Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of South Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of South Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
The Saluda Counseling Services Center Inc. 29732, SCClinical Psychologist1902809924
Craig C Butler 29730, SCClinical Psychologist1841294170
Robert D Cowley 29412, SCClinical Psychologist1437152311
Steven Phillip Brown 29306, SCClinical Psychologist1821091737
Laura Bourn 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1710411244
Helene F. Stoller 29910, SCClinical Psychologist1629074604
Scott Shaffer 29902, SCClinical Psychologist1588660146
Michele Knapik-smith 29803, SCClinical Psychologist1205833621
Cardio Stat Inc 29072, SCClinical Psychologist1750388070
Karina Michelle Stewart 29401, SCClinical Psychologist1558369751
T Dianne Macpherson 29615, SCClinical Psychologist1063419158
Vernell Kennedy Fogle 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1063411452
Susan Vigeant 29732, SCClinical Psychologist1861492092
Deborah Kidd Leporowski 29607, SCClinical Psychologist1073513750
Jennifer Ann Feldman 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1407855182
Louis D Murden 29588, SCClinical Psychologist1932100377
Professional Counseling Associates, Inc. 29577, SCClinical Psychologist1023019478
Carolina Arrhythmia Consultants 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1770585648
Deborah Kay Sirratt 29445, SCClinical Psychologist1952393936
David L Klein 29601, SCClinical Psychologist1598757064
Emily Vanburen Mulcahy 29926, SCClinical Psychologist1093708083
Mahlon David Kellin 29067, SCClinical Psychologist1578556205
Rollo P Villareal 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1568454205
Rebecca J Whitt 29414, SCClinical Psychologist1184617714
Andrew J Gresko 29526, SCClinical Psychologist1245231372
William R Quirk 29063, SCClinical Psychologist1104810233
Steven Dennis Shapiro 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1447246673
Aiken Regional Medical Centers, Inc 29801, SCClinical Psychologist1669468476
Jennifer C Duffie 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1154316404
Susan Beylotte 29401, SCClinical Psychologist1497749360
Tami V. Leonhardt 29169, SCClinical Psychologist1255325783
Elizabeth O Swanson 29650, SCClinical Psychologist1669466033
Nancy A Ray 29152, SCClinical Psychologist1598752016
Bruce Fischer 29568, SCClinical Psychologist1366430746
Bonnie Fralix Cleaveland 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1164411948
Kellie Mcdougall Lewis 29588, SCClinical Psychologist1265421937
Edwin H. Reisfeld 28277, SCClinical Psychologist1457340952
John T. Beard 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1437149770
Joseph S Geer 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1851382642
Bernadette C Tourtual 29405, SCClinical Psychologist1881685501
Randall S Colby 29223, SCClinical Psychologist1477544112
Gayle Dean Reser 31314, SCClinical Psychologist1942291620
Frances C Welch 29483, SCClinical Psychologist1558352757
Byron Reed Navey 29501, SCClinical Psychologist1952384398
Strand Physician Specialists, Pa 29566, SCClinical Psychologist1548242365
Strand Physician Specialists, Pa 29572, SCClinical Psychologist1194707901
Greenwood Genetic Center Lab 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1669463014
David B Everman 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1659362390
Sara S Cathey 29418, SCClinical Psychologist1598756850
Richard J Schroer 29418, SCClinical Psychologist1669463220
Steven A Skinner 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1528059292
Roger E Stevenson 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1083605752
Michael J Lyons 29418, SCClinical Psychologist1407847296
Lola B Clarkson 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1184615825
Richard Curtis Rogers 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1760473524
Greenwood Genetics Center, Inc. 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1649261462
Robert Anthony Saul 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1366433930
Diane Bell 29118, SCClinical Psychologist1619966843
Jesse Michael West 29505, SCClinical Psychologist1609850825
Thomas Charles Beller 29927, SCClinical Psychologist1568446581
Joy H Wymer 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1770568941
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 29501, SCClinical Psychologist1750366753
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 29405, SCClinical Psychologist1831174838
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 29169, SCClinical Psychologist1649255647
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1285619288
Ginger O Culbertson 29601, SCClinical Psychologist1215912233
Lovelace Family Medicine, Pa 29127, SCClinical Psychologist1366429987
Patricia F. Maderson 29485, SCClinical Psychologist1851378483
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 29307, SCClinical Psychologist1588642748
David Philip Matthews 29902, SCClinical Psychologist1558340521
Erik Dufourny 29209, SCClinical Psychologist1700865631
Barbara L Gordon 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1922087162
Robert Lee Lolik 29926, SCClinical Psychologist1235119157
Sue E Shealy 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1144200924
Palmetto Pathology Pa 29569, SCClinical Psychologist1538139795
Meng Zhou-wang 29615, SCClinical Psychologist1023088002
Nancy Hunnicutt Rampey 29607, SCClinical Psychologist1841790763
Jack Wilson Rhyne 29709, SCClinical Psychologist1841270212
Biopsy Diagnostics, Llc 29936, SCClinical Psychologist1689652216
Michael Eugene Field 29425, SCClinical Psychologist1033192802
Yedatore S. Venkatesh 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1851379408
Leslie D Filer 29401, SCClinical Psychologist1235113267
Jan Ford Bodkin 29588, SCClinical Psychologist1841262870
Ameripath Sc Inc 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1528030368
Nancy Cory Welch 29621, SCClinical Psychologist1427020262
Tammie Fowles 29169, SCClinical Psychologist1578536066
Melva Gibeau 29532, SCClinical Psychologist1922071810
The Regional Medical Center Of Orangeburg And Calhoun Counties 29118, SCClinical Psychologist1003889676
Medical University Hospital Authority 29425, SCClinical Psychologist1255305876
Terrell L Stone 29135, SCClinical Psychologist1790759520
Nancy L Yarnell 29204, SCClinical Psychologist1619943172
Thomas Lee Anderson 20207, SCClinical Psychologist1104892330
Cooley G Pantazis 34471, SCClinical Psychologist1467429720
Karen D Lake 29223, SCClinical Psychologist1487622197
Beth Troy Maris 29223, SCClinical Psychologist1760450381
Linda Grey Hutton 29601, SCClinical Psychologist1912976895
Toni Carol Natrigo-waters 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1083683775
Thomas Bomar Edmonds 29307, SCClinical Psychologist1144299983
Linda A. Thomas 29425, SCClinical Psychologist1124097753
Harriett Wills Grady-thomas 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1649249194
Doris L Chitwood 29732, SCClinical Psychologist1821057803
Sandra L Cary 29615, SCClinical Psychologist1396704177
Ne Columbia Psychiatry P 29223, SCClinical Psychologist1255390001
Jane R Littmann 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1285694463
Thomas Michael Collins 29907, SCClinical Psychologist1154381325
Professional Pathology Services, Pc 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1427028208
Judith Lynn Hoffman 29406, SCClinical Psychologist1043284623
Robert Dean Phillips 29036, SCClinical Psychologist1184693699
Noel A Cuff 21005, SCClinical Psychologist1649241142
Darlene Parker 29607, SCClinical Psychologist1477525194
Hope Performance Systems Llc 29926, SCClinical Psychologist1033607676
Derosset Myers 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1659331460
Jh Wymer, Llc 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1639139462
Raymond J Olszewski 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1922068766
Laura Shaver-hast 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1447210265
Wendy Sue Sharnoff 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1538129457
Beaufort Pediatrics 29902, SCClinical Psychologist1295795987
Tora L Brawley 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1235190653
Joan Amado 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1992766323
Robert Brian Sidell 29841, SCClinical Psychologist1417918731
Allison Foster Defelice 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1306807573
Angela Quante Forand 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1932160074
Leslie Kaye Burke 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1902867526
Robert Caesar 28144, SCClinical Psychologist1336100957
Jean P. Brown 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1780646067
Cindy L Rich 29414, SCClinical Psychologist1841252137
Siouxland Cytology Consultants Llc 51104, SCClinical Psychologist1992767016
Pathology Associates Pc 80113, SCClinical Psychologist1871555789
James R. Mcspadden 29732, SCClinical Psychologist1548223100
Catholic Chrities Counseling 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1942263223
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 29406, SCClinical Psychologist1124081385
Mid America Pathology Laboratory Llc 66210, SCClinical Psychologist1215990148
Julia Lee Lesch 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1740244417
Luther A Diehl 29303, SCClinical Psychologist1972568210
Gynecologic Oncology Associates, P.a. 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1114983038
Bryan H Frain 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1053377507
Brett M Baker 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1861458853
Michelle Andra 28805, SCClinical Psychologist1821055872
Cardiology Consultants Pa 29303, SCClinical Psychologist1972560225
Albert Gordon Teichner 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1336106509
Deborah Ann Marcet 29464, SCClinical Psychologist1871551168
Lone Tree Pathology 80124, SCClinical Psychologist1699733253
Lois Pall Wandersman 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1033167713
Donna Marie Coppinger 29151, SCClinical Psychologist1700834215
Joseph Norman Shank 29210, SCClinical Psychologist1770531063
Kathryn Jayne Stevenson Funderburk 29020, SCClinical Psychologist1659329274
Jacqueline Ruth Francis 29151, SCClinical Psychologist1922056522
Joseph B. Watterson 29020, SCClinical Psychologist1427006949
Broks Lee Hansen 29020, SCClinical Psychologist1023066586
Compass Of Carolina 29609, SCClinical Psychologist1043268360
Donetta Palmyra Powell 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1952350266
Frank Anthony Cuoco 29425, SCClinical Psychologist1497704423
Augustus Rodgers 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1588613517
Franklin J Klohn 29206, SCClinical Psychologist1275582868
Lowcountry Medical Associates 29405, SCClinical Psychologist1982653846
John R. Hicks 29588, SCClinical Psychologist1528017951
Lois Joan Veronen 29730, SCClinical Psychologist1609826692
Beth E. Ehlen 29575, SCClinical Psychologist1427009836
Palmetto Health Psychology Llc 29403, SCClinical Psychologist1336190586
Stephanie F. Greene 29169, SCClinical Psychologist1235180654
Helen Yolanda Clark 29461, SCClinical Psychologist1326099706
Bonnie L Parisi 29526, SCClinical Psychologist1962453340
Joseph Andrew Manfredi 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1053362269
Ellen Wilfong-grush 29407, SCClinical Psychologist1598716581
Robert M. Hardee 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1518918531
Susan Connolly-nelson Lisw 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1174575385
Elizabeth Mandell 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1447202114
Kathleen A Head 29208, SCClinical Psychologist1871545582
Heidar A. Modaresi 29732, SCClinical Psychologist1619920980
Little River Medical Center Inc 29566, SCClinical Psychologist1629021076
Valerie Louise Holmstrom 29118, SCClinical Psychologist1326091323
Know Your Mate Ministries 29615, SCClinical Psychologist1023061512
Respiratory Diagnostics Llc 29016, SCClinical Psychologist1356394381
Katherine H Thompson 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1710931415
William Joseph Groh 29425, SCClinical Psychologist1700840618
Julie S Jones 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1134171655
Jonathan N Kessler 29401, SCClinical Psychologist1447202353
George Raymond Woodruff 29621, SCClinical Psychologist1215989967
Lynette Kemp 29303, SCClinical Psychologist1710944376
Susan Carole Gentry-teasley 29212, SCClinical Psychologist1891752846
Phyllis C Poyner 29201, SCClinical Psychologist1114970712
Pathology Consultants, Inc 29605, SCClinical Psychologist1447212568
Jill Corrigan 29063, SCClinical Psychologist1700834017
Neena L. Champaigne 29646, SCClinical Psychologist1972554897
Miroslav Cuturic 29203, SCClinical Psychologist1093776254
Viola Eileen White-douglas 29209, SCClinical Psychologist1053372524
Prabal K. Guha 29506, SCClinical Psychologist1043277304
Rajesh Malik 29506, SCClinical Psychologist1871551630
Mary Larson Svendsen 29406, SCClinical Psychologist1083671440
Gerald Conrad Bauknight 29204, SCClinical Psychologist1144279084
Howard M Held 29414, SCClinical Psychologist1356393250
Valerie R Kilroy 29501, SCClinical Psychologist1184679169
E Gayle Hickman 29223, SCClinical Psychologist1619922747
Lisa A. Snyder 29615, SCClinical Psychologist1467408278
Jacquelyn H Wells 29841, SCClinical Psychologist1215983010
Sharon L. Spivey 29615, SCClinical Psychologist1013963990
Lisa J. Fowler 29745, SCClinical Psychologist1154377802
Sudie E Back 29425, SCClinical Psychologist1164478723
David J Rodak 29303, SCClinical Psychologist1215983887
Carole Holen-cash 29902, SCClinical Psychologist1699721118


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