Psychologist1952307944
Central Pa Hematology & Medical Oncology Associates, Pc 17043, PAClinical Psychologist1265438246
Wendy R. Galson 19119, PAClinical Psychologist1811993876
Enid Ann Prettiman 15601, PAClinical Psychologist1699771543
Ann R. Best 19081, PAClinical Psychologist1770589749
Linda A Martin 15217, PAClinical Psychologist1073519872
Jennie R Streich 17042, PAClinical Psychologist1912903584
Larry L Rutledge 15901, PAClinical Psychologist1245236835
Marolyn E Morford 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1700883378
Mark Allen Hogue 16507, PAClinical Psychologist1659377182
Donald Mcaleer 16507, PAClinical Psychologist1407851975
Michael Patrick Schwabenbauer 16507, PAClinical Psychologist1821093386
Rhonda Karlton Rosen 16046, PAClinical Psychologist1114923141
Steven Rothman 19096, PAClinical Psychologist1477559698
Peter R. Kowey 19096, PAClinical Psychologist1114922945
Philly Family Life Counseling, Llc 19115, PAClinical Psychologist1134599608
Steven Albert Kossor 19320, PAClinical Psychologist1558367565
Susan M Evans 16412, PAClinical Psychologist1881690063
Herbert Hauris Daschbach 15205, PAClinical Psychologist1295731339
Eric Taylor 78503, PAClinical Psychologist1043216153
Douglas Michael Buyer 16508, PAClinical Psychologist1891790358
Solstas Lab Partners Group Llc 24014, PAClinical Psychologist1992262323
Family Services Of Western Pennsylvania 15238, PAClinical Psychologist1609873173
Kathleen Rae Bergeson 17837, PAClinical Psychologist1427055995
Joy Irene Shivas 17837, PAClinical Psychologist1205833977
Dianne C. Bell 19355, PAClinical Psychologist1154329852
June Marie Ganley 15211, PAClinical Psychologist1417954363
Robert E Becker 19002, PAClinical Psychologist1588661433
Maureen Gibney 19144, PAClinical Psychologist1386641132
Rhoda S Eligator 15211, PAClinical Psychologist1467450197
Nan Lynn Kurlancheek 19602, PAClinical Psychologist1447258173
Dolores Marie Sarno Kristofits 18106, PAClinical Psychologist1588662043
Sandra Patton Gordon 17043, PAClinical Psychologist1629076286
Frederick E Henry 17112, PAClinical Psychologist1093713653
Helen Heeren 18360, PAClinical Psychologist1528066024
Linda Carman Copel 19355, PAClinical Psychologist1154329571
Steven R. Cohen 18966, PAClinical Psychologist1275531634
Mary Dean Aber 15211, PAClinical Psychologist1629076013
Sarah R Wells 15211, PAClinical Psychologist1295733400
Elizabeth C Hemphill 18508, PAClinical Psychologist1497753537
Helene S Hughes 18510, PAClinical Psychologist1699773606
Paul G Hardick 17013, PAClinical Psychologist1194723932
Richard Chadwick Blackford 16508, PAClinical Psychologist1053318360
Stephen Michael Gollomp 19096, PAClinical Psychologist1194723585
Family Prescription Center Inc 18015, PAClinical Psychologist1659379287
Lee A. Bowers 19085, PAClinical Psychologist1184621930
Rita M Tinsley 18510, PAClinical Psychologist1336147370
Melissa Mccreary Deines 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1821096744
Richard Robert Plut 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1679572481
Wallace Douglas Oshell 15146, PAClinical Psychologist1730188491
Beth Gabrielle Resko 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1508865114
Evelyn K. Bartsch 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1134128606
Nancy Carroll Vansaun 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1457350969
Mark Anthony Goral 16146, PAClinical Psychologist1629077136
Craig Marlin Walters 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1346249851
Michael David Ciliberti 18104, PAClinical Psychologist1295734564
Mary Jo Hardick 17015, PAClinical Psychologist1225037278
Mary W Krohn 19609, PAClinical Psychologist1952300915
Linda Dukess 15238, PAClinical Psychologist1316946486
Michael Stephen Phillips 17055, PAClinical Psychologist1922007061
Paul Thomas Taren 18704, PAClinical Psychologist1467451591
Mary Ann Leidinger 17055, PAClinical Psychologist1093714149
Sandra L. Craig 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1629077565
Christopher Ian Higginson 19716, PAClinical Psychologist1467451401
Gwendolyn Pehl Minnix 17013, PAClinical Psychologist1306845441
Howard Aaron Israel 18104, PAClinical Psychologist1023017159
Allentown Asthma & Allergy, P.c. 18104, PAClinical Psychologist1265431217
Lisa Anne Bean 17402, PAClinical Psychologist1427057496
Arlene K Rosen 17109, PAClinical Psychologist1336148303
Nathan Jay Segal 17102, PAClinical Psychologist1013916964
Harvey J. Bellin Associates 19148, PAClinical Psychologist1003816968
Jill Klingenstein Materna 16148, PAClinical Psychologist1467451351
Carrie Beth Seslow 15501, PAClinical Psychologist1740280593
Arthur Kirsner Balin 19063, PAClinical Psychologist1861492415
Gaye C. Beatty 18104, PAClinical Psychologist1932109436
Steven E. Simminger 19063, PAClinical Psychologist1568462232
Dwight L Klopp 17042, PAClinical Psychologist1780684266
Barry R. Brink 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1053311217
June Ann Esser 15030, PAClinical Psychologist1326048596
Carol Bellomo Mack 17013, PAClinical Psychologist1063412120
Hunterdon Pathology Services,pa 08822, PAClinical Psychologist1134129364
Michael Chester Buonomo 17555, PAClinical Psychologist1992705917
Melinda Collmus 16127, PAClinical Psychologist1245231273
Pa Institute Of Neurological Disorder Pc 17801, PAClinical Psychologist1326049388
Paul Frederick Needle 15217, PAClinical Psychologist1730180712
Laura Robin Lipkin 19004, PAClinical Psychologist1396746178
Robert M Sangrigoli 18901, PAClinical Psychologist1619976768
Christopher Adrien Bonnet 15212, PAClinical Psychologist1023018892
Julia Ann Stone 19320, PAClinical Psychologist1114926177
Main Line Pathology Associates, Pc 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1548260482
Krista L Elston 15212, PAClinical Psychologist1194725614
Langhorne Pathology Associates Pc 19047, PAClinical Psychologist1508866468
Beth C Clark-byers 17033, PAClinical Psychologist1275532319
John P Zornosa 17043, PAClinical Psychologist1659372571
Nancy Elizabeth Kunsak 15229, PAClinical Psychologist1689673543
Specialty Laboratories Inc 91355, PAClinical Psychologist1811997711
Allison Leah Manhire 18104, PAClinical Psychologist1104340470
Susan A. Burke 16127, PAClinical Psychologist1346241379
Ronald Jay Karpf 19440, PAClinical Psychologist1184625709
Kwame Anyane-yeboa 10019, PAClinical Psychologist1831190354
Mary Jane Niebauer 16001, PAClinical Psychologist1790786374
Harriet M Sharlin 18940, PAClinical Psychologist1558362988
John S. Rila 16301, PAClinical Psychologist1477554764
Jane M Barr 17033, PAClinical Psychologist1295736502
David B Cooperberg 19046, PAClinical Psychologist1801897129
Laura Smith-seemiller 15143, PAClinical Psychologist1336140573
Karin E Bleecker 17520, PAClinical Psychologist1053312264
Kenneth Gregory Small 17055, PAClinical Psychologist1689676413
Julianne Marie Graboski 16648, PAClinical Psychologist1295737773
Eric Marc Levin 17201, PAClinical Psychologist1750383246
Angeline Elizabeth Kirby Memorial Health Center 18701, PAClinical Psychologist1891787800
Stuart Philip Rothman 16335, PAClinical Psychologist1366434045
Reda Shibl Saad 15212, PAClinical Psychologist1124010418
Marilyn Luber 19103, PAClinical Psychologist1558354480
Albert Schumm Rohr 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1801889886
Lynn A Bruner 17745, PAClinical Psychologist1437142015
Katherine J Miller 19103, PAClinical Psychologist1356334940
Maria Soda 19008, PAClinical Psychologist1447243076
B Janet Hibbs 19103, PAClinical Psychologist1760475305
Elizabeth A Reynolds 18976, PAClinical Psychologist1457344236
Jill Crawford 19355, PAClinical Psychologist1144221284
Denise Ann Zavada 18702, PAClinical Psychologist1245231679
Herbert Machowsky 18042, PAClinical Psychologist1174516900
Cristiana White 16066, PAClinical Psychologist1982050977
Robyn Dawn Gable 19348, PAClinical Psychologist1487646428
John Raymond Erickson 16801, PAClinical Psychologist1366434466
Teri A Meyers 15212, PAClinical Psychologist1780685222
David Issod 15209, PAClinical Psychologist1588042006
V Christian Hedegard 19320, PAClinical Psychologist1811980063
Perkinelmer Genetics, Inc. 15275, PAClinical Psychologist1871585067
Lance Alan Besner 16507, PAClinical Psychologist1265433361
Solstas Lab Partners Group Llc 27410, PAClinical Psychologist1346233277
Remed Recovery Care Centers 19301, PAClinical Psychologist1013900232
Charles L Zeiders 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1376537779
Janet Schmidt 18706, PAClinical Psychologist1104819531
Gail Davidoff 19102, PAClinical Psychologist1881688281
John Rehill 18706, PAClinical Psychologist1386638757
J Lamar Freed 19027, PAClinical Psychologist1568456978
Martin R Mcgurrin 18411, PAClinical Psychologist1336132752
The Institute For Family Health 10003, PAClinical Psychologist1295729408
Raymond Hornyak 15905, PAClinical Psychologist1356335608
Frances Bonds-white 19146, PAClinical Psychologist1225022403
John Michael Gorlowski 15857, PAClinical Psychologist1740274729
Joseph B Bikowski 15143, PAClinical Psychologist1053305920
Deborah Frazer 19119, PAClinical Psychologist1629062476
Shannon Limerick-gnas 15009, PAClinical Psychologist1619962008
Maureen Ann Reed 19422, PAClinical Psychologist1346235694
Peter H Thomas 19610, PAClinical Psychologist1265427363
Robert L Klein 19444, PAClinical Psychologist1760477988
Dana R Keener 17022, PAClinical Psychologist1548255607
Mary Alice Brodbeck 15132, PAClinical Psychologist1922093913
Linda Susan Rockey 15213, PAClinical Psychologist1093700635
Jeffrey Gunner Shapiro 19050, PAClinical Psychologist1609861277
David R Leaman 17268, PAClinical Psychologist1861488470
Charles W. Bonner 15217, PAClinical Psychologist1437145869
Cindy Suzan Perkiss 19038, PAClinical Psychologist1912993239
Susan E Schmidt 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1417943648
Karen A Hartt 18704, PAClinical Psychologist1013903194
Donna M. Bednarek 15143, PAClinical Psychologist1770579823
Lenore Melmeyer 15143, PAClinical Psychologist1407842560
Ronald A. Sain 15701, PAClinical Psychologist1750377891
Ralph M. May 15701, PAClinical Psychologist1154317030
Lisa Ann Walker 19063, PAClinical Psychologist1033105077
Rosemarie Ann Colatriano 15059, PAClinical Psychologist1881680643
Sharon B Bietsch 17109, PAClinical Psychologist1366438103
Michael Joseph Asken 17011, PAClinical Psychologist1194712869
Solutions Counseling And Consultation Services 18018, PAClinical Psychologist1932196599
Slater Laboratories Inc 15905, PAClinical Psychologist1245227727
Murray Allan Cooperstein 19027, PAClinical Psychologist1578550869
Michael Harold Bloeser 16505, PAClinical Psychologist1104813526
James Shamlin 16046, PAClinical Psychologist1649267014
Harvey Curtis Nicholson Iii 17543, PAClinical Psychologist1639166929
Wyomissing Behavior Analysts, Ltd. 19610, PAClinical Psychologist1528055811
Susan Woodward 19803, PAClinical Psychologist1164419461
Patricia A Clark 15425, PAClinical Psychologist1528055860
Jeffrey Rose 16502, PAClinical Psychologist1164419420
Loraine J Hayes 15090, PAClinical Psychologist1720075054
Kevin M. Rico 15642, PAClinical Psychologist1154318368


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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