Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Utah

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Utah:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Specialty Nursing Services Inc 84317, UTClinical Psychologist1144223249
Jeri Rose James 84770, UTClinical Psychologist1184182818
Katherine Anne Crocker 84111, UTClinical Psychologist1023011566
Mark Dudley 84105, UTClinical Psychologist1144223678
Robert P Young 84341, UTClinical Psychologist1013910744
Russell Warren Eyre 84057, UTClinical Psychologist1851395529
Carlos Alberto Palomo 84106, UTClinical Psychologist1457701203
Stephen Peters 84604, UTClinical Psychologist1093710188
Dan Dan 84403, UTClinical Psychologist1326043472
Associated Regional And University Pathologists 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1376548271
B. Shane Harmon 84405, UTClinical Psychologist1700882172
Lee W Bradshaw 84403, UTClinical Psychologist1588660773
Allan Roe 84604, UTClinical Psychologist1992703615
Teresa Sagrati Dieringer 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1770951592
Live Life Well Counseling 84663, UTClinical Psychologist1417328030
Jesus De La Torre 84104, UTClinical Psychologist1750380184
Tahlia Cozzens Robinson 84663, UTClinical Psychologist1821396029
Ballard Medical Products 84020, UTClinical Psychologist1043202518
Michele Lee Peterson 84737, UTClinical Psychologist1275526980
Daryl D. Sondrup 84056, UTClinical Psychologist1467446674
Kevin Duff 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1295720969
Scott Anthony Langford 84713, UTClinical Psychologist1003802836
Kenneth Ward 84109, UTClinical Psychologist1487641437
John Michael Beery 84056, UTClinical Psychologist1629065412
Briana Nicole Petters 84601, UTClinical Psychologist1265801450
Chris K Wehl 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1184619561
Carl R Rohbock 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1508851031
Navin K Varma 84405, UTClinical Psychologist1619965944
Mohamed Habibulla Sadiq 84010, UTClinical Psychologist1164410403
Roderick Verne Johnson 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1780672915
Edna Merry Wilcock 84105, UTClinical Psychologist1194714766
Jane A Weiss 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1295725216
Katy L O'banion 84117, UTClinical Psychologist1437149838
Alison Jane Musso 84106, UTClinical Psychologist1346230802
Dallas Empey 84025, UTClinical Psychologist1316937410
Kelli Olson Bowers 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1083695142
Mabel Ann Jentzsch 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1326020512
Elizabeth Joy Albertsen 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1871575472
U u Dermatology Division School Of Medicine 84132, UTClinical Psychologist1922096114
Jonathan Codell 84092, UTClinical Psychologist1528436375
Marleen S Williams 84058, UTClinical Psychologist1851765036
Elizabeth Ann Earle 84117, UTClinical Psychologist1558351007
Kristin Orgill 84041, UTClinical Psychologist1134592165
David Gary Eldredge 84111, UTClinical Psychologist1699758342
Bernard George Vetter 84037, UTClinical Psychologist1285618561
James D. Ricciardi 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1659355790
Lawrance Helen Mcclung 84074, UTClinical Psychologist1366426132
Thomas C Fairbank 84041, UTClinical Psychologist1194709980
Behavioral Health Services 84041, UTClinical Psychologist1144204926
Cory Melvin Shipp 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1609850221
Suzanne Marie Fields 84117, UTClinical Psychologist1093790552
Sandra Kay Varley 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1083699565
John Lawrence Malouf 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1104801620
Kimberly Ruth Walsh 84405, UTClinical Psychologist1699750018
Douglas Bowen Brunker 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1154306421
Phyllis Speciale 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1336124387
Jesse Gora 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1386629376
Laboratory Corporation Of America 84123, UTClinical Psychologist1255316253
Steven Charles Wong 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1982689766
Douglas Paul Thomas 84074, UTClinical Psychologist1356327084
Mark Noland Mueller 84148, UTClinical Psychologist1235115932
Bill R. Matson 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1578549127
Dean M Kennington 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1043296601
Barbara T. Liebroder 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1144206707
Donna Markle Partee 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1205812484
Alyssa Bee Levy 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1043296205
Del Bircher 84116, UTClinical Psychologist1801872072
Jeremy Lee Christensen 84115, UTClinical Psychologist1205812450
Robert Gustav Barth 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1396721536
Douglas Lynn Whittaker 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1730165978
Sherry Kaye Griffith 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1992781033
Millie M. Peterson 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1700862695
K. Gene Hansen 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1760469555
Marvin Goldstein 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1386621910
Eleanor M Ulibarri 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1447237136
Connie Hall Strong 84015, UTClinical Psychologist1053398610
Carla Coates 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1073590261
Marcia L Bailey 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1275510265
Susan Christensen, Lcsw, Pc 84058, UTClinical Psychologist1699752733
Karl R Fischer 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1932186830
Wade Osmond Milne 84790, UTClinical Psychologist1508843467
Rebecca Lucille 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1417934324
Evangelina Ortega Neuman 84060, UTClinical Psychologist1013994946
Clare Therese Coonan 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1457339384
Holly Major-yeh 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1578540407
Linda K. Lasley 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1174501019
Kristie Marie Christofferson 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1578541330
Debra Marie Quackenbush 84105, UTClinical Psychologist1720066442
Connie R Mendez 84120, UTClinical Psychologist1659359388
Christopher Brendan Hallett 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1134107881
Laboratory Corporation Of America 84790, UTClinical Psychologist1205814894
Tylean Ann Mcturk 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1861470320
Robert Lynn Brannon 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1669450813
David Coop Koldewyn 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1821076803
Daniel Aaron Ontiveros 84123, UTClinical Psychologist1447238456
Randal Theron Dow 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1598743502
Sharon Rena Johnson 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1366421299
Doranna Pualililehua Daley 84119, UTClinical Psychologist1699754549
James D Wetzel 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1801875778
William Robert Asper 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1407835218
Blake Beecher 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1710966437
Jed Lund Ericksen 84132, UTClinical Psychologist1033198718
Robert Gordon Dwyer 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1245219773
Susan Lenee Birkner-anderson 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1629057286
Lori Kettle Hunt 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1194704692
Karla Reading 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1972582427
Dawn Leavitt 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1720067275
Marin C Bywater 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1437138807
Anna Marie Roumpos 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1346229713
Peter Michael Nicholas 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1588643852
Barry Rose 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1477533412
Merrily S. Cope 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1003896044
Charles R. Swaim 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1528048683
Karen Lee Platis 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1073593018
Kimberly Ann Kettle 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1871573634
Susan Lyn Pizitz 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1255311056
Victoria Ann Liedtke 84120, UTClinical Psychologist1659351492
Pamela Joy Pruyt-millerberg 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1457331233
Dennis C Geertsen 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1184604639
Stacey Marie Francone 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1356321012
Barbara Ann Scoville 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1538149141
Sarah Oswald Mogzec 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1427038090
Penny L Peterson 84120, UTClinical Psychologist1609856053
Kimberly Mitchell 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1861472177
Derek Paul Davis 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1386624625
Paul C Rasmussen 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1760462006
Jessica Lesley Hale 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1699745844
Laura B Hanson 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1154391365
Jay Kimball Keeler 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1275503336
Lana Stohl 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1093785164
Katherine Diane Porter 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1912977182
Suzann Sutton Nowels 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1083684005
Leslie Anne Larsen 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1457321259
Loraine T. Bunker 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1003886086
Reggie D Wilson 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1184694077
Tammer Mahmoud Attallah 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1790755643
Janet Madeleine Pohanka 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1861477556
Andra Marie Bruce 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1396723334
Susan A. Mitchell 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1710965447
Kauren Campbell 84770, UTClinical Psychologist1578916334
Kristin E. Robinson 84093, UTClinical Psychologist1104804194
Elizabeth Anne Balle 84606, UTClinical Psychologist1497290555
Adam Brian Capel 84041, UTClinical Psychologist1790761518
Andrew Renick 84057, UTClinical Psychologist1851850275
Evan T Kenison 84074, UTClinical Psychologist1912977505
Robert Kenneth Strachan 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1497725055
Michael Stewart Olsen 84058, UTClinical Psychologist1215907886
John Patrick Byrne 84074, UTClinical Psychologist1982674495
Gina Marie Attallah 84120, UTClinical Psychologist1679543185
Phuong Nguon-le 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1831169341
Fan Lee Kwan 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1992775415
Kenneth J Martinez 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1164492583
David Alan Anson 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1992776223
Kathleen Rose Reimherr 84105, UTClinical Psychologist1871564112
Susan Keene 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1568433811
Steven David Hollander 84119, UTClinical Psychologist1558331934
Gail Joanne Liese 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1235100413
Rickie Inez Berrett Lake 84121, UTClinical Psychologist1942271028
Richard Sheldon Willey 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1750352837
Sarah Louise Debois 84074, UTClinical Psychologist1285605584
Brent Carman Pace 84111, UTClinical Psychologist1285605204
Mary Jacqueline Gramer Smithe 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1952372633
Scott W. Kadera 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1497726186
Rosemary Elin Sherlock 84010, UTClinical Psychologist1417928235
Ruth Wilson 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1467423327
Deborah Ann Davis 84128, UTClinical Psychologist1851362529
Natalie Romrell 84047, UTClinical Psychologist1386615169
Frederick Van Der Veur 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1780655407
John H. Jentzer 84790, UTClinical Psychologist1366413924
Jodi Ann Smith 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1346211919
Diana Lynn Newberry 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1629049218
Merrilee Buchanan 84060, UTClinical Psychologist1891766358
Ryan Kelly Grant 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1750352225
Carrie Anne Naughton 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1659342129
Bradley Dean Weischedel 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1477524940
Margie Victoria Delgado 84118, UTClinical Psychologist1386615862
Linda Lee Yeates 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1306818752
Christina Halliday Nilson 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1992776413
Claudia E. Vogl 84060, UTClinical Psychologist1316919749
Mark Jim Shelton 84074, UTClinical Psychologist1770554289
Leslie Pratt Eckford 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1467424119
Cinda Morgan 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1205809779
Mimi Gordon-levine 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1063485399
Kevin Christopher Rutter 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1457324626
William Joseph Perfetto 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1295708238
Diane H. Jones 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1245203314
Daniel Paul Sternberg 84102, UTClinical Psychologist1215900915
Mark Jardine 84101, UTClinical Psychologist1396719852
Lori P Mckenna 05461, UTClinical Psychologist1326012477
Sheryl Ginsberg 84105, UTClinical Psychologist1982679742
David Gerald Ericksen 84117, UTClinical Psychologist1235104225
Jerry L Buie 84111, UTClinical Psychologist1174599393
Don Richard Muller 84124, UTClinical Psychologist1083680052
Joan Theresa Magill 84401, UTClinical Psychologist1477520252
Aspen Grove Counseling, Llc 84108, UTClinical Psychologist1447227731
Carol Gage 84105, UTClinical Psychologist1962479121
Associated Clinical & Counseling Psychologists 84123, UTClinical Psychologist1679540751
Natalie Jean Malovich 84123, UTClinical Psychologist1245207323
Scott Allen Wright 84107, UTClinical Psychologist1356318448
Annice Mynnette Johnson-julian 84123, UTClinical Psychologist1639146764


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