Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert Andrew Pickett 37203, TNClinical Psychologist1932128782
Cml chicago Market Labs, Inc. 60402, TNClinical Psychologist1205839115
Christopher J Klugewicz 38501, TNClinical Psychologist1871596999
Thomas G Bartlett 37205, TNClinical Psychologist1225031073
David A. Dia 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1639173917
William Jeremy Mahlow 37920, TNClinical Psychologist1205830171
Rhonda D Johnson 37130, TNClinical Psychologist1043215304
Melissa R Bosserman 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1780689869
Jan Susan Burleson 37312, TNClinical Psychologist1295730901
Dialysis Clinic Inc 37204, TNClinical Psychologist1417952268
Julie A Holt 37312, TNClinical Psychologist1073518775
Dialysis Clinic Inc 37203, TNClinical Psychologist1780689505
Dialysis Clinic Inc 37920, TNClinical Psychologist1063417897
Jean-claude I Wakim 75248, TNClinical Psychologist1114923562
Tibor Sandor Szabo 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1548266786
David E. Pickering 38305, TNClinical Psychologist1578569604
Valorie J Bell 37757, TNClinical Psychologist1710983895
Anita Latona Zelek 37205, TNClinical Psychologist1730185349
Johanna Choate Shadoin 37212, TNClinical Psychologist1538165154
Cynthia Jo Fry 37207, TNClinical Psychologist1568469187
Mary J Stokley 37745, TNClinical Psychologist1558368175
Laboratory For Kidney Pathology Inc 37203, TNClinical Psychologist1225035355
Damaris A Olsen 37909, TNClinical Psychologist1609873884
Jean Ellen Jones 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1669470944
Melody Suzanne Hickman-horvath 37821, TNClinical Psychologist1194723379
Judy P Havner 37912, TNClinical Psychologist1730187915
Mitzi Suzanne Mcbride 37354, TNClinical Psychologist1720086929
Traci Leanne Tippett 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1184622383
Linda Christine Sparks 37354, TNClinical Psychologist1629076823
Michelle Diane Barrett-hilton 37849, TNClinical Psychologist1538167739
Susan Renee Hewitt 37807, TNClinical Psychologist1144228321
Jean Ann Bolding 37902, TNClinical Psychologist1235137423
Jean Simms Patterson 37849, TNClinical Psychologist1407854615
David B Miller 37620, TNClinical Psychologist1083612204
Beverly Joanne Clontz 37821, TNClinical Psychologist1689672883
Shara Beth Overbay 37803, TNClinical Psychologist1679571889
William Edward Conklin 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1720086937
Mary Leoma Yarling 37601, TNClinical Psychologist1336147552
Terri Murr Block 37354, TNClinical Psychologist1548268766
Andrew Howard Demick 37771, TNClinical Psychologist1932107125
Kevin Scott Corum 37801, TNClinical Psychologist1316945504
Matthew Bradley Reese 37825, TNClinical Psychologist1790783918
Dennis S Freeman 37921, TNClinical Psychologist1609874890
Karen Lynn Seaton 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1326046525
William Berez 37701, TNClinical Psychologist1649278847
Katheryn Elizabeth La Grange 37921, TNClinical Psychologist1134127350
Lisa Lillard Oglesby 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1518965730
Kevin R Orpurt 37922, TNClinical Psychologist1578561783
John A Cooper 38119, TNClinical Psychologist1912905837
Kimberly Joann Faucett 37801, TNClinical Psychologist1396744132
Deborah Perlman Welsh 37921, TNClinical Psychologist1982603726
Karen Rene Gannon 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1548269236
David Joel Maxey 37918, TNClinical Psychologist1801895305
David M Salerno 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1538168869
Gregg S Shander 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1497754733
Leasa Satterfield Graham 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1841299294
Laura Catharine Eddlemon 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1578562757
David J Wendt 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1285633545
Joey Todd Parker 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1427057652
Galen G Van Wyhe 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1477553170
Theodore L Baldick 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1497755979
David M Deason 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1285634758
Brent E Stenberg 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1427058494
Douglas J Hart 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1790785723
Julia B Johnson 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1679574602
Paul J Neal 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1265433296
Christian Psychological Center, Inc. 38111, TNClinical Psychologist1184625006
James T Litzow 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1629078324
David Armstrong 38157, TNClinical Psychologist1326048703
Janiece Ren'ee-lemaster Foust 37909, TNClinical Psychologist1457350829
Adair Allen 37849, TNClinical Psychologist1720087216
W Noelle Biblecrum 37877, TNClinical Psychologist1700886736
Wimberly Beth Thompson 37804, TNClinical Psychologist1972502631
Laura Gustafson Porter 37877, TNClinical Psychologist1720087901
William Allan Richards 37849, TNClinical Psychologist1639178684
Parinda Khatri 37921, TNClinical Psychologist1831199595
Elaine O Barnes 37334, TNClinical Psychologist1205837440
Charles E Martin 37922, TNClinical Psychologist1740282631
Patricia Ann Miller 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1043212699
Patricia Abbarno 37922, TNClinical Psychologist1609878198
Paula R Macmorran 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1710989215
Michael Gene Bowman 37877, TNClinical Psychologist1770575789
Audrey J Williams 37877, TNClinical Psychologist1184616104
Karen A Armstrong 37877, TNClinical Psychologist1760474316
Oren Michael Ellis 37877, TNClinical Psychologist1114919636
Charles Arthur Gildrie 37774, TNClinical Psychologist1053303438
Wayne E. Tasker 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1275526436
Mark A. Lemay 37760, TNClinical Psychologist1447243480
Camille S Smith 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1548253305
Wendy Hyche Vogel 37660, TNClinical Psychologist1497748362
Stephen A Fahrig 37205, TNClinical Psychologist1285627398
Carol Steele 37760, TNClinical Psychologist1114910213
James W Cox 37920, TNClinical Psychologist1932100542
Jeffrey Hirsh 37920, TNClinical Psychologist1801897699
Asia L Gibson 38106, TNClinical Psychologist1801313440
Edwin F Hochnedel 37701, TNClinical Psychologist1356343909
Camille Heatherly Williamson 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1437142684
James Long 72703, TNClinical Psychologist1275526733
Susan D Fields 37604, TNClinical Psychologist1013900042
Thomas M Gilbertson 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1245224419
Allan Swayze Philp 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1356335376
Michele E Burgner 37212, TNClinical Psychologist1295729127
Thomas O'hara Presler 37040, TNClinical Psychologist1508850215
Sarah C Stevens 37388, TNClinical Psychologist1265426985
Douglas Allan Gauss 38053, TNClinical Psychologist1629062278
Sarah Willard Penegar 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1902890494
Sean Phipps 38105, TNClinical Psychologist1023003548
Vida L Tyc 38105, TNClinical Psychologist1932194453
Timothy J Cooper 37232, TNClinical Psychologist1689669038
Jon Mark Collings 37921, TNClinical Psychologist1750376851
Paige Philp Goodale 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1952396178
Mark A Miles 38105, TNClinical Psychologist1053306159
David Arlen Solovey 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1871588855
Betty M Robinson 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1508851379
Biocellutions, Inc 38117, TNClinical Psychologist1225023005
Liz T Donald 37918, TNClinical Psychologist1447245295
Dova Callihan 88201, TNClinical Psychologist1184611709
Leah Elizabeth Roth 37604, TNClinical Psychologist1124015771
Carol Warren Blakemore 38163, TNClinical Psychologist1598752792
Sandra L Kilpatrick 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1487642252
Marzi Lisa Radpour-wiley 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1427046200
Julie Stewart Thomsen 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1689056046
Jacquelyn Jacobson 38501, TNClinical Psychologist1932585759
Lacy Monday 37228, TNClinical Psychologist1518394139
Andrea Westerfield 37228, TNClinical Psychologist1093028433
Team Centers Inc 37403, TNClinical Psychologist1992793012
Phyllis Arlene Gordon 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1740278688
Cynthia Ziegler Mealer 38018, TNClinical Psychologist1497743306
Michael Anthony Schneider 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1801885629
Mary Ashley Churchwell 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1144219965
Diagnostic Cardiology Group 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1437148152
Luella Grigg Churchwell 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1659360352
Loy Keith Atkins 38120, TNClinical Psychologist1508855164
Susan Erdman 38119, TNClinical Psychologist1154310548
Susan R Mcchesney-atkins 38120, TNClinical Psychologist1649269929
Laura Magistro Wells 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1609865997
Pamela Hall Mathews 37849, TNClinical Psychologist1275522419
Richard Mcbride 37917, TNClinical Psychologist1457341018
Genetics Associates, Inc, 37203, TNClinical Psychologist1629068085
Stephen Paul Bradshaw 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1851381271
Reginald Peeler Dickerson 37066, TNClinical Psychologist1942290333
Jay Richard Shilling 37601, TNClinical Psychologist1063403533
Wendy Kilpatrick Bovell 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1720079379
Martha Nan Hawkes 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1184615601
Kathleen Webster Erickson 37771, TNClinical Psychologist1265423578
Patricia Chesnut 37743, TNClinical Psychologist1326029596
Gary Lynn Tester 30720, TNClinical Psychologist1639150584
W. Edward Amos 38119, TNClinical Psychologist1134100712
Jennifer Ann Stone 38104, TNClinical Psychologist1861473449
Optimum Behavioral Health, Inc. 38119, TNClinical Psychologist1689655268
Teresa Spring Harper 37857, TNClinical Psychologist1548241896
Robert Bloom 38119, TNClinical Psychologist1730161910
Carole Lovell 38501, TNClinical Psychologist1952383085
Dale S Foster 38018, TNClinical Psychologist1568444511
Patricia Gabrielle Blake 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1114909587
Karen L Lowe 37620, TNClinical Psychologist1861475030
Cloye Anita Barnhart-gray 38201, TNClinical Psychologist1528059516
Jeffrey Martin Baerman 37916, TNClinical Psychologist1750370813
Martha Austin-white 37203, TNClinical Psychologist1396726832
Robert Earl Saunders 37709, TNClinical Psychologist1386625325
Communityconnect 38133, TNClinical Psychologist1518441971
Anamaria Cordero Mafnas 37403, TNClinical Psychologist1508230293
William C. Lindsay 37934, TNClinical Psychologist1083604623
Dana Michelle Hardy 37203, TNClinical Psychologist1558351148
Margaret Anthony 37923, TNClinical Psychologist1306820683
Patricia Lobo Arena 37814, TNClinical Psychologist1508840182
Debra Dianne Cohan 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1215912878
Heather M Monson-james 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1326023524
Cathy L Parker 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1457336638
Kathleen R Scott 37421, TNClinical Psychologist1316922404
Richard G Salamone 37620, TNClinical Psychologist1760468300
Walter Worley Fain 37801, TNClinical Psychologist1972589638
Vijai P. Sharma 37311, TNClinical Psychologist1578549531
Jana Pressley 37404, TNClinical Psychologist1356327365
Esoterix, Inc 37027, TNClinical Psychologist1942287164
Diana J Depugh 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1619954609
Gary B Verna 37766, TNClinical Psychologist1619954781
Laurie T Williams 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1437137338
Gary S Solomon 37232, TNClinical Psychologist1801874482
Rebecca B Delaney 37067, TNClinical Psychologist1528046109
Mary M Harkleroad 37067, TNClinical Psychologist1326026907
Psychiatric Consultants Pc 37067, TNClinical Psychologist1790763381
Laboratory Corporation Of America 37406, TNClinical Psychologist1295713493
Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings 37601, TNClinical Psychologist1922086123
Joshua Williams 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1073591087
Williams Psychological Corp 37919, TNClinical Psychologist1710965728
Gilbert N. West 37356, TNClinical Psychologist1114906112
Gregory Jay Williams 37302, TNClinical Psychologist1215916804
Karla J Matteson 37920, TNClinical Psychologist1215916754
Christine C Hasselle 38115, TNClinical Psychologist1457330763
Michelle Renae Robinson 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1144209479
Prost Data, Inc. 37210, TNClinical Psychologist1760461909
Linwood Alan Robertson 37412, TNClinical Psychologist1134109788
John W Mccoy 38117, TNClinical Psychologist1548230691
Janice M Livengood 37205, TNClinical Psychologist1346210457
Sandra K Sarten 38305, TNClinical Psychologist1801866652
Kimberly D Stricker 37363, TNClinical Psychologist1962487694
Highlands Pathology Consultants, P.c. 37620, TNClinical Psychologist1063498970
Highlands Pathology Consultants, P.c. 37660, TNClinical Psychologist1669458634
David Zhiqiang Lan 38138, TNClinical Psychologist1588641526


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