Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Brenna G Camp 79601, TXClinical Psychologist1982605960
Molly Batschelet 78744, TXClinical Psychologist1093993123
Mitzi Zephronia Wood 78232, TXClinical Psychologist1225023740
Charles E Gutierrez 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1760467963
Randall Martin Kahan 76013, TXClinical Psychologist1093794208
Toneisha Sherrell Baker 72076, TXClinical Psychologist1508240003
Amir Akhter 75022, TXClinical Psychologist1285683466
Kimberly M Rennie 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1336193341
Katherine E. Goethe 78238, TXClinical Psychologist1588604615
Jayasree Pillarisetti 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1467489443
Jasmine Ghannadpour 75024, TXClinical Psychologist1215448709
Megan Plagman 78741, TXClinical Psychologist1992253553
Ginger Marie Kinsey 76548, TXClinical Psychologist1164463865
Margaret M Keenan 77338, TXClinical Psychologist1265441802
Sally Margarita Bleier 78220, TXClinical Psychologist1417061649
Luis Alexander Frias 00840, TXClinical Psychologist1982710117
Traci L Jordan 78411, TXClinical Psychologist1205851995
Marta Elena Reasoner 76107, TXClinical Psychologist1770500449
John A Miller 78550, TXClinical Psychologist1518075928
Andrew W Houtz 76021, TXClinical Psychologist1750476495
Andrea Lyn Todd 39560, TXClinical Psychologist1518049238
Kaka Echere 42223, TXClinical Psychologist1457449506
S&a Sleep Solutions, Lp 77386, TXClinical Psychologist1790878478
Mario George Nicolas 78236, TXClinical Psychologist1043380116
Timothy Charner Morris 78130, TXClinical Psychologist1538270400
Alexis Maguin Fenton 40536, TXClinical Psychologist1891802880
Peter Fernandez 79930, TXClinical Psychologist1972678332
Julie Lamb 77494, TXClinical Psychologist1407904964
Kelley Patricia Logans-ali 78213, TXClinical Psychologist1013057058
David L. Falkstein, Ph.d., L.l.c. 75013, TXClinical Psychologist1174672836
Jerome Silvio Caroselli 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1386782803
Christie Brewton 77098, TXClinical Psychologist1316421548
Carlos A Roman 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1043297989
Robyn Sybil Adkins 78025, TXClinical Psychologist1699956326
Charles Gutierrez, Phd, Ltd, Llp 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1750587499
Andrew Richard Staffier 78258, TXClinical Psychologist1578753125
Felicia Annette Humphery 77093, TXClinical Psychologist1417143348
Ava Leigh Pickard 75390, TXClinical Psychologist1942495940
Debra Gail Bailey 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1710156310
Juliet Miyagishima 96819, TXClinical Psychologist1073023693
Jeremiah W Lanford 97701, TXClinical Psychologist1033230800
Christi Lynn Perez 75228, TXClinical Psychologist1124295704
Aurelio R Cervera 79410, TXClinical Psychologist1083833891
Sandra L Hotz 77024, TXClinical Psychologist1649393562
Sheree Marie Olivier 75233, TXClinical Psychologist1578787040
Dana Grammer 77377, TXClinical Psychologist1972762151
Alireza Nazeri 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1306025143
Shannon T. Boyer 77535, TXClinical Psychologist1124224894
Rogelio Jose Perez 78228, TXClinical Psychologist1326583709
Robert Jefferson Prather 98661, TXClinical Psychologist1356522569
Mario Farin Dulay 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1841425469
Darpan Sahni Kumar 76301, TXClinical Psychologist1629208871
Emily Strassner Greenspahn 78723, TXClinical Psychologist1700108818
Felicia Tedder 77084, TXClinical Psychologist1639487622
Erin Eleanor Evanson-lass 79072, TXClinical Psychologist1497053235
County Of Tarrant 76014, TXClinical Psychologist1477832483
Daisy Tovar Nieto 78224, TXClinical Psychologist1487899415
Cathy R Schiffer 24153, TXClinical Psychologist1013162577
Shannan Crawford 76248, TXClinical Psychologist1679875322
Darci R Morgan 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1639488661
Glenda Fabiola Medina 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1790069748
Michael Gerard Selders 75235, TXClinical Psychologist1851531925
Janae Christine Hafford 75249, TXClinical Psychologist1487969358
Joseph Ji-hyun Yoon 78701, TXClinical Psychologist1447531587
Elizabeth Arango 77035, TXClinical Psychologist1073753075
Stephanie Guadalupe Duran 75071, TXClinical Psychologist1871728592
Ashley Susanne Hanna-morgan 89509, TXClinical Psychologist1043544612
Tracy Lee Edwards 46601, TXClinical Psychologist1568753127
Teri Schroeder 78759, TXClinical Psychologist1578835120
Yolanda Orta-swope 75093, TXClinical Psychologist1609192954
Jane Elizabeth Olien 78620, TXClinical Psychologist1215172614
Esther Olene Lockart 76180, TXClinical Psychologist1164654570
Marivelisse Rodriguez-rivera 75230, TXClinical Psychologist1871879445
Ieshea Daniella Jarmon 75104, TXClinical Psychologist1033407291
Edinrin Rae Obasare 06510, TXClinical Psychologist1093027278
Strategic Laboratory Services, Llc 75207, TXClinical Psychologist1306165030
Lauren Pasqua 77380, TXClinical Psychologist1336473586
David Michael Latini 77006, TXClinical Psychologist1932404464
Claudia Venessa Resendiz 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1447487434
Amanda Raibourn 75605, TXClinical Psychologist1346471026
Yalanda Griffin Henderson 75116, TXClinical Psychologist1902058134
Brittani Lynne Persha 77079, TXClinical Psychologist1952636342
Thomas Brian Fulbrook 89130, TXClinical Psychologist1043521545
Kimberly Dunn-lipscomb 80014, TXClinical Psychologist1467786434
Amanda Pritchett 75390, TXClinical Psychologist1114290202
Yanli Ding 02115, TXClinical Psychologist1154680957
Agnes C Anyalebechi 77504, TXClinical Psychologist1588908594
Velma A Fisher 78664, TXClinical Psychologist1780801993
Veronica J Burton 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1417181710
Southside Diagnostic Services, Llc 77025, TXClinical Psychologist1871840678
Rachel Anne Enslin 35209, TXClinical Psychologist1083961502
Samantha Bray 78746, TXClinical Psychologist1871931428
Jason Ryan Soble 60612, TXClinical Psychologist1437578044
Kathleen Nadelson 76034, TXClinical Psychologist1336584341
Mallory Njuguna 75287, TXClinical Psychologist1841630530
Wright Wellness Pllc 76015, TXClinical Psychologist1992106561
Bethany Anne Kulp 78640, TXClinical Psychologist1699192880
Yalonda Pone 96368, TXClinical Psychologist1215376207
Lydia Bailey 75110, TXClinical Psychologist1679088561
Cynthia Ann Faulkner 78413, TXClinical Psychologist1437533551
Abbey Pelosi Counseling, P.l.l.c. 78681, TXClinical Psychologist1497272934
Carmen C Murphy 85304, TXClinical Psychologist1346466034
Jennifer Laurel Gardner 77098, TXClinical Psychologist1578938635
Phillis Beatrice Newton 88001, TXClinical Psychologist1396094454
Don C Rehwaldt 78207, TXClinical Psychologist1144644493
Sage Recovery And Wellness Center 78746, TXClinical Psychologist1326455809
Kristin Brown 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1871858258
Erin Young 75703, TXClinical Psychologist1831514272
Amy Goldwasser Browning 74129, TXClinical Psychologist1871978569
Michelle Smith 79601, TXClinical Psychologist1174935852
Denise M Ramirez 76063, TXClinical Psychologist1376934018
Emily Burns Mcleod 78712, TXClinical Psychologist1053745505
The Oaks Life Center, Pllc 76135, TXClinical Psychologist1588036370
Jennifer Alison Lemmer 78240, TXClinical Psychologist1144452178
Lewis Gene Thomas 76102, TXClinical Psychologist1942634415
Kimberly Yvette Willis 77074, TXClinical Psychologist1568898393
Ashley Sanford 77002, TXClinical Psychologist1457789166
Martha M Quinn 78703, TXClinical Psychologist1699198986
Kimberly Clough 75604, TXClinical Psychologist1306246210
Latessa L Roby 30344, TXClinical Psychologist1013366319
Susan Graham 81101, TXClinical Psychologist1760917868
Daniela M. Vela 75390, TXClinical Psychologist1972038016
David Michael Jinright 78613, TXClinical Psychologist1447779426
Vanna Thuston 77346, TXClinical Psychologist1578073417
Prismhealthdx, Inc. 78744, TXClinical Psychologist1366808388
Bds Healthcare, Llc 75006, TXClinical Psychologist1407206303
Rebecca Christine Morales 78712, TXClinical Psychologist1689035636
Rachael E. Massell 78701, TXClinical Psychologist1528420908
Daisy Blagg 75020, TXClinical Psychologist1417407537
Hill Psychological Services, Pllc 76051, TXClinical Psychologist1689115297
Brittany Rae Gold 78132, TXClinical Psychologist1578004966
Michelle Marie Gerbozy 78628, TXClinical Psychologist1386184737
Lighthouse Counseling Pllc 78628, TXClinical Psychologist1194251694
Olga Flores Chen 77058, TXClinical Psychologist1821527938
Chelsea Gilts Ratcliff 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1295257418
Sean Isaac Berkley 78701, TXClinical Psychologist1417460296
Michael Shane Monroe 76011, TXClinical Psychologist1376051052
Laura Oreilly 75028, TXClinical Psychologist1295237923
Ayass Lung Clinic, Pllc 75034, TXClinical Psychologist1417450537
Kiran N Jayaram 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1992777320
David N Pederson 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1700857471
Eric Nathan Smernoff 75235, TXClinical Psychologist1013977800
Zalmen Blanck 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1912976481
Erin Fassnacht 78704, TXClinical Psychologist1104278340
Allmed Sales & Rentals, Inc 75081, TXClinical Psychologist1770546467
Adam Douglas Price 78233, TXClinical Psychologist1548447196
Eliza Schindler 78746, TXClinical Psychologist1821500182
Alicia Pace 78728, TXClinical Psychologist1396250908
Burkart Counseling Pllc 75081, TXClinical Psychologist1588162119
Aimee Clarke 75024, TXClinical Psychologist1114438314
Abbey Christine Pelosi 78681, TXClinical Psychologist1023535978
Whitney E. Herrington 76086, TXClinical Psychologist1649768466
Christina Kahlig Glaze 78665, TXClinical Psychologist1053815019
Amber Hays Pillsbury 76634, TXClinical Psychologist1346771946
Pillsbury Counseling Pllc 76634, TXClinical Psychologist1982115739
Crystal Lee Beadle 75056, TXClinical Psychologist1871953273
Carol A. Laufer 77002, TXClinical Psychologist1760975981
Bret Andrew Moore 78234, TXClinical Psychologist1558407932
Ppg Health, Pa 76104, TXClinical Psychologist1295736973
Robert Jacob Fortingo 77021, TXClinical Psychologist1417308529
Rise Therapeutic Services 78613, TXClinical Psychologist1427534270
Modern Psychological & Allied Services, Pllc 77036, TXClinical Psychologist1811341902
Devon James Superville 77036, TXClinical Psychologist1487964706
Diane Laverne Coalson 78232, TXClinical Psychologist1063990976
Anurag Singh 45409, TXClinical Psychologist1871673319
Jennifer P Packer 35020, TXClinical Psychologist1902207533
Sarah Mcbride 78758, TXClinical Psychologist1114406246
Elevate Hc Texas Pllc 75246, TXClinical Psychologist1134609282
Joshua Downs 81501, TXClinical Psychologist1447578356
Montoya Surgical Services 77081, TXClinical Psychologist1962989129
Robert N Davis 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1114023421
Cassondra Lynn Weltzin 67401, TXClinical Psychologist1881913093
Magnolia Diagnostics, Llc 75205, TXClinical Psychologist1922551399
Kristen E Mcallister 72762, TXClinical Psychologist1346664968
Katherine Kolacki 76544, TXClinical Psychologist1518247527
Courtney Lynn Bourlon 78703, TXClinical Psychologist1174008429
Kallen Akers Thornton 80220, TXClinical Psychologist1801135090
Aqueelah R Collier 75002, TXClinical Psychologist1487140752
Totundra Grays 75253, TXClinical Psychologist1629329388
Laronda Starling 76017, TXClinical Psychologist1487082533
Susanne Morris 78745, TXClinical Psychologist1003269341
Laurie Demarco 75212, TXClinical Psychologist1336422401
Latina May Griffin 78664, TXClinical Psychologist1891263109
Mika Claire Smith 75063, TXClinical Psychologist1376086561
Andrea Klunder Petersen 97227, TXClinical Psychologist1326306721
Lauren Burnett 77098, TXClinical Psychologist1467983122
Emma Marie Edgar 87109, TXClinical Psychologist1205317005
Sandra C. Henke 77386, TXClinical Psychologist1417009713
Dr. Hoar's Psychological & Consultation Services, Pllc 79602, TXClinical Psychologist1730660432
Angela Reagan Payne 78701, TXClinical Psychologist1861941692
Lurene M Tapia 76541, TXClinical Psychologist1194294272
Irena Milentijevic 77054, TXClinical Psychologist1285107078
Kelly Coleman 78757, TXClinical Psychologist1174980437
Hearts Healing Counseling Services 78704, TXClinical Psychologist1710441936
Christina Brooke 75074, TXClinical Psychologist1356712954
Kristy L Lacko 76542, TXClinical Psychologist1427321314
Lori Leonard 78717, TXClinical Psychologist1699231423
Family Foundation Services 77803, TXClinical Psychologist1932665593
Maria Concepcion Davila 78207, TXClinical Psychologist1235554858
Christine Nautscher 96205, TXClinical Psychologist1265882203


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