Providers with Taxonomy: Clinical Psychologist in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Clinical Psychologist
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ira Haym Pearlman 23517, VAClinical Psychologist1447253695
Nancy Evans 22655, VAClinical Psychologist1821091927
Sherryl Lynn Behrens 22980, VAClinical Psychologist1609879766
Michael Ryan Williams 24273, VAClinical Psychologist1144223884
Susan Gibson Myers 24273, VAClinical Psychologist1053314799
Dolores Steinglass 20176, VAClinical Psychologist1962405662
Judy M Mink 24210, VAClinical Psychologist1700889235
Carol Baker O'leary 22630, VAClinical Psychologist1184627424
Richard Charles Mcfarland 24501, VAClinical Psychologist1578565677
Efrain Segarra 23061, VAClinical Psychologist1497759419
Walter L. Atiga 20176, VAClinical Psychologist1427050699
Danielle Sunday Dimieri 22304, VAClinical Psychologist1285638601
Caryll Jefferies Semmler 20120, VAClinical Psychologist1093710485
Joanna Park Vernon 22664, VAClinical Psychologist1932104056
Michael Jan Kubat 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1184629164
Christine Carol Hartman 22630, VAClinical Psychologist1891790895
Mary Helen Pringle 23185, VAClinical Psychologist1831194570
Joseph George Lynch 22801, VAClinical Psychologist1336144971
Lynne Marie Reece 24073, VAClinical Psychologist1770589913
Teresa Elaine Bsullak 24450, VAClinical Psychologist1275539223
Marisa Sensabaugh Turpin 24450, VAClinical Psychologist1578569521
Ellen Christine Redling 20147, VAClinical Psychologist1366448029
Keith Edward Lisenbee 24450, VAClinical Psychologist1568469054
John D. Young 24450, VAClinical Psychologist1023015427
Keitha Maureen Austin 23602, VAClinical Psychologist1417954686
Judith Donovan 20110, VAClinical Psychologist1306843438
Steven Earle Sayre 22902, VAClinical Psychologist1598762569
Jerry William Maccauley 23322, VAClinical Psychologist1083611032
Kenneth W Farrar 24450, VAClinical Psychologist1063419703
Janet Paisley 22902, VAClinical Psychologist1386642098
Judith Anne Powell 22630, VAClinical Psychologist1114924974
William T. Burke 23112, VAClinical Psychologist1346248812
Michelle Lee Sullivan 23229, VAClinical Psychologist1235137894
Edith C Lawrence 22904, VAClinical Psychologist1295733236
Ann B Loper 22904, VAClinical Psychologist1932107968
Dewey G Cornell 22904, VAClinical Psychologist1093713042
Jeffrey C Fracher 22911, VAClinical Psychologist1952309015
Carol E Ellinger 22630, VAClinical Psychologist1366449738
Gloria Saez 22314, VAClinical Psychologist1689127524
Maryann H Cox 23226, VAClinical Psychologist1508864778
Antoinette R Thomas 22904, VAClinical Psychologist1063410900
Ronald E Reeve 22904, VAClinical Psychologist1285633040
Harvey Allen Davis 24450, VAClinical Psychologist1104825868
Mary H Gay 23454, VAClinical Psychologist1497754113
Cheri Kindler 23952, VAClinical Psychologist1578562880
Alison H Wilkins 23901, VAClinical Psychologist1528067675
Lynda Tomalonis Farrell 23901, VAClinical Psychologist1306845318
Betty Alexandra Kedrock 23517, VAClinical Psychologist1275533796
Mary Beth Rank 23901, VAClinical Psychologist1023018397
Philip Andrew Branton 22042, VAClinical Psychologist1063412336
Karen Simmons-faber 23455, VAClinical Psychologist1134129422
William Ling 20191, VAClinical Psychologist1558361857
Daniel Owens 24503, VAClinical Psychologist1609877513
Arthur Frank Selden 24503, VAClinical Psychologist1164423976
Miranda Breit 24503, VAClinical Psychologist1669473567
Carol Ann Westphal 22407, VAClinical Psychologist1225037880
Barbara A Ward 23666, VAClinical Psychologist1992732945
Mary A Taylor 23832, VAClinical Psychologist1962401836
Elaine Hartman Mcgann 22802, VAClinical Psychologist1679574446
Lee Rubin Chase 22030, VAClinical Psychologist1861493520
Ellis M. Karr 24502, VAClinical Psychologist1215938972
J Lawrence Jamieson 22030, VAClinical Psychologist1881695518
Gary A. Sibcy 24503, VAClinical Psychologist1568463230
Harold Alan Kaplan 22182, VAClinical Psychologist1679574271
Alan M Katz 24018, VAClinical Psychologist1952302127
Stacey C. Felmlee 24503, VAClinical Psychologist1225039316
Robert G. Conlon 24501, VAClinical Psychologist1952303794
Kerry Paul Altman 22030, VAClinical Psychologist1255333944
Kathryn Miller Krogh 22207, VAClinical Psychologist1669474177
Mena Helen Abrams 22601, VAClinical Psychologist1013909035
Richard Francis Stoltz 20889, VAClinical Psychologist1841282837
Casimer Richard Wichlacz 22181, VAClinical Psychologist1487646204
Catherine Ann Greene 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1346232956
Linda P Johnson 22192, VAClinical Psychologist1962494351
Loren Berdequez 20110, VAClinical Psychologist1134112402
Mitzi K Glass 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1184617755
Lewise L. Busch 20003, VAClinical Psychologist1568455202
Charlotte Sofia Joelsson 22030, VAClinical Psychologist1841283280
Douglas M Arendt 22030, VAClinical Psychologist1679574966
Jennifer Field Brown 23451, VAClinical Psychologist1063405686
L Emily Brown Cabezudo 24541, VAClinical Psychologist1396737243
Claudia L Brown 23452, VAClinical Psychologist1447243530
Tammi Jenkins Robinson 22556, VAClinical Psychologist1578067203
Lucia Pastore 22042, VAClinical Psychologist1295736072
Stephanie Ramsey Roth 23112, VAClinical Psychologist1043774268
Ann D Mingione 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1124011622
Robert M Gerstle 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1265425771
Norbert Newfield 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1245223759
Christopher T Hummel 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1114911542
William L Mulligan 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1063406478
Laura Ashley Taylor 23226, VAClinical Psychologist1427042530
Mary Lou Lindquist 22304, VAClinical Psychologist1730173667
Carole Warren Sebenick 22033, VAClinical Psychologist1215921143
Layne Dee Bennion 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1871587618
Susan H. Shuster 22191, VAClinical Psychologist1780678508
Hendrika Vande Kemp 22003, VAClinical Psychologist1033103650
John G. Uhlar 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1114912623
Josette M Creel 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1033104450
Amy R. Stephan 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1073508578
Daniel Solenberger 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1548255060
Mark G Berger 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1649265943
Beverly H Bullock 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1558356857
Susan S Roth 22207, VAClinical Psychologist1174518476
Alexander Taylor Leverty 23235, VAClinical Psychologist1780679027
Dennis Patterson 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1629063805
Robert Younger 22042, VAClinical Psychologist1942295043
Theodore Siedlecki 22901, VAClinical Psychologist1952396012
Karen L Mckinley 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1043205073
Emily J Grantham 24151, VAClinical Psychologist1457346363
Gregory Griffin 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1609861327
Teresa C Simonson 20190, VAClinical Psychologist1881680437
Stephanie B Davis 24266, VAClinical Psychologist1417943077
Laura Landon Luke 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1598751836
Barbara Rose Troncoso 22901, VAClinical Psychologist1134115421
Charles Howard Holland 24018, VAClinical Psychologist1184610180
Allan L Murphy 23606, VAClinical Psychologist1164418844
Lester S Pearlstein 22902, VAClinical Psychologist1245227750
Mary M Daly 23226, VAClinical Psychologist1538156013
Judith G Caplan 23226, VAClinical Psychologist1871580340
Richard H Jaglowski 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1407843840
Kenneth L Labasky 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1003803453
Audrey Doris Landers 23235, VAClinical Psychologist1073500575
Nancy E Graddy 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1295722304
Constance N Fletcher 24541, VAClinical Psychologist1275520231
Susan L Coleman 24614, VAClinical Psychologist1497742332
Sharon M Hall-alderson 24266, VAClinical Psychologist1184612848
Sarah B.. Heard 23235, VAClinical Psychologist1972590461
Tina M. Fountain 23226, VAClinical Psychologist1417944992
Caroline G Slone 23701, VAClinical Psychologist1790770212
Elizabeth Weeks Musil 22031, VAClinical Psychologist1184619322
Brandon Rose 24012, VAClinical Psychologist1700391604
Leslie Berkelhammer Greenberg 23059, VAClinical Psychologist1871588392
E Jeanne Salemi 23452, VAClinical Psychologist1487642815
Jane Wilson Brown 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1780672774
Thomas Joseph Decoster 22211, VAClinical Psychologist1457349482
Louann Fellers Engle 96205, VAClinical Psychologist1255329272
Stuart A Monroe 22601, VAClinical Psychologist1942299714
Robert C. Dillingham 22601, VAClinical Psychologist1013906874
Ralph S Desimone 22701, VAClinical Psychologist1629067491
Linda Ward Felts 24060, VAClinical Psychologist1225027915
Catherine L Mathieu 22601, VAClinical Psychologist1447249057
Lynn H Samuel 20186, VAClinical Psychologist1013906627
Kristyn K Neidermeyer 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1699764191
Marilyn G Salasky 23454, VAClinical Psychologist1841289253
Courtney Thomas 20170, VAClinical Psychologist1013906478
Kenneth A Siegel 23454, VAClinical Psychologist1649269937
Rebecca Lynn Puchy 22030, VAClinical Psychologist1134119159
Michael P Flynn 23235, VAClinical Psychologist1457341216
Alan Wayne Mcfarland 22003, VAClinical Psychologist1861482408
Donna L Campbell 23413, VAClinical Psychologist1144210709
John Allen Lucero 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1568452050
Tresa Anne Scott 22031, VAClinical Psychologist1346230778
Sandra E. Roberts 23225, VAClinical Psychologist1073503397
Catherine B Thorne 23225, VAClinical Psychologist1396735619
Elizabeth F Pillsbury 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1467442772
Michael Arthur 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1346230505
Georgia A Cassidy 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1528059581
Helen M Lathrop 23226, VAClinical Psychologist1538150040
Pamela Parker Kirkman 23801, VAClinical Psychologist1861483315
Philip John Gentlesk 23320, VAClinical Psychologist1528059862
Catherine Ann Shrout 22630, VAClinical Psychologist1992786065
Sharon L Gray 22211, VAClinical Psychologist1205817962
Judith L Cain-oliver 23139, VAClinical Psychologist1114908886
Barbara Ann Celli 23801, VAClinical Psychologist1801877154
Carol Thomason Pritchard 23451, VAClinical Psychologist1477535748
Rowland Ward Shank 22801, VAClinical Psychologist1700868965
Ericka S Neiner 23832, VAClinical Psychologist1437131687
Lindsay C Gibson 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1801878871
Aaron Giffin Childers 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1821070509
Claire Dalrymple 24060, VAClinical Psychologist1790767408
Linda C. Kane 23233, VAClinical Psychologist1629050273
Dennis Ray Carpenter 23228, VAClinical Psychologist1205818796
Suanne Shocket 20110, VAClinical Psychologist1114909603
Glynis Patricia Robertson 23249, VAClinical Psychologist1740262138
Clare Brady Matthews 22664, VAClinical Psychologist1578546982
Pamela Jean Royalty 22192, VAClinical Psychologist1003899295
Jennifer Mary Strang 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1598748899
Elaine Barbara Birk 23454, VAClinical Psychologist1447233697
Nora Rowny 22031, VAClinical Psychologist1881068294
Ace Leonard Tubbs 23509, VAClinical Psychologist1841273273
Walter P. Paladino 22960, VAClinical Psychologist1285615476
Timothy H. Barclay 24551, VAClinical Psychologist1972591071
Marty C Thomson 22947, VAClinical Psychologist1033612338
Catherine Macmillan Lawder 22902, VAClinical Psychologist1013907302
Lorrie Rubin Appleton 22031, VAClinical Psychologist1295725737
Scott Bell 23452, VAClinical Psychologist1457820219
Jacob Levi Priluck 22150, VAClinical Psychologist1992289425
Robi E Tamargo 32082, VAClinical Psychologist1710969423
Rhiannon Davies-hackenberg 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1093798126
William W Doyle Jr 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1043293186
Michael P Jolkovski 22046, VAClinical Psychologist1417930298
Johanna Macgillivray Hunter 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1952384786
Jennifer Song 22060, VAClinical Psychologist1407839210
Kathleen S Williams 20850, VAClinical Psychologist1356324073
Daniel T Walter 23703, VAClinical Psychologist1588647283
Elizabeth Anne Healy 22310, VAClinical Psychologist1740263342
Michael Glen Keith 22044, VAClinical Psychologist1477536910
Joseph Allen Ford 23504, VAClinical Psychologist1619950235
Denise Lozano-knoble 23462, VAClinical Psychologist1568446078
Laura Jones Gardner 24060, VAClinical Psychologist1881678209


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A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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