Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania with the zipcode 17603

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Pennsylvania with the zip code 17603:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lynnette G Ruch 17584, PAClinical Psychologist1629014741
Finding Solutions 17551, PAClinical Psychologist1518983394
Sandeep Bansal 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1861586133
Yesenia Colon Rivera 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1366804833
The Opening Path 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1164839312
Suzanne Irene Rutkowski 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1073836102
Megan E Caldwell 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1831601558
Jessica Wansley 18966, PAClinical Psychologist1770838153
Carolyn Rehada Whitt 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1225146772
Elizabeth Bejgrowicz 17601, PAClinical Psychologist1922465186
Mayte Redcay 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1144624149
Tracy Lynn Drescher 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1770758914
Susan L Cabouli 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1922082668
Lancaster Psychotherapy Llc 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1588178388
Katherine N Arnold 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1730166570
Jonathan M. Gransee Psyd And Associates Pc 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1124391560
Liberty Counseling And Therapy 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1659776094
Michelle M Christ 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1750667820
Matthew A Bernabei 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1821056771
The Heart Group Of Lancaster General Health 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1447562020
The Heart Group Of Lancaster General Health 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1760793210
David Lee Scher 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1396748422
R Ward Pulliam 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1932176575
Melissa Lynn Mckernan Pulliam 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1053388694
Douglas Christopher Gohn 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1669449294
Seth Joseph Worley 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1447227632
The Heart Group Of Lancaster General Health 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1891756649
The Heart Group, Ltd. 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1568613719
Jennifer Patricia Kimmel 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1649734534
Carmelie Rank 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1255453593
Jessica Whitney Weiss-ford 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1033443213
April Hope Mandeville-palm 17042, PAClinical Psychologist1861702201
Terri Rae Sigler 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1801179098
Jo Ann Ramsey 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1659876977
Stephanie Mendel 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1104175082
Kaitlin Miller 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1619308798
Erin Willoughby 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1780015313
Kathryn Chaffinch 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1912329137
Kelly Jacobs 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1669886339
M. Dee Dructor 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1245786730
Denise R Sipe 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1275936387
Angela M Keller 17042, PAClinical Psychologist1548629876
Talia Mylin 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1710435680
Lauren Sydney Corso 17601, PAClinical Psychologist1427587104
Rebecca Kathleen Hartman 17102, PAClinical Psychologist1144750969
Elisabeth Rebecca Listor 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1447752696
Megan Durf 17013, PAClinical Psychologist1487145744
Lawrence M George 17584, PAClinical Psychologist1841221611
Janneke M Van Beusekom 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1174573331
Charlene K. Eshleman 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1437372349
Erma Weaver 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1326478710
Paula L Haigh 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1558654129
Sarah Marcy Primak 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1114215803
Melanie Dawn Yoder Salim 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1477569994
Kali L Thompson 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1255686176
Pamela Kay Haddad 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1548692460
Melanie Yoder Salim, Llc 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1972012698
Carmelie Rank, Lcsw Llc 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1225514078
Elizabeth Naff 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1841773751
Kyle Morrison 17601, PAClinical Psychologist1083153225
Alexandra Fox Dotson 17402, PAClinical Psychologist1255502126
Carol Jean Gingerich 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1497947014
Daniel Francis O'neill 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1710149422
Anthony Mark Marucco 17603, PAClinical Psychologist1437574878


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