Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Puerto Rico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Puerto Rico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laboratorio Clinico M. Landron, Inc. 00694, PRClinical Psychologist1932102167
Md Radiology Services Psc 00783, PRClinical Psychologist1710980925
Laboratorios Clinicos Baco Inc. 00680, PRClinical Psychologist1114920956
Laboratorio Clinico Sandon Inc 00730, PRClinical Psychologist1013910512
Laboratorio Clinico Levittown, Inc. 00949, PRClinical Psychologist1457354011
Maria Soledad Pinto 00674, PRClinical Psychologist1083617567
Karina Vega Concepcion 00771, PRClinical Psychologist1629449764
Laboratorio Clinico Guaynabo 00969, PRClinical Psychologist1811999089
Edna L Megron Weber Estate 00637, PRClinical Psychologist1144224825
Lares Medical Center Inc. 00627, PRClinical Psychologist1710981501
Josefina Hernandez-ramos 00911, PRClinical Psychologist1841294360
Laboratorio Clinico Jayuya, Inc 00664, PRClinical Psychologist1639173099
Carmen Pino Lopez Castro 00680, PRClinical Psychologist1295739696
Laboratorio Clinic Omaris Inc 00659, PRClinical Psychologist1114922291
Amarilis Figueroa Alvarez 00735, PRClinical Psychologist1275538357
Laboratorio Clinico La 100 Inc 00623, PRClinical Psychologist1083619019
Lab Caribe Ponce Inc 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1154327401
Josue M Vega Soto 00614, PRClinical Psychologist1588660963
Ryo, Inc. 00923, PRClinical Psychologist1477551802
Laboratorio Clinico Sagrado Corazon, Inc 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1073512315
Ksas Interamerican Lab. Inc. 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1487653481
Laboratorio Clinico Ortega, Inc. 00719, PRClinical Psychologist1699775379
Edwin Villafane & Anamarie Ferriol 00959, PRClinical Psychologist1841290830
Luis J. Forastieri 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1902808553
Laboratorio Clinico Y Referencia Olmo Inc. 00960, PRClinical Psychologist1346232840
Laboratorio Clinico Tintillo 00966, PRClinical Psychologist1023000361
Lab Clinico Bacteriologico Deval 00617, PRClinical Psychologist1831182070
Laboratorio Clinico Almi, Inc. 00921, PRClinical Psychologist1689666901
Waleska Z Ruiz Sanchez 00603, PRClinical Psychologist1215920988
Laboratorio Clinico Sangermeno Principal 00683, PRClinical Psychologist1093708729
Teresa Dalmau 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1003809658
Laboratorio Clinico Bacteriologico Lares Inc 00669, PRClinical Psychologist1295727865
Laboratorio Clinico Juncos; Inc 00777, PRClinical Psychologist1225039019
Yma Lopez-rosado 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1467445528
Ana E Crespo Rosa 00602, PRClinical Psychologist1902898380
Luz E Martinez 00685, PRClinical Psychologist1396739538
Myrna Santiago Camacho 00959, PRClinical Psychologist1578557773
Laboratorio Clinico Melania, Inc 00784, PRClinical Psychologist1093709883
Irmaril Perez Santoni 00602, PRClinical Psychologist1083609556
Laboratorio Clinico Amyr Inc 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1922093020
Bruno Rodriguez, Inc 00674, PRClinical Psychologist1124013123
Carmen Cermira Rivera Marcano 00754, PRClinical Psychologist1306831318
Universal Medical Laboratories, Inc. 00925, PRClinical Psychologist1629064258
Mildred Machado Morell 00627, PRClinical Psychologist1841286473
Nancy Santana Carire 00612, PRClinical Psychologist1619964145
Maria M Acevedo 00924, PRClinical Psychologist1407843600
Carlos A Lado-cornejo 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1376530279
Laboratorio Clinico Boqueron Inc 00622, PRClinical Psychologist1841287752
Roberto Delgado Garcia 00627, PRClinical Psychologist1194712000
Sara J Toro 00730, PRClinical Psychologist1427046226
University Pathology Associates, Pcs 00917, PRClinical Psychologist1275521098
Renato V Sartori 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1902894587
Laboratorio Clinico Dorado Inc 00646, PRClinical Psychologist1316935927
Laboratorio Clinico Rincon Psc 00677, PRClinical Psychologist1639164841
Maria A Padilla-bruno 00961, PRClinical Psychologist1295729101
Laboratorio Clinico Munoz Rivera Inc 00969, PRClinical Psychologist1093702771
Maria I Ascanio 00698, PRClinical Psychologist1609863521
Gerardo Sanz Lebron 00959, PRClinical Psychologist1194713982
Tomas Larrieux 00603, PRClinical Psychologist1801884036
Esther Lilliam Aguila 00603, PRClinical Psychologist1528056751
Vilma I Padilla Padilla/lab Clinico Royal Gardens 00957, PRClinical Psychologist1265421119
Laboratorio Clinico La Providencia Psc 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1861481673
Ramonita A Rodriguez 00612, PRClinical Psychologist1508855107
Lab Clin Y Pact Sabana Seca 00952, PRClinical Psychologist1750370151
Laboratorio Clinico Sabana Del Palmar 00782, PRClinical Psychologist1770572075
Empresas Jerico Inc. 00623, PRClinical Psychologist1346239654
Jorge H Diaz Blanco 00927, PRClinical Psychologist1770572034
Sahudy Amador Lopez/dba Laboratorio Clinico Moldonado Aviles 00659, PRClinical Psychologist1568452522
Laboratorio Clinico Bayamon Oeste Inc 00961, PRClinical Psychologist1386634152
Maria De Los Angeles Santana Lebron 00741, PRClinical Psychologist1477543197
Laboratorio Clinico Plaza Real Inc 00969, PRClinical Psychologist1639169006
Laboratorio Clinico Santa Isabel 00757, PRClinical Psychologist1992796999
Sur med Medical Corp. 00751, PRClinical Psychologist1972594836
Laboratorio Feram Inc 00705, PRClinical Psychologist1619968559
Mariflor Ramirez 00771, PRClinical Psychologist1245221852
Laboratorio Clinico Medi serv Inc 00612, PRClinical Psychologist1710978929
Manuel A Gonzalez Molina 00674, PRClinical Psychologist1750362760
Laboratorio Clinico Mercado Inc 00720, PRClinical Psychologist1720069701
Laura Alicia Gonzalez 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1780665232
Laboratorio Clinico Domenech Inc. 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1689655144
Laboratorio Clinica San Francisco 00602, PRClinical Psychologist1376524629
Laboratorio Nocturno Caguas Inc. 00726, PRClinical Psychologist1205817533
Francisco Videl Rivera-santiago 00969, PRClinical Psychologist1649251927
Nancy E Williams Maltes 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1326020678
Pura Del Carmen Dedos 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1881675114
Laboratorio Clinico Marie e, Inc. 00959, PRClinical Psychologist1689656746
Maria C Quesada Roig 00730, PRClinical Psychologist1134101678
Laboratorio Clinico April Gardens Inc 00771, PRClinical Psychologist1568445880
Servicios Anatomico Patologicos Oriental, Inc. 00791, PRClinical Psychologist1588653778
Louis A. De Mier-gonzalez 00925, PRClinical Psychologist1053302661
Laboratorio Clinico Jardines De Yabucoa 00767, PRClinical Psychologist1275516668
Laboratorio Clinico Barrazas Inc 00983, PRClinical Psychologist1265916605
Cesar A Del Valle & Maite L Rolon 00612, PRClinical Psychologist1821071556
Francis Reynaldo Perez Cuadrado 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1558345900
Maricarmen Santos Miranda 00641, PRClinical Psychologist1194709592
Lab. Clinico Rosario 00987, PRClinical Psychologist1467436238
Ramon Antonio Solivan Miranda 00769, PRClinical Psychologist1851375588
Juan Deniz 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1205811692
Domingo Alemany Arana 00683, PRClinical Psychologist1861477879
Rosa Rodriguez Laboratorio Clinico Sultana 00682, PRClinical Psychologist1083690721
Laboratorio Clinico Lopez Rivera Csp 00737, PRClinical Psychologist1417933904
Alcides Oquendo Solis 00791, PRClinical Psychologist1457337651
Virginia Margarita Santiago Mercado 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1326024126
Myrna E Montalvo Castillo 00682, PRClinical Psychologist1023095791
Laboratorio Clinico Country Club 00924, PRClinical Psychologist1154308674
Laboratoro Clinico Expreso Trujillo Alto Inc 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1174500698
Doris Shumate De Sanchez Laboratorio Clinico Modelo 00962, PRClinical Psychologist1932186855
Laboratorio Clinico Rio Grande, Psc 00745, PRClinical Psychologist1427036987
Eugenio Rivera Rios 00794, PRClinical Psychologist1891773347
Quimed Corp 00915, PRClinical Psychologist1144208216
Laboratorio Clinico Familiar 00676, PRClinical Psychologist1851370803
Laboratorio Clinico Esmeralda Inc 00969, PRClinical Psychologist1457330144
Laboratorio Clinico Borinquen, Inc 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1164402038
Marie Delize Ortiz 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1538149547
Laboratorio Clinico C L A Inc 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1114907094
Laboratorio Clinico Sunny Hills Inc. 00956, PRClinical Psychologist1821078205
Vilmari Molina Roque 00726, PRClinical Psychologist1114385937
Laboratorio Clinico Tierra Santa Inc 00766, PRClinical Psychologist1598741753
Abraham Beauchamp-cruz 00685, PRClinical Psychologist1881673408
Lauren Lynch 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1487630646
Ana Livia Vazquez 00795, PRClinical Psychologist1457321143
Laboratorio Clinico Doctor Center, Inc. 00982, PRClinical Psychologist1942270343
Laboratorio Clinico Gaudier Inc. 00680, PRClinical Psychologist1033180328
Araceli Elisabet Perona 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1407827397
Maritza E Grajales Soto 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1891766507
Wilfredo Reyes Labrador 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1326019928
Laboratorio Clinico Bairoa Inc 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1366413932
Rg Enterprises Inc 00961, PRClinical Psychologist1992776587
Laboratorio Clinico Adams 00605, PRClinical Psychologist1053383216
Gertrudis Maldonado 00901, PRClinical Psychologist1508838699
Biolabsaintjoseph Corp. 00959, PRClinical Psychologist1275505745
David Velazquez Camarena Laboratorio Clinico Dajaos 00956, PRClinical Psychologist1518939081
Aguadilla Medical Services, Inc. 00603, PRClinical Psychologist1588637789
Laboratorio Clinico Canovanas 00729, PRClinical Psychologist1265405146
Sofia I Gonzalez Velez 00678, PRClinical Psychologist1366415945
Felix David Lugo-adams 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1669446928
Laboratorio Clinico Amundaray, Inc 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1639143886
Cdt Gmsp, Inc 00961, PRClinical Psychologist1790750529
Reynaldo Rodriguez-llauger 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1851367122
Noemi N. Cortes 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1811963770
Lino A Hernandez 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1528034550
Laboratorio Clinico El Senorial, Inc 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1679540272
Giacrimar Corp 00612, PRClinical Psychologist1407823800
Laboratorio Clinico Plaza Inc 00966, PRClinical Psychologist1306813605
Lab Clinico Lomas Verdes Inc 00966, PRClinical Psychologist1881661189
Laboratorio Clinico Roxell Inc 00791, PRClinical Psychologist1558339366
Dento lab, Inc 00683, PRClinical Psychologist1902874712
Laboratorio Rodriguez,inc. 00783, PRClinical Psychologist1245207265
Servicios Medicos De Hormigueros Inc 00660, PRClinical Psychologist1992773980
Luis G. Ramon-villaronga 00677, PRClinical Psychologist1801863865
Borinquen Laboratory Services 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1154398113
Maritza Caro Velazquez 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1316915457
Laboratorio Clinico Margarita 00924, PRClinical Psychologist1962470047
Glenda L Velez 00769, PRClinical Psychologist1275502353
Waleska Milagros Nazario 00969, PRClinical Psychologist1528027109
Lavoratorio Clinico San Antonio Inc 00610, PRClinical Psychologist1336108935
Lab Clinico Umpierre 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1598724155
Laboratorio Angel Jelly Goyco 00680, PRClinical Psychologist1811956345
Ana Judith Roman - Garcia 00927, PRClinical Psychologist1740240092
Jenny Rodriguez-jimenez 00979, PRClinical Psychologist1255300026
Las Lomas Laboratory Inc. 00921, PRClinical Psychologist1043283971
Angelita Colon 00960, PRClinical Psychologist1750359378
Los Angeles Medical Clinic Corp 00909, PRClinical Psychologist1912970351
Lourdes Marie Rodriguez 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1871553354
Laboratorios Ramirez Inc 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1720048366
Rosalyn I. Ortiz 00927, PRClinical Psychologist1982665238
Maria V Berrios 00729, PRClinical Psychologist1407817372
Manuela I Gonzalez 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1700848199
Dennis Rivera 00730, PRClinical Psychologist1598727471
Hdt Corp 00603, PRClinical Psychologist1619939261
Laboratorio Clinico Ramvad Inc 00918, PRClinical Psychologist1386608057
Laboratorio Clinico Risan 00982, PRClinical Psychologist1821052523
Yolanda E Velez Lopez 00637, PRClinical Psychologist1780640565
Lab. Clinico Plaza Carolina 00988, PRClinical Psychologist1639135502
Yazmin Rios 00680, PRClinical Psychologist1992761282
Juan M Caballero 00676, PRClinical Psychologist1265499248
Sylvia M. Roman 00676, PRClinical Psychologist1447217435
Laboratorio Clinico Fajardo, Inc. 00738, PRClinical Psychologist1740247253
Eduardo A. Rios 00953, PRClinical Psychologist1942267695
Ismael Perez Ptr 00685, PRClinical Psychologist1558329615
Rodolfo Diaz Torres Sr 00717, PRClinical Psychologist1730147745
Francisco J Perez 00716, PRClinical Psychologist1851359384
Luis Alonso & Co Inc 00731, PRClinical Psychologist1639127723
Laboratorio Clinico De Diego Corp 00603, PRClinical Psychologist1609824119
Mayela Llaurador-castillo 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1073561429
Health Laboratories Services Inc 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1033167614
Laboratorio Clinico Sebastian Inc 00705, PRClinical Psychologist1891743522
Zahira Lespier 00923, PRClinical Psychologist1972552610
Laboratorio Clinico Ginara Inc 00924, PRClinical Psychologist1184673840
Rosa E. Diaz Rodriguez 00725, PRClinical Psychologist1417906819
Mrn Therapy Holistic Services 00926, PRClinical Psychologist1194776633
Luz N Gaud 00959, PRClinical Psychologist1467403907
Lab Clinico Villa Ana 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1184676603
Laboratorio Clinico Borinquen 00720, PRClinical Psychologist1982656294
Laboratorio Clinico Dcn Corp 00985, PRClinical Psychologist1205889615
Arturo A Ortiz 00907, PRClinical Psychologist1891748125
Myrna Liz Beltran 00718, PRClinical Psychologist1659323178
Laboratorio Clinico Coamo Inc 00769, PRClinical Psychologist1487617841
Borinquen Laboratory Services 00917, PRClinical Psychologist1952359739
Wilma A . Olivieri Velez 00683, PRClinical Psychologist1750344693


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