Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Pennsylvania with the zipcode 19083

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Pennsylvania with the zip code 19083:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Rochelle Polao 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1669495396
Barbara Susan Parish 19072, PAClinical Psychologist1588688907
Certified Healthcare Professionals 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1912912379
Mitchell L. Gottsagen 19104, PAClinical Psychologist1477659274
Charles L Zeiders 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1376537779
Bonnie W Witmer 19131, PAClinical Psychologist1023193893
Lisa Ann Ross 19063, PAClinical Psychologist1467547620
Amy M Neeren 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1760991566
Mona Camille Cardell 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1972505121
Nathaniel Sartell Prentice 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1013158708
Roberto Alejandro Uribe 19711, PAClinical Psychologist1710490768
Danielle Bills 19026, PAClinical Psychologist1689157380
Stephanie Claudy 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1437490232
Joseph Ernest Pinhak 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1295071827
Michael James Murphy 19003, PAClinical Psychologist1942425848
David William Galbraith 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1710296801
Sharon Y Baron 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1962538926
Bernadette Marie Hayburn 19104, PAClinical Psychologist1295852788
Julia Vahlsing 19131, PAClinical Psychologist1821424532
Stephanie Beth Mattei 19072, PAClinical Psychologist1699805036
Christine Mulligan 19333, PAClinical Psychologist1518989375
Jennifer Mckeon 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1750449278
Joellen Shannon 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1225226707
Krista K Kraus 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1467638676
Kevin Olivo 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1477722957
Sarah Power 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1689826018
Carolyn Wolff 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1659602191
Rosa Stokes 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1376856435
Cynthia Kropp 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1497058937
Lisa M Hallquist Schneller 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1689824054
Giselle Booker 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1376971028
Lauren Ashley Unrath 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1467881276
Cynthia Rooney 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1346777661
Renee' Todd 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1194043851
Alana Tipton 19153, PAClinical Psychologist1467838011
Carla Cathline Thompson 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1801377817
Julie Diane Thompson 19064, PAClinical Psychologist1528564986
Jennifer S Dagia 18966, PAClinical Psychologist1659400067
Kelly Ann Hatton 19808, PAClinical Psychologist1588940514
Janet K. Laverty 19064, PAClinical Psychologist1376668111
Mary Gray 19013, PAClinical Psychologist1952435596
Matthew Scott Ditty 19426, PAClinical Psychologist1952581241
Susannah Horner 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1053770560
Jo Ann P Cohen 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1487645099
Barbara K. Taylor 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1053481945
William Feeley 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1629350293
Rachael Faye Rosenfeld 19001, PAClinical Psychologist1568979078
Gretchen Lee Whitney 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1912280033
Donnalee Mintz 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1548705494
Antonia Betancourt 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1447589726
Troy L Brindle 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1427014109
Lorainne Dohrmann 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1669520102
Katherine G. Dipaulo 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1396896932
Hilary Reichlin 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1518253095
Christine Jeuland Ware 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1376580324
Amelia Dawn Serine 19355, PAClinical Psychologist1932683554
Marc R Kossmann 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1427001361
Shawn Beckowski 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1851694681
Leslie Altman Rescorla 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1942418371
Nicole Thompson 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1144724311
Mary T Mccole 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1962846048
Grant Nelson Strine 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1316969652
Marianne Bernadette Martino 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1891719605
Brad Bernstein 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1053484410
Ericka Lief Greenstein 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1992725923
Valerie Ann Huff 19041, PAClinical Psychologist1063582641
Andrea Dale Miner-isaacson 19072, PAClinical Psychologist1447381785
Amy Elizabeth Wenzel 19010, PAClinical Psychologist1013072875
Bryce Amory Carter 19083, PAClinical Psychologist1952412488


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