Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Texas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Texas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kathleen M. Baldwin 76129, TXClinical Psychologist1497758601
Stanley James Swingle 79106, TXClinical Psychologist1578566642
James Vincent Aveni 79106, TXClinical Psychologist1184627960
Health And Human Services Commission 78028, TXClinical Psychologist1588671481
Robert M. White 78666, TXClinical Psychologist1578566196
Jennifer E Kopecky 77058, TXClinical Psychologist1447253174
Edward H. Kotin 78666, TXClinical Psychologist1689677239
Jay Patrice Capan 76210, TXClinical Psychologist1265435705
Sleep Physiology 76210, TXClinical Psychologist1205839743
Ralph E. Casazza 77042, TXClinical Psychologist1851394381
Patricia G. Taylor 77098, TXClinical Psychologist1801899174
Cherisse Flanagan 79601, TXClinical Psychologist1386013878
Jennifer York 78731, TXClinical Psychologist1194728535
George P Glaser 78746, TXClinical Psychologist1891797163
Mohammad Javed Tariq 75057, TXClinical Psychologist1639171887
Obstetrical And Gynecological Associates, Pllc 77054, TXClinical Psychologist1891797999
Pamela Anne Russell 75460, TXClinical Psychologist1831193812
Robert W Herndon 78666, TXClinical Psychologist1851395552
Patrick John Dattore 78666, TXClinical Psychologist1710981477
Joseph Albert Abijay 79761, TXClinical Psychologist1225032899
Value Pathology Associates Pllc 78596, TXClinical Psychologist1629524046
Zoltan Karoly Toth 78705, TXClinical Psychologist1093719882
Christopher Leveque 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1912902248
Deborah D. Barnes 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1407851504
Mary A. Rooney 77057, TXClinical Psychologist1093710964
Karen Boomershine Guess 78746, TXClinical Psychologist1215932199
Teresa Joyce Bryan-pettit 75090, TXClinical Psychologist1417952177
Immuno D, Inc. 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1477558179
Charles Leonard Cox 77478, TXClinical Psychologist1730184490
Frank Anthony Pugliese 76504, TXClinical Psychologist1225032790
Kari A Bruner 75093, TXClinical Psychologist1548627185
H e b, Lp 77450, TXClinical Psychologist1477662898
Marcia K Gamez 75231, TXClinical Psychologist1912901356
Catherine H Hein 77056, TXClinical Psychologist1447255989
Uvalde Family Practice Assoc. 78801, TXClinical Psychologist1861497448
Jules Cary Weiss 75501, TXClinical Psychologist1326044801
Niran Jan Amar 76712, TXClinical Psychologist1003812595
Jean-claude I Wakim 75248, TXClinical Psychologist1114923562
Larry Dwayne Thomas 77833, TXClinical Psychologist1508862780
Victoria Faust 75235, TXClinical Psychologist1316943509
Eugenia Hammett 75230, TXClinical Psychologist1023014214
Gwendolyn Joy Adam 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1679579718
Suzanne K Gazda 78231, TXClinical Psychologist1740286764
Michael Hyder Limerick 75204, TXClinical Psychologist1134125990
Debra D Latham 76904, TXClinical Psychologist1528064391
Vivian Alice Collins 75020, TXClinical Psychologist1285630251
Lisa G Taylor 75167, TXClinical Psychologist1235135567
Carol Ann Booth 77006, TXClinical Psychologist1407303738
Kathryn Wortz 75708, TXClinical Psychologist1700882339
Elizabeth Levy 78748, TXClinical Psychologist1982609400
Eric Taylor 78503, TXClinical Psychologist1043216153
Ron L. Cohorn 79720, TXClinical Psychologist1295732626
Louis E Young 76107, TXClinical Psychologist1548267933
James H Gottlich 76107, TXClinical Psychologist1093712333
Ann Bennett Karbach 78130, TXClinical Psychologist1386641553
David John Kruzich 79930, TXClinical Psychologist1073510111
Charles A Haskovec 76107, TXClinical Psychologist1134126279
Dorothy Darby 78705, TXClinical Psychologist1689671794
Sherry Marcella Alvarado 76508, TXClinical Psychologist1992702989
Joan G Jaeckle 76049, TXClinical Psychologist1326046046
Liberty Medical Surgical Clinic Pa 77575, TXClinical Psychologist1063419729
Magaly Victoria Marrero 78230, TXClinical Psychologist1457359051
Brenda Bearden Fry 76508, TXClinical Psychologist1225036825
Joseph Reese Nicolini 78332, TXClinical Psychologist1013915628
Deborah Peterson Moncrief 77478, TXClinical Psychologist1689672073
Candida Jane Lutes 75219, TXClinical Psychologist1952309395
Aaron H Fink Md Pa 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1437157757
Milton Altschuler, M.d., P.a. 77027, TXClinical Psychologist1053319384
John Robert Gould 78701, TXClinical Psychologist1588662621
Sleep Analysis Centers Of Texas, Lp 76021, TXClinical Psychologist1174521314
David Allen Coffman 78701, TXClinical Psychologist1336147495
Grace P Tamesis 78681, TXClinical Psychologist1740288729
Stonewall Memorial Hospital 79502, TXClinical Psychologist1083612121
Aida J Sapp 76501, TXClinical Psychologist1831197482
Clifford Alan Hopewell 76104, TXClinical Psychologist1508863036
Joyce Gensberg Schwartz 78249, TXClinical Psychologist1346248911
H e b, Lp 79720, TXClinical Psychologist1366551707
Glen Allen Mears 78041, TXClinical Psychologist1295734929
Roger K Muse 78212, TXClinical Psychologist1700885324
Adrienne Garcia-o'malley 75062, TXClinical Psychologist1043219504
Louise Anne Zachidniak 76904, TXClinical Psychologist1134128614
James B. Quinn 75042, TXClinical Psychologist1477552966
Vincent J Nerviano 76006, TXClinical Psychologist1932108420
South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1184623647
Chuck Staats 76301, TXClinical Psychologist1629077995
John Salkeld 76301, TXClinical Psychologist1720087927
Tom Cleary 76301, TXClinical Psychologist1952300162
Carol Ann Dodgen 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1508865742
Rose Street Mental Health Care, Llp 76301, TXClinical Psychologist1760481709
Sonja D Brune 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1780683888
William Anson Dailey 78705, TXClinical Psychologist1356340293
Judith Ann Going Morris 77441, TXClinical Psychologist1013916907
Ali M. Kizilbash 75038, TXClinical Psychologist1104825090
Alyson Leftin 75034, TXClinical Psychologist1053311803
Raymond C Lisauckis 76711, TXClinical Psychologist1255331013
Howard Michael Cunningham 75087, TXClinical Psychologist1275533812
Gordon Lance Munn 75040, TXClinical Psychologist1417957192
Patricia Nadja Mahon 75090, TXClinical Psychologist1053311654
Marjorie A. Wood 75235, TXClinical Psychologist1154321792
Kathryn Alexis Gallier 77479, TXClinical Psychologist1396745865
Carol A Tatum 75503, TXClinical Psychologist1962402362
Charles H Machell 78201, TXClinical Psychologist1245230507
Deborah Ann Brock 76701, TXClinical Psychologist1750381067
Pathology Services Of Texarkana,llp 75501, TXClinical Psychologist1851391924
Javier Roman-gonzalez 78201, TXClinical Psychologist1427058643
Janet Elise Kautz 78750, TXClinical Psychologist1114927233
Donald J. Brix 75204, TXClinical Psychologist1154321149
Margaret E. Nicholson 75080, TXClinical Psychologist1902806904
Paul R Coffeen 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1699775627
Cardioscan, Inc. 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1760483630
Elaine Squires 78757, TXClinical Psychologist1558362442
Laura L Wheeler 78757, TXClinical Psychologist1366443269
Senior Adults Specialty Healthcare Pa 78757, TXClinical Psychologist1639170541
Timothy Kevin Doyle 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1255332011
Patricia Jane Micklos 76701, TXClinical Psychologist1033110812
Robert Clay Canby 78705, TXClinical Psychologist1518968411
Dallas County Hospital District 75235, TXClinical Psychologist1831198506
Avida Care Services, Llc 77054, TXClinical Psychologist1538160122
Proguidance Iom, Pllc 75243, TXClinical Psychologist1366898561
Brenna G Camp 79601, TXClinical Psychologist1982605960
Chloe Roberts Laporte 78759, TXClinical Psychologist1356852610
Brian D Le 75231, TXClinical Psychologist1235138306
Dallas Nephrology Associates 75204, TXClinical Psychologist1154376085
H e b, Lp 78006, TXClinical Psychologist1962511303
Gulf Coast Gastroenterology Lab 77566, TXClinical Psychologist1134692403
Brenda L Smith 76504, TXClinical Psychologist1942209895
Eric Daniel Cipriano 20189, TXClinical Psychologist1194726794
David J Kessler 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1447251178
Sharon M Berliner Phd Pc 77014, TXClinical Psychologist1194726729
Cheryl Hurtado 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1790786044
Karen Leora Herman 79902, TXClinical Psychologist1386645752
Judith Ann Allen 75013, TXClinical Psychologist1134120538
Karen Casey 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1609877042
Doctors General Laboratory 78750, TXClinical Psychologist1891796256
Martha N Ricaldi 76544, TXClinical Psychologist1962403246
Patricia Britt 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1083615413
Jennifer Elaine Whitehill 78756, TXClinical Psychologist1457352569
Susan Diane Fischer 75090, TXClinical Psychologist1487655593
Kristi Sorelle 76712, TXClinical Psychologist1487656492
Hr Consulting Group, Inc. 77382, TXClinical Psychologist1548262637
Elisabeth S Buchanan 77339, TXClinical Psychologist1285636159
Robert Frank Stratton 78411, TXClinical Psychologist1316949118
Courtney Parr 78759, TXClinical Psychologist1770585234
Gyn Path Services, Inc. 79904, TXClinical Psychologist1588656748
Metroplex Hematology Oncology Associates 76012, TXClinical Psychologist1639171093
John E Considine 77339, TXClinical Psychologist1043202237
Jacques G. Baillargeon 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1144212150
Phillip L Day 76549, TXClinical Psychologist1538151659
Saleem Stifan Ateek 75225, TXClinical Psychologist1326030420
Scott Michael Nelson 75240, TXClinical Psychologist1164414033
Denise Melba Hall 78660, TXClinical Psychologist1285626903
Peter Simon Herman 79902, TXClinical Psychologist1669464285
Helen R Dilmore Jones 75043, TXClinical Psychologist1164414553
Susan Carol Friedmann 75080, TXClinical Psychologist1083607337
Thea Dake 78666, TXClinical Psychologist1326031592
Baxter D Montgomery 77025, TXClinical Psychologist1295728293
Jennie L Rexer 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1245223445
Specialty Laboratories, Inc. 78210, TXClinical Psychologist1659364784
John W Largen 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1265425466
Barry D. Berger 78574, TXClinical Psychologist1780677575
Susan H Hull 78232, TXClinical Psychologist1174516884
Donald L. Knoll 78216, TXClinical Psychologist1649263237
Scot D Engel 76513, TXClinical Psychologist1649263187
Debie Lea Kyles 77478, TXClinical Psychologist1770576910
Courtney Landes 76107, TXClinical Psychologist1437514320
Thomas Edward Hong 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1235121294
Fayza Abdel-reheim El-sissy 76549, TXClinical Psychologist1154323152
Edward A Green 77060, TXClinical Psychologist1639171515
Justin Bennett 79412, TXClinical Psychologist1275076663
Kenneth A Watkins 77339, TXClinical Psychologist1548262405
Janet Kim Femino Tuohy 78626, TXClinical Psychologist1710979786
Pathos Clinical Solutions Llc 76248, TXClinical Psychologist1407399942
Beyond The Past Counseling Llc 77054, TXClinical Psychologist1205339066
Amy Louise Stewart 75243, TXClinical Psychologist1912374000
Kevin Mark Correia 77706, TXClinical Psychologist1194718650
Burton A Kittay 78411, TXClinical Psychologist1811989338
Mary I. Acosta Granger 78212, TXClinical Psychologist1851383897
Southeast Texas Medical Associates 77702, TXClinical Psychologist1568455814
Behavioral And Medical Homecare Inc 75206, TXClinical Psychologist1043203458
Karen Carter Lyon 77375, TXClinical Psychologist1538153945
Margaret L Cohenour 76107, TXClinical Psychologist1578557880
James Edward Ferguson 79423, TXClinical Psychologist1104810365
John Largen And Associates, Inc. 77030, TXClinical Psychologist1336133578
Alexander F Drtil 77024, TXClinical Psychologist1942294715
George Munkachy 76311, TXClinical Psychologist1336133123
Frank P. Bonikowski 78404, TXClinical Psychologist1700870508
Sohail Jalal 77024, TXClinical Psychologist1346234002
Houston Arrhythmia Associates Pa 77024, TXClinical Psychologist1497749154
Jeff G Napier 75087, TXClinical Psychologist1922092634
David A Mcfarling 78404, TXClinical Psychologist1992799472
Linda Beth Flippen 75460, TXClinical Psychologist1780678276
Daniel Zapata Hernandez 78229, TXClinical Psychologist1649265075
Xpress Clinical Laboratory Lp 77091, TXClinical Psychologist1972598373
Victoria Jenice Sloan 77036, TXClinical Psychologist1043205198
Rosemary B Nichols 75234, TXClinical Psychologist1336134410
Gloria G Gallegos 78064, TXClinical Psychologist1326033226
Stephen Craig Lippold 77546, TXClinical Psychologist1174518781
Joyzelle Herod Mccreary 75231, TXClinical Psychologist1003801630
Charles F Gray 77074, TXClinical Psychologist1518953173
Barbara Tolle Cavanaugh 77005, TXClinical Psychologist1033105424


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